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Full list. 233 DVD threshold, 333/216 BD.

2016 10/31 – 11/06 Anime DVD List

Anime Rank All Rank Last Rank Week Sales Total Sales #Wks Title
1 3 5,675 5,675 1 Crayon Shin-chan: Bakusui! Yumemi World Dai Totsugeki
2 7 2,461 2,461 1 Digimon Advenure tri. Movie 3: Kokuhaku
3 10 2 1,942 25,675 2 Meitantei Conan: Junkoku no Nightmare LE
4 11 3 1,863 10,635 2 Meitantei Conan: Junkoku no Nightmare RE
5 20 7 1,114 7,105 2 Zutto Mae Kara Suki Deshita: Kokuhaku Jikkou Iinkai
7 29 870 870 1 ONE PIECE 17th Season Dressrosa-hen v29
8 32 774 73,942 121 Tonari no Totoro (2014 re-release)
9 35 743 743 1 Naruto Shippuuden: Itachi Shinden-hen – Hikari to Yami v1
10 41 12 679 3,589 2 Kubikiri Cycle: Aoiro Savant to Zaregototsukai v1
13 46 22 634 2,161 2 Bungou Stray Dogs v5
14 48 615 615 1 Fukigen na Mononokean v3
15 52 24 542 2,047 2 Tsukiuta. The Animation v2
16 59 11 476 3,531 2 B-Project v3
19 73 16 370 2,281 2 Servamp v2
21 79 95 346 62,166 18 Youkai Watch Movie 2: Enma Daiou to Itsutsu no Monogatari da Nyan!
22 83 19 337 2,048 2 Kuroko no Basuke Winter Cup Soushuuhen v2
24 283 12,240 13 Doraemon: Shin Nobita no Nippon Tanjou
25 31 279 1,438 2 ONE PIECE Heart of Gold LE
26 29 270 1,465 2 Macross Delta v4
27 18 269 2,105 2 Mob Psycho 100 v2
28 15 249 2,349 2 Youkai Watch v5
30 233 8,287 18 Kotonoha no Niwa

Other releases (concerts etc)
39 699 699 1 Marine Super Wave Live DVD 2016
49 611 611 1 Radio CD iM@STUDIO v19 LE
58 43 481 14,970 4 Osomatsu-san Special Event Festa Matsu-san '16
92 312 312 1 Radio CD iM@STUDIO v19 RE

2016 10/31 – 11/06 Anime BD List

Anime Rank All Rank Last Rank Week Sales Total Sales #Wks Title
1 4 9,061 9,061 1 Digimon Advenure tri. Movie 3: Kokuhaku
2 6 1 5,716 51,531 2 Love Live! Sunshine!! v2
4 14 3 2,257 15,610 2 Kubikiri Cycle: Aoiro Savant to Zaregototsukai v1
6 17 1,757 1,757 1 Heartcatch Precure! BD Box v1
7 19 2 1,362 26,963 2 Meitantei Conan: Junkoku no Nightmare LE
8 20 32 1,211 78,607 6 Love Live! Sunshine!! v1 LE
9 21 1,062 1,062 1 Crayon Shin-chan: Bakusui! Yumemi World Dai Totsugeki
10 23 25 1,012 3,482 2 Tsukiuta. The Animation v2
11 29 8 874 8,108 2 Macross Delta v4
12 32 12 798 6,082 2 Zutto Mae Kara Suki Deshita: Kokuhaku Jikkou Iinkai
13 38 7 655 8,515 2 Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu v5
14 40 23 647 3,235 2 Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya 3rei! v2
15 44 26 567 2,977 2 Masou Gakuen HxH v2
16 45 37 566 2,070 2 Bungou Stray Dogs v5
17 46 17 562 4,116 2 Meitantei Conan: Junkoku no Nightmare RE
18 50 487 487 1 Fukigen na Mononokean v3
19 55 13 461 5,384 2 New Game! v2
59 10 447 6,213 2 High School Fleet v5
62 21 421 3,203 2 B-Project v3
65 20 412 3,429 2 Dangan Ronpa 3: The End of Kibougamine Gakuen v2
69 405 405 1 Kiznaiver v6
72 395 395 1 Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars v1
73 30 394 2,409 2 Kuroko no Basuke Winter Cup Soushuuhen v2
75 19 391 3,625 2 Kidou Keisatsu Patlabor Reboot
76 11 380 5,827 2 Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken Diamond wa Kudakenai v5
80 18 347 3,587 2 Mob Psycho 100 v2
82 16 333 4,135 2 Tiger & Bunny BD Box
216 216 1 Hakugeki Densetsu BD Box

Other releases (concerts etc)
71 66 397 78,584 6 Love Live! μ's Final LoveLive! μ'sic Forever♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪
79 6 359 8,324 2 The Idolm@ster Million Live! 3rd Live Tour: Believe My Dre@m!! Live 01 @ Nagoya
96 64 271 11,538 4 Osomatsu-san Special Event Festa Matsu-san '16
223 63,436 11 Love Live! μ's Live Collection


Fall update:
Regalia v1 sells 395 BDs, DVDs do not rank. Estimate not available because Stalker did not track the non-Amazon version. I’d say stopping and restarting your show is a good way to kill it, but most shows are dead on arrival nowadays anyway so I suppose it’s hard to tell the difference.

Summer update:
Mononokean v3 sells 487/615, total 1,102. 2.5k → 1.6k → 1.1k. This one has faded fast.

Tsukiuta v2 sells 1012/542, total 5,529. Larger wk2 than v1 so it’s only about 130 behind v1wk2.

LL Sunshine v1 adds 1211, total 78,803.
v2 adds 5716, total 51,531.

Macross Delta v4 adds 874/270, total 9,573. Even after 3 event tickets, average is still 10,916 which is borderline for 10k with 5 vols left.

B-Project v3 adds 421/476, total 6,734.

New Game v2 adds 461 BDs, total 5,968. A proportionally somewhat better wk2 than v2 but still quite front-loaded. Hope it can get at least a wk3 and cross 6k.

Mob Psycho v2 adds 347/269, total 5,692.

Servamp v2 adds 370 DVDs, total 3,388.

Masou Gakuen v2 adds 567 BDs, total 3,698.

Dangan Ronpa 3 v2 adds 412, total 3,429.

Prisma Illya s4 v2 adds 647 BDs, total 3,235.

Past seasons:
Re:Zero v5 adds 655 BDs, total 9,582.

Haifuri v5 adds 447 BDs, total 7,174.

Jojo pt4 v5 adds 380 BDs, total 7,046.

Stray Dogs v5 adds 566/634, total 4,231.

Kiznaiver v6, final volume, sells 405 BDs, DVDs do not rank. Series average: 838.

Unranked in either format:
Ame-iro Cocoa: Rainy Color e Youkoso!

A Fall 2015 show that just released now for some reason.

OVAs, Movies, Boxsets etc:
Zaregoto v1 adds 2257/679, total 19,199. Definitely going to clear 20k now.

Zutto Mae Kara adds 798/1114, total 13,187.

Kurobas Winter Cup v2 adds 394/337, total 4,457.

Tiger & Bunny BD Box adds 333, total 4,135.


Upcoming Releases for 2016 11/07 – 11/13 Anime DVD List
2016/11/09 Amaama to Inazuma v2
2016/11/09 Anderson Monogatari
2016/11/09 Anju to Zushio-Maru
2016/11/09 Arabian Nights: Sinbad no Bouken
2016/11/09 Black Bullet BD Box
2016/11/09 Captain Future BD Box v2
2016/11/09 Shounen Jack to Mahoutsukai
2016/11/09 Shounen Sarutobi Sasuke
2016/11/09 Wakaba Girl BD Box
2016/11/09 Wanwan Chuushingura

Only 3 new releases, the rest are re-releases of old movies/shows.

44 Responses to “2016 10/31 – 11/06 Weekly Sales List”

  1. uchiha madara says:

    nice re:zero !!
    did you think MP100 bluray in the full list?

  2. FreFre says:

    >Unranked in either format:
    >Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars
    But it was indeed dead on arrival. There was little to no interest on internet both from loves of cute little girls and from mecha enthusiasts. Forced pause and reschedule probably gave this show more exposure than it would get on its own.
    I can’t even imagine how much money production committee and studio lost on this show. It had pretty impressive and thus expensive hand drawn mecha animation. Also studio probably had to pay penalty fees for failing to deliver product in time. Then committee had to re-buy time slots again after the halt.

    • something says:

      Actas is cursed in general. Someone in the industry noted that they -lost- money on the Garupan film, despite it being mind-bogglingly successful. RIP studios that aren’t on the production committee and go way past schedule.

      • Progeusz says:

        Do you remember who it was and what was the reason? I remember hearing about it in the past but I found it really hard to believe considering GaruPan is even more successful than Rebellion.

        • something says:

          I can’t find the original tweet because it’s incredibly difficult to find old tweets on twitter, but here’s the translation and details from ultimatemegax back in June: https://plus.google.com/+SeanBires/posts/4BvByFEumLQ

          As with anything not direct from the studio itself, we should always consider it may not be correct. But unfortunately the way production committees work, it’s 100% possible for this kind of thing to happen.

          Actas, not being on the committee, would not be expected to get a cut of its massive disc or box office revenue. They would have been paid a certain amount to animate it. When they ended up going well over schedule they would presumably go well over budget.

          The committee would then be under no obligation to reimburse them as Actas did not invest in the project. It’s shitty, but studios are in a precarious position. They don’t necessarily have the funds to invest in anime, but then they’re SOL if they mismanage the project, no matter how successful it ends up being.

      • hpulley says:

        Isn’t Regalia a summer 2016 show? I know it is finishing in fall after a strange break but it did start airing in July.

        Actas missed a week of LongRiders too. They need new management obviously, before they go bust. Being late this often is going to put them out of business.

      • BlackPoint says:

        Ye dunno what Actas is doing as @hpulley already mentioned they are screwing up Long Riders this season aswell they already had a 1week later start and then they didnt make in time the 3rd episode and few days ago there was news that episode5 will be delayed aswell. So ye the way things are going we might not even see all episodes being aired on Tv and they will release em just then on the bd-dvd cuz i kinda doubt they can make and release a double episode. It even kinda reminds of God Eater where almost every 2nd episode got delayed and we end up waiting half year until they could air the rest…..
        So ye if they dont get their stuff straight i doubt there will be anyone willing to let em do more anime

        • hpulley says:

          You’re right, it is really worrying and since they seemingly can’t finish ANYTHING on time, I can’t see anyone giving them business anymore. You’d be a fool to hire them after GaruPan, Regalia and Long Riders all had delays that meant the seasons couldn’t even finish on time. If they had the money to hire more staff they would have done so already but with them losing money they obviously can’t afford to do so. They’re really a tailspin now.

          • Jamibu says:

            I think the problem with Actas this year is that they have taken more projects(Regalia and Long Riders!) that their small studio can handle and in two consecutive seasons no less. If it was worked on in seperate seasons, maybe they could have some load taken out of them to produce a much more consistent work. Given that they are also in charge in doing GuP final chapter on the sidelines and possibly all the best efforts are going into that project as well.

            • hpulley says:

              It is purely a management problem. Don’t accept more work you can take on or if you do, make sure you charged enough money for your services that you can sub-contract out the rest but ALWAYS DELIVER ON TIME. Their late deliveries are likely hurting the profits of the anime and while they don’t make any money on it, the people that do make money on it are going to avoid using them in future if it hurts their returns.

              Too bad as I enjoy their work. Maybe they just need a big shakeup at the top.

              • hpulley says:

                and episode 5 is indeed delayed for Long Riders. Rip Actas

              • Hahalollawl says:

                So is this like a ufotable God Eater type situation, but maybe a chronic problem and perhaps even worse?

                • hpulley says:

                  Seems to be a chronic mismanagement situation at Actas. The only shows they’ve made for the last 4 years have been late with episodes arriving after the normal end of the season and GaruPan movie was so over time and budget that they lost money on making a show which made a ton of money for the production committee. Not sure why they haven’t been able to correct the time/resource issues, they’ve certainly had enough time to see the problem and correct. Perhaps they tried and failed… three times though?

  3. AholePony says:

    You missed a golden opportunity for a little gag in there something! “Macross Delta v4 adds….. average is still 10,916 which is (Ikenai) borderline for 10k with 5 vols left.”

    • something says:

      I’d have to have watched the show to know what jokes to make =P

      • AholePony says:

        Hah fair enough. That song got a lot of mentions around the net so I thought no one was immune. It’ll be interesting to see if they follow up with another Macross or take a break like the one between Frontier and Delta. The sales aren’t amazing but maybe enough to keep going.

        • hpulley says:

          Frontier had 2 movies and an OVA. I’m sure Delta will get that at least. Another big Macross series? A sequel? Probably not soon though I wonder if they’ll do more music anyway as the music is very successful. I’d buy a third album for sure as Attack and Trap are fantastic.

          • xoxo says:

            There’s no doubt it would get one. Hopefully it is better executed than the TV series and have a more varied/better composed musical repertoire. I’m not impressed with it (the songs are mostly unmemorable, save a few that caught my interest), and songs do not have enough emotions carried by the singers. I have listened to too many great ones not limited to Japanese ones, and Delta is underwelming.

          • Hahalollawl says:

            Yeah, I don’t get how the music was so successful while the show sold a decent but not stellar amount of BD. This is not intended as a criticism of the music, but rather a lack of understanding as to why the level of success of the two doesn’t seem more closely correlated.

            Do you think that the music was so successful because one of the following?

            1) the songs were so great that they had more mainstream appeal
            2) anime fans in general liked the music, but not the show enough to buy the BD
            3) many Macross fans liked the show but couldn’t afford the BD, so they just bought the music, or
            4) the singers/seiyuu were extremely popular which made the music popular.

            Or some other reason?

            • hpulley says:

              1) Albums selling over 100K is not quite full mainstream but is way over the usual for anime. I really enjoy the songs but I don’t know if they have mainstream appeal. Tough to say.The music sales are above normal for seiyuu but the anime disc sales, while a hit are not a big hit.
              2) The show seemed popular but it is possible that people didn’t feel the need to watch it again or to buy BDs.
              3) The albums are cheaper than the BDs but not by that much, they cost about half. Now, there are just 2 of them so buying them is 1/9th the cost of buying the series in BD. But 100K+ fans buying the CDs and only 1/10th of them buying the BDs? It still seems unusual to me but it isn’t out of the question.
              4) No, most of the seiyuu and the singer Junna are brand new. Only Touyama Nao really has much recognition but she doesn’t have that much. They are rookies for the most part so if they’re people it is because of Macross, not the other way around.

              The albums also had event tickets. The cheaper OP/IS/ED CDs didn’t sell nearly as well though the first one had a mini live ticket.

              I don’t know, perhaps a combination of 1, 2, and 3. Definitely not 4. The music is really good, perhaps mainstream enough; the show while good had a bit of a messy second half; 9 disc 2-cour series are expensive and a long investment compared to a couple of CDs.

  4. Ejc says:

    Oricon Biz leaks for this week:

    Cross referenced with the Oricon website.

    *57 452
    *69 キズナイーバー 6(完全生産限定盤)
    *72 395 レガリア The Three Sacred Stars 1
    *98 265
    108 ONE PIECE ワンピース 17THシーズン ドレスローザ編 piece.29
    123 白鯨伝説 COMPLETE Blu-ray BOX
    134 194
    213 迷家-マヨイガ-5
    243 102

    150 203
    191 キズナイーバー 6(完全生産限定盤)
    256 プリパラ Season3 theater.2

    • AAA says:

      What rank is Masou Gakuen Vol 2 on the Top 300 DVD this week? If it’s lower than rank 150 then I guess it sold less than 200 DVD during the second week.

      • something says:

        Dunno, unless someone includes it in a Oricon Biz leak, the freely available data only lists its best ranking, not its ranking every week.

  5. Shiro says:

    Where is Berzerk 2016?
    Did it sold so bad?

  6. uchiha madara says:

    hope MP100 vol.2 across 6k /:

  7. something says:

    I’ve started the Fall 2016 Vol. 1 list here: https://www.someanithing.com/5777

  8. something says:

    Full list posted.

    From the per-series ranking:

    Love Live Sunshine v2 + 94 wk1 RE= 51,531 wk2 (much more likely v2wk1 RE than v1 RE since v1wk4 RE added only 4 discs the previous week)
    Mob Psycho v1 + 403 wk5 = 7,731 (split DVD and BD)
    New Game v1 + 135 wk5 = 7,415 (gave to BD)
    Tsukiuta v1 + 179 wk5 = 6,342 (split DVD and BD)
    Servamp v1 + 113 wk5 = 5,204 (gave to DVD)
    Masou Gakuen v1 + 82 wk5 = 4,619 (gave to BD)

    The ones where it’s unclear which format or version exactly to add the data to are really annoying because if we get updated volume totals in the yearlies, there’s a risk of double-counting data since it’ll already include these weeks. There’s no good way to handle this though, and I don’t want to stop adding this data. And most discs won’t make the yearlies anyway.

    • David says:

      Hello, thank you for your post. May I ask what might be the reason for MP100 v1 sells more CDs and BDs in w5 than w4? You mentioned double-counting data is this one of the reasons? I thought the sale lower week after week so the sale for MP100 v1 w5 kind of surprised me (I’m happy for it tho)

      • Ejc says:

        Vol.2 was newly released last week, so Vol.1 got a slight sales bump from those fans who didn’t buy Vol.1 earlier but decided to when getting Vol.2.

      • something says:

        Yeah what Ejc said. I was slightly surprised it went up that much, but it’s not unheard of.

        • something says:

          Oh and to be clear, this isn’t related to double-couting. My concern about potential double-counting is as follows:

          1. A show ranks in the weekly per-series ranking, and we can calculate that ‘x’ additional discs of vol. 1 were sold in a given week (by subtracting known sales for the week from the weekly total), outside of the normally reported Top 100 rankings. Say, 200 discs added, to a show that sold 3000 DVDs and 5000 BDs.

          2. This release has both a DVD and a BD, but the per-series ranking does not distinguish between them. We know it added 200, but don’t know how many were DVD and how many were BD.

          3. Typically, I just divide between the two in this case, unless one format has sold overwhelmingly more than the other. So 100 DVD, 100 BD, giving us 3100 DVDs, 5100 BDs.

          4. Eventually the end of the year rolls around, and the Yearly Rankings are posted. Those rankings are broken out by format.

          5. Now say the BD (but not DVD) for vol. 1 of that show makes the yearly rankings with 6000 units sold.

          6. The last Bd number I had was 5100, and now the BD total is 6000. So I add 900 discs per the yearly ranking adjustment. This makes the total sales of the volume 6000 BD + 3100 DVD, or 9100.

          7. Here’s the potential problem: What if those 200 original extra discs were actually all on the BD, not split between DVD and BD? Then, before the yearly adjustment, I’d have 3000 DVD and 5200 BD.

          8. In this case, when I do the yearly adjustment for the new 6000 BD total, I’d only add 800 to the BD to get from 5200 to 6000. And thus the total would be 3000 DVDs, 6000 BDs, or 9000 total. 100 less than the other way of doing it.

          So there’s a risk of double-counting data when dividing extra sales between formats, if we later get new data for only one of those formats.

          It is generally a small thing, but any uncertainty is less than ideal, and a potential argument in favor of not making adjustments based on per-series ranking when it’s not 100% clear exactly what format/edition the data should be added to. But that would require giving up a lot more data overall than is at risk of ever being double-counted, so in the end I favor using the per-series ranking additions.

  9. BlackPoint says:

    So i have seen recently in comments a disccusion about the way they are giving us new episodes for the upcomming aniime recently as in with more movies, multiple episodes of OVAs etc And seems like we just we will see another new attempt at it with the new Girlz und Panzer, it was revealed at recent news that it will be a 6part movie with each movie being 40mins long so basicly in the end it will be just a 12episode season which will be probably aired in a short span just like they release the bd-dvd atleast thats what iam guessing.
    Also this will probably be done by Actas studio and seeing the recent failing of releasing the new episodes on time i see this their way of giving us this episodes on time and also making some decent money out of it since the previous movie of Girlz und Panzer was seen and sold really well.
    So yeh was wondering what are ppl thoughts on this and if we might see more of such things in the future with other anime, well i think this kind of thing would only work for somethin that is popular enough but anyway to me it looks like the way for them to make more money is to air the new content at the theater.

    • something says:

      A movie was much more likely for Garupan than another TV series, given how well the movie sold and the fact that the series can be broken out into big action set pieces. My concern is that breaking it up like this means it’ll just be a constant string of action scenes, which would be a shame. The best part of the first movie for me was when they weren’t in the tanks, in the middle part. Please don’t forget that characters are more important than tanks, Garupan!

      As for it being basically a series of OVAs getting theatrical screenings… that’s the interesting part. We will definitely see much smaller box office numbers for these, because as soon as you ask people to go out to the movies six times to see your story, you’ve lost all casual moviegoers. Moviegoers they clearly got at least some of to get the first film as huge as it got (hell, it’s still on 32 screens as we speak, with the one year anniversary of its release coming up).

      But if you get the core fans coming back six times, you’re still going to make a ton of money. I don’t know if they’re going for he same number of screens that the movie got, but even if each part took in a “mere” ¥500m on average, that’d come to ¥3bn. Obviously much less ¥/minute than the original film, but a ton of money… and a ton of discs. It definitely will not be 200k * 6 volumes but even Anzio OVA numbers per disc would be wild (though it could be less).

      Besides how they structure the story my other biggest question with this is how long we’ll have to wait to see each part. With the six parts presumably coming out fairly close to each other (maybe 2 months apart?) I hope we see rapid disc releases. 6+ months from theater to disc would be brutal in this case.

      In the end, one thing is obvious: Yes this will make a ton more money than a traditional 1 cour TV season. It’ll involve about 48 less minutes of animation (though perhaps more costly to produce if it’s all animated to theatrical standards) but still come out on six discs (just like a 12 episode TV series would). Most importantly, the few billion it’ll make in box office revenue is a pure gravy when by comparison airing late night anime on TV only costs the production committee money.

      Oh, and let’s hope Actas got the message this time and got on he production committee!

      • hpulley says:

        Agreed, speaking of Actas this week’s episode of Long Riders almost had no biking content (the equivalent of action scenes for GaruPan) and yet it was the best episode yet IMO. With a TV series you can afford to take whole episodes of just slice of life fun but if the 2nd GaruPan OVA/movie is all slice of life then I think they’ll get complaints.

        After the 3-part Kizumonogatari fiasco I hope they know what they’re doing with GaruPan. Telling people up front that they need to go to the theater 6 times (or wait a year or more and buy 6 Blurays) is asking a lot. The iron is still very hot for GaruPan so I wish them success but I am worried it may prove problematic for audiences.

        And I sure hope Actas figures out how to make some money… I do enjoy their shows and it would be a shame if they went under.

      • BlackPoint says:

        Yeh well it was already revealed the 1st time that the final girlz und panzer would be a movie, we simply learned now that its going to be a 6part one with each movie being 40min long. But ye as you said i wonder just how they will do all this movies and the releases dates they surely cant wait for too long i think 1 per month would be the best already forcing ppl to go watch a series 6times to theaters is quite the strech although ye this one is fairly popular so might work out for me but this is clearly a wild try to see how it turns out and if it does well i wouldnt be surprise if we would see more of such things with other popular anime. Cuz as i mentioned recently we are getting quite many movies of the more popular anime (SAO, Accel world, Mahouka, Trinity seven, NGNL, Fate are for example some i think of right out of my head).
        So ye in the end we will have to pay close attention to this stuff how they are selling etc cuz if things turns out well for them it wouldnt be surprising then if we see in the future less of 2nd seasons but instead just movies.
        As for Actas i just hope they get their shit together cuz they are srsly creating a bad image for them now and there is no way they can stay around if they gonna keep screwing it like every single anime.

        • hpulley says:

          The one thing I did realize on second thought was that GaruPan Der Film perhaps got a lot of money from repeat buyers. Perhaps they figured if they’ll see the same movie 6 times then they’ll watch 6 movies instead or perhaps they’ll watch each of them a few times too? Will they all get film strips and other bonuses? We’ll just have to see how they plan on releasing it. I wish them luck…

          • something says:

            I’m curious if the addition of 4DX only after it had been in theaters for a while was a positive or negative for the final gross. On the one hand, if it was 4DX all along, the first weeks of sales could have included more of the higher priced 4DX tickets. On the other hand, not introducing 4DX until later was a great way to get viewers to double-dip. Even if a 4DX ticket costs more, one normal ticket + one 4DX ticket is clearly more money than a single viewing in 4DX…

            I’m guessing that for Garupan, it increased revenue overall, considering what an insanely long tail it’s had (so a lot of the box office came after 4DX was introduced).

            • hpulley says:

              I’m as certain as I can be without knowing that it was their tactic to get some repeat ticket buyers but the show had so many repeat ticket buyers anyway that it probably had less of an effect than they anticipated. I don’t think you can really predict that people will buy books of 20 tickets to watch it once a week for 5 months but some fans did that and took notes of new things they noticed with every viewing. It would probably have more of an effect on a show without so many repeat customers.

              Will they get so many repeats with a 6 part series releasing one part every month or two? Probably not? Will they have part 1 in the theaters for a year simultaneously with parts 2-6? Marathon viewings of all 6 parts? Why not? Will they delay 4DX for the 6 parts of bring it out right away? I think they will likely introduce it right away.

              • something says:

                I don’t expect 4DX coming later was deliberate. Shouchiku is, as far as I know, a relatively minor player in film distribution. They also could not have anticipated it grossing more than 1/4th as much as it actually did. So I’m guessing they either didn’t have the business contacts, and/or didn’t think it was worth the cost, to line up 4DX showings right off the bat.

                I definitely expect the 6-part films will be 4DX on opening day, yes.

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