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The following rankings have been updated to reflect the full data released this week.

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Sora Yori mo Tooi Basho joins the 10k list. It’s the 170th since 2000, 6th 12th for publisher Kadokawa, 6th for studio Madhouse, and 3rd for year 2018.

6 Responses to “Ranking summary for the weeks of 2018 07/02, 07/09”

  1. Arisa says:

    I’m so glad that Sora Yori received the recognition it deserves in terms of getting good sales. Unfortunately I’m seeing that the general anime community is slowly forgetting about it though, which is very disappointing. One of the best 2018 anime doesn’t deserved that. They complaint about harem and ecchi shit and yet when they got something that’s genuinely good, they didn’t really care altogether. At least the Japanese votes with their wallet. I guess if the lead of Sora Yori was a male and there’s straight romance stuff in it, people would be all over it, huh? By the way, Yuru Camp also broke the 10k barrier, right?

    • something says:

      Almost all shows rapidly get less attention after they finish – it’s inevitable with another 40+ shows starting every season. And as an original, with no music or mobage tie-ins, Yorimoi doesn’t have much opportunity to produce new content all the time and stay active. That said, I think Yorimoi will be remembered fondly for a really long time. It’ll be a quiet sort of fondness, but it won’t go anywhere.

      And yes, Yurucamp is on track to be the best-selling Kirara adaptation outside of K-ON!. It’ll average 13.5-14.0k which will either put it about tied with or slightly ahead of Gochiusa s2.

      • Arisa says:

        Thanks for your respond! Yeah, even if Sora Yori is forgotten by the larger mass, at least it would still be remembered from time to time. Plus, it sells so that stupid only ecchi harem meme could sell is just… Plain stupid. What do you think about the legitimacy of this meme, by the way? Some people think it’s genuine in fact, due to this season alone having at least 3 normal harem and one trap harem show.

        Oh, how much did K-on sold by the way? I really hope they make another anime like that again. Minus the straight romance stuff that they seems to be very into these days. At least Kobayashi Maid Dragon is still there as a genuine yuri title in their roster without baits like in Hibike. Oh, do you think Maid Dragon have any chances of getting more sequel?

        • something says:

          The idea that only harem series sell was always nonsense, though I think it’s less widespread than it used to be. There is certainly an audience for them, and there probably always will be. But they don’t dominate the market by any stretch. There’s 40+ new anime every season, the vast majority of which are not that kind of show.

          K-ON! sold 43,878 s1 and 39,519 s2. As for Maidragon, dunno, though they do a ton of movies so I guess that isn’t out of the question. Much more likely than a TV series.

          • Arisa says:

            Glad to know that. Well, as noticeable enough, I’m pretty much a harem hater and dislike straight romance material and into yuri, which I assumed that you do too, though I apologize if you don’t actually like yuri. I kept pondering whether we’re gonna see that Kase san OVA BD sales amount, and I’m sure as hell hoping that any upcoming yuri anime would be selling at the very least. I really want to see this genre improve even further.

            That’s a lot of sell for sure, which makes me question even more why they wouldn’t do anything similar again since that’s just up my alley. What’s your personal favorite airing anime currently? I’m really into Harukana Receive and Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight. Such good shows with great amount of yuri goodness. I’m just hoping either of them is being noticed greatly at Japan, or any of the two would be selling in a successful amount. Big bonus if both of them are getting considerable reception.

            • something says:

              lol no worries, I’m definitely into yuri, that’s for sure. The Kase-san OVA was sold at theaters where the OVA was screened, so we aren’t going to get sales numbers from that. It will hopefully eventually get a normal retail release, which we should get numbers for, but I wouldn’t expect them to be much (especially since most big fans already saw it in theaters and bought it there).

              This season I’m watching Yamasusu s3, Harukana, Chio-chan, Shingeki s3, and Hanebado. I’ll probably do a Summer season post giving my preliminary thoughts on the season… at some point.

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