1999 and Earlier, Average Sales (including re-releases)

Just a quick notice that the 1999 and Earlier, Average Sales (including re-releases) ranking has been redone. Before it only covered 10k+ sellers, based on really old Livedoor urisure lists. But as Ejc noted, the JP DVD/BD Wiki has a second site that covers available information for anime before 2000.

So now I’ve grabbed all the data from there and tossed it in a simplified version of the Quick View. Note that in the process I decided to remove a couple 1998-1999 series from my main spreadsheet, so they’ll disappear from the 2000-Present Quick View at the next Ranking Summary update and can be found in the 1999 and earlier list now. Affected series are:
• Aa Megami-sama Chicchaitte Koto wa Benri da ne
• Juubei-chan Lovely Gantai no Himitsu
• Koutetsu Tenshi Kurumi
• Neo Ranga
• Seikai no Monshou
• Taiho Shichau zo Special
• The Big O

Note the following caveats added to that page:

Note: The source for this data is http://dvdbd2.wiki.fc2.com/, and I’ve not independently verified it – but DVDBD wiki can be trusted and the numbers are very close to the old numbers I had when I just listed 10k+ series here. This is not every show before 2000. Just anything DVDBD Wiki has listed.

Note: I didn’t really investigate each show to see if it met my usual inclusion criteria. There’s a lot of kids shows and mainstream gag shows I’d normally not include but since it’s not like I’ll be keeping this list updated, I really just looked for romanized titles and animation studios, and nothing else. As for stuff I removed, that was just a small number (~5?) of irrelevant kids shows that I couldn’t find info on.

Note: Don’t try to compare pre-1999 series to 2000-present series. Different companies were tracking sales, across different formats, in very different times. The shows below are a mix of VHS, LD, and DVD sales, with re-releases being any format.

Note: “0” does not mean exactly 0, it means that no volumes ranked in any format. 0 is used to improve results when sorting.

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  1. Primadog says:

    Great update, thanks for taking the time to revise the pre-1999 list!

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