The last time I did this, most of Winter was 30-39 days from release. Twenty days later, those shows are 10-19 days from release, so I’d like to take stock again. [Except for Hoozuki no Reitetsu which was supposed to come out on March 12. It has been delayed until April 9th however, so I’ll not be including it below.]

Seitokai Yakuindomo* is the only show to be released thus far. Stalker prediction vs first week sales came out as:
750 DVDs → sold 594 DVDs, 20.8% overestimate
3,033 BDs → sold 3,031, 0.1% overestimate, in other words virtually perfect

Not a bad start for sure, off by only 158 copies total.

I am not including anything with a release date of April or later. I’ll probably take stock of April in a week or so. That means the following titles are currently not included:
• Hozuki no Reitetsu
• Wizard Barristers
• Nourin
• Mahou Sensou
• Tesagure! Bukatsumono Encore
• Nobunagun
• Nobunaga the Fool
• Space Dandy
• Hamatora
• Tonari no Seki-kun

Current DVD Current BD Current Total Predicted DVD Predicted BD Predicted Total Last Prediction Change Days Left Title Event Ticket / OVA
1,336 4,453 5,789 1,413 4,860 6,273 n/a n/a 10 Super Sonico the Animation Figma
405 1,091 1,496 551 1,608 2,159 1,666 29.6% 17 D-Frag Event
1,373 1,373 1,921 1,921 1,484 29.4% 19 Wake Up Girls! Event
749 749 992 992 821 20.8% 17 Buddy Complex
594 1,679 2,273 735 2,102 2,837 2,495 13.7% 19 Maken-ki 2
1,964 1,498 3,462 2,601 1,981 4,582 4,104 11.6% 17 Noragami Event
380 3,768 4,148 436 4,450 4,886 4,487 8.9% 10 Saki Zenkoku-hen
323 1,114 1,437 434 1,504 1,938 1,824 6.3% 19 Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha.
744 1,740 2,484 979 2,244 3,223 3,132 2.9% 17 Nisekoi Event
511 3,276 3,787 603 4,129 4,732 4,623 2.4% 10 Mikakunin de Shinkoukei Event, OVA
658 4,338 4,996 745 4,808 5,553 5,434 2.2% 10 Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren
324 1,502 1,826 379 1,773 2,152 2,147 0.2% 17 Saikin, Imouto no Yousu ga Chotto Okashiinda ga.
371 390 761 623 542 1,165 1,193 -2.3% 10 Z/X Ignition
265 504 769 322 600 922 949 -2.8% 19 pupa
413 1,644 2,057 494 1,849 2,343 2,426 -3.4% 10 Sakura Trick Event
225 2,303 2,528 273 2,590 2,863 3,361 -14.8% 10 Sekai Seifuku Bouryaku no Zvezda
3,715 3,715 4,609 4,609 6,009 -23.3% 17 Witch Craft Works

1. Predicted DVD numbers in red are below 600, and are less likely to rank at all. Take that into consideration when looking at their Predicted Total numbers and lower expectations accordingly.
2. If a field is blank, the show isn’t coming out in that format. There are three BD-only releases this in March: Witch Craft World, Wake Up Girls, and Buddy Complex.
3. Super Sonico still does not include the non-Figma version, because Stalker didn’t add it. It does now include the Amazon version of the LE BD however. Either it was missing from Amazon’s database last time I did this, or I forgot to add it in. I put n/a because of that, but is you compare just the same two versions I did last time, it’s a 13% rise. In any case ignore Stalker for Sonico, that release is just completely atypical.

I repeat my warning from last time, the above numbers are purely Stalker’s estimates. Some of these are expected to be modestly to significantly underestimated due to strong performance at retailers other than Amazon. Some could be overestimated. Don’t stress too much over exact numbers.

The thing I most want to look at is the Change column. This shows how much Stalker’s final estimate has changed in the last 20 days, or about 3 weeks.

Unchanged (±5%) – These titles have seen almost no change to their predictions
↑ Nisekoi
↑ Mikakunin de Shinkoukei
↑ Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren
↑ Saikin, Imouto no Yousu ga Chotto Okashiinda ga.
↓ Z/X Ignition
↓ pupa
↓ Sakura Trick

Minor Changes (±10%)
↑ Saki Zenkoku-hen
↑ Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha.

Modest Changes (±20%)
↑ Maken-ki 2
↑ Noragami
↓ Sekai Seifuku Bouryaku no Zvezda

Significant Changes (±>20%) – This is where large shifts have happened
↑ D-Frag
↑ Wake Up Girls!
↑ Buddy Complex
↓ Witch Craft Works

It’s hard to get excited talking about increases and drops when the numbers are so small. Sure D-Frag‘s prediction has jumped nearly 30% but that’s a gain of 493 units and it’s still really borderline for ranking on DVD. Same deal with Wake Up Girls! except there the gain is even less, and let’s not even get into Buddy Complex.

The one thing that really is worth mentioning is Witch Craft Works stopping in its tracks. The prediction fell by over 23%. That drop has coincided with a modest gain in performance at non-Amazon retailers however, so perhaps that offsets some of it. With 17 days left to go things may change but at the moment it looks like the question of whether WCW would level off or keep rising has been answered in favor of the former. That was one of the shows that a couple weeks ago we thought might be poor poor Winter’s shot at a break-out, but that looks increasingly unlikely now. Instead it’ll probably just be a solid selling show, if nothing special.

One good point from the perspective of Stalker’s performance is that 12 of 16 series here changed within ±15%. There haven’t been many wild swings, and other than WCW all the >15% changes were for very poor-selling shows where a percentage change means little. On the other hand, weak seasons like this with little in the way of swings in ranking is exactly the kind of thing Stalker should be reliable and consistent with, so we should expect it.

The other thing I wanted to talk about is which of the shows above are strong at storefront.

Overall, the winner there has been Chuunibyou. It’s held a top 15 weekly ranking at HMV for every daily update since February 6th, and for most of that time was top 10. It’s also been ranking more frequently at the usually Sakura Trick-dominated Gamers lately. At Softmap, it’s been top 15 by sales every day since February 19th and top 15 over the past week. But I don’t think it’s quite as dominant as season one way, and when you couple that with its much lower Amazon performance a huge drop still looks unavoidable.

Since Hoozuki isn’t a March release anymore, the other title I’ll bring up is Sakura Trick, which continues to be extremely strong at Gamers. That’s lessened slightly as we get closer to release for other shows, and series like Saki and Chuunibyou occasionally take spots, but repeatedly Sakura Trick has placed all 6 volumes in the top 10, including 5 of the 9 rankings during this month. It’s also made the HMV top 25 some days recently, which is new. But since it’s doing so abysmally at Amazon, it needs every single Gamers sale it can muster to put up anything respectable, particularly considering DVDs are unlikely to rank, which will wipe a chunk of its reported sales off the map.

Mikakunin holds decent but not stand-out position among the extended non-Amazon rankings, but doesn’t make the top 10s or HMV top 25 very often. I still think it’ll be underestimated but I’m not sure by how much.


As always, when dealing with anything related to Stalker, keep the many caveats in the Sales FAQ (section 4) in mind. Don’t use the numbers above unless you know what they mean and where they’re problematic! (Else, I reserve the right to kick you in the kidneys.)

27 Responses to “Prediction Talk: Current Stalker Data (March releases only, update)”

  1. sinderblock says:

    Buddy Complex still insignificant despite increase, huh?

  2. AnimePhoenix says:

    What a weak Winter.

    I just want to see Noragami and Hoozuki get decent numbers. Hoozuki will do fine and it got a great manga boost.

    Noragami v3+ is what I’m worried about. It looks like it’ll sell ~2k but with it ranking in HMV for the last week and it’s small presence in the Animate TOP 10 from time to time makes me think it’ll get 2.5k. What I really want is 3k but that seems a bit of a stretch. But it’s evenly ranked on both BD and DVD so it’s not that bad.

    Noragami also got a good manga boost but….I love this show so much, I want it to average 3k.

    • hikari says:

      Looking from the current stalker estimates so far, it seems Hoozuki has better chance to get 2nd season than Noragami if indeed the actual sales just like the stalker reflected or even a bit higher if it’s underestimated though once gain that still depend on the top of the anime production committee which I haven’t got the chance to look it up. Even tho both being Kodansha’s series I’m not sure that Kodansha being the top of the anime committe since as far as I remember I never see them at top(even is Shingeki their in 2nd or below PC/Pony Canyon), that’s why we can’t compare it w/ Chihayafuru and the likes, since Chihayafuru anime top producers are the NTV producers(and NTV is more or like NHK in their policy, meaning their not too dependant on disc sales so if the NTV producers want to then they’ll make more of it, as long as they have the budget), this based on Ultimatemegax. I guess if we want to know more about these/who the prod committee of each shows and the order of their ranks we should check on the Japanese official sites more since usually the order on ANN or any other western site usually not correct, or we can ask Ultimatemegax since as far as I know he’s quite knowledgeable in these kind of stuff about anime prod committee, etc.

    • hikari says:

      Just want to add a bit, I think what he (Ultimatemegax) said is the main reason Chihayafuru got 2nd season is not because of the manga boost but more likely cuz the anime is mostly being fund, produced and aired on NTV, and since NTV has a big share on Madhouse that’s why they can easily comissioned Madhouse to do the animation. If I’m not mistaken Kodansha has only got share of the licensed fee or something plus they also got the free boost of the manga anyway, while most of the budget for the anime is being fund by NTV. I guess for more in depth explanation, it’s better to ask/contact Ultimatemegax directly. I remember his post from the ANN thread and also Asuki forum.

  3. primadog says:

    Could sluggish sales this season be attributed to many of last year’s bestsellers being 2-cour series? Of the top of my head, we had Monogatari S2, KuroBasket, KLK, and IS2 being 2-cour, and as result having releases for most of 2014. I imagine all those (plus quite a few high profile OVA/movie releases) could substantially tie up some otaku dollars.

    • something says:

      This theory comes up a lot but I really don’t know how much it affects things. Logically you’d think it might, as a big season could drain resources for the next… but we see two consecutive seasons with big hits all the time. Shingeki and Utapri in Spring didn’t seem to dent Monogatari and Free in Summer. And Fall was the first time in over three years we had no 20k sellers, nevermind 10k.

      But it’s also a matter of target audiences.
      Spring: Utapri and Shingeki – this proabably drew on female fans harder than male since Shingeki has a sizable number of female fans too, but still, the burden would have been spread across both.
      Summer: Free! and Monogatari, definitely very different audiences there.
      Fall: Nothing in Fall is coming close to any of those four but top two is again split with IS2 and Kurobas.

      I know you can’t divide shows perfectly by sex, but that there are shows with audiences predominantly made up of one or the other is relevant to discussion about whether the market has the resources to buy stuff.

      So with Fall being devoid of any runaway success, and its two top sellers being shows dropping from their previous seasons (Kurobas fairly normally, IS2 rather drastically), Summer only having two hits with two different audiences, and even two cour Spring series just about done, I’d be inclined to say releases from past seasons explain this season’s very low sales (predictions) only in the smallest of ways.

      I think the problem is simply that there was only one big-name sequel (even then, only to a 15k-seller not 25k+) and it failed to gain its old audience back, with sales likely to be cut in half. Add in a lack of any other big name adaptations (Nisekoi gets mentioned but that sort of romcom usually generates middling sales performance) and all we had left was to cross our fingers and hope something exploded – and absolutely nothing has, so far.

      It’s going to take a show very strongly outperforming any existing predictions to get a 10k average series out of this season. Or hell, 8k looks pretty rough at the moment! Getting even there depends on either Chuunibyou being more heavily underestimated than expected, plus really really consistent, or Hoozuki not dropping after v1. Or, its v1 being so high that it just keeps the average up anyway. Maybe with it ranking more consistently at Animate lately we’ll see that. Or maybe if either of them have decent week 2+ sales?

  4. hpulley says:

    Just when you thought the LoveLive! numbers were over… think again! Bandai has apparently reprinted them or found a bunch or something… say hello to LoveLive! season 1 again! Stalker must a moment ago…

    **2位/**3位 ★ (—,— pt) [-,—予約] 14/05/28 ラブライブ! 5 [Blu-ray]
    **8位/**9位 ★ (—,— pt) [-,—予約] 14/05/28 ラブライブ! 4 [Blu-ray]
    *22位/*27位 ★ (—,— pt) [-,—予約] 14/05/28 ラブライブ! 3 [Blu-ray]
    *23位/*29位 ★ (—,— pt) [-,—予約] 14/05/28 ラブライブ! 6 [Blu-ray]
    *24位/*32位 ★ (—,— pt) [-,—予約] 14/05/28 ラブライブ! 2 [Blu-ray]
    *29位/*35位 ★ (—,— pt) [-,—予約] 14/05/28 ラブライブ! 1 [Blu-ray]
    *32位/*44位 ★ (—,— pt) [-,—予約] 14/05/28 ラブライブ! 7 [Blu-ray]

    • hpulley says:

      Hmm, on second thought this isn’t for March… so something if you want to move my post to the general discussion instead, please do…

    • kViN says:

      This new edition is quite literally a reprint of the first season’s LE, except without all the event ticket related extras for obvious reasons. Which makes the insane ranks atm look all sorts of silly, because other than v5 which has been sold out for weeks (and went for a lot of money on auctions) and v4 which also did recently, the other original LEs are still available on Amazon. For immediate purchase. And lower price, since this “new” release has no discount applied (yet?).

      • hpulley says:

        Yep, v1 is in stock at 30% off! Better deal than I got on release day… v2 and v7 are the usual 26% off. v6 was only 18% off, v3 17%. v4 and v5 are indeed gone so their high ranks make sense.

  5. hpulley says:

    All I can think of is people who don’t have any of them saying, no point in getting just 1, 2, 3, 6 and 7, I might as well order v1-7 for May 28th.

  6. pippi says:

    God, I hope Sakura Trick sells better than all the explicit yuri anime titles in the past couple of years. How does one increase the yuri fandom in Japan at a rate so it can match the hetero ecchi and BL fanbase?

    • something says:

      “better than all the explicit yuri anime titles in the past couple of years”
      There haven’t been any (unless 2009 is the last couple of years, and those two were not visually explicit), so even selling 1 copy would have them beat! =P

      “How does one increase the yuri fandom in Japan at a rate so it can match the hetero ecchi and BL fanbase?”
      Matching hetero fanbase will never happen, and I don’t think we need to set our goals nearly that high.

      Matching BL… well the state of BL is a bit hard to describe. My feeling is there’s really not much if any more canon BL on TV in Japan than canon yuri. I think the BL fanbase is bigger and better organized than the yuri fanbase (and good on them) but in terms of commercial television productions they’re just as reliant on (intentional or fan-driven) subtext and “BL-goggles” as yuri fans are. Someone like Musouka can probably describe the state of BL on TV better than I can though, if she sees this.

      • sinderblock says:

        I’m just hope it’ll sell that’s better than average than the previous yuri titles just enough the industry will notice.

      • musouka says:

        Yeah, you’ve pretty much got it, something. The state of BL is pretty much the exact same as the state of yuri, except perhaps slightly less dire because the fanbase has gotten a couple of ~10K hits, something yuri hasn’t really done since the glory days of MariMite. And even then, I sort of hesitate to classify that as “yuri” as opposed to “of interest to yuri fans. Still, Sekaiichi Hatsukoi’s numbers were about half of what Jujou Romantica’s numbers were. (~5K is still respectable, but it’s not exactly burning up the charts either.)

        Sadly, I think companies have sort of figured out by this point that they get better returns by having BL and yuri fanservice without confirmation, since that way they still have plausible deniability as to the state of the relationship for the fans that think homosexuality is “gross”. Though, I think even at this point in time, you’re much more likely to get a stronger confirmation of romantic feelings when it comes to two girls (like Homura to Madoka) than two guys.

        So, if I had to sum it up, it’d go like this: BL fans are slightly more likely to get a series with canon BL made more than once every decade. Yuri fans are more likely to get canon confirmation in mainstream series.

        • sinderblock says:

          If I may interject, in terms of TV anime shows, yeah BL and yuri fans are, in one way or another, on the same playing field. Now expand that to doujins, manga, light novels, and visual novels then it favors more to the former. I think that’s what pippi is talking about. How does one create more fans to get into those other medium that’s yuri?

          • musouka says:

            Simple. Have a lot of series that focus heavily on female relationships, even if they’re platonic. As I’ve said in the past–and will probably continue saying in the future–keep in mind that the BL fandom took more than 40 years of steady, consistent growth to get to the point where it is now. BL and yuri started entering popular culture about the same time, but for whatever reason, it took longer for yuri to put down firmer roots.

            It’s like comparing two plants where one has received consistent care and watering its entire life and the other has suffered dry spells and neglect, then asking why one is healthier than the other.

            • something says:

              And this despite yuri having what would seem like a built-in advantage. I have to imagine there’s greater participation from women in yuri than men in BL (exponentially so, probably! Comic Yuri Hime is still majority female readership as far as I know and that probably goes for other anthologies as well), so the theoretical audience for yuri would be larger all other things being equal. And while homosexual themes face plenty of challenges to gaining acceptance, I think it goes without saying that your traditional male otaku is way more hostile to male homosexuality than female.

              On the other hand that may be the point, there. A lot of males, insofar as they’ll accept homosexuality in their fiction at all, still seem to want to reserve that “plausible deniability” musouka mentioned. It’s like, “yeah totally, that picture of Yui and Azusa making out is hot… but I still want my hetero gang-bang doujins!” I really hate this mindset myself, but I’m not going to tell someone how to get off to fictional characters I guess. I’m stereotyping of course, but it’s hard not to when it seems to be so common a worldview.

              I suppose what I mean is, the interest in yuri just seems really shallow from a lot of guys. Sure, I would never pretend I don’t like the “visual aspect” of yuri, but if all a show has to offer me is straight girls groping each other in the onsen, that is really not satisfying what I’m looking for. Mouretsu Pirates did more with two secondary characters than a hundred hetero ecchi anime could with all their girl on girl fanservice. It doesn’t really feel like male otakudom at large agrees though. I’m also not saying that all women into BL are in it purely for romantic stories… smut makes the world go round and all. But I don’t get the impression that they’re still looking to make the guys their husbando very often either.

              In any case this is an important year for yuri on TV, first with Sakura Trick and then Akuma no Riddle and the Nekoyama-san short. For all the undeniable fanservice in Sakura Trick (it really could drop some of the goofy camera angles and be just as sexy but I’m not going to look a gift horse in the mouth) it does also focus quite a lot on those tender emotional moments between Haruka and Yuu and what they’re feeling for each other. And the latter is what really sells me on the show, and what we need otaku to accept more of, since we already know they’re on board for the mindless cleavage part. The other important thing about Sakura Trick is how it takes “plausible deniability” into a back alley and beats the ever living shit out of it, so there’s that!

              With Akuma no Riddle I really have no idea what to expect besides that sales will be terrible and would be even if it weren’t yuri (it just looks like a flop, but I wouldn’t mind being wrong!), and since Nekoyama-san is just a short (and I’ve read two chapters) it’ll be a cute little gag show (also no plausible deniability there) but sales will almost by definition be low, as they are for shorts.

              They really need to do at least decently, though. Sakura Trick will at least do better than Sasameki and Aoi Hana, even without the Gamers boost it’ll get, so I guess that’s something? (okay enough rambling for this early in the morning, I really want to go back to sleep argh)

              • musouka says:

                Here’s my theory–just my two cents, mind you, from having been around the fandom a while–part of the reason BL has stronger “roots” than yuri at this point is that one of the things BL was nurtured by early on was shounen manga. Shounen manga, especially Shounen Jump, was perfect for this because the emphasis on “male relationships” as opposed to “male/female romance”. Even if there was a heroine, so little time–even to this day!–is allotted to her emotions and feelings about the relationship beyond a nebulous “gee, I sure love the main character” that it’s not difficult to sort of ignore her, benignly.

                Things like Captain Tsubasa hit at PRECISELY the right time to “carry on” from the initial mid 70’s m/m explorative boom and took those sort of “pre-BL fans” from passive consumers of things like “The Heart of Thomas” and “Poem of the Wind and Trees” to active creators of their own scenarios through doujinshi. From Captain Tsubasa you have a clear line of hits (Saint Seiya, Slam Dunk, ect, ect) that were explosively popular with women and provided plenty of fuel for this sort of thing.

                I own a decent amount of Saint Seiya doujinshi from the 80’s, and it’s actually really fascinating to see what these women were experimenting with–a lot of them are only nominally about “Saint Seiya” itself and are practically purely made up. For example, in one anthology I own, there’s a VERY LONG story from the perspective of an OC that’s in love with Shiryu as his senpai at school–mind you, Shiryu doesn’t even attend school!–and his feelings when he figures out Shiryu is in love with Seiya instead. It’s not framed as an AU, or the doujinshika wanting to write about the Saints attending school. It doesn’t even take place “in school.” It’s obviously the doujinshika playing with this scenario under Saint Seiya’s name. More and more things like this is what I think allowed BL to start being published “on its own” in the 90’s, because there was clearly a demand for original works in addition to derivative works.

                For yuri on the other hand, it’s more difficult. 80’s shoujo manga had a major strike against it when it came to nurturing yuri the same way shounen manga nurtured BL. Not a lot of shoujo manga are about female relationships of any sort! In 80’s shoujo manga, it’s usually a heroine, her love interest, and/or a rival that are the main players. Guys might find a heroine cute–say Ranze from Tokimeki Tonight with that infamous ED sequence from the TV show–but it’s slim pickings when it comes to positive f/f interaction. In Saint Seiya you have guys crying and dying for one another. In 80’s shoujo, you have girls that start off at one another’s throats over a guy and slowly come to a tentative friendship. Even magical girl shows, which have become such a fertile playing ground for yuri fans, were mostly a solo operation back in the 80’s.

                So, for fans of yuri, I think it was Sailormoon that really kicked things off in a general way. Sailormoon, where you had a team of girls that interacted and cared passionately about one another at last, girls that would die for one another. A manga and show with the sort of explosive popularity that Captain Tsubasa had back in 1981. Just, you know, almost a decade later.

                For yuri to really blossom and thrive, we had to reach a point where women and their relationships are valued as something intrinsically interesting in their own right. We’re now at the point where female-only casts can not only break even, but be wildly profitable. (Or, in the case of things like Touhou, a fucking phenomenon.) Yes, BL has an infrastructure based on years and years (and years) work by passionate fans that started out loving the m/m friendships they saw in their favorite series and, in turn, brought that with them when they entered the business themselves. (Fun note: Kouga Yun, who used to write m/m Saint Seiya doujinshi nearly thirty years ago is currently working on Kurumada Suikoden, an official work in which Saint Seiya plays a huge role. That is amazing.)

                But yuri fans have befitted from that infrastructure too. They don’t have to reinvent the wheel. All they have to do is have the same amount of passion BL fans have and companies will listen to them, because experience with those same BL fans has shown them that that passion very easily translates to money.

                So, in closing, I really hope Sakura Trick does well, for the sake of all yuri fans, and hope it means more yuri being made, but that success has to come from yuri fans.

                • something says:

                  Just wanted to say that was a really good read. I have only a passing interest in manga, so a lot of the history isn’t anything I’ve experienced. I only started reading manga it in any significant amount in the past year because Dynasty Reader made it easy and it was one way to fill a yuri craving TV anime really doesn’t sate. (I’m pretty happy at how active the yuri scanslation community has been lately, and hope it continues!)

                  I especially liked the point about how good f/f relationships can be so hard to find, at least before recently, while passionate m/m relationships are and have always been a central staple of animanga fiction – be that on the soccer field or in a mecha squad or whatever. Over and over, whether the story is aimed at women or men, it’s the male characters who get the most agency; women just aid the plot by loving or dying or needing to be rescued. It’s honestly at the point where I only rarely even watch shows with male characters in them anymore, and almost any romcom with a male lead is dead on arrival insta-skip for me unless it’s got some overriding factor. I just can’t get emotionally invested in many m/f relationships as depicted in anime. Relationships are so much more interesting to me these days after you remove most of the traditional gender baggage, or more to the point the fairly vapid ways anime tends to deal with them [not to single anime out, I doubt much other media does an amazing job either, but anime is all I really engage with].

                  The influence of the shift in mahou shoujo series (and lately, the rise of their idol cousins like Aikatsu and Pretty Rhythm) to involve multiple girls is definitely evident when you consider that the Precure franchise is, I’m pretty darn sure, the single largest source of yuri material out there today. Or maybe Touhou actually, but they’re basically mahou shoujo anyway. Purely looking at anime though, I can’t imagine what challenges Precure.

  7. hpulley says:

    Looking like winter might be unusual compared to lately where the second-last week is going to have more releases than the last week. Can’t remember the last time that was true.

  8. hpulley says:

    Onee ga Kita! Bluray released on March 22nd is before they have finished airing the episodes!

    But the DVD comes out in April??? Odd.

  9. hpulley says:

    WUG v1 _does_ have an event ticket to the “Wake Up, Girls! 1st Live Tour”. Not sure if this was advertised or advertised well or if it will have any effect on either v1 or follow-on sales but I opened up my copy just now and … there it is… what I originally thought would be a drama CD is a music CD instead which is nice.

    • something says:

      Ah, I had thought it odd for an idol anime not to have an event ticket (then again neither did Idolmaster), but there it is.

      And looking at v2+… they’re predicted at barely half the points. So, yeah, I guess that’s that.

    • hpulley says:

      WUG v1 was ahead of Maken-ki on pre-release day but they were predicted to be almost exactly the same on Bluray by Stalker so I didn’t gett too excited But now, WUG v1 is way ahead on release day. Dare I get my hopes up about some miraculous storefront effect???

      The fixed up a ton on the Bluray as well. It looks really good! Too bad they were too rushed for the broadcast.

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