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Full list. 247 DVD threshold, 353 BD.

2016 12/26 – 2017 01/01 Anime DVD List

Anime Rank All Rank Last Rank Week Sales Total Sales #Wks Title
1 2 15,425 15,425 1 Yuuri!!! on Ice v1
2 3 14,333 14,333 1 ONE PIECE Film Gold LE
3 4 13,779 13,779 1 ONE PIECE Film Gold RE
4 9 3,154 3,154 1 B-Project v5
7 22 1,395 1,395 1 ONE PIECE Film Gold Special: Silvermine
8 30 26 1,131 84,493 129 Tonari no Totoro (2014 re-release)
9 35 18 1,063 4,539 2 Bungou Stray Dogs Season 2 v1 (v7)
12 57 716 2,642 2 Tsukiuta. The Animation v4
13 58 44 713 6,483 3 Pokemon The Movie XY&Z: Volcanion to Karakuri no Magearna
14 62 56 672 6,092 6 Soreike! Anpanman Omocha no Hoshi no Nanda to Runda
15 70 78 584 13,451 4 Kidou Senshi Gundam The Origin v4
16 79 21 549 3,389 2 Kizumonogatari II: Nekketsu-hen
17 94 27 486 2,802 2 Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE! LOVE! v4
18 96 118 462 16,302 10 Meitantei Conan: Junkoku no Nightmare RE
20 80 415 13,782 9 Crayon Shin-chan: Bakusui! Yumemi World Dai Totsugeki
21 35 369 2,325 2 Kuroko no Basuke Winter Cup Soushuuhen v3
22 356 27,140 95 Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi (2014 re-release)
23 62 355 10,275 3 Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru v1
24 28 353 2,582 2 Natsume Yuujin-chou Go v1
25 346 38,296 127 Majo no Takkyuubin (2014 re-release)
26 296 26,256 117 Tenkuu no Shiro Laputa (2014 re-release)
28 264 13,387 58 Gake no Ue no Ponyo (2014 re-release)
30 247 64,718 26 Youkai Watch Movie 2: Enma Daiou to Itsutsu no Monogatari da Nyan!

Other releases (concerts etc)

2016 12/26 – 2017 01/01 Anime BD List

Anime Rank All Rank Last Rank Week Sales Total Sales #Wks Title
1 2 35,453 35,453 1 Yuuri!!! on Ice v1
2 4 18,235 18,235 1 ONE PIECE Film Gold LE
3 5 9,860 9,860 1 Drifters
5 7 6,566 6,566 1 ONE PIECE Film Gold RE
7 11 5 4,063 29,851 2 Love Live! Sunshine!! v4
9 13 2,727 2,727 1 B-Project v5
10 14 3 2,722 33,392 2 Kizumonogatari II: Nekketsu-hen LE
11 18 2,203 2,203 1 Show By Rock!!# v1
14 33 60 1,120 44,654 4 Kidou Senshi Gundam The Origin v4
15 36 39 1,015 4,454 2 Tsukiuta. The Animation v4
16 37 14 1,013 8,269 2 Strike The Blood II OVA v2
17 38 981 3,060 3 Kuma Miko v1
18 39 970 970 1 ONE PIECE Film Gold Special: Silvermine
19 41 22 814 6,675 2 Hibike! Euphonium 2 v1
20 45 19 766 3,487 2 Bungou Stray Dogs Season 2 v1 (v7)
46 13 764 8,062 2 Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu v7
48 21 717 6,669 2 Macross Delta v6
50 32 676 4,938 2 ViVid Strike! Vol.1
56 55 639 3,076 2 Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya 3rei! v4
67 31 503 4,915 2 New Game! v4
69 25 497 5,740 2 Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken Diamond wa Kudakenai v7
81 57 418 2,594 2 Kuroko no Basuke Winter Cup Soushuuhen v3
85 40 401 3,818 2 Natsume Yuujin-chou Go v1
90 58 380 2,543 2 Magic-Kyun! Renaissance v1
91 50 377 2,942 2 Shuumatsu no Izetta v1
94 97 367 1,389 2 Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume v1

Other releases (concerts etc)
64 167 557 80,990 14 Love Live! μ's Final LoveLive! μ'sic Forever♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪
92 18 376 6,898 2 Hatsune Miku Magical Mirai 2016
95 38 361 4,117 2 Uchida Aya Complete Live: Colors in Nippon Budoukan


Fall update:
Yuuri on Ice v1 sells 35453/15425, total 50,878. 86.9/47.5% underestimated. Event ticket. Ahahahahaha, Oricon messed up and issued a correction. They’d miscalculated YOI’s sales, and suddenly everything makes more sense. So as popular as the Amazon version was, it *doesn’t* totally counteract the insane Animate dominance as it seemed to when Oricon was reporting 35k. This is how a show that crushed Animate for months is supposed to look.

24513/11076, total 35,589. 29.2/5.9% underestimated. Event ticket. Obviously the big success story of the week. But I have to say, of the range I thought likely, this is the lowest possible point in that range. That is a remarkably close estimate for a title as dominant as this one was at Animate. Normally if you’re #1 at Animate for over two months in a row, ahead of big titles like Tourabu and Utapri, you should be doubling or tripling your Stalker estimates. But of course, shows like that almost never get 29k estimates at Stalker! The Amazon exclusive bonus was clearlty a huge draw – almost a bigger draw than buying at Animate, apparently. Quite the coup for Amazon to be able to take so many sales from Animate. In any event, this will easily cross 40k in a few weeks, barring stock issues, and may have a shot at the 45k I think it needs to make a 30k average and thus best-selling sports show ever likely.

Drifters sells 9,860. 5.2% BD-only one-shot box, so this is also the average. Event ticket. I expected this one to be overestimated somewhat and only cross 10k in wk2+ and that’s what is happening. But I thought it might be more overestimated, and start at closer to 8k. So this one will clear 10k easily even if super front-loaded. That’s another 10k Fall show secured for sure.

SBR s2 sells 2203/180, total 2,383. DVDs from the per-series ranking. 49.1% under/22.7% overestimated. Going to be a rather dire plunge from s1’s 6.8k average, that’s for sure.

Stray Dogs s2 v1 adds 1063/766, total 8,026. Should easily match the 8.4k of the first cour’s event ticket disc.

Euphonium s2 v1 adds 814 BDs, total 7,271.

Natsume s5 v1 adds 401/353, total 6,400.

Vivid Strike v1 adds 676 BDs, total 5,547.

Magic-kyun v1 adds 380 BDs, total 3,792.

Izetta v1 adds 377, total 2,942 as BD-only release.

Takyuu Musume v1 adds 367 BDs, total 1,658.

Summer update:
B-Project v5 sells 2727/3154, total 5,881. 9,936 average at the moment. wk2 will put it back over 10k, then it’s really a question of whether it can hold onto it with v6. Probably going to fall just short and shrink 2016’s already small list of 10ks.

LL Sunshine v4 adds 4063, total 29,851.

Tsukiuta v4 adds 1015/716, total 7,096.

New Game v4 adds 503 BDs, total 4,915.

Boueibu s2 v4 adds 486 DVDs, total 4,361.

Illya s4 v4 adds 639 BDs, total 3,076.

Past seasons:
Re:Zero v7 adds 764 BDs, total 9,065. We’re at 10,010 average with two volumes to go now, so it’s definitely going to take decent year-end additions to give this one a shot at 10k.

Delta v6 adds 717 BDs, total 7,560. 9,895 with three volumes to go so even year-end additions don’t look like they’ll be enough for 10k.

Jojo pt4 v7 adds 497 BDs, total 6,912.

Kuma Miko v1 adds 981 BDs, total 3,060. If you’re wondering why a mediocre sub-2k seller suddenly added almost a thousand units six months after release, it’s because Amazon had it at a huge discount recently. It bottomed out at about ¥3,888 (tax included), for a ¥19,440box. Series average: 2,274. That’s almost a 500 increase since it’s only two volumes.

OVAs, Movies, Boxsets etc:
Kizumonogatari Movie 2 adds 2722/240 BDs, 549 DVDs, total 38,939. RE BDs from the per-series ranking.

Strike the Blood II OVA adds 1013 BDs, total 9,308.

Kurobas Winter Cup v3, final volume, adds 418/369, total 4,919. Series average: 4,535.

Miku corner:
Hatsune Miku Magical Mirai 2016 adds 376 BDs, total 8,548.


Upcoming Releases for 2017 01/02 – 01/08
2017/01/06 Aikatsu Stars! v2 BD Box
2017/01/06 Aikatsu Stars! v4 DVD
2017/01/06 Dragonball Super v5
2017/01/06 Dream Festival! v2
2017/01/06 Flip Flappers v1
2017/01/06 Furusato Saisei: Nihon no Mukashibanashi: Issunboushi
2017/01/06 Furusato Saisei: Nihon no Mukashibanashi: Ubasuteyama
2017/01/06 Manga Sekai Mukashibanashi DVD Box v10
2017/01/06 Manga Sekai Mukashibanashi DVD Box v9
2017/01/06 Pripara Season3 v4
2017/01/06 Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars v3

Only one new vol 1 this week, but it’s the best show ever made, so that counts for something (even if it isn’t doing its sales any good).

73 Responses to “2016 12/26 – 2017 01/01 Weekly Sales List”

  1. something something says:

    So Oricon decided not to release for hours after their planned time, which means I wasn’t able to do this in the early morning hours when I’d planned to. So I’ve just highlighted the new v1s for now, and will come back and do the full thing tonight, at which time the full list for last week and this week should also be out.

  2. Avatar Yaoi-Senpai says:

    I’m so happy to see YOI selling 35k copies in its first week, actually I wanted it to sell 50k copies but I guess sport anime can’t sell this huge compares to Idol anime. Anyway, God, thanks for making my wish come true. I would like to buy it but I’m not a fan of collecting anime in Japanese, so I should wait 2-3 years for Funimation to release it. :D

    Now I’m curious Utapri sales, when Volume 1 will be out?

    B-Project is selling lesser and lesser wtf. Well, I’m bit sad.

  3. Avatar Tarot says:

    I bit surprised re:zero v7 failed to rank despite the low threshold.

    • Avatar Tarot says:

      A bit*

    • something something says:

      The threshold right now is 766. wk2 for this vol should be closer to the 517/655 of v4-5. v6 only had a 1,423 wk2 because wk1 was suppressed for whatever reason and it was just making up ground. v7 started over 600 higher than v6 so it wouldn’t have as big a wk2. Also, last week’s sales seemed slightly high across the board, so I expected smaller wk2s for a lot of titles this week.

  4. Avatar NukaCola says:

    I wonder if UtaPri will manage to out perform Yuri On Ice, I still remember how big its last seasons v1 was.

    Though I guess not that it matters, since we’ll hopefully get another utapri season so Im happy and that means even more merch for me to buy.

  5. Avatar AnimePhoenix says:

    2017 is off to a great start thanks to YOI sales. I haven’t felt this refreshed in ages. Today has been a great day. I can’t wait for all my YOI merch to arrive. It’ll still take a while but it’ll be worth it. I don’t see any show to go crazy about in the Winter so my fever will probably continue next season as well.

    I liked UtaPri in season 1 and 2, but season 4 was just so…ugh. I won’t be sad at all if it drops.

    • Avatar hikari says:

      ^^Same…sorry Utapri fans>.< If what something predicted is right on track, then it looks like Utapri will have an average drop compare to its previous season, we'll see anyway…..though I trully champion YOI to be the top seller of the season. At least I'm quite certain that YOI will have a more stable sales on each vol compare to Utapri non-event ticket (hopefully).

      Well, I guess I just prefer if the Utapri producers instead making something new (refreshing again) with a new cast and a new beginning, like Love Live franchise…and preferably more on the style of Starmyu (all main boys cast with spark of bromance and friendship, cuz I'm not quite fond of reverse harem stuff).

      • something something says:

        Some more thoughts on Utapri here:

        Since YOI came in slightly on the lower side of my expectations, I’d probably lower my Utapri estimate as well if I were doing it today. It’s definitely not impossible for Utapri to sell more v1s than YOI, but it’d be a little surprising if it did based on their relative performance.

      • Avatar NukaCola says:

        Didnt realize there was so much hate for UtaPri duets and songs with Heavens. I guess Im the only fan that liked it here. (Ittoki and Eiichi Otori episode was honestly best utapri episode, and the song was great). I liked all the songs and Legend Star was a nice change from the usual. Personally I like the idea of duets mixing up the members and such, makes for some great combos (like Code TVU was honestly a very surprising and fun mixup in s3).

        I really hope they would didnt the cast and do a new beginning. Theres so many potential routes for development for all the boys of Heavens and even more for the main STARISH and even Quartet Night.

        Would utapri producers really see the show as a failure if it sold even 20 – 30K at s4?

        • something something says:

          “Would utapri producers really see the show as a failure if it sold even 20 – 30K at s4?”

          I’d say no, for the same reason Monogatari keeps going despite being down to about third of its peak sales. What declining sales do do, though, is get the producers thinking that maybe they should wind down a franchise and try to find the next thing that can be as big as peak Utapri was. But “winding down” could mean a couple years and a few more seasons. And the industry still has not come anywhere remotely close to Utapri with its other attempts (B-Project, Starmyu, Tsukiuta, Magic-kyun, ShoHolly, and all the other ones I’m forgetting).

          Very similar to girl idols never getting off the ground unless they’re called Idolmaster or Love Live. I wonder if there’s just something inherent in idol anime fandom that only supports one or two huge hits at a time, or if it’s simply the fact that so few shows a huge hits in general that we were never likely to have two Utapris at once anyway.

          In any case, didn’t Utapri already confirm a s5? I’d guess they’re nowhere near done yet.

          • Avatar Yaoi-Senpai says:

            I’m bit surprised that Utapri got a new announcement about their new project without knowing the sales of S4! I’m big fan of Utapri tho I’m not happy because S3 and S4 were decent, I didn’t cry and start shouting like S1 and S2. Didn’t get the vibes that I use to get from S1 and S2. I’m not sure why tho, A-1 picture is just milking without doing it properly.

            Anyway, about the new project, I REALLY HOPE IT WILL MAKE ME SCREAM AS IF SOMEONE IS GOING TO MURDER ME.

            And I hope my sexy seiyuu are getting paid well. <3

            Oh and btw, Utapri is getting a rhythm game.

            • something something says:

              The speed of the announcement implies it was planned well in advance. Plus they would have had a ton of data to make the decision long before the first disc releases, such as preorder numbers. But DVD/BDs, as well as they do, can only be a minority of Utapri’s overall revenue. And they must have decided that the franchise as a whole was still profitable enough to continue animating more.

              Even if Utapri dropped significantly, the anime is probably very close to or full equal to completely paying itself off anyway, even before considering all the merch and other media it drives. It’s not going to be the loss-leader most anime adaptations are.

        • Avatar hikari says:

          Nah….even if (hypothetically) Utapri sales this season is dropping a bit from the previous one, it’s still technically a great sales especially in this era of declining bd/dvd sales as a whole. Heck…they could just easily milk it till 10 or 20 season if they want to (as long as it’s still sold above 8-10K and the cd’s still selling), though I’m not sure whether its huge fans still as excited as now after 20 season or more.

          But that (refreshing/new start) is just my own subjective preference anyway, I actually quite like the idea of this 4th’s just that plenty of the execution had a lot to be desired (overall still kinda lacking and not as fun as I had hoped to). Though…those Otoya and Otori arc probably my fav ones from this season and I welcome the lack of “reverse harem” stuff (more focus on the boys), but overall I still feel this season kinda boring/a bit meh or I just kinda a bit burn out already (and it’s only the 4th season).

          I’m also not that fond of the overall or many of the songs in this season, hey ymmv. Not really hating it (nope…hate is a strong word), but more or less feel kinda bored or meh… least that’s how I describe my own feeling regarding this season.

          • something something says:

            Since nobody seems to like the reverse harem aspect, how about we send Haruka off into her own yuri spinoff with Tomo because THEY ARE ADORABLE TOGETHER and frankly had better chemistry than Haruka did with any of the boys in the two seasons I watched.

            • Avatar hikari says:

              Ha…ha..ha…that I very much approve, though I also liked OtoyaxHaruka the most (if I had to choose het shipping, they’re cute….ok, still not fond of the reverse harem aspect), but I find HarukaxTomo totally adorable just like Kohana and Juri in Magic-kyun (why on earth there’ s no yuri route on reverse harem anime).

              I guess I just prefer or loved the monogamous ones in my anime whether it’s boyxgirl, boyxboy or girlxgirl rather than the harem/reverse type, unless the story and the characters are totally (superbly) amazing by my standard.

            • Avatar AnimePhoenix says:

              I’m in 100% agreement with you and I’m a reverse harem fan. The way they treated Haruka in season 4 was just ‘manager/songwriter-chan’ who occasionally they sing a song for. They’ve reduced her character to almost nothing. Her interactions with the boys in season 4 which I saw were meh.

              Tomo-chan and Haruka had more chemistry in the first episode alone than all episodes of season 3 combined.

  6. Avatar starlightshine says:

    Congrats to YOI, 35k is really great, especially considering it’s an anime original.

    Can’t wait for Utapri sales to start~ S4 was much better than S3.

  7. Avatar ayumi says:

    So happy to see YOI selling like hotcakes!!! It totally deserves it! (I expected a little bit more but 35k is 35k.)

  8. something something says:

    Post is updated now. There’s a comment in the CN thread saying 180 for Show By Rock DVDs but I’ll just confirm that in the full list for this week whenever it’s out. Thought it might come out today but maybe it’ll be tomorrow. So this is still just prelims.

    The Fall Vol. 1s post is also updated as of the prelims here.

  9. Avatar maybe says:

    Are you going to post the 2016 Full-year per-Volume and Per-Series Total charts from Oricon?

    • something something says:

      Only the top 100 has been released so far, and it didn’t include a ton of new info. I have a post draft typed up but don’t see much point in publishing it until the full top 300/500 are out closer to the end of the month.

      The urisure data is here and the thresholds are >20k so it’s only really been useful for a small Osomatsu-san bump thus far.

      We need those full top 300 or whatever lists before we get down to the borderline 10k titles like Re:Zero or Delta and see anything interesting happen.

  10. Avatar Gintoki_KotAro says:

    will i hope Natsume Yuujinchou Go v.1 BD be in the full list,if this Volume can reach 7k will be good,but i didn’t think it will be easy but i hope that

    not happy for Yuuri!!! on Ice sales,don’t deserve it

    i think re:zero v.7 might sold about 300-500 BD disc

  11. Avatar Ejc says:

    Oricon has issued a news post on Oricon Youtaiju detailing an error that they made with this week’s sales. Yuri on Ice!!! Vol.1 actually sold 50,878 in week 1.

    Source from my post on MAL:

    • Avatar AnimePhoenix says:


    • Avatar ried says:

      Holy what. 50k+ wk1? I mean, I’m happy for it ofc, but wow, that it simply nuts.

    • Avatar hikari says:

      Yayyyyy… that’s totally awesome and more in line with something’s estimate on the Fall 2016 prediction thread (though this number is still 1st week only). I think this make it more relatable if the (hypotethically) sales of Utapri S4 v1 indeed dropping a bit from its previous season.

      • Avatar hikari says:

        Though still not as groundbreaking as Love Live 2nd season and Osomatsu-san, but this number is still very fantastic especially in today’s era of declining bd/dvd sales for late night tv show. I’m very much happy and proud with Kubo+Yamamoto Sensei, MAPPA, and the whole production committee for this tremendous success.

        I guess in this kind of state like nowadays, we’ll probably never going to see any late night tv anime to ever reach the numbers of bd/dvd sales like Bake or Madoka (let alone Eva), when not even the phenomenal Love Live 2nd season and Osomatsu-san with their fantastic sales+event ticket vols can’t even shake both Madoka and Bake (and the impressive thing is that those 3 series can reach those number without any event ticket/sales doping). Truly, what the end of an era.

        Now all I hope is that both YOI and Haikyuu S3 didn’t have any huge drop for all the other volume.

      • Avatar Tuna says:

        Isnt this good for utapri? Yuri on ice selling more should imply that people anticipating just 20 or 30k for it ought to raise their expectations.

        • something something says:

          Yeah it definitely raises the ceiling on Utapri to a much more normal level.

        • Avatar hikari says:

          Well…my expectation is around 25-30K average at the beginning considering its cd sales performance this season, but I’m still expecting v1-2 to reach around 55-60K just like its previous season (and the other vols had a huge drop/dropped half again from S3). Now, who knows….but there’s probability that v1 will sell below YOI 50K, then it all depends on the other vols performance whether the sales also going to replicate its cd sales (that isn’t QN concert ticket) or not. We can only wait and see it ourselves, but hey….it’s still one of the top seller anyway.

    • Avatar Fiver says:

      Recently starting lurking here. Thank you for this website and the data and insights it provides. I am learning so much from the posts and the great commentary. To the topic at hand kinda not surprised it took awhile for the data cuz there were so many many different editions of YOI volume 1 available. I shop at the English friendly Amiami and CD Japan websites (smaller vendors of anime goods?) and even there Yuri on ice DVDs and DVDs were doing remarkably well. I guess sales there on the English sites dont count because they are international sales. So the two BDs I bought for me and my sister don’t count. ;( But as a proxy for popularity I think it showed the strength of the market.

      This +50,000 number makes me so happy! LADIES AND GENTS… WE DID IT!!!

      • something something says:

        Oricon doesn’t even count sales made at Japanese sites if the discs are shipped overseas. So like, I bought 10 copies of Flip Flappers v1 but none of that will be reflected in its Oricon number.

        Of course what matters is that the publisher/production committee get the money, regardless of what Oricon reports. But it’s just another reason to be aware that Oricon numbers are always lower than real sales.

    • something something says:

      l m a o

      I’ve never seen them issue a specific single disc correction before. Amazing.

      • Avatar Yaoi-Senpai says:

        Someone translate this please, I can see Yuri on ice written on it.

      • Avatar Progeusz says:

        Could you please reupload?

        • something something says:

          Oh whoops, forgot I linked it from imgur and was cleaning out some recent images.

          Anyway it was just a shot of this text:
          12月28日発表の12/27付 DVD、Blu-rayデイリーランキングにおきまして、DVD作品『ユーリ!!! on ICE 1 DVD』、BD作品『ユーリ!!! on ICE 1 BD』に順位変動がございました。また同作品におきまして、1月5日17時発表の1/9付DVD、Blu-ray週間ランキングに変動がございました。大変ご迷惑をお掛け致しますが、1月6日15時40分以前にご利用の方は再度ご確認いただきますよう、何卒よろしくお願い致します。”

          All it really says is “YOI BD and DVD v1 were fixed, go check the new ranking, sorry bout that.”, with no explanation given as to what the issue was.

          • Avatar Progeusz says:

            Oh okay. I thought it was some fanart or modified screenshot parodying this situation. It certainly deserves one, lol. I remember Japanese have created some funny stuff concerning Madoka, Shingeki or Nanoha sales.
            Oricon has made some mistakes in the past (like switching BD and DVD numbers) but I don’t remember anything like current one with only the top seller being incorrectly reported. I really should watch this show now, even though it’s completely not my thing.

  12. Avatar Yaoi-Senpai says:


    I’m so happy that YOI sold 50k copies on its first week, now I’m sure Utapri S4 will sell like 20k copies or more right?

    @Eji thanks for informing us, tho I’m not sure if I should delete my tweet which came 1k re-tweet on it xD (About YOI sales)

    • something something says:


      Be happy a show you like sold well. Don’t use it to belittle others though. You’re just inviting more of the hate people have been throwing at the show for existing and being successful. I’m sure you don’t actually want to contribute to that discussion, even if it’s tempting when so many people have been so salty about YOI being a success.

      • Avatar Yaoi-Senpai says:

        No, I’m just joking, I hope the haters won’t take it serious ^3^ Most of My favorite anime sold so well, so I don’t care about the haters, and I don’t care about their scores/rank in mal or Ann. As long as I’m getting the things I love, the creators and Seiyuu are getting paid well and winning in some awards, I will be the happiest person in the world. :D

        • something something says:

          People who say stuff like “YOI is dumb gay anime lol” will brush it off as “joking” too.

          I’m not trying to pick on you specifically or rain on your fun (I think it’s great to see people so happy about the show), I’m just very interested in maintaining a site with as little conflict as possible and sentiments like that do rile people up. Granted they’re often people who were just looking for an excuse to get riled up, but nonetheless I want to keep this place clear of that.

          • Avatar AnimePhoenix says:


            What something said. Yaoi-senpai, I’m sure that outburst was out of happiness and excitement. God knows I do stupid stuff when I get excited too. But just like how we don’t like people saying ‘lololol YOI is just gay rubbish, yuck why does this rubbish sell, anime is dead blah blah’, we don’t want to say stuff like ““THERE IS NOTHING CALLED OTAKU, THERE IS SOMETHING CALLED FUJOSHI” either.

            Peace! ^_^

    • Avatar Ejc says:

      You do know that otaku is not gender specific? Fujoshi are female otaku/fans who are into male x male relationships, but not all female otaku/fans are necessarily otaku.

      • Avatar Ejc says:

        > but not all female otaku/fans are necessarily otaku.

        I meant “but not all female otaku/fans are necessarily fujoshi.”

        My bad.

        • Avatar Yaoi-Senpai says:

          Omg xD I know this, ITS A JOKE. I SWEAR.

          • Avatar AnimePhoenix says:

            I know it was a joke, but try to refrain from posting those kind of jokes on this website. ^^ I know you didn’t mean it but, just saying.

          • Avatar Ejc says:

            I know you were just joking, but others may not see it as so. And I just wanted to clear things, as there are also others in the West that seem to think that otaku can only be male. Not that i’m surprised, as some still use the outdated shoujo-ai definition…

  13. Avatar JJ says:

    Oh Jesus Christ. This is what happens when you release over New Years! I’m really happy! I wonder how much of an event ticket boost it is? (Since apparently the event ticket is an autograph signing with the writer? Which doesn’t sound like it’d be crazy popular but I’m not advanced enough in event ticket knowledge to know either way.) The dream of being the new best selling sports anime is really becoming a reality! 30k average should be really possible with these numbers.

    Also dailies don’t matter, but I checked to see if were updated with the Oricon change (because apparently it was 28th that was changed…) and saw BD finally beat SMAP for #1 BD on the 5th. Its only one day and means nothing, but it’s nice to see it get one number one at least. It’s been a good morning.

    • Avatar JJ says:

      Yeah on the 28th it was 2nd in BD and 4th in DVD instead of 3rd and 5th. (15k difference in just one spot god. Daily rankings really do mean nothing) Guess someone forgot to tell them they shipped early.

  14. Avatar makotachi says:

    And YOI completely crushes it! What a wonderful way to start the year. I’m so happy for the series because honestly it deserves this popularity and I am hoping that this will usher in some new anime that aren’t afraid of showing adult men who love each other. Hoping for that S2 announcement now!

    Where was the person who commented saying it wouldn’t even reach 30k though? Time to eat those words, buddy.

    • Avatar AnimePhoenix says:

      Just when you think this week couldn’t get any better, Oricon posts the new sales data.

      PRAISE THE LORD PRAISE THE LORD THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. Thank you God. I will do my best to be a very good person this year for this blessing you have given me.


  15. Avatar Ayumi says:


    After the changes, what do you think are the ranges for the average sales for YOI? I’m curious to see where it will rank overall.

    I just checked Oricon and YOI actually beat SMAP on the daily BD ranking yesterday. That is huge considering SMAP sold close to 200k last week.

    • something something says:

      Well, my conservative final average was 35k if it sold 50k v1. Since it looks like it’ll probably end closer to 60k v1, it could do higher than 35k average. I just really have no idea 1) how well the second event ticket will hold up vis a vis the first and 2) how well the non-ticket volumes will compare to the ticket volumes.

      I guess 35k is probably still a reasonable place to set expectations (maybe non-ticket vols sell less than half, who knows?), but good holds could push it even over 40k.

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