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Full list. 211/132 DVD threshold, 517/217 BD.

2016 10/03 – 10/09 Anime DVD List

Anime Rank All Rank Last Rank Week Sales Total Sales #Wks Title
2 13 2 1,190 7,532 2 B-Project v2
3 14 1,085 1,085 1 Arslan Senki: Fuujin Ranbu v2
4 17 923 923 1 ONE PIECE 17th Season Dressrosa-hen v28
5 19 821 821 1 Fukigen na Mononokean v2
6 31 650 650 1 Dragonball Super v4
7 33 632 632 1 Naruto Shippuuden: Jiraiya Ninpou-chou – Naruto Gouketsu Monogatari v5
8 35 75 553 60,653 14 Youkai Watch Movie 2: Enma Daiou to Itsutsu no Monogatari da Nyan!
9 40 17 527 2,081 2 Bungou Stray Dogs v4
11 47 66 494 72,023 117 Tonari no Totoro (2014 re-release)
13 54 16 467 2,115 2 Tsukiuta v1
14 55 6 461 3,546 2 Servamp v1
15 62 22 433 8,525 3 ONE PIECE Log Collection: Caesar. Crown
17 65 10 414 2,423 2 Mob Psycho 100 v1
19 74 386 386 1 Musaigen no Phantom World v7
20 76 368 7,182 14 Kotonoha no Niwa
21 83 336 336 1 Pripara Season2 v13
22 89 319 319 1 World Trigger v20
23 96 14 304 2,029 2 Kuroko no Basuke Winter Cup Soushuuhen v1
24 98 300 11,159 9 Doraemon: Shin Nobita no Nippon Tanjou
25 62 291 4,271 3 Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE! LOVE! v1
26 270 270 1 Amaama to Inazumi v1
27 35 226 1,129 2 Masou Gakuen HxH v1
30 21 211 1,645 2 Macross Delta v3
154 154 1 Hakuouki Movie DVD Box
132 132 1 Pripara Season3 v1

Other releases (concerts etc)
16 1 998 9,619 2 Gintama Hare Matsury 2016 (kari)
23 3 750 6,546 2 Love Live! μ's Final LoveLive! μ'sic Forever♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪ Day2
72 5 392 3,672 2 Love Live! μ's Final LoveLive! μ'sic Forever♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪ Day1

2016 10/03 – 10/09 Anime BD List

Anime Rank All Rank Last Rank Week Sales Total Sales #Wks Title
2 6 4,839 71,584 2 Love Live! Sunshine!! v1 LE
3 13 1,895 1,895 1 Musaigen no Phantom World v7
5 17 1,408 1,408 1 Arslan Senki: Fuujin Ranbu v2
6 26 984 984 1 Aikatsu Stars! v1
8 43 25 748 3,565 2 Tsukiuta v1
9 46 15 720 5,498 2 B-Project v2
10 47 707 707 1 World Trigger v20
11 49 672 672 1 Dragonball Super v4
12 50 659 659 1 Amaama to Inazumi v1
13 54 629 9,112 2 Macross Delta v3
14 55 601 601 1 Fukigen na Mononokean v2
15 56 26 595 3,408 2 Masou Gakuen HxH v1
16 57 19 580 4,220 2 Mob Psycho 100 v1
17 58 27 545 3,338 2 Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 3rei!! v1
18 60 7 532 7,665 2 Joker Game v2
19 61 29 519 3,022 2 Film Collections Box Final Fantasy XV
20 62 5 517 8,554 2 Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu v4
64 43 504 1,971 2 Bungou Stray Dogs v4
68 11 485 6,201 2 New Game! v1
70 14 478 5,283 2 planetarian: Chiisana Hoshi no Yume
72 16 460 5,221 2 Accel World: Infinite Burst LE
76 12 435 6,118 2 Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken Diamond wa Kudakenai v4
78 228 427 2,374 4 Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo
82 158 380 26,882 70 Kotonoha no Niwa
84 10 378 6,349 2 High School Fleet v4
87 368 368 1 Kiznaiver v5
88 18 366 4,037 2 Dangan Ronpa 3: The End of Kibougamine Gakuen v1
91 88 356 981 6 Kumo no Mukou, Yakusoku on Basho
96 344 344 1 Hakuouki Movie Box
97 122 337 6,367 5 Hibike! Euphonium: Kitauji Koukou Suisougaku e Youkoso
308 308 1 Ookami to Koushinryou 10th Anniversary BD Box
217 217 1 Onii-sama e… BD Box

Other releases (concerts etc)
7 1 4,442 75,627 2 Love Live! μ's Final LoveLive! μ'sic Forever♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪
66 51 498 62,418 7 Love Live! μ's Live Collection
75 22 444 3,916 2 Love Live! μ's Final LoveLive! μ'sic Forever♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪ Day2
85 21 372 3,863 2 YuiKaori Live: Rainbow Canary!! Tour and Nippon Budoukan
105 919 2 Love Live! μ's Final LoveLive! μ'sic Forever♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪ Day1


Looks like we are getting some (very partial) 101-300 leaks again. Dunno what criteria the leaker is using to determine which ones to report. But appears only to be wk1 titles at least.

Summer update:
Amaama v1 sells 659/270, total 929. Can’t calculate over/underestimation because Stalker missed the non-Amazon editions (which is becoming a worrying trend actually). Keep in mind this also has a DVD/BD box coming out in November containing the whole series, so its sales are split between singles and the box.

Arslan s2 v2 sells 1408/1085, total 2,493.

Mononokean v2 sells 601/821, total 1,422. Down 33.3% from v1wk1.

B-Project v2 adds 720/1190, total 13,030.

LL Sunshine v1 adds 4839, total 71,751. BD-only release. Not sure if stock issues, but while wk1 was 81% of LLS2 v1wk1, this is only 32% of LLS2 v1wk2, so less than a third. Or looked at it another way, maybe this isn’t stock issues, but LLS2 wk1 was.

New Game! v1 adds 485 BDs, total 6,937. Good v1 total overall, but really crappy wk2 considering how wk1 did. I hope it’s just stock issues (though I don’t see any signs of that) because this just feels way too front-loaded. With a wk1 like it had it should theoretically be pushing almost 8k total. Though that would be easier with a wk2 DVD in the extended rankings, if those were still a thing.

Mob Psycho v1 adds 580/414, total 6,643.

Boueibu s2 v1 adds 291 DVDs, total 6,285.

Tsukiuta v1 adds 748/467, total 5,680.

planetarian adds 478, total 5,283. BD-only one-shot release.

Servamp v1 adds 461 DVDs, total 5,091.

Masou Gakuen v1 adds 595/226, total 4,537.

Dangan Ronpa 3 v1 adds 366 BD, total 4,037.

Illya s4 v1 adds 545 BDs, total 3,676.

Spring update:
Kiznaiver v5 sells 368 BDs, DVDs do not rank.

Pan de Peace v2, final volume, sells 324. BD-only release. Series average: 353.

Delta v3 adds 629/211, total 10,757. Much smaller wk2 than the other event ticket vol (v1) so it’ll be a stretch to catch it despite the nearly identical wk1.

Re:Zero v4 adds 517 BDs, total 9,624. Expected, but way smaller wk2 this time, half or less of the first three volumes. This was inevitable after wk1 started so high (8037 vs 5577 for v1! And even significantly above 7118 for v3) but it’s still only ~300 behind v3’s total and could reach 10k. The series still won’t maintain a 10k average but 9k seems doable.

Jojo pt4 v4 adds 435 BDs, total 7,843.

Joker Game v2, final volume, adds 532 BDs, total 7,665. Series average: 8,378. Again, it has a DVD single left but it’s unlikely to rank, as almost all the sames went into the BD boxes.

Haifuri v4 adds 378 BDs, total 7,326.

Stray Dogs v4 adds 504/527, total 4,052.

Past seasons:
Phantom World v7, final volume, sells 1895/386, total 2,281. Series average: 2,166.

World Trigger v20, final volume, sells 707/319, total 1,026. Series average: 1,351.

OVAs, Movies, Boxsets etc:
Ookami to Koushinryou BD Box sells 308. Not impressive, but this series has been re-released a number of times. S1 BD box, S1-2 DVD box, and two S1-2 BD boxes now. S1’s re-release total is 6,699 which compared very favorably to its 8,958 singles average. S2’s re-release total is 3,377 which is also a good proportion of its 5,073 singles sales. All in all this show had some solid staying power. All told S1’s disc gross is over ¥500m and s2 is over ¥250m.

Onii-sama e… BD Box sells 217.

Eupho Movie adds 337 BDs, total 6,809 in wk5, meaning it added 249 in wk4.

Accel World Movie adds 460 LE BDs, total 6,560.

Kurobas Winter Cup v1 adds 384 DVDs, total 4,228.

Upcoming Releases for 2016 10/10 – 10/16 Anime DVD List
2016/10/12 Boku no Hero Academia v5
2016/10/12 Clock Zero: Juuen no Ichibyou WatchOver
2016/10/12 orange v2
2016/10/12 Sansha Sanyou v5
2016/10/14 Fudanshi Koukou Seikatsu
2016/10/14 Osomatsu-san Special Event FesOsomatsu ’16

28 Responses to “2016 10/03 – 10/09 Weekly Sales List”

  1. something says:

    Rather disappointed in New Game v1wk2 not even making the prelims. I don’t know if it had stock issues (my internet is being crap right now and I can only access a couple websites, including this one) but from 5716/736 wk1 to sub-517/211? Wouldn’t be unheard of, but it’s pretty damn weak. It ranked about where I’d expect on 10/03 (ahead of Planetarian and Haifuri, but below Joker Game) and then disappeared from the rest of the week. true, Haifuri didn’t make these prelims either with a slightly higher wk1 but that’s also v4 of Haifuri and is expected to be more front-loaded than a v1.

    I really hope it’s just below the cutoff and had a strong wk3. It needs a solid v1 to get a 5k average.

    Edit: Looking at all other v1wk1 BDs between 5500 and 6000 (18 including New Game), median wk2 is 1014 and average is 954. One (Yosuga no Sora) did not rank but it also came out at Christmas so thresholds were high (though v2+ had small wk2s as well). A wk2 BD of even 516, right below the cutoff, would be the third-smallest in the group, maybe 2nd smallest.

    • red says:

      is it possible to get the rest of the rankings?

      • something says:

        Meaning what, specifically? Everything relevant to this site (anime) is listed. The Top 30/50 lists released on Tuesday (like the Top 100 lists on Thursday) also include live action and stuff that wouldn’t be reported here. That’s why you see gaps in the numbers.

        • red says:

          i meant like when one bd didn’t show up but was rank 23. something like that.

          • something says:

            #23 by which rank, animation rank or general rank?

            On Tuesday we get BD Animation Top 20 / BD All Top 30, and DVD Animation Top 30 / DVD All Top 50. “Anime Rank” column comes from the Animation list, while All Rank comes from the comprehensive lists that cover everything, including live action. Typically the Animation-specific lists cover more anime than the All lists, because they have lower thresholds.

            On Thursday (or Friday) we get the full lists, which will have additional items that were below the Tuesday thresholds.

            I list everything here that meets the criteria to be included on this site. For example, #1 on BD this week was Zootopia, but that’s not relevant to an anime site, so I leave it out.

            So if you don’t see a disc listed here, that means one of three things:
            1. It didn’t make the ranking cut-off, or
            2. Only the preliminary lists are out and the full lists will come out later in the week, or
            3. It’s not something I track (i.e. not anime)

            Sometimes I might leave something out by accident but I think it’s pretty rare and I usually end up catching it.

    • David says:

      Hello. Thank you for the list. May I ask how many copies sell in w2 and the following weeks can be considered as “good tail”? (For example, w2’s sales is 30% of w1’s sales and w3’s sales is 20% of w2’s sales; or w2’s sales is around 1000 copies and so on). Thank you!
      (P/S: sorry for my English. It’s not my native language)

      • something says:

        It can vary a lot due to things like stock shortfall in wk1, reporting thresholds, DVD/BD format % split, and so on. The farther back you go, the less comprehensive the reporting is and the harder it was for shows to make the rankings in their second week.

        So I looked at all shows that aired in 2013 to present. I then removed any discs that did not rank in its second week. removed a few other releases with various format complications that made them hard to count. That left 2,313 applicable discs. 585 DVDs, 1,728 BDs.

        There’s a lot of variation, but the % of sales for all volumes going to wk1 is:
        DVD (n=585) = 82.6% median, 81.0% average
        BD (n=1728) = 85.7% median, 84.0% average

        In other words, on average less than a fifth of sales happen in wk2+.

        If we look at just Vol. 1s, which usually have longer tails than subsequent volumes:
        DVD v1s (n=151) = 79.9% median, 78.1% average
        BD v1s (n=354) = 80.7% median, 78.6% average

        The numbers change, but not by a ton. In both cases, DVDs are slightly less front-loaded than BDs, but DVDs are also significantly less likely to get a second week of ranking so it’s difficult to compare. Because this data only takes into account shows with wk2s that sold well enough to make the rankings, it’s also skewed because of that.

        And of course, this is all based on Oricon reports. If a disc sells some amount below their reporting threshold, we simply don’t get that data. Their reports will therefore be biased towards weeks in which more discs sell – i.e. the first week, naturally. The real numbers of wk1 vs wk2+ will be less wk1 biased, but we have no way to determine by how much.

        So I’d say, very very rough ballpark, that 4/5ths of sales come in wk1, 1/5th come in wks 2+. But many discs never get wk2+ sales reported, and while it sits around 80% in aggregate, most discs fall somewhere between the large range of 60% and 90% wk1. Anything outside that range is uncommon. Only 32 discs were >90% and 28 discs were <60% out of 2,313 total.

        As for what's a "good" tail, then, I'd say anything that amounts to noticeably more than 20% of the volume's total sales. New Game, for example, "should" reach about 7,200 BDs v1 based on how the aggregate of recent BD v1s perform, but that seems highly unlikely with its weak wk2, unless it makes up serious ground in wk3+.

        • Hahalollawl says:

          Would something like an event ticket typically skew sales towards a heavy week 1?

          • hpulley says:

            Some event tickets have a VERY tight application deadline and for them there can be a heavy sales skew. A few event ticket lotteries have had less than a week to apply so buying the disc in week 2 means you missed your chance. I’m not sure if something has any actual evidence of this as it would require research into the details of the tickets which can be difficult to find.

            The reason for the quick event application period is often because they want to put the event coverage on a later volume as a bonus. In a 6 volume series there isn’t much time to have a ticket from v1 have the lottery, sell the tickets, hold the event, edit the video and manufacture V6 just a few months later.

          • something says:

            I’ve no good way to measure it, but I suppose it would depend on how far away the event application deadline is. As far as I know, submitting your codes early doesn’t give you an advantage in getting picked in the lottery so there isn’t necessarily a rush unless the deadline is very soon after release of the disc.

            On the other hand if you don’t buy wk1 and there’s bad stock issues, you might miss the deadline, so it’s probably worth securing the disc as early as you can anyway. At the very least, it can’t hurt.

            My gut instinct is that there’s not a statistically significant difference in tails between ticket and non-ticket volumes, and if there were it would be very hard to prove it in isolation from a host of other factors: stock levels, gradual build of interest in the show over time, other extras included with the release, the fact that most tickets are v1s and v1s just naturally have slightly longer tails, the timing of information release about the event itself, so on and so forth.

            • hpulley says:

              Some limited editions only guarantee you will get all the bonus items, especially the ticket, if it is pre-ordered by a certain date. Now, generally most large online retailers will order a large number of pre-orders and you can get one of them after that date (some like Neowing/CDJapan actually tell you how many they have left) but with smaller retailers you may well miss out on getting a ticket if you end up getting a re-stock weeks after release day.

              • something says:

                True, though I feel like this is exceptionally rare nowadays. Anything listed in the item description, you’re going to get, more or less indefinitely so long as the item is listed as for sale. Actual limited first press bonuses tend to be store-exclusive bonuses, which event tickets aren’t.

                At least this is the case with stuff I’ve bought.

        • hpulley says:

          What is a good tail anyway? I think ideally they would sell all copies on pre-release and release day or in the first week in the very least. That would indicate effective, successful marketing, manufacturing and distribution. For sales in Japan most people will get the show the first week as they get free Amazon shipping so they don’t need to do things we do like combining orders at the end of the month to save on costs. So why do people in Japan (which are the only sales Oricon tracks) buy the show the second week rather than the first? Are there any good reasons or just failures of marketing, manufacturing and distribution which prevented people from knowing the release was available until they saw the sales results; or stopped them from getting it the first week due to lack of stock?

          I’m trying to think of good reasons but I can only think of bad ones for that “good tail”. The really rare cases of a super long tail of V1 and later volumes with higher sales represents a failure to hook those customers early. Episode 13 of a two-cour show shouldn’t be the one which makes them buy V1 with episode 1 which was solicited months before.

          Certainly for later volumes I can’t think of good reasons for a long tail. People really should know about the series by then, they should know when it comes out and the stock issues should be settled as well, based upon sales of V1 unless they messed up the marketing and somehow the interest goes up later.

          • something says:

            When I talk about a “good tail” it’s purely in relative terms. If wk1 sales are bad, and a “good tail” only brings the total up to “mediocre”, yes obviously that’s worse than wk1 being “great” to start with even if its wk2+ sales suck. No argument there.

            Therefore I mean it’s “good” relative to the reality of what the show happened to sell in the first week. It’s good compared to other discs that might have the same first week sales but a smaller tail and thus less total discs sold overall.

            So, if Mob Psycho ends up with higher sales than New Game thanks to a longer tail, despite a somewhat lower wk1, then the Mob Psycho publisher will certainly have reason be happy about the good tail. Might they have preferred to get all those sales right away? Perhaps. I’m sure there are arguments as to why spreading out revenue might be preferable (it can help shore up lean times later on, maybe?) but that’s just not the reality of the market, so I’m not basing my evaluations on it.

            As for why people wait until wk2+: well, most people don’t, as we see! For those that do, maybe their next paycheck didn’t clear in time. Maybe they were buying a couple shows together and wanted to order them at once. Maybe the shop they use doesn’t offer free S&H and they wanted to bundle. Maybe the disc came out before the show ended and they wanted to wait until then to decide (I’ve done this! Endings are incredibly important). Maybe they wanted to buy B&M and were simply too busy to head over to Animate or whatnot in the opening week.

            • hpulley says:

              I’ve always been surprised by the reverse: that more people DON’T wait for the show to finish before buying the first volume but it seems 90% of the time the Japanese buyers get it in the first week or two even if the show hasn’t finished. So when they don’t pre-order it, I wonder why.

        • David says:

          Wow, thank you very much for your detailed answer! I just start interested in anime sale recently so your analysis help me a lot. Thanks!

  2. John says:

    So in the end, who will be taking the cake for spring, ‘Delta’ or ‘ReZero’? Or is there another surprise upset looming in the background?

    • Progeusz says:

      Re:zero with yearly list.

      • something says:

        Yeah, this is my guess. While in the end it’s following the normal ‘each volume sells less than the one before” pattern despite wk1 increases, at least it’s *getting* those wk1 increases, which is keeping the drops pretty small. I’m not sure that Delta’s second event ticket is shaping up to be enough to keep it over Re:Zero, but both should manage to keep ahead of Joker Game. So that seems to me like how it’ll shake out:

        1. Re:Zero
        2. Macross Delta
        3. Joker Game
        4. Haifuri probably?

        Barring a *third* event ticket for Delta, I think it’ll be close but Re:Zero by a meaningful margin.

        And all of them below 10k because lol spring. Sigh.

        • Progeusz says:

          Yeah. Depending on the drop Macross has a chance of staying above Re:zero for now but Re:zero will almost certainly pass Delta with yearlies (by the way this would be unthinkable before the season or even during it. Macross despite selling theoretically very well has at the same time quite disappointing performance while Re:zero managed to keep good portion of the steadily growing hype, even if not all of it). 10k average could happen then too for Re:zero but as you say, not in normal way.

        • Ejc says:

          Turns out that Macross Delta has another event ticket on Vol.4:

          I think it’s really destined for 10K average…

          • something says:

            Hm. I think it’ll still be tight considering v3’s event ticket might only get to about 11.5k. So presumably no more than that for v4. That leaves it needing very small drops from v2 for v5-9. Well, unless a FOURTH event ticket gets added.

  3. something says:

    Updated with the full list. I’ll check the per-series and NT monthly rankings tonight.

  4. something says:

    Additions from the per-series ranking for the week of 2016-09-26:

    B-Project v1 = 16,498 current
    • 11,340 total minus 11,120 (v2wk1) = 220 v1wk5
    • Split it 110 each between DVD and BD. We have wk1-3 and 5 for this disc, missing wk4.

    From NT Monthly:

    Haikyuu!! s2 v8 adds 374 BDs, total 12,348 (Series average: 14,436)
    Macross Delta v3 adds 175 BDs, total 9,477
    High School Fleet v3 adds 126 BDs, total 8,068
    Jojo Pt 4 adds 291 BDs, total 8,052
    G Tekketsu v9 adds 280 BDs, total 7,515 (Series average: 9,132)

  5. something says:

    The current urisure archive is getting unreliable. Takes days to update, sometimes doesn’t include the per-series or monthly rankings, and I’m even seeing that sign of impending doom for any website: spam comments that don’t get quickly removed. There’s that Chinese forum which serves as a decent backup and is a lot faster than urisure archive, and I’ve been providing it in the [Alternate] links lately, but it’s harder to use for me. Partly because I can’t navigate Chinese the way I can Japanese but also because the format is just less well structured.

    So I’ve been trying a little more often to follow the super fast moving JP sales threads and grab the txt file when it’s up. But since this happens at some random point on Thursday or Friday, in the middle of my work day, and the window before the file is taken down is very short, I often can’t catch it.

    This week I did manage (it finally came out on Friday) and used it when I did the update. I’ve also now linked it in an unlisted pastebin for the [Alternate] link above.

    If any of you also stalk the JP threads, tossing the txt file into an unlisted pastebin and leaving the link in a comment here would be -super rad-. But I’ll continue to try, when I can, to grab the file myself.

    If you’re wondering how we get the weekly txt file:
    1. Go here on the day the file comes out, usually early Thursday night or early Friday morning JST: http://refugee-chan.mobi/urisure/
    2. Periodically ctrl+f the latest threads (you can click 全部 to see all posts in a thread) for the text “axfc“.
    3. If you find a hit, it should be the link to the temporary file hosting service where the file is stored. Might also be some text mentioning “ウィ” for “wee(kly)”.
    4. Follow the link and click through one or two more pages (in the text portion on the right not the links on the left) until you get to the page where it finally lets you download the file. Since there’s no active link right now I can’t show example screenshots but I think you’ll figure it out. If there’s no link it’s already expired.
    5. If you do get it, go to http://pastebin.com and paste it all in with Exposure = Unlisted.

    Then let us know what the link is! The more people we have looking for this file the less reliant we have to do on the somewhat questionable urisure archive.

    • Ejc says:

      The Chinese forum thread was also late, but here it is: http://tieba.baidu.com/p/4822118318

      All you need to do is search for “名作之壁” in the box at the top, to find some sales related stuff. Just figured that out, but i’m not Chinese so I don’t know what that means, lol.

      • something says:

        I’ve just been searching on the date, like “2016/10/17付”, which generally finds it. Looks like they messed with the format this week tho and added spaces.

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