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Full list. 205/114 DVD threshold, 263/83 BD.

2017 04/03 – 04/09 Anime DVD List

Anime Rank All Rank Last Rank Week Sales Total Sales #Wks Title
1 8 4,217 4,217 1 Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love Legend Star v4
2 14 22 2,449 15,361 2 Yuuri!!! on Ice v4
3 17 96 2,266 2,599 2 Digimon Adventure tri. v4: Soushitsu
4 18 1,793 1,793 1 Crayon Shin-chan Movie DVD Box 1993-2016
8 38 829 829 1 Naruto Shippuuden: Naruto to Sasuke no Shou v1
9 39 825 825 1 ONE PIECE 18th Season Zou-hen v4
10 40 752 752 1 Dragonball Super v6
15 59 66 521 92,283 143 Tonari no Totoro (2014 re-release)
16 63 43 447 6,528 3 Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2202 v1
17 64 22 444 3,066 2 Fate/Grand Order: First Order
18 67 424 424 1 Crayon Shin-chan Kitto Best Souguu! Onyuu~nao Tomodachi
20 88 37 327 6,076 3 Tsukiuta. The Animation v7
21 92 27 323 2,252 2 Kubikiri Cycle: Aoiro Savant to Zaregototsukai v5
27 34 245 1,524 2 Marginal#4: Kiss kara Tsukuru Big Bang v1
28 244 244 1 Dream Festival! v5
29 210 5,510 34 Doraemon: Nobita no Himitsu Dougu Museum (re-release)
30 205 6,093 5 YuuGiOu The Dark Side of Dimensions
130 130 1 Seiren v1
114 114 1 Digimon Universe: Appli-Monsters v1

Other releases (concerts etc)
61 12 478 4,845 2 Washizaki Takeshi 1st One Man Live
76 379 379 1 i☆Ris 4th Anniversary Live: 418

2017 04/03 – 04/09 Anime BD List

Anime Rank All Rank Last Rank Week Sales Total Sales #Wks Title
1 3 9,266 9,266 1 Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love Legend Star v4
2 5 43 6,853 7,780 2 Digimon Adventure tri. v4: Soushitsu
3 6 1 5,590 38,973 2 Yuuri!!! on Ice v4
4 12 6 4,380 59,162 3 Love Live! Sunshine!! v7
6 19 45 2,339 49,674 11 Love Live! Sunshine!! v5
7 20 35 2,060 47,242 7 Love Live! Sunshine!! v6
9 22 1,706 1,706 1 Ghost in the Shell/Koukaku Kidoutai (2017 re-release)
10 23 3 1,692 19,430 2 Fate/Grand Order: First Order
12 32 1,062 1,062 1 Aikatsu 2nd Season BD Box v2
14 39 5 942 11,714 2 Kubikiri Cycle: Aoiro Savant to Zaregototsukai v5
15 40 937 937 1 Seiren v1
16 41 919 919 1 Aikatsu Stars! v3
17 45 772 772 1 Flip Flappers v4
18 46 742 742 1 Dragonball Super v6
19 47 25 739 18,556 3 Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2202 v1
57 554 554 1 Dream Festival! v5
60 8 515 8,157 2 Strike The Blood II OVA v3
62 28 493 12,313 3 Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! 2 v1
63 29 470 9,580 3 Tsukiuta. The Animation v7
66 449 449 1 Occultic;Nine v5
67 120 425 3,546 4 Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon v1
71 22 413 2,708 2 Marginal#4: Kiss kara Tsukuru Big Bang v1
72 109 406 7,684 5 YuuGiOu The Dark Side of Dimensions
73 14 392 5,664 2 Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken Diamond wa Kudakenai v10
77 374 374 1 Megazone 23 (re-release)
79 347 347 1 Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars v6
81 334 334 1 Megazone 23 Part II (re-release)
84 21 308 2,875 2 Senki Zesshou Symphogear BD Box
88 76 286 41,910 7 Yuuri!!! on Ice v3
90 275 275 1 Megazone 23 III (re-release)
93 17 270 4,217 2 ViVid Strike! Vol.4
96 263 263 1 Akiba's Trip: The Animation v1
83 83 1 Lupin 2-sei HD Remaster

Other releases (concerts etc)
29 10 1,166 8,676 2 Animelo Summer Live 2016 Toki 8.28
31 7 1,101 8,993 2 Animelo Summer Live 2016 Toki 8.27
33 9 1,059 8,580 2 Animelo Summer Live 2016 Toki 8.26
34 1,047 1,047 1 i☆Ris 4th Anniversary Live: 418
95 49 264 5,853 3 AD-Live 2016 v4


Winter update:
Seiren v1 sells 937/130, total 1,067. 22.6%/60.8% overestimated.

Akiba’s Trip v1 sells 263 BDs, DVDs do not rank. 103.9% underestimated.

Konosuba 2 v1 adds 493 BDs, total 14,037. That puts it over s1v1.

Marginal#4 v1 adds 413/245, total 4,232.

Maidragon v1 adds 425 BDs, total 3,738.

Fall update:
Utapri s4 v4 sells 9266/4217, total 13,483.

DreamFes v5 sells 554/244, total 798 DVDs, BDs in the full list.

Flip Flappers v4 sells 772 BDs, DVDs do not rank. So, uh, down less than 2% again. Which would be impressive if sales weren’t so close to zero.

Occultic;Nine v5 sells 449 BDs, DVDs do not rank.

Regalia v6, final volume, sells 347 BDs, DVDs do not rank. Series average: 331.

YOI v3 adds 286 BDs, total 58,180.
v4 adds 5590/2449, total 54,334. So not quite as high a wk2 as v3, but still another huge one. Will pass 55k again easily.

Vivid Strike v4, final volume, adds 270 BDs, total 4,655. Series average: 4,900.

Past seasons:
LL Sunshine v5 adds 2339, total 49,674.
v6 adds 2060, total 47,242.
v7 adds 4380, total 59,162. Series average: 53,085. Event tickets, event tickets, event tickets. Six weeks of this now, and the deadline for ticket applications is still weeks away, and then there’s a second deadline later which will be another boost. I think we’re easily looking at 60k/60k/70k for the last three volumes. In the end approximately 35-40% of all discs sold for this show will have been purely for the event tickets.

Tsukiuta v7, final volume, adds 4701/327, total 15,656. Series average: 7,722.

Jojo Pt4 v10 adds 392 BDs, total 6,866.

OVAs, Movies, Boxsets etc:
FGO 1st Order v1 adds 1692/444, total 22,874.

Zaregoto v5 adds 942/323, total 13,966.

Strike the blood II OVA s3 adds 515 BDs, total 9,264. v3 and v2 have dropped less than 0.5% on their previous volumes.

Symphogear s1 BD Box adds 308, total 2,875.


Upcoming Releases for 2017 04/10 – 04/16
2017/04/12 Ao no Exorcist: Kyoto Fujouou-hen v2
2017/04/12 Haikyuu!!: Karasuno Koukou VS Shiratorizawa Gakuen Koukou v5
2017/04/12 Minami Kamakura Koukou Joshi Jitensha-bu v1
2017/04/12 Yowamushi Pedal: New Generation v1

It’s bike club week apparently.

51 Responses to “2017 04/03 – 04/09 Weekly Sales List”

  1. atala says:

    About event tickets/concerts, although having them proves a high sales boost for coveted events, doesn’t that also increase the cost of the whole production? Especially for cases like LLS where there were just so many different events. They have to pay the participants, and the venue, plus producing merchandise etc etc so I wonder if it’s really all that worth it, as in, doesn’t the whole cost of the events cut out a significant portion of the additional revenue? Do the additional sales really compensate the costs of putting together so many events?

    • something says:

      In most cases, even if you buy the BD and get picked in the lottery, you still need to buy an actual ticket to the event. They get you to pay twice, the first time is simply for the privilege of maybe being allowed to buy it the second time. So take an event that was going to sell out anyway, and charge some large portion (or all) of the attendees an extra BD’s worth (say ¥3500 on average back to the committee since they take about half of MSRP) on top of it for the BD. And of course, they can make tons of money off merchandise sales at the venue.

      It’s pure extra profit. In Sunshine’s case I’d estimate a good ¥800m extra for the committee across all the event ticket volumes.

  2. Yaoi-Senpai says:

    I’m so happy to see YOI selling 54k copies, it’s going to reach 55k copies next week. I hope Volume 5 and 6 sell 55k copies.

  3. I says:

    Since announcing the Welcome to the Madness 6th BD bonus footage for YOI, it seems that the volumes have recieved a boost again. How will this affect sales?

  4. AnimePhoenix says:

    I’m so proud of Yuri!!! on Ice again. That preview for volume 6. I needed to drink some water.

  5. NukaCola says:

    That competition for just male idol series this week, Tsukiuta v Dreamfes v Magi4 v UtaPri how can we hold all of these, wow. Im kind of sad DreamFes ends up biggest loser and Magi4 seemed to not catch on (I want more of it at least). Still glad for UtaPri, it got me into exploring anime beyond Naruto, so I feel some emotional connection to its success.

  6. Papa Shango says:

    Looks like Dragon Ball Super is heading to the same path like Dragon Ball Z Kai in 2011 in terms of BD/DVD sales which led to its cancellation at that time.Sad to see such low numbers.But it makes all the money from international market.

    • something says:

      DVD/BD sales are irrelevant for Dragonball [*], so don’t worry about it from that perspective. Just look at how Naruto sells. If it gets cancelled or whatever it would be because of low TV ratings, or lack of international interest, or bad merchandise sales, or something like that. (Note I’m not saying it has any of those problems, it’s just that they’d be what matters.)

      [*] To modern Dragonball anyway. Back in Z/GT the day it did amazing video numbers. Numbers no kids show does today, with the exception of the first volume or two of Yokai Watch (and that’s taken a huge nosedive since).

      • Papa Shango says:

        But if you check TOEI’s data for Dragon Ball Z Kai in 2011,they mentioned it got cancelled because of low BD/DVD sales and at that time One Piece took over.Not because it was milking money from international market but because it was not doing well in Japan itself.But they brought it back again.

        • something says:

          Do you have a link? They explicitly mention domestic DVD/BD sales? That seems very strange to me.

          • Amanouta says:

            Dragon Ball Super isn’t in any danger, don’t worry.

          • Papa Shango says:

            Here in the middle you can see about the rankings and mention about oricon chart rankings.Even merchandise sales begin to decline and one piece completely took over in 2011.
            Also like that period and mentioned above that graph in article this volume ranked 18th and will be out of rankings next week
            Maybe I am over thinking but its srrange to see that dragon ball has faced such a period.

            • something says:

              I didn’t read the whole article as it’s fairly long, but the section about DVD/BD sales seems to be the words of the author of the article, not words from Toei itself.

              I think the author overplays the importance of the disc sales for both series. The difference in revenue between Kai (or Super) and One Piece from disc sales is not large to begin with, and is truly inconsequential compared to the overall size of either franchise. We are talking about a fraction of a percent of the overall franchise value here.

              So if Toei de-emphasizes one in favor of the other, disc sales would be very low on the list of reasons.

            • hikari says:

              I don’t think you need to worry about DB Super bd sales, time changes and this property now didn’t really need to be reliant on huge bd sales to keep making money unlike some/several late night anime properties (not like they used to anyway in the past….despite having great numbers, I’m pretty sure DB in the past also considering other revenues like merchs, ratings, license fees, etc rather than bd/dvd sales only). This link is the proof of it http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2017-04-16/the-pokemon-company-toei-animation-viz-media-rank-in-top-150-global-licensors-of-2016/.114900

              You can see above that OP and DB are Toei top licensed properties and those two practically making a lot more money than majority late night anime properties despite not having an amazing bd sales like LL or YOI for example, because these 2 properties totally didn’t need it (ofc having huge bd sales is great, but majority of Toei properties are not reliant on bd sales to make profit). They have other important and big revenues that are very very profitable and that’s what makes them one of the biggest and richest animation company in Japan till these days despite the majority of their properties didn’t have huge bd/dvd number for their long-running tv series.

              And this is https://myanimelist.net/forum/?topicid=1479069 also worth to look at if you’re interested in knowing about the financial data of some anime studios in Japan, especially Toei (there’re quite several interesting info/data/number on there that might interest you if you scroll through the forum). Too bad it hadn’t been updated again for a while.

  7. Ayumi says:

    8,039 copies in its second week!! So happy for YOI. The battle between YOI and LL for the #1 spot is going to be very close. But I’m almost certain YOI will win because I honestly think the next two volumes will sell around the same or even more for volume 6.

    Season 2 BETTER have perfect animation with all the money they’ve made from this.

    • Blue mouser says:

      Totally agree on animation quality. I felt like Death parade’s episode with the female figure skater and Sayo Yamamoto’s Japan Expo anime short Endless Night did a better job of animating the figure skating routines. And having watched Worlds in Finland I don’t think the animation did justice to beauty and excitement of figure skating

      • JJ says:

        Depends on the routine imo. Obviously Victors routine in ep 1 was the best skating sequence in anime period. One of the most impressive animation sequence of the year- being as impressive as it was and two minutes long. Yuuri FS was also done really well.

        • Ayumi says:

          I have seen a lot of series produced by MAPPA and I feel that YOI’s animation was one of the weakest of them all. Maybe they were on a tight schedule but there were a lot of questionable scenes and wonky faces. The good thing is that they are fixing them up on the blurays. Even the director Sayo Yamamoto had to address this issue in her recent interview. She said the DVD/BD have improved animation and the viewers will feel like they are watching a different show. I only purchased the first volume BD (which they did improved a little animation and changed some random stuff up) so I have no idea how the later volumes were in terms of animation improvement.

          But I agree Yuuri FS was very good. I just hope they put some of the money they’ve made into a better season 2.

          • something says:

            Yeah, YOI had serious scheduling problems. It was pretty apparent in the huge number of people they had working on each episode, which (usually) isn’t a sign of a healthy production. It means they had to overcome a lack of time with brute force numbers, similar to what happened to Shingeki. The more animation directors you have, the less consistency you’re going to get vs funneling everything through a single vision. The latter, of course, takes more time.

            So cross your fingers that they start production on season 2 as early as possible and give it plenty of time before airing. Making an obscene amount of money on season 1 will certainly help that, since time = money, but better to have a smaller team working at a manageable pace than to burn cash hiring emergency animators.

            (Of course, you don’t want to put it off as long as Shingeki either, of course! We’ve repeatedly seen how time murders successful properties. Gotta strike a balance.)

            • Ayumi says:

              Something – Last time you said AOT is super underperforming. Had it gotten better since then? In your opinion, how much do you think it will sell? I mean, from 70k to 15k is already very bad, I can’t imagine it going down to 5k – 8k. I would really hate to see it flop that hard.

              • something says:

                It’s actually gotten even worse. The penalized estimate is now 3,638, and unpenalized is 7,435. That’s down from 4,499/8,985 four days ago. It’ll fluctuate a lot because it’s still early in the season and release is 66 days away. But this isn’t the direction it wanted to be moving.

                Kiiiiiiiiiinda wild, really.

          • JJ says:

            It had production issues because of its content. 5 2 minute skating routines an episode is actually insane for low budget animation such as anime. It was absolutely unavoidable honestly. I cant believe Sayo got them to actually try it lol

          • liana01 says:

            I forgave them because it was given a low budget(what do you expect, an original anime is a red flag), they have only a week and animating the whole body(since the skating scenes takes up like 15 mins or more in a episode with only episode 4 and 10 as resting ones) taking up the whole budget like a freaking black hole. So I trust that they used the money they earned for season 2

            • something says:

              Anime episodes don’t get animated start to finish in a week. Pre-production runs for months and sometimes even years before the show airs, and ideally some episodes have been fully animated before the show starts. If you plan ahead enough and do things efficiently, it doesn’t take a huge budget to animate well. Money can’t buy you extra time after all, it can only let you throw more people at an episode in desperation. But no matter how much you’re spending you’re going to have certain production bottlenecks that can’t really be sped up by burning through more cash.

              So if you want a season two or film or whatever to look better, put “I hope they give themselves enough time” ahead of “I hope they spend more money” on your wishlist.

              • Blue mouser says:

                Very Good to know. Thank you. I wonder if that means they didn’t properly manage the pre production time or if the committee decided, not knowing it would not be the huge success that YOI has become, to give the animation team only minimal time to work on the series before it aired. Because JJ is absolutely right that Victors skate was lovely. And as Ayumi pointed out Yuri free skate was good. However there were some figure skating scenes that were just anatomically off. Yuri looked like he had spaghetti legs and arms. And Yuri K looked like he had a giraffe neck. I wonder if they gave the animators time to see what actual figure skating routines look like. I say this because I remember an interview where Hayao Miyazaki talked about having his animators actually see video(?) about what it looks like when, I believe the example was, a dog actually bites something. And how important it was for them to know what that actually looks like to properly animate a scene. Anyway after watching Worlds 2017 figure skating routines I still feel that YOI did not deliver in showing the beauty and athleticism of the sport except for a few of the programs (Victors skate etc)

                • something says:

                  Sakuga Blog has an extremely useful article addressing the anime industry’s production struggles using one particular YOI episode as an example: https://blog.sakugabooru.com/2016/11/01/anime-craft-weekly-17-how-tv-anime-works-or-doesnt-work/.

                  Highly recommended reading not just for this show, but for an example of how things go wrong in the industry in general.

                  • Blue mouser says:

                    Thanks for the link! That was very interesting. A bit depressing but very informative

                    • something says:

                      Heh, “depressing but informative” is all good writing about the anime industry, from what I’ve seen.

                • atala says:

                  ” I wonder if they gave the animators time to see what actual figure skating routines look like.”

                  They hired real life choreographer/former ice dancer Kenji Miyamoto to choreograph all the programs and filmed him from multiple angles while he skated every single one of them. The videos are even included as a bonus in the DVD/BDs

  8. Mami Kawada Lover says:

    >Seiren v1 sells 937 BDs, DVDs do not rank. 22.6% overestimated.
    >Akiba’s Trip v1 sells 263 BDs, DVDs do not rank. From biz leaks. 103.9% underestimated.
    Ouch for Seiren, given how it seemed to have a decently-sized fanbase.

  9. Ejc says:

    >v7 adds 4380, total 59,162. Series average: 53,085. Event tickets, event tickets, event tickets. Six weeks of this now, and the deadline for ticket applications is still weeks away, and then there’s a second deadline later which will be another boost. I think we’re easily looking at 60k/60k/70k for the last three volumes. In the end approximately 60-65% of all discs sold for this show will have been purely for the event tickets.

    It entirely depends on how much stock is left over at all the other stores, because only reseller stock is left over at Amazon JP for Vol.6. As we know, Bandai Visual is really bad at keeping things in stock.

    And 60~65% of discs is not quite correct. Since 35K per volume is the base sales for all volumes, then that would mean that 245K discs would’ve sold in the absence of the event tickets. Assuming 400K across Vol.1~7 (80K, 60K, 35K, 35K, 60K, 60K, 70K), that would put it at more like 39% of the discs purely for the event tickets rather than 60~65%. It’d be even less of a percentage if Vol.5~7 don’t reach 60K, 60K, 70K respectively of course.

    • something says:

      That’s just the usual in stock/out of stock dance. v5 and v6 are both back in stock normally from Amazon JP (though who knows for how long) so I’m sure the tail will keep going. Bandai was super dumb initially but they’re actually keeping up with new shipments long-term at least, unlike with some of their other shows where they simply gave up.

      And oops yeah I got my number backwards, it’s 60-65% from normal sales, 35-40% from event tickets. Probably should have been obvious if I looked over the number again. Fixed.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Apparently the Kemono Friends book/BD set has sold 12,650 copies to date, though it’s such a unique bundle it doesn’t really fit in normal lists.

    • Anonymous Friend says:

      Second week was 6882 printed, which means out of 12,650 more sold the second week than the first. Many people’s orders, including mine, haven’t been fulfilled yet and won’t be until the end of April so it will go up. Volume 2 is also releasing around the same time, and Amazon still shows volumes 1-3 out of stock.

    • Anonymous says:

      Source? I always thought it was ludicrous when people said it was selling close to a million.

      • something says:

        It made the Oricon “Book” rankings in its 3rd week, so that’s the cumulative total.

      • hpulley says:

        Close to a million was crazy and the 140K guess was also wrong but 12.6K and rising is amazing for this silly little show made from a game which was cancelled before the show even aired. I’m surprised they didn’t cancel the anime too but now it has done really well for a low budget, 100% CGI show by the same studio and rendering engine that gave us Tesagure.

        The girls who sung the OP and the PPP penguins were on M Station this week. Amazing stuff for a children’s show with a SF twist.

  11. Yaoi-Senpai says:


    I forgot to ask this, it’s about Avex picture. If YOI got a 2nd season, can Funimation license it?

    • something says:

      Did anyone license s1 for home video? If so presumably they’d do any s2 as well. If nobody has it for home video yet, then sure I guess it could be anyone.

      • Yaoi-Senpai says:

        Yes, Funimation did. I thought Avex Picture won’t let us purchase their anime. So if I’m not wrong, they will not let us purchase their anime in Japanese right? They will allow us to purchase it only if it’s licensed, right?

        • something says:

          Basically. Their export ban is specifically for non-Japanese addresses ordering the Japanese release. It does not affect whether they will license out a show for localized international releases.

          • Yaoi-Senpai says:

            I hope they won’t get bankrupt then.

            • ried says:

              I still think that the way they handled it was a mess (that e-mail response where the person either doesn’t even know WTF was happening or was lying through their teeth, anyone?) and making it hard to obtain the JP release may still be a bummer for some, me included. But if localisation isn’t as restricted, that does make the situation sound better.

        • Basically they only secured rights to sell the home video release in Japan. There may be issues with content/regulations/etc in other countries (for example, Australia mandates a visible rating logo on releases there), so they can’t officially allow exports to other countries as they only cleared everything for Japan. TBS chose to change a song in the first episode of K-On! for international releases due to the rights for “Tsubasa wo Kudasai” and Showgate, now Hakuhodo DY Music & Pictures, changed a song in Girls und Panzer due to similar reasons.

          It really was only a fluke that retailers like Amazon, Neowing (CD Japan), and HMV would ship internationally in the first place.

          Also, Avex didn’t control international rights for YOI; those were held by TV Asahi, who has nothing to do with the Japanese home video release.

      • Crunchyroll licensed it for home video/merchandise/master license. They’ll release it through their partnership with Funimation.

  12. cocoa_hoto says:

    you didn’t include Vivid Strike vol 4

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