Ranking summary for the weeks of 2017 06/26, 07/03

The following rankings have been updated to reflect the full data released this week.

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Granblue Fantasy The Animation becomes the 1st of 2017, 47th for distributor Aniplex, 19th for studio A1 Pictures, and 162nd overall on the 10k+ list. With this, A1 Pictures overtakes Sunrise for most 10k series since 2000.

THE IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Gekijou becomes the 2nd of 2017, 4th for distributor Frontier Works, 1st for studio gathering, and 163rd overall on the 10k+ list.

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  1. AholePony says:

    That’s fairly impressive from A-1 considering some of the competition got a 6-7 year head start since A-1 didn’t start until ’06 or ’07. One wonders what might have been if Gonzo, AIC, or Gainax hadn’t been tripped up by the crash and poor management.

    • something says:

      A1 is Aniplex’s baby, so Aniplex’s dominance (almost 29% of all 10k series since 2000 are from them) becomes A1’s dominance. All of A1’s 10ks are Aniplex-published titles except for the four Utapri seasons, which are under King Records. So it’s all about A1 getting called on for most of Aniplex’s flagship titles. The biggest main exception has been the Aniplex/ufotable Fate relationship but even there, A1 is handling Apocrypha.

      With Gundam and Gintama no longer 10k franchises, Sunrise probably won’t be gaining ground back in this particular metric. As long as Aniplex continues to dominate, A1’s lead is likely to grow long-term. Fate/Apoc should definitely be 10k, and Saekano s2 might be a 10k. In Fall, they’ve got another chance at 10k with Imas Side M. Even if Saekano and Side M both miss, and Sunrise gets their guaranteed fourth 10k out of the LL series with LLSS2, A1 should still end the year ahead by one. And we know there’s a fifth Utapri coming…

      • something says:

        Since sequels have a big effect on these numbers, I took a look at how many unique franchises reached 10k for each studio with 10 10k series or more:

        JC Staff: 8 / 11 = 72.7%
        A1 Pictures: 13 / 19 = 68.4%
        Kyoto Animation: 10 / 15 = 66.7%
        Production IG: 5 / 10 = 50.0%
        Sunrise: 7 / 18 = 38.9%

        So Sunrise’s 10k total is much more heavily sequel-based than the rest, which makes sense given their connection to some long-running series. I am counting Gundam 00 and SEED as part of the same franchise, so if you split those it’s 44.4%. On the opposite end, JC Staff gets their 10ks from a *lot* of different franchises. The only repeats they have at all are four entries in the Raildex franchise.

  2. AholePony says:

    With the success of LL, I’ve been surprised we haven’t seen Sunrise branching out a little more in late night anime, maybe that’s still coming because as you say, Gundam is a shadow of it’s former self sales-wise. As to Aniplex and all that Sony money, I’ve often wondered why 100% of the works they have their fingers in aren’t animated at A-1. Mahouka and Monogatari come to mind. It’s probably smart from a business perspective because they don’t have all of their eggs in one basket and foster connections across the industry instead of being insular.

    • something says:

      Plus A1 (despite being an almost entirely freelance/outsource studio) doesn’t have the bandwidth to work on every single Aniplex production. It just makes sense to spread the work around, especially because while Aniplex usually leads the committees for shows they publish, they aren’t the only ones deciding these things. So yes, as you say it’s healthy for Aniplex to have relationships with a bunch of different studios.

      Aniplex does seem to have passed some additional series over to A1 though. Persona 4 and Oreimo went to A1 for their sequels, from AIC. And now we see A1 getting involved in Fate. So Aniplex may be moving yet more work their way. We’ll see.

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