2013 Fall Vol 1 Rankings
Please note: Volume 1 sales are not the best, or even a particularly good, way to evaluate a series’ performance. Sometimes one of two formats doesn’t rank in volume 1, but ranks in a later volume. Often times volume 1 sales are inflated with bonuses like event tickets or bundled manga, etc. Always, always use the average sales when evaluating anime, not volume 1 sales. I only provide these because it takes many months before we have a final average and people like to be able to ballpark a season early on. Just be intelligent about it!

Sales #Weeks Title Release Date Formats Partial Ranking Large Vol. 2 Drop?
27,568 8 Infinite Stratos 2 2013/10/30 BD/DVD
22,949 6 Kuroko no Basuke season 2 2014/01/29 BD/DVD
13,774 19 Kill La Kill 2014/01/08 BD/DVD
10,815 7 Non Non Biyori 2013/12/25 BD/DVD
10,797 5 Little Busters! Refrain 2014/01/29 BD/DVD
9,719 5 Gundam Build Fighters 2014/03/26 BD-Box/DVD
9,422 11 Yowamushi Pedal 2013/12/20 BD/DVD
6,986 9 Strike the Blood 2014/01/29 BD/DVD
6,838 5 Kyoukai no Kanata 2014/01/08 BD/DVD
6,249 5 Machine Doll wa Kizutsukanai 2013/12/25 BD/DVD
5,386 3 Magi: The Kingdom of Magic 2014/01/22 BD/DVD
5,026 3 Kakumeiki Valvrave 2nd season 2013/12/25 BD/DVD
5,013 17 Nagi no Asu Kara 2013/12/20 BD/DVD Yes
4,404 5 Log Horizon 2014/01/29 BD/DVD
3,922 4 White Album 2 2013/12/25 BD
3,582 4 Yozakura Quartet -Hana no Uta- 2013/12/18 BD/DVD
2,920 5 Tokyo Ravens 2013/12/25 BD/DVD
2,851 4 Teekyuu season3 2014/01/24 BD/DVD
2,598 3 Yuusha ni Narenakatta Ore wa Shibushibu Shuushoku wo Ketsui Shimashita. 2013/12/27 BD/DVD
2,562 2 Freezing Vibration 2013/12/25 BD/DVD
1,950 2 Miss Monochrome 2014/03/26 BD/DVD
1,948 2 Blazblue Alter Memory 2013/12/25 BD/DVD Yes
1,854 3 Walkure Romanze 2013/12/27 BD/DVD Yes
1,831 2 Outbreak Company 2013/12/18 BD/DVD Yes
1,523 2 Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai! 2013/12/12 BD/DVD
1,478 2 Kyousougiga 2014/01/10 BD/DVD
1,394 2 Ore no Nounai Sentakushi ga, Gakuen Love Come wo Zenryoku de jama Shiteiru 2013/12/27 BD/DVD Yes
1,304 2 Galilei Donna 2013/12/13 BD/DVD Yes
1,227 2 Golden Time 2013/12/25 BD/DVD Yes
1,225 1 Gingitsune 2013/12/25 BD/DVD
941 1 Samurai Flamenco 2013/12/25 BD/DVD Yes
592 1 Meganebu! 2013/12/20 BD/DVD Yes
493 1 Hajime no Ippo: Rising 2014/03/19 BD-Box/DVD-Box
300 1 Coppelion 2013/11/27 BD/DVD Yes
Diabolik Lovers 2013/11/27 DVD

Sales number includes includes estimates of DVDs based on >100 ranking lists or other sources. Generally only included if believed accurate within 100 copies.
Partial Ranking means a release came out on more than one video format, but only one of the two ranked.
Large Vol. 2 Drop? designates any titles that dropped by 30% or more from Vol. 1 to Vol. 2. This is used to indicate that you should take caution in evaluating the success of the show purely on the first volume’s sales.

Season-specific notes
Gundam Build Fighters came out 2013/12/25 on DVD, but did not rank. I’m using the much more likely to rank BD Box date above. Also note I’m calculating Vol. 1 sales as “BD Box v1 LE + BD Box v1 RE + avg(v1-4 DVD)”.
Kyousougiga had a “Vol. 0” released on 2012/12/06 that sold 1,643 BDs, DVDs did not rank. This contained the original ONAs. The TV series proper starts in Vol. 1, which is the volume being used here and in the series average.
Diamond no Ace increased sales to >5k from v2 onward.

Vol. 1 Unranked, Later Vol. Ranked

14 Responses to “2013 Fall Seasonal Vol 1 Rankings”

  1. Laciie says:

    I’ve been wondering for a while, but what do the 0’s represent? Did they actually not sell at all (I find it very hard to believe that this is the case, if it is, I will be shocked)?

    • something says:

      Ah, I usually put the following note at the top of ranking posts:

      “Note: “0″ does not mean exactly 0, it means that no volumes ranked in any format. 0 is used to improve results when sorting.”
      See https://www.someanithing.com/?page_id=452 for example

      Haven’t added it everywhere though.

      So it just means they didn’t rank, not that they actually sold zero. Usually, in order not to rank at all, a release will have sold less than 500 BDs and/or less than 600 DVDs, but it depends on the ranking thresholds for the week it’s released.

  2. Megiddo says:

    I’m not sure why you don’t at least have a note for IS2. “Vol 1” was originally solicited to just be an OVA. It wasn’t until it was almost released that they decided to throw episode 1 of the second season on there as well. So it’s quite disingenuous to say that is the first volume of IS2 without a note. After all, the next volume dropped 10k in sales.

    • something says:

      I couldn’t decide if I wanted to clutter up the tables with another column for adding notes. I’ve also never had a consistent baseline for when I add notes or not, so I planned to err on the side of not using them. The final average will tell the tale of the series’ drop clearly enough.

      I can add a note to the bottom of the post, but then I’d really have to add it to everything with an event ticket drop. I mean, it’s a big drop but percentage-wise, it’s hardly unmatched… Yozakura Quartet Hana no Uta dropped almost the same relative amount for v2. Hard to justify calling out IS2 but not that. I expect similar drops from Kyoukai and Machine Doll too. We could also mention Love Lab from Summer, that dropped by about half for v2.

      Maybe I could add a column that identifies releases that dropped more than a set percentage from v1→v2, say 30%. I have considered that in the past but it’s kind of a pain to maintain because I need to keep recalculating that and coming back to update this list as it changes.

      As for “throwing episode one in as well”, I’d always heard that it was an extended version of episode one, not that there were two completely independent episodes. Which is true? I suppose it’s a matter of semantics to some degree – the ep aired on TV in the normal weekly spot, was numbered episode one of season two, and this is the disc it was released on (whether in extended form or not) so that disc has to count in the average.

      (By the way, it’s not an attempt to be disingenuous. I feel no love towards IS and certainly don’t have any intent to play up its sales!)

    • something says:

      Well I guess it can’t hurt to try it, if I forget to maintain it too often I can just remove it, but I added another column simply labeled “Large Vol. 2 Drop?” which I define as anything that has dropped 30% from Vol. 1 to Vol. 2. I don’t think I want to get much more detailed than that right now. People can check the average/per-volume lists to get more context.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think Non Non Biyori sold 1.2k DVD,or you have to like add more 500 to Arpeggio,600 to KLK etc

    Since most anime DVD sales never updated after 1 week,unlike Non Non Biyori just keep “updating”,are you gonna make it sold more than IS2 vol.1?

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh wait,it’s 10,162,not 10,612 from /a/(i saw the someone posted this link in /a/ and seems that anon don’t like that lol),around 780 for DVD seems make sense(or actually doesn’t matter,it’s enough for season 2)

    • something says:

      Sounds like there’s confusion here so I’ll list the week by week sales for Non Non below:

      Week 1, total 8,331
      BDs ranked #17, sold 7,456.

      DVDs ranked #129. This is outside the Top 100 we normally see reported, so we may not have known how it sold, *however* we know from Oricon’s live action drama list that #131 for the week sold 874 copies. As Non Non is two places ahead of that, it by definition has to have sold more than 874. Conservatively, this puts it at at least 875 (it could be more, but we’re lowballing for fairness and safety’s sake)

      Week 2, total 9,112
      BDs ranked #31, adding 781

      Week 3, total 9,816
      BDs ranked #41, adding 704

      Week 4, total 10,162
      BDs ranked #63, adding 346

      All the data is available on this site if you ever want to double-check my numbers. I may make mistakes sometimes with typos or transposing numbers, but I won’t fake the numbers (otherwise I’d say Yuyushiki sold 30k not 3k!).

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s all good,though i don’t make estimates(i work for a chinese forum to record anime sales)

        Just a /a/non in make a typo i guess(see 11:17am’s reply)

        • something says:

          Yep. The one thing I do differently that I don’t see other sales trackers do (and both approaches are legitimate) is including DVD estimates in my totals /if/ I feel confident we can get very close. If a title ranked #250 and all we had was, say, #101 selling 800, I wouldn’t add an estimate to the #250. It’s too far away/too hard to guess. But in a clear cut case like Non Non’s DVDs, it’s more accurate to include them than to not. Even if 875 maybe isn’t exact, we know it couldn’t be less than that, so it’s closer than not including it.

          It’s just too bad so many series don’t get as lucky. DVDs may be a minority of anime sales these days but it still sucks to have even a couple hundred discs’ data missing.

      • Anonymous says:

        Btw what happened to mania forum?

        • something says:

          There was a bug in their adservers sending out malicious redirects to random ad sites. Since their IT has been notoriously lazy, it took them about a week to fix it on their main site. They took the anime and main Mania forums down while they worked on it… and then never put them back up and don’t have an ETA on when they will.

          I decided to give up waiting for them and just set this site up instead, since I’ve been wanting to create one for a long time anyway. This was a good excuse.

  4. something says:

    Diamond no Ace finally got an real solicitation (http://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B00IMUEL8M) so I’ve added it to the list. DVD only, unsurprisingly. And come on, a Fall v1 coming out in late May? Jeeze. Also maybe they’re just not done yet but as of right now, only vols 1 and 5 are solicited.

    Edit: Okay 2-4 are solicited now too.

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