Ranking summary for the weeks of 2017 02/13, 02/20

The following rankings have been updated to reflect the full data released this week.

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All 2015 volumes are long since done ranking now so I wont be linking them in these posts anymore. 2017 begins soon.

Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu becomes the 157th overall, 4th published by Showgate, 5th animated by White Fox, and 5th airing in 2016 title to make the 10k list.
Yuuri!!! On Ice becomes the 158th overall, 4th published by Avex, 1st animated by MAPPA, and 6th airing in 2016 title to make the 10k list.
Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru becomes the 159th overall, 4th published by Touhou, 2nd animated by Douga Koubou, and 7th airing in 2016 title to make the 10k list.

YOI debuts at #7. It’ll be #6 next week, and then gradually decline as additional volumes come out. It’ll end up at worst #11 ahead of Fate/Zero s2, with a good chance to take #9 if it can leapfrog Shingeki and Fate/Zero s1. #8 (Gundam Seed) is a big gap after that though, and almost certainly out of reach.

2016 has at least one more 10ks left in it: Utapri of course. Drifters did end up making it while Delta and B-Project are out of the running, so the only one up in the air is Haikyuu s3. It’s borderline with two volumes left so it’ll be extremely close, though I think it may just miss it.

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  1. derpinat0r says:

    Haikyuu sales gets big half year/full year sales and hopefully Delta + B-project joins in too.

    • something says:

      True. Not sure if v1 will be eligible for the mid-year rankings but v2-5 will and if it’s borderline, mid-year should push it over the top. s1-2 got big boosts.

      B-Project won’t be helped by it. It didn’t make the 2016 full-year per-series ranking, and the only volumes eligible for 2017 mid-year are v5-6. They’ll be well short of the threshold (which was 26k last year) to rank.

      Delta has a similar issue. It already got part of its yearly boost for v1-5 in the 2016 full-year, so it’d need to rank in the mid-year 2017 based on v6-9. It may make the rankings, but adding enough seems unlikely. It will be about 9.3k at the time the yearlies come out, which would require an addition of 6300 total extra discs… when its v1-5 addition was 1.9k.

  2. Yaoi-Senpai says:


  3. egg says:

    Sorry a bit confused here, what does 10K club means? more than 10K sales per volume?

    • something says:

      Yes, average sales of 10,000 or more per volume. Aka the titles on this page.

      10k is of course an arbitrary milestone, but it’s one that very few shows reach per year so it’s considered generally impressive.

  4. Cyssa says:

    I don’t know if my expectations are high, but I hope YOI can stay in 6th or 7th place in the list of averages in the end of sales. I know it will be difficult because for this the next volumes have to stay around 57k too, almost without drops. It’s the first time I’m following sales of an anime so I don’t know what to expect for the next volumes. I’m very curious to see what will happen!

    • something says:

      If the remaining volumes got to 57k, it’s actually be #6. But they’re going to drop to some extent. We just don’t know how much yet. Here’s the titles around it, without YOI:

      #5 66,770 Osomatsu-san
      #6 60,719 Nisemonogatari
      #7 58,939 Kidou Senshi Gundam SEED
      #8 52,285 Fate/Zero

      It should get at least #8, as I can see it staying above 52k easily. But from there it’s a really big jump to #7, which would require 59k. I just looked at some scenarios and there *is* a chance it could do that, but it would require great holds. From there #6 would only be a modest additional step. But #6 is as far as it could possibly go, as #5 is definitely far out of reach.

      Of course the other thing to consider is where LL Sunshine ends up. It was looking to end up well below YOI initially, back when they each had two event tickets. But it then added thee more, so now *5* of its 7 volumes have concert event tickets. Stock isn’t keeping up with demand so we don’t know where v5-6 will end up yet, but they could be adding thousands a week for quite some time yet. And v7 could open huge. So it could ticket boost its way into this equation as well.

      In the end, the worst YOI could do is #9, and the best #6. My guess is #8.

      • Cyssa says:

        Well, I think after hearing so many people saying that sales would surely fall by half after the event tickets, if YOI finishes anywhere in the top 10 of the averages, I will already be quite satisfied and happy.

        • something says:

          Dropping by half was a possibility, when you compare to other shows with really huge event tickets. But yeah it held up really well.

          • JJ says:

            It technically we a possibility, but shows with huge drops like Osomatsu and UtaPri ect pretty consistently show them in tracking from what Ive noticed. Yuri on Ice always looked like it would have a smaller drop. (Even its second hand discs are sort of expensive. Unlike shows like Love Live v1 which has a 5 dollar resale value because the market is flooded with unwanted discs)

            It sort of reminds me

            • JJ says:

              *at least in terms on wk1 sales (since thats what stalker measures)

            • something says:

              Yep, its odds were always better, but these things can be misleading. I take a pretty conservative approach to estimated, though I would have been surprised if it dropped by *half*.

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