Note: It’s unclear what the source of this data is. It may be Oricon, but that’s not confirmed. I haven’t been able to find out from googling around a bit. If it is Oricon, then keep in mind that you should use these numbers for their relative values, not as an absolute number.

I’d seen a smaller version of this post on 5ch a while back, but Ultimatemegax pointed out a more complete version of the rankings today. It covers the top 20 disc publishers by revenue in 2017, for all discs and for animation specifically.

2017 Video Disc Revenue by Publisher, All

Rank Revenue Company
1 ¥20,818,200,000 Sony Music Entertainment
2 ¥19,385,900,000 Avex Group
3 ¥12,287,700,000 NBC Universal Entertainment Japan
4 ¥11,237,100,000 Touhou
5 ¥9,941,100,000 Warner Brothers Home Entertainment
6 ¥9,900,400,000 Walt Disney Japan
7 ¥9,647,300,000 J Storm
8 ¥8,557,000,000 Bandai Visual
9 ¥6,038,700,000 Universal Music
10 ¥5,916,100,000 Kadokawa
11 ¥5,909,700,000 King Records
12 ¥5,573,300,000 Pony Canyon
13 ¥5,147,700,000 VAP
14 ¥4,872,600,000 20th Century Fox Entertainment
15 ¥4,430,800,000 Victor Entertainment
16 ¥3,920,700,000 TBS
17 ¥3,556,300,000 Toei Video
18 ¥3,463,800,000 Sony Pictures Entertainment
19 ¥2,855,700,000 Johnny's Entertainment
20 ¥2,763,000,000 NHK Enterprises

2017 Video Disc Revenue by Publisher, Animation

Rank Revenue % of total Company
1 ¥11,286,700,000 54.2% Sony Music Entertainment
2 ¥7,863,300,000 70.0% Touhou
3 ¥7,812,700,000 91.3% Bandai Visual
4 ¥4,320,500,000 73.0% Kadokawa
5 ¥4,218,300,000 21.8% Avex Group
6 ¥2,965,300,000 50.2% King Records
7 ¥2,116,600,000 38.0% Pony Canyon
8 ¥2,073,200,000 20.9% Warner Brothers Home Entertainment
9 ¥1,949,400,000 15.9% NBC Universal Entertainment Japan
10 ¥1,801,900,000 Shogakukan
11 ¥1,277,000,000 Kyoto Animation
12 ¥1,036,300,000 Marvelous
13 ¥978,100,000 Happinet
14 ¥972,400,000 9.8% Walt Disney Japan
15 ¥964,300,000 Frontier Works
16 ¥937,200,000 18.2% VAP
17 ¥599,400,000 13.5% Victor Entertainment
18 ¥509,400,000 Showgate
19 ¥476,600,000 Shochiku Home Video
20 ¥308,900,000 Overlap

Some notes:

(If there’s no percentage in the second chart, that’s just because the publisher isn’t in the top 20 overall, only for animation.)

The “% of total” column in the second chart records how much of that company’s total disc revenue comes from animation. You can see this vary from under 20% for NBC, VAP, and Victor Entertainment up to a massive 91% for Bandai Visual. This also shows how big Aniplex (owned by Sony) is among anime publishers – more than half of all disc revenue for Japan’s biggest disc publisher comes from animation, and thus from Aniplex and its anime releases. Their dominance of the market is wild.

Touhou’s position in second place can be summed up very simply: Kimi no Na wa. Just based on what’s been reported through Oricon, I have KnNw at well over ¥5bn alone, which is a huge chunk of Touhou’s overall animation sales and nearly half of the entire company’s revenues. As for other animation-heavy publishers, Kadokawa is unsurprisingly one of them, and King Records comes in at a hefty 50% as well.

KnNw aside, by and large the big numbers are no surprise: Sony/Aniplex, Bandai, Kadokawa, Avex. Though it’s worth noting how Avex falls from 2nd to 5th and less than 22% of its revenue comes from animation. This is because Avex is absolutely massive in sales of music DVD/BDs. That’s why J Storm is so high, they’re the label that handles all the boy band mega-groups under the Johnny’s label.

In the second chart we also see smaller players who are nonetheless heavily involved in animation. Kyoto Animation we know for sure is there for the purposes of disc sales, as they do publish their own discs (but don’t do their own music and such). About a quarter of their number is from Koe no Katachi. There’s also smaller players like Marvelous, Happinet, Frontier Works (owned by Animate), Showgate, Shochiku, and Overlap in this list. Some of them are only there for a handful of shows. For example, a significant chunk of Showgate’s number is likely to be from Re:Zero, despite most of its volumes coming out in 2016. Overlap has to be almost entirely BanG Dream, which I have at ¥257m (all volumes were released in 2017).

So the source of this is not completely clear (but likely Oricon) and there’s a lot of unknowns about how it was calculated but I thought it was interesting enough to post, just to see which publishers are really all-in on anime and which only handle anime as a smaller proportion of their total sales.

(At the first source link there’s also charts for music-related sales, if you want to peruse that.)

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