Now that what is technically the last weekly post of 2018 is up, it’s a good time to change how I’m approaching this site. There are two main purposes someanithing has at this point: 1. A place to store a huge amount of historical data for easy access. 2. Somewhere to dump my thoughts on […] Amazon Ranking Stalker is dead. The admin didn’t give a reason, just a simple message: “For various reasons, this site is closed. Thanks for the last nine years.” There was apparently a post from the admin about some kind of copyright claim, but what in the world copyright could possibly have to do with […]

See here for the 2017 Full-year ranking. Partial source link (rest from Youtaiju): We probably won’t get quite as much information this year as last with our Biz leaks source gone, but a good chunk of the mid-year ranking data is up on Youtaiju, and thus we have access. The full yearly lists will […]

As I’ve mentioned in the weekly ranking posts, we’ve not been getting full lists for a while now. We’re only getting the preliminary lists, which we’ll always have access to as long as Oricon Youtaiju exists. But what we’re missing are the full lists that come out from the vastly more expensive Oricon Biz. At […]

The first Spring release comes out shortly, so let’s check the estimates. All Points/Estimates are based on Amazon Ranking Stalker. Upcoming Releases Points so far Estimate Unpenalized Est Rls Date Days to Rls Solcit Date Pts/Day Series 3,191 3,258 3,258 2018/05/30 0 2017/11/15 16 Amanchu! Advance 172 305 305 2018/06/20 21 2018/04/09 4 Binan Koukou […]

Note: It’s unclear what the source of this data is. It may be Oricon, but that’s not confirmed. I haven’t been able to find out from googling around a bit. If it is Oricon, then keep in mind that you should use these numbers for their relative values, not as an absolute number. […]

For the 2016 JVA report post, see this post. The numbers below are for the category 日本のアニメーション(一般向け) which the official translated reports list as “Animation for Grown-ups Domestic” though 一般向け more means “general public”. I assume they’re defining the general public as “not kids”. It’d primarily, though not exclusively, cover the prime time/late night series […]

I got a request to make some data available so I went ahead and updated this data dump I’d last done in 2015. As usual, if you notice anything incorrect (release dates and seasons/years in particular) please let me know so I can correct it. Comments This spreadsheet contains the following columns: A. Title B. […]

We’re coming up on the biggest release of the season, so let’s review Stalker’s latest v1wk1 estimates. All Points/Estimates are based on Amazon Ranking Stalker. Already Released Points so far Estimate Unpenalized Est Rls Date Days to Rls Solcit Date Pts/Day Series 4,094 4,094 4,094 2018/01/31 -20 2017/12/06 55 Pop Team Epic Upcoming Releases Points […]

See here for the 2017 Mid-year ranking.   2017 Full-year Ranking by Volume • The source for all the following data is here: • This covers the week of 2016/12/12 (12/26付) through the week of 2017/12/04 (12/18付). • If the release is one I track, the amounts added over the last known number in […]