The latest major late night anime → film adaptation to debut is The iDOLM@STER Movie: Kagayaki no Mukougawa e!. reports that during its opening weekend of Jan 25-26, it managed 81,262 attendees and ¥149,876,900 on 39 screens.

This is definitely solid. Below is a comparison to how some recent movies have done in their opening weekend:

¥400,003,600 – Madoka Movie 3
¥316,310,000 – K-ON!
¥198,177,700 – AnoHana
¥171,622,400 – Madoka Movie 2
¥149,876,900 – Idolmaster
¥139,753,806 – Madoka Movie 1
¥122,348,667 – Nanoha 2nd
¥117,474,504 – Tiger&Bunny Movie 1
¥100,760,000 – Index Endymion
¥*86,822,800 – Steins;Gate
¥*60,912,300 – Persona 3
¥*56,225,700 – Chuunibyou
¥*40,430,000 – Strike Witches

It’s a ways below the major ¥1bn smash hits that are Madoka 3, K-ON! or AnoHana, but it’s on par with or ahead of a lot of the movies like Nanoha 2nd, the first two Madoka movies, Steins;Gate, and Tiger&Bunny, all of which took in over ¥500m by the end.

You can track future updates – usually box office info comes out each Tuesday or Thursday for the previous weekend – on the Box Office Gross, TV Anime Adaptations chart.

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