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Default Something - 2011 Final Thoughts / Overview

2010 Wrapup Post.

Eligible Shows
- 2-cour Fall 2010 shows through 1-cour Fall 2011 shows
- Long ongoing shows, i.e. just Fairy Tail.
- The following are 2-cour Fall 2010 shows that are counted as 2011: Bakuman, SRW: OG, Tegami Bachi Reverse
- The following are ongoing multi-cour Fall 2011 shows that will be eligible in 2012: Bakuman 2, Chihayafuru, Gundam AGE, Mirai Nikki, Persona 4, Shakugan no Shana III, and I guess Suite Precure if I'm not too impossibly behind to catch up. Hunter x Hunter only has one cour under its belt, so I'll save ranking that for 2012 when it'll have gone through five. Quite a long list of stuff carrying into 2012.

Oh and I'm just going to call it now, Shana III is probably on its way to a 10 and a top 5 position on my 2012 list. Mindblowing show, that one is. Epic in all the meaningful senses of the word, and Shana's emotionally moving yet hard-as-nails determination has firmly put her among my Top 10 favorite characters ever.

I decided to try something a little different this time, breaking out the big bad decimals. What results is hilariously arbitrary, so don't take it seriously because I'm not sure I did. I started with 10/9/8/7... etc, a "10" is basically 9.6-10.0, a 9 is 8.6-9.5, an 8 is 7.6-8.5 etc., etc. I believe in being strict with 10s, but I also don't agree with the "I can never give a 10 because nothing is perfect!" nonsense. 10 is 10% of your available scoring system, and while it doesn't need to include 10% of what you watch, I can see retaining it for the top 4 or 5%, not just top 1% or your one absolute favorite show either. That's a waste of perfectly a good number!

10 (9.6-10.0) out of 10: 2011's masterpieces. Among my favorite shows.

(01)  Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica - Winter '11 - 10.0²/10 - There was honestly no way it could be anything else. The effect Madoka had on anime fandom writ large is something I've certainly not seen repeated often, and it sure has the sales numbers to match. It's at least the most intense impact on fandom since Haruhi, although in terms of the sheer absurd amount of money made across all media and merchandise (for a late night anime), they're both at least a few notches below the K-ON! juggernaut. But man, Madoka did something pretty amazing to fandom. I don't know how long it can last in today's 100+ TV series a year industry (compare to, say, the 90's - Evangelion had a lot less noise to compete with) but Magica Quartet clearly aren't letting this go any time soon. Can't wait for those movies... I must also point out that Madoka has the single best ending of an anime this year, and one of the best of all time. What a gorgeous, thrilling, moving episode that was. [Imported]

(02)  The iDOLM@STER - Summer '11 - 10.0/10 - After a rough first few episodes, everything fell into place and, what do you know, I have my #2 show of the year. I was also a fan of the Idolmaster characters via fanart, hell I even liked Xenoglossia, but this series really blew things wide open. Now I've got the game, just ordered two figures, am obsessed with the music, etc etc. Mixed media consumer whoring at its finest, and I love every second of it. While I wish the animation were more consistent, particularly character models, A1 generally put the budget where it would do the most good, or at least enough to make me mostly forgive some of the shortcomings. As far as special moments, episode 20's big scene goes down as one of the finest moments of anime there ever was, and there were plenty of other amazing scenes and episode that will stick with me for a long time. Episode 18, the mid-series concert, the variety show, the Iori episode early on, so so many wonderful moments. I'm still in this mode where I absoluetly do not want to let this show go - when the anime finished, I was so worried it would all be over, and I just was not emotionally ready for that. So on to the music, the game, the figures... I love the girls. Love them all. <3 But, as I kind of felt would eventually happen, Haruka wound up winning my heart the most by the end. [Imported]

(03)  Usagi Drop - Summer '11 - 9.9/10 - Not my #1 show of the year, but it was the "most perfect" show, in the sense of never ever doing anything wrong or missing a note, once. Idolmaster had its occasionally derpy animation and bad Hibiki episode, Madoka had a bit of unevenness and messy art, Hourou had a good but not amazing ending, Nichijou had some dud jokes, AnoHana tripped slightly over its melodrama. But Usagi Drop was warm, beautiful, deeply moving, funny, everything it needed to be at all times. It really is about as close to a perfect anime as you can get. Daikichi is a top 5 anime male of 2011, and by far one of the best anime dads. [Imported]

(04)  Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai - Spring '11 - 9.7/10 - Raw emotional power, that's really what defines this show. A group of deeply flawed teens reunite thanks to their cute dead friend, and the result is about as melodramatic as it gets. Aided by one of the best, most emotionally engaging EDs I've heard in a long time, almost every episode ended with me going out of my mind at how good it was. It felt very nakige I suppose. You know they're pulling on your heartstrings hard, but the crying feels good. Throw a phenomenally beautiful ending at it, and you've definitely got one of the best anime has to offer. [Imported]

(05)  Hourou Musuko - Winter '11 - 9.6/10 - This was a hell of a year for me and noitaminA. I usually find the block is half duds, and half "pretty good" to "kinda great", but it's never aired one of my 10s. Then 2011 rolls around and they do it in Winter. Then do it even better in Spring. Then one-up that yet again in Summer. They aired some rather less than stellar stuff in 2011 as well, but the streak they were on with thoughtful, beautiful emotional dramas set in modern day Japan (obviously that's this, AnoHana, and Usagi) greatly outperformed any expectations I had. Hourou started that off, and presented the most thoughtful, respectful story of gender ambiguity and early adolescence I've seen. I cared deeply about these kids, and Saori... oh how I loved Saori. This was top tier storytelling, no matter how you look at it. [Imported]

9 (8.6-9.5) out of 10: The best or among the best in their respective seasons. Generally import worthy, and most have been. A few things hold them back from a 10 but they're still the best of the year.

(06)  Nichijou - Spring '11 - 9.5/10 - With two cour of gags, and not much chance or reason to get really emotionally invested in the characters (this is about as pure comedy as a show gets), I suppose it was inevitable that enough of them would miss that I'd feel weird giving it a full 10/10... but man it's close. You've got ten brilliant jokes for every dud, and Yuuko became one of my favorite characters of the year. KyoAni's typical visual brilliance was on full display here, and in terms of production values this is easily one of the top of the year. Of shows I finished, I might actually say it's the most impressive on pure art and animation quality, and awesome music didn't hurt. [Imported]

(07)  Working'!! - Fall '11 - 9.4/10 - This is the other "perfect" show, or at least virtually perfect, alongside Usagi Drop. If I had to nitpick anything it would be a slightly annoying scene or two between Takanashi and Mahiru but I'd have to pick that nit really hard to come back with much. Every joke was funny, often outrageously so, and every character is highly likable (even Kyouko had her moments in this season, I guess), although Aoi and Popura are still unquestionably the best. It's clear that any concerns about change in staff between seasons were unfounded, and thank goodness. The second season definitely outdid the first, and all I can hope is that we see a third. [Imported]

(08)  Yuru Yuri - Summer '11 - 9.4/10 - Yuri! Toshinou Kyouko and "TOSHINOU KYOUKOOOO!"! Chitose nosebleeds! Double tsundere Sakurako and Himawari! A~kari~n! Dark Chinatsu! Easily one of the most consistently entertaining shows of the year, and the source for many of its best yuri pairings. But of them all, it's definitely Sakurako x Himawari (Namori said that we'll see more of them in season two since they're so popular. =D) and Ayano x Kyouko. Mostly thanks to Ayano's god-tier tsundere. When it comes to the best romantic choice for Kyouko, I think I'm sill partial to Yui, for that childhood friend thing. But Ayano's attempts to hide her feelings - which everyone except Kyouko herself sees right through - are too adorable. Oh, and I demand more of Kaede and Mari in ♪♪. [Imported]

(09)  Steins;Gate - Spring '11 - 9.3/10 - One of the best executed story-driven shows of the year. That much is rather easy to say. I wasn't as emotionally attached to the characters as I was in some other shows (that happens to me with more serious shows like this), but they were all exceptional for the story being told, and Okarin is one of my top guys of 2011. I suppose this one is hard for me to evaluate... it's obviously such a high quality production that I can't help but rank it high, but there's this weird sense of something missing, which is why it missed a 10 despite just being endlessly brilliant. I guess it's just that I found the ending "good", rather than being the sort of mind-blowing finale I was somewhat unfairly waiting for. [Imported]

(10)  Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai - Fall '11 - 9.2/10 - I went though some real character love swings with this one. First I fell madly in love with Sena, who had some moe^max scenes early on. As the emotional focus drifted away from her, I latched onto Kobato, one of the most adorable imouto of the year. And then with the final episode, it switched over to Yozora. I don't think the handling of Yozora throughout much of the show did her or the audience any favors, but phenomenal character development was pushed through at the very end that explained her behavior exceptionally well. That's not to say I didn't understand where they were going with her before then, just that I don't think they handled it as well as they could have at times. Same issue with my beloved Kirino in OreImo really. That last episode has me very excited for more, though. And with the first volume snapping up 10k in first week sales and the novels as strong as ever, it really seems like only a matter of time. Fall 2012, Winter 2013 at the latest. [Imported]

(11)  Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko - Spring '11 - 9.1/10 - Erio! Erio! Erio! Erio! Erio! Erio! Erio! Erio! Erio! Erio! Erio! Erio! Erio! Erio! Erio! Erio! Erio! Erio! Erio! Erio! Erio! Erio! Erio! Erio! Erio! Erio! Erio! Erio! Erio! Erio! Erio! Erio! Erio! Erio! Erio! Erio! Erio! Erio! Erio! Erio! Erio! Erio! Erio! Erio! Erio! Erio! Erio! Erio! Erio! Erio! Oh, really good show too. But Erio... #1 cutest 2011 character, hands down, discussion over. Shaft's typical off model animation plagued parts of this, but when the camera went close up on Erio, magic happened. Totally one of the best OPs of 2011 as well. [Imported]

(12)  Fairy Tail Ongoing! - Fall '09 - 9.1/10 - I don't know if the show is better, per se, than when I gave it an 8 in 2010, but I do know that 113 episodes in, I'm increasingly attached to these characters and every episode just means that much more time spent with them. And how can I argue with lots of Wendy, or Lucy continuing to be sexier than should be possible? I very much look forward to this every week, and hope I'll have it for a very long time to come. The fact that we've received two years of almost no filler (to my knowledge) is great, but I do hope that doesn't mean we're about to run out of material.

(13)  Natsume Yuujin-chou San - Spring '11 - 9.0/10 - This continues to be my favorite fujoshi franchise. I know the third series, while still positively received overall, gets a little flack for not pushing the story ahead. And I suppose that's true. My own beef with it is that it contains the least Reiko by far. But it's all nitpicking - Natsume Yuujin-chou is far too sweet and touching and soothing a show for me to care too much about what is or isn't happening. It's totally competent at doing plot, but it doesn't need to, if it doesn't want to. It's just like Aria in that way. [Imported]

(14)  Bakuman (season 1) - Fall '10 - 9.0/10 - This is still ongoing in a second season (which is undoubtedly affecting my ranking, I don't remember at all when s1 left off and s2 began) and has a third lined up, so I can't really speak to endings or anything. But what makes this so good is how addictive it is. Great pacing, lots of fun tension wondering where their next chapter will rank, all that good stuff. The inside look (however realistic or not) at the manga business is really interesting too. Romance isn't Bakuman's strong point, but so far (halfway through the second season) it hasn't ruined it either, because the rest of it is just too damn good. I'm also sort of impressed at how much time it's covered - we've gone through at least four years, or maybe it's closer to 5 or 6? They're all in college now, which is remarkable in itself. I'm excited to be in this for the long haul.

(15)  Dog Days - Spring '11 - 8.9/10 - I think the catchphrase for this show was "way better than anyone expected", in many different ways. Much better character interaction, animation, storytelling, and so forth. Score a second hit franchise with the Megami crowd for Seven Arcs, I guess. Really glad this is getting a second season, but even if it didn't, the first season held up very very well on its own with a solid, conclusive ending. And I suppose it shouldn't even need saying, but... the girls! Oh god yes Millhi. Oh and Cinque was actually a very good male lead, go figure. [Imported]

(16)  Tamayura ~hitotose~ - Fall '11 - 8.9/10 - My SatoJun~~! This is him doing what he does best. I'd put this above everything he's done except Aria and Kaleido Star, and I'm so glad it became more than just a short OVA. More characters need to steal Maon's whistling moe! Extreme Iyashikei MAX. [Imported]

(17)  Shinryaku!? Ikamusume - Fall '11 - 8.8/10 - Carries on from the first season like there was never even a break. And personally, I'm fine with that, because all the charm and cuteness and humor was still there. Ikamusume was one of my favorite character designs ever from the moment I saw her, thanks to the total simplicity of her design and that lovely tentacle arrow hair. High Powered also ranks as my favorite Sphere song, though I only know their anime OP/EDs. [Imported]

(18)  Gosick - Winter '11 - 8.6/10 - Mmmm, it's really more like an 8.6 or something (Edit: this is part of why I went back and started doing decimals), but I'll round up for Victorique. And really, Victorique is everything the show had going for it for most of its run. I didn't hate Kujou (ok, I did at times), but I never particularly warmed to him either. I think what pushed this to a 9 instead of an 8, besides Victorique, was how epic the scale of the show felt at times. Some of the final episodes were pretty stunning to watch. Also, Yuuki Aoi + Sawashiro Miyuki counts for a lot.

(19)  Sengoku Otome ~Momoiro Paradox~ - Spring '11 - 8.6/10 - Proooooooobably shouldn't be quite this high, but I have to have at least one very silly all-female genderbent East Asian history period piece to fall in love with each year, right? I hope 2012 doesn't let me down on this point. [Partially Imported - Volume 1]

8 (7.6-8.5) out of 10: Usually shows not in contention for an import but either good solid fun or a great show with one serious flaw. Recommended.

(20)  Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon - Fall '11 - 8.5/10 - The latter half was an easy 9+, but I docked a point for taking almost half a cour to get interested. The second cour should be nothing short of fantastic, because there's nothing in the way of continuing on just as awesomely as 6+ and particularly 10+. As for why I'm importing Volume 6... episode 10. Oh my god episode 10. Yuri scene of the year, if not longer. [Partially Imported - Volume 6]

(21)  Fate/Zero - Fall '11 - 8.4/10 - Docked 1 point for Caster being annoying and what I felt to be a mediocre cliffhanger stopping-point. But for the most part this is a visual masterpiece, an utterly gripping story, and RIDER = LOVE (best character in the show after loli Rin). But the payoff will really come in the second half. I'll consider it more seriously then.

(22)  Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? - Winter '11 - 8.2/10 - Imported in hope of getting a sequel, and we got a sequel, so mission accomplished? A setting that seems ripped out of a 13 year old's brain (it's a harem anime... with zombies!) ends up being much much more clever and fun than that. And from Yuu's many guest seiyuu to Haruna's general lack of clothing and that hilarious OVA/bonus episode it all played out pretty well, while giving a more solid and respectable plot than I was expecting. [Imported]

(23)  Mawaru Penguindrum - Summer '11 - 8.2/10 - Um. I didn't like the ending. The journey was mostly fantastic but I suppose the ending turned a lot of my feeling for the show into apathy. I'm not saying it's not a really good show, I just, I dunno. That about sums it up. I suppose I did have a little trouble getting invested in anyone but Himari and Ringo, which is part of why I can't overlook a lackluster ending like I might be able to for other shows. I can't deny how witty and fun and visually interesting the show was 95% of the time though.

(24)  Mashiro-iro Symphony - Fall '11 - 8.1/10 - While Airi rubbed me the wrong way for the first few episodes, Shingo's love life was of no interest to me, Sakuno was sorely underused, and I'm going to smack the next person who names kittens after people they know, Mashiro-iro is still pretty special for a few reasons. Airi ended up being my favorite character, particularly in her interactions with Sana, which exemplified one thing I really like to see harem shows do - use the girls for more than just slobbering after the lead! I also really appreciate how Manglobe and the staff put far more work into telling an intelligent, well-written story than some visual novel adaptations do. There's nothing wrong with a straight, generic adaptation of an eroge (HoshiKaka was fun!) but Mashiro-iro went the extra mile or three in pure effort, and I think it paid off. Even if it's not going to result in enough sales to debunk the Manglobe Curse...

(25)  A-Channel - Spring '11 - 8.1/10 - Poor Yuuko. But your displeasure is the audience's gain. Sorry. Blame Tooru. Yeah this show was a lot of fun, in its laid-back, insert-song-filled way. "My pace" is a borrowed phrase you hear a lot in anime, and describes this very well. Sort of wish I could have imported it, as it's the kind of show I just like owning. Maybe the second season will do it, if we get one.

(26)  Yumekui Merry - Winter '11 - 8.0/10 - Pretty low for an import, but this was always something of a strange choice. I never really was able to rationalize why I imported it, but I guess I attribute it to Winter being slow. And Merry and Isana and Yui. And the unique and fascinating art style. But my god the ending and the action choreography were both abominable. I don't regret importing it (the posters with each volume are great, and puchi-nendo Merry is cute), but obviously there are some shows I'd rather have imported (A-Ch, Sengoku, maybe Horizon). Thing is, they didn't come out in Winter. And I make my purchases on a seasonal basis, so I don't want to hold off something one season only to find I didn't need to save that extra import for the next season.... [Imported]

(27)  Super Robot Taisen OG: The Inspector - Fall '10 - 8.0/10 - Very good in a hot blooded robot-y way, with some massive action scenes and a cast large enough for anyone to find half a dozen great characters without looking too hard. On the other hand, also a cast large enough to populate a modest-sized city, so the plot can get a bit... ...messy. I took a while to really warm up to it, but once I did I found the ride to be a lot of fun through to the end. (Schine is still the best.)

(28)  Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love 1000%! - Summer '11 - 8.0/10 - Why can't one-guy many-girl harems be this good more often? UtaPri oozed production values, had some catchy music considering it was boy band stuff, and offered pretty much the best harem ending ever. Shouldn't really be considered a spoiler given that a second season has been announced, but marking anyway. Anyway I can't wait for the second season and more Haruka. (Oh wait, I'm doing that wrong, aren't I?)

(29)  Astarotte no Omocha! - Spring '11 - 8.0/10 - Docked a point for what I see as wasted story potential in the ending, but it's a very very sweet story overall, and easily ranks near the top of any list of "most misleading story synopses". It's was a shame so many got turned off by the outrageous sounding premise, because it really had almost zero impact on the content of the show.

(30)  Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai II - Spring '11 - 8.0/10 - Scored a touch below the first season but only because it took me a little while to get into it. I didn't care much for Kusunoki's arc, but Chihiro won me over kinda hard and Jun was easily the best of the season. Possibly my favorite KamiNomi girl, but she'd have to fight Shiori and Kanon. (Heh, just finished SonoHana 7 with Takako and Runa, realized tat Jun and Takako remind me of each other.)

(31)  Tegami Bachi Reverse - Fall '10 - 7.7/10 - Vast improvement over the first season in every way, benefiting markedly from a far stronger focus on the plot, with way less episodic delivery stories full of crying. Kind of went out with a whimper, but eh.

7 (6.6-7.5) out of 10: These will fade from memory faster than the 8s but they were fun while they lasted. Recommended as well, but you'd probably want to be a fan of the genre or creator first.

(32)  Morita-san wa Mukuchi (and season 2) - Summer '11 - 7.5/10 - 3 minutes of totally pointless cuteness each week. I'm down with that. I'm counting both seasons here since they ran right into each other and all that changed was the title. Mayu x Miki forever.

(33)  Kami-sama Dolls - Summer '11 - 7.3/10 - At every turn I was convinced it was going to do something I hated, but at every turn it... didn't. This confused me greatly! Solid story + Utao reaction faces means this was time well spent. Shame we'll never see it continued.

(34)   - Fall '11 - 7.3/10 - Yukarin's Fear, Sovereignty/Shiraho and Kuroe were the highlights of this show. But it was also rather notable for an unexpectedly high level of brutality in the fighting (though it managed to stay within my tolerance zone 95% of the time) and the rather high visual quality of said fight scenes. Oonuma went overboard in the "artistic flair" as usual, but I feel like it got a bit better as the show went on. Solid.

(35)  Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai - Spring '11 - 7.1/10 - One of the most bizarre visual novel adaptations I've seen, in a refreshingly unique way. The story was fantastic, and the cast really grew on me, even if a few obnoxious ones showed up a bit more than I hoped. This one got docked at least a point for tacking a hugely cliche ending onto an otherwise unique gem.

(36)  Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi - Spring '11 - 7.1/10 - Generic harem at its best? It was fun watching this alongside OreTsuba which is about as ungeneric as it gets.

(37)  Fractale - Winter '11 - 7.0/10 - Ahh... what is there to say about Fractale at this point? It's already infamous for the Yamakan drama, and, I suppose for setting expectations too high. I don't think it deserves the level of scorn it gets, but it's not remotely as good as I thought it could be either. I guess "disappointing" is the word. I'm one of the few who thought the ending was okay, though. Good OP too.

(38)  Dantalian no Shoka - Summer '11 - 7.0/10 - Mmm, also kind of disappointing, though not based on any expectations (I had none) but because the story just got kind of messy later on. Even so, Dalian and Huey were fantastic leads, but I'd expect no less from Sawashiro Miyuki and Ono Daisuke. That's honestly as amazing a female/male seiyuu combination as I can come up with, for sure. There were some really clever, well-written stories in here but there was also a but too much narrative disconnect overall. And that one episode was a visual mess to the point where I skipped 90% of it. Dalian though... Dalian... <3

(39)  Onii-chan no Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki janain Dakara ne!! - Winter '11 - 6.9/10 - Pretty sure these were the toughest character designs to get used to this year, particularly given that this is an ecchi kinda show and so we were supposed to find them sexy. Everyone was crazy enough to be entertaining but not so crazy as to irritate me.

(40)  No.6 - Summer '11 - 6.8/10 - Really well paced for a 11 episode show. Didn't wimp out on the same sex kissing. Overall just a competent show, if not one I'm ever likely to think about again.

(41)  Rio -Rainbow Gate! - Winter '11 - 6.6/10 - Ummmmmmmmm. Sure was a show. The plot got kinda dumb but it wasn't the utter trainwreck I expected. Really fun characters and the not terribly subtle yuri subtext between Rio and Rina are definitely what made it work, though.

6 (5.6-6.5) out of 10: Severe flaws of one kind or another, but still a definite step up from the worst category.

(42)  Ikoku Meiro no Croisée - Summer '11 - 6.3/10 - Not going to say "wish I'd dropped it", but the lowish rating reflects strong disappointment. Basically, Claude ruined everything. This show is 90% soothing, cute, sweet, relaxing... and 10% annoying angry man being annoying and angry. Were this just Yune and Alice's adventures it would have been higher - an import even - but now... meh.

5 (4.6-5.5) out of 10: Probably should have dropped this one, but not going to fret over it.

(43)  Dragon Crisis! - Winter '11 - 5.0/10 - I... just wasn't terribly impressed. It had cute characters but there's no real chance that I could tell you anything about this show a year later. It probably wasn't as bad as a 5, this, but I guess I'm grading its lack of effort.


OVAs/Specials/Movies/Other: Not ranked; Generally avoided listing DVD-bonus eps, as they're not the same thing.

Hidamari Sketch x SP - Specials - Hidamari is never anything less than amazing. Where's my air date for season four? [Imported]
Karigurashi no Arrietty - Movie - It was okay, I guess. The antagonist was impossible to take seriously, and I did not care about the human male lead, so I didn't get a particularly deep degree of enjoyment out of it. But Arrietty is a great character. I haven't really rated this, but I guess it'd get a 7 or so.

I think the above it literally it. I watched some BD bonus eps to TV series, and some were fantastic (K-ON!! 27, and Toradora! BD box bonus ep above all) but for the most part I don't watch movies and stuff.


Dropped: This is why I seem to rate almost eevrything 7 or better - I only rate shows I finish, and I usually drop shows I don't like. Here are the ones that didn't make the cut, although reasons vary from "it sucks" to "it's good but I wasn't in the mood". And of course, many only got one episode so I can't comment on their overall quality.

Freezing - Winter '11 - 9 eps
Level E - Winter '11 - 3 eps
Infinite Stratos - Winter '11 - 1 ep
Beezlebub - Winter '11 - 1 ep
Sket Dance - Spring '11 - 13 eps
Hanasaku Iroha - Spring '11 - 10 eps
C - Spring '11 - 2 eps
30-sai no Hoken Taiiku - Spring '11 - 2 eps
Hidan no Aria - Spring '11 - 1 ep
Deadman Wonderland - Spring '11 - 2 eps
Toriko - Spring '11 - 1 ep
Hen Zemi - Spring '11 - 1 ep
Nekogami Yaoyorozu - Summer '11 - 7 eps
Sacred Seven - Summer '11 - 6 eps
Kami-sama no Memo-chou - Summer '11 - 6 eps
Mayo Chiki! - Summer '11 - 3 eps
Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi - Summer '11 - 1 ep
R-15 - Summer '11 - 1 ep
Kaitou Tenshi Twin Angel: Kyun Kyun Tokimeki Paradise!! - Summer '11 - 1 ep
Busou Shinki Moon Angel - Summer '11 - 1 ep
Ben-To - Fall '11 - 7 eps
Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai!! - Fall '11 - 5 eps
Kimi to Boku - Fall '11 - 3 eps
Guilty Crown - Fall '11 - 2 eps
UN-GO - Fall '11 - 1 ep
Phi Brain - Kami no Puzzle - Fall '11 - 1 ep
Maken-ki! - Fall '11 - 0.5 eps


43 completed 2011 shows. Down from 53 in 2010, but that's only due to being more liberal with dropping shows.

17 shows on the list are being imported in full + 2 have single volumes selected and then +1 for HidaSketch SP. 17 of 43 is nearly 40%, and might as well round up for the single volumes and say "over 40%". Which is kind of amazing now that I think about it. I'd never looked at it as a percentage of completed shows.

27 dropped shows, a 50% increase on last year, which was a 50% increase on the year before that. Part of it is having less chance to watch anime, so I drop for time, which I didn't do much of in the past. The other is just that I'm just less likely to finish a show that isn't doing it for me anymore. It's worth noting that most (16) were dropped by ep 2, so it was decided pretty early. Only a couple were dropped for genuine irritation at a show I tried to stick with for a while.

Hell of a year, really. Madoka helped an industry reach new heights. Idolmaster gave me another franchise to spend money on beyond BDs and OP/ED CDs (joining K-ON! and Vocaloid). noitaminA put up their best showing ever by far. There was just a lot of good news for anime fans this year.
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