As I’ve mentioned in the weekly ranking posts, we’ve not been getting full lists for a while now. We’re only getting the preliminary lists, which we’ll always have access to as long as Oricon Youtaiju exists. But what we’re missing are the full lists that come out from the vastly more expensive Oricon Biz.

At first, when we didn’t get a full list for the week of 2018 05/07 – 05/13 I didn’t think it was too much of an issue. The thresholds were extremely low in the prelims and it was entirely possible the full list wouldn’t add anything new. Sometimes, when that’s the case, the full list doesn’t get posted.

But then it happened the following week as well. But again, really slow week, low threshold, maybe we weren’t missing anything?

Then it happened again, with a 623 BD threshold the week of 5/21. And this week we have a 932 BD threshold. Uh oh?

So when someone recently asked about the Cyborg 009 vs Devilman OVA sales, I popped on over to the JP DVD BD Wiki, as I do when looking up sales of things I don’t track, and it was… odd.

The sidebar with all of the navigation options has been replaced by links to the official Toji no Miko website. Comments from site visitors are confusedly asking what’s going on, but other than speculation that the admin has retired, there’s nothing concrete that I can tell.

Thankfully there’s still a search box in the top right, so I was able to get to the info, but without all of the navigation the site is going to be a pain in the ass to navigate.

I used to back the site up, but haven’t done so in a long time. I’m going to check my archived copies when I’m home tonight and see if the yearly listing pages still exist, and if so I’ll try to do one last site scrape. Hopefully it’ll work.

The reason I bring this up isn’t just that it sucks to lose a great resource, but also that the weird things happening to the site coincide very much with when we started missing full lists. Comments on the site start wondering what’s up on 5/20, which is a day before I started wondering where the list for the previous week was.

So my conclusion is that the Biz leaks we’ve been relying on for years were coming from the administrator of this site, and clearly he’s gotten out of the sales tracking game.

IF this is really the end of the Biz leaks, what’s that mean for us? Well… it sucks. If we can only rely on the preliminary rankings, we lose a ton of data. We would no longer be able to compare data from before the week of 2018-05-07 to data from that week onward. Comparing data over time is fraught as is but this would be a game-changer. This would be a much bigger deal than losing the extended rankings, though losing both is obviously worst case.

There are some weeks where thresholds are low and we don’t lose much by not having the full lists. But then there are weeks like this week where it would absolutely suck. Such a high threshold means we don’t get wk2s even for successful shows like Yurucamp and Yorimoi, because they happened to come out the week before, and the thresholds are too high for their wk2 data.

Maybe this will all be moot, and maybe I’ll get home from work tonight and see that someone else has taken over. But after multiple weeks of no lists and the ominous (probably-not-a-) coincidence of the DVDBD Wiki going dormant at the same time, it doesn’t look great.

If we lose Biz leaks we lose not just the weekly top 100 but potentially also the more complete versions of the mid-year and end-of-year lists.

(Interestingly however, we don’t appear to have lost the leaks of v1s below the prelim thresholds, based on the fact that we got Grancrest Senki v1 data in both BD and DVD this week. Those leaks are super limited and not at all a replacement for the full lists, but maybe it’s a sign someone still has some access?)

7 Responses to “Regarding the missing full sales rankings since the week of 2018 05/07”

  1. Anon says:

    Well, this sucks big time. It doesn’t surprise me the Wiki admin decided to quit, he’s been at this for long, long years, but it’d really suck if he was the only source for the Biz leaks.

    Guess all we can do is wait and see…

  2. something says:

    So I don’t have backups and the pages I’d need to access to re-scrape the site are gone. But the Internet Archive/Wayback Machine has backups which I’m currently scraping.

    They’re not as recent as I’d have hoped, and the 2018 page isn’t backed up at all. But the pages I’m most interested in are for older shows, and those wouldn’t have been updated recently anyway. I mostly reference the site for movies and OVAs and such that I’m not already tracking.

  3. Randy says:

    Are the sales numbers themselves in the JP DVD BD Wiki still accurate?

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