I got a request to make some data available so I went ahead and updated this data dump I’d last done in 2015.

As usual, if you notice anything incorrect (release dates and seasons/years in particular) please let me know so I can correct it.

This spreadsheet contains the following columns:
A. Title
B. Volume number
C. Disc format
D-M. Weekly data, 1 through 10
N. Additional data
O. Weeks ranked
P. Total (per format)
Q. Total (all formats, per volume)
R. Percentage drop from previous volume
S. Percentage drop from first volume
T. Release date
U. Airing season
V. Airing year
W. Total number of volumes
X. Stalker estimate in points
Y. Stalker estimate accuracy
Z. MSRP with tax
AA. MSRP without tax
AB. Total sales in yen (MSRP without tax * units sold)
AC. Source material type
AD. Animation production studio
AE. Disc publisher (gets paid for each unit shipped)
AF. Disc distributor (gets paid a fee for distribution work)

A comment on some of the cell coloring:

Formatting example

1. Purple indicates data that came from the extended rankings. Note that in some cases multiple weeks of data are included in the last cell. This would happen, for example, in a case where a title had ranked three times before we had extended rankings, and then upon checking the extendeds, it was recorded with 5+ weeks. Since I can’t tell which of that data was wk4 vs wk5 vs wk6, I just put the sum in one cell. You’ll also sometimes see blank purple cells. These are situations where Oricon indicates a disc ranked again, but the ranking wasn’t enough to hit the next milestone and increase the sales number.

2. Yellow indicates data that came from anything else other than the normal weekly rankings. Primarily this is from previous unranked weeks getting filled in by a later week in which the release reappears, though there’s a smattering of the old Anime Power Rankings and stuff in there.

3. Weeks ranked has a purple background when it doesn’t match the number of weeks shown. This can be because it ranked for more than 10 weeks, or because it only ranked a few times and then fulled in more in the yearlies or whatever. So for example Monogatari Second Season BD v1 in the example above only ranked to week 6, but we know (from extended rankings or other sources) that it ranked 15 times.

4. The “Additional” column is just all data we can’t tie to a specific week, or that came from after the 10th week. In a few cases, like Macross Frontier, we had no weekly ranking data at all in the early days of BD rankings, and the sales we know only come from the yearly rankings.

Anime TV Sales, simplified full data dump, Updated 2018-05-11
* If you’re doing anything other than quickly glancing at it, I recommend downloading it to Excel (File > Download as) before trying to do anything substantial with it.

5 Responses to “Anime TV Sales, simplified full data dump, Updated 2018-05-11”

  1. Antika says:

    First of all, a big thank you!
    However I believe you put the link from the previous dump in the description, the data stops at septembre 2016 and doesn’t have the additional columns.
    Also you may have stored it differently but I wanted to know about other genres (OVA, movies) and re-releases if possible as well (at least for the number of weeks you seem to have the data), I don’t mind if it’s in another file and doesn’t have the same format.

    • something says:

      Oh lol I renamed the spreadsheet but didn’t actually put the new data in. Anyway, fixed now!

      As for non-TV stuff my coverage for re-releases is pretty good so I’ve included that to a second sheeet, but I don’t track a lot of OVAs or movies.

      • Antika says:

        Alright, I had only in mind a few movies and OVAs so it’s not a problem.
        Concerning total sales, simply summing volume sales doesn’t work as there seems to have adjusments made for the whole series in yearly rankings that can’t be divided for each volume in the “additional” data part. In this case could you please post the total sales data from where the series final average comes from? (sorry for asking additional information again)

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