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Regarding when you should expect to see this site updated, I’ll follow roughly this schedule:

Tuesday, 3-4AM EST (UTC-4/5) – Preliminary DVD30/50 + BD20/20 ranking, new post. This is very consistent, except around the holidays when Oricon skips a week.

Thursday, night EST – Full weekly DVD100 + BD100 ranking, editing previous post (so no bump). This can take until Friday; it depends when the data is released. Sometimes it’s not available at all on Thursdays, occasionally it even takes until the weekend, but Thursday is most common. Obviously if the initial ful list doesn’t come out until Friday, this would happen Friday evening instead. I usually get to it after I get home from work, whichever day it is.

Weekend, any time – Whole set of rankings updated as appropriate (seasonal vol 1s, yearly averages, yearly per-volume, series quick view, BD boxes), at some point over the weekend when I have time. This will go in a new post, with a summary of links to everything I updated that day. Lately I’ve been doing this every two weeks instead of weekly, mostly due to being tired and lazy.

I will also do some unscheduled posts if I just want to talk about something I’ve observed and or find interesting or noteworthy.

Mid-year rankings tend to come out in late June or early July. Full yearly rankings come out late January. Monthly rankings come out near the end of each month and go in the ranking summary posts.

General Discussion
Also, since I don’t see any reason to set up a forum just for sales discussion, I think we can use this post as a catch-all for any sales-related comments you have that don’t fit in one of the specific posts.

Comments on daily rankings, comments on preorder rankings, general questions, that sort of thing.

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  1. something says:

    Just a heads up to those haven’t checked the weekly post again, Oricon issued a correction for YOI, bumping it to 50k. lol.

  2. Hahalollawl says:

    As someone who hopes streaming can make up for a decline in disc sales I’m not sure how to feel about Amazon Strike…anyone have any opinions? Good idea or no? Planning to buy it? Think it will make money for producers?

    • something says:

      Of course it’ll be terrible. And the fact that they’re charging extra for it on top of Prime all but guarantees (at least in the US) that it’ll be a failure. The faster it fails, the better. The staggered roll-outs, sitting on licenses, terrible quality, it’s a mess. I just worry about all the shows they’ll take down with them in the process.

      • AholePony says:

        I agree. I did a double take when I saw it was in addition to Prime. I’m still trying to figure out what the $5/month goes to…. a bigger selection walled off? That sets a pretty scary precedent. Anime $5/mo, Movies $5/mo, Sitcoms $5/mo, News $5/mo….. plus almost $10/mo for Prime…..and we just are back to Cable again. Are they going to remove anime titles that Prime already has and give them to Strike? That would make it even worse!

        • something says:

          It really amazing that it’s 2017 and there’s still literally only one companies that knows jack shit about how to do anime streaming. I wish Amazon and friends would just stick to catalog titles and leave simulcasting alone (or better yet, just get out of the business).

  3. AL says:

    It’s funny when you think about it – most shows (like 80% of it) struggles to surpass 10K per vol, while each year there’s always one or two show that surpass 35K or even 50K

    HOW did this happen…

    • something says:

      It happens in all media really. Look at manga, or games, or music.

      Or, hell, income distribution in wealthy capitalist countries.

      There’s always a tip top that takes a wildly disproportionate amount of resource relative to the rest.

  4. something says:

    Still waiting for the full Top 300 before I put up a post, but for those keeping track, the yearly lists are currently as follows:

    All-Genre Top 100: [link]
    • DVD threshold at #89 (#17 Animation) is 22,919
    • BD threshold at #99 (#37 Animation) is 20,953

    Animation Top 50: [link]
    • DVD threshold at #50 Animation is 6,713
    • BD threshold at #50 Animation is 14,917

    We still need more comprehensive lists before we get anywhere near seeing if series like Re:Zero or Delta add enough to hold onto 10ks.

  5. Guest says:

    but what’s happened to getsuyobi no tawawa sales?

  6. Progeusz says:

    I was waiting with this post and it payed off.
    Granblue Fantasy has taken spots #1, 2, 3 and 9 on amazon. All three tops spots belong to a series with just one episode that won’t air more until April.
    The power of mobage extras is real.

    • something says:

      Yeah, Kancolle and Tourabu didn’t pack in special game codes as far as I know so it’ll be interesting to see how much mileage GBF gets out of this.

  7. Anon says:

    Every volume of BanG Dream will have event (concert?) tickets. It’s not something new (iirc Asterisk did it too) but I think it’ll be a first for a music/idol anime.

  8. something says:


    Bumped to the top now that I’ve looked through the per-series yearlies.

  9. Anonymous says:


    Overall revenue down 6.2% but unit sales up by 0.7%… more people waiting and buying stuff on sale?

    • homu says:

      This is all physical media, not anime only.

      • something says:

        And rather than waiting for sales, would probably be more a matter of declining prices. (Not that we’ve seen too much of that in anime.) Or some really big mainstream films which have lower price points. Such numbers really need to be broken out by genre/industry segment to be useful tho. Late night anime for example is a very different market from kids movies or live action dramas or concert discs.

  10. ried says:

    I just got an e-mail from CDJapan that Avex Pictures is restricting exports on BD/DVDs and CDs. Which is… bwuh? Any ideas on what could’ve lead to this? Also, I have some of their titles on non-cancellable preorders to be sent to a forwarding address and I’m a bit worried if those may cause problems.

    • Yaoi-Senpai says:

      Wha……..it’s real? I thought people were joking about it. Sorry to hear this, not sure why Avex did it tho :(

    • ayumi says:

      I wonder why they’ve come to this conclusion? That is so strange. Oversea sales are probably around 500-800 copies. That’s a lot of money.

      • Yaoi-Senpai says:

        Exactly, that’s a bit shame that they did this. :(
        Not sad for myself, I purchase anime from Funimation mostly, so I can wait, but I’m sad because my friends who purchased the first volume of YOI can’t purchase the other. I hope Avex change their minds about it.

        • ayumi says:

          It’s so bizarre. The only reason I can think of is, stock issues. They want to sell to Japanese people as a priority. Maybe too many international fans were buying the merchs and it went out of stock too quickly. Who knows. I wonder if other companies will follow.

          • Yaoi-Senpai says:

            I see, it’s better for us to wait and see what’s the problem. If it’s a stock issue, then that’s okay, but If the problem is that they don’t want to sell it to non-Japanese people, then that’s a bad thing.

    • something says:

      Here’s my rundown of it: https://curiouscat.me/somekindofthing/post/103515862

      It’s obnoxious and awful and I fucking hate Avex for this. If I ever see a comment about them whining about piracy I will just laugh. I want to support Takyuu Musume, and they just aren’t allowing it. I’m expecting a cancellation of my HMV order for the remaining volumes any minute now.

      It’s unlikely YOI, or any anime, drove the decision. Yes it has international appeal, but very few of those people will or can buy the untranslated Japanese BDs. It was very likely their huge musical acts that drove the decision, and it was aimed at the East Asian market rather than North America/Europe.

      They just took the nuclear option to “fix” it rather than applying any kind of selective export ban. It’s lazy and shitty.

      • something says:

        By the way, CDJapan will honor all orders placed up until 6PM JST today. They’re expensive (they charge full MSRP) but if you want YOI and aren’t 100% sure you can find another retailer that’ll ship it, GET THOSE ORDERS IN. You have less than 15 hours from the time I post this.

        I just ordered Takkyuu Musume v3-6 from them. I’ll probably cancel my HMV order (my previous backup when Amazon cancelled) since I have no idea if they’ll honor it. And then feel like a chump if I find out that they would have honored it too (and saved me a lot of money). Better safe than sorry for my precious gay table tennis playing girls tho.

        • ayumi says:

          I just saw the Real Time Ranking on CDJapan and all Top 10 are YOI related lol!

          This AVEX thing is so ridiculous, I can’t believe it’s real.

      • something says:

        Here’s a bit more detail on the Avex thing courtesy of ultimatemegax on sakugabooru: https://blog.sakugabooru.com/2017/02/14/avex-pictures-and-music-import-restrictions/

        I personally don’t buy the idea that retailer product classification limitations are the deciding factor behind Avex employing a nuclear option rather than a targeted strike against the products they actually care about. Even if it were Avex’s official excuse, it’d be an incredibly piss-poor one and desperately short-sighted.

        But that aside the post adds more background on how Avex is structured internationally and what they’ve been up to lately. And it further emphasizes that this likely has nothing to do with anime, because Avex doesn’t even own the overseas rights to most of the shows they publish in Japan. This is true for YOI as well, and thus Avex wouldn’t be as susceptible to getting bullied into restricting exports by international licensors like Funimation.

        So it’s all about the darned idols, as usual.

        In the end, my opinion remains “Fuck Avex“. The only thing I can do is hope that this hurts their bottom line and they change their minds, because money is the only language these companies speak.

        • ried says:

          Man, this sucks big time. And it’s not like it’s a foolproof solution – really dedicated fans will just use proxies/forwarders anyway (like I’m already doing to grab some bonuses). I hope those idols fans will raise hell about this, if they’re the ones Avex is mainly trying to target.

          • something says:

            The only way this changes is if those fans just don’t buy the locally released editions. Eventually Avex will need to either 1) fix whatever is wrong and make those editions appealing to the majority or 2) give in and release the restrictions. The worst outcome would be that this actually works, and more distributors follow suit.

            I’m all for supporting the companies that pony up the funds that make our favorite things possible (as my monthly import posts attest I’m sure). But that absolutely does not mean they’re beyond criticism when they make illogical moves that hurt consumers and limit consumer choice in a misguided attempt to apply a lazy fix to what they perceive to be a problem. I am entirely in favor of an outcome where Avex loses money as a result of this.

            • ried says:

              Yeah, I really hope this doesn’t set a precedent for other distributors and misfires spectacularly on them. But now there’s the awkward situation of wanting to say “Fuck Avex” but not wanting to screw over the productions you do like in the process, bleh. Speaking of which, is there a handy list somewhere of publishers for each show this season? I hope they’re not handling some of the things I was planning to import D:

              • something says:

                Hm I add publishers and distributors to my sales spreadsheet, but only once the first volume comes out so I haven’t done Winter yet.

                Your best bet is Kinokuniya. They’re the most dilligent retailer I’ve seen in terms of capturing both disc publisher and disc distributor.

                If you start here: https://www.kinokuniya.co.jp/disp/CSfDispListPage_001.jsp?sort=01&ptk=05&qs=true&prd-sub-ger=an1

                And just search for the title you want, in Japanese (just copy/paste it from MAL or Wikipedia or something), then open the first DVD/BD you see for it. The publisher and distributor will be listed on the left-hand side below the cover photo as 発売元 (publisher) and 販売元 (distributor).

                What you don’t want to see is some variation of “エイベックス” in the second spot, “販売元”.

                Many times 発売元 and 販売元 are different companies, but Avex often plays both roles, for example on YOI. In other cases, they’re just the distributor, such as on Takkyuu Musume (FuRyu is the publisher). But either way if they’re the distributor, you’re very likely out of luck. I haven’t seen any cases where they’re publisher but not distributor. I don’t know if such a show would be restricted, if that ever happened.

                Thankfully, nothing I’m considering for Winter is Avex:

                Urara Meirochou (うらら迷路帖) = NBC Universal
                Gabriel Dropout (ガヴリールドロップアウト) = Kadokawa
                Little Witch Academia (リトル ウィッチ アカデミア) = Touhou
                Minami Kamakura Koukou Joshi Jitensha-bu (南鎌倉高校女子自転車部) = Touei

                Nyanko Days isn’t solicited yet, so I’m not sure who is distributing it but I’m guessing it’s Kadokawa since they’re involved.

                • ried says:

                  Ah thanks, that’s a handy link. Nice to hear that about LWA, and ACCA is by Bandai Visual so thats 2/2 safe for me, phew. Still, who knows what Spring will bring.

    • AnimePhoenix says:

      This is just awful. And if this really is because of idols, boy bands and the like, that makes this even worse. I was thinking of importing YOI DVDs at one point, now I’m so glad I didn’t and am just sticking to merch and magazines.

      I seriously hope this doesn’t work out for Avex and then other companies follow suit.

  11. Blue mouser says:

    And at CD Japan guess which products in the Real Time Ranking section are in the top 5 spots? Why it’s YOI Blu Ray discs, volumes 6,5,4,3 and YOI soundtrack, respectively. And spots 6-11? YOI DVD 5,6 then YOI Blu Ray 2 and 1, then YOI calendar and lastly YOI DVD 4.

    On Amiami? Most Viewed Ranking for DVD? Spots 2 3 4 are taken by YOI 6, 5, 3. Blu ray rankings 3 and 5 are YOI 6 and 5, respectively. Unlike CD Japan, on Amiami YOI does not really show up in the DVD rankings and especially not the Blu ray rankings very much if at all except for Volume 1. Looks like Avex announcement pushed up interest. Don’t know what it transfers to in sales of course but interesting none the less.

    I like CD Japan they are expensive but have never had problems getting anime related media or products in a timely manner. Sad that this announcement will affect them. So yeah bought the last 3 BD volume. Although never got the email from them. I’m don’t buy a lot from them but still. Felt slightly offended for some odd reason

  12. Cyssa says:

    Okay, I’m confused now. I just saw on a website called JpopAsia that Avex’s restriction will be specifically for Avex Pictures products: animation. Products related to the musical part will not be affected, which was the most likely reason for the restriction. So I’m wondering, what the hell is going on? Why restrict animation exports only? I seriously don’t understand! Is the information on this site reliable?

    Here’s the link http://www.jpopasia.com/feed/20529/avex-music-releases-unaffected-by-export-ban/

    • something says:

      Yea the news has been changing rapidly and the original reports of a company-wide ban (like CDJapan initially described it and how Amazon initially enforced it) seem to be incorrect. Or Avex changed their minds. It seems that it’s only for that division after all.

      Which still does me no good, fuckin’ Avex.

      • hpulley says:

        So mostly due to Funimation or are localized anime discs big in China? I thought they printed bootleg copies like crazy and no one bought them there. I’m very confused. I hope the big spike of orders at CDJapan on the last day makes them think twice but I won’t hold my breath.

        • something says:

          Not that I’d put *any* shitty move past localization companies, but it’s just so ludicrous to think that imports could mean anything to the likes of a Funimation or Sentai. They surely sell more discs reverse imported into Japan than there are North Americans buying from Japan. So while it could be that, because nothing they do necessarily makes sense, I just cannot conceive of a universe where it’s truly an issue.

          As for the Asian market, I’m not sure what it’s like there.

          Unfortunately, there’s no way there’s a good reason behind this, whatever the reason is. Every potential reason anyone has floated is misguided self-defeating bullshit. Which, unfortunately, doesn’t preclude any of them from being right. “Misguided self-defeating bullshit” seems to be something they teach in Business Management 101.

    • ried says:

      IMO this makes it just weirder. Worrying that international versions of CDs can’t compete with Japanese versions sounded reasonable since the CD prices presumably won’t be much different, but Japanese-version anime BD/DVDs are so much more expensive I can’t believe imports will be taking much away from sales of international versions. At any rate I still want this whole clusterfuck to backfire on them.

  13. liana01 says:

    I got a reply from Avex about the ban this is what I got
    Dear Customers.

    We are tremendously grateful as ever for your support.
    Sorry for taking time to get back to you . The following is our reply to your question.

    Due to availability for export of our product to overseas, we, Avex Pictures must clearly classify those products that can and cannot be sold overseas. We pass on such instructions to our dealerships, including online distributors; however, there are cases where some dealers misidentify the classifications in question. In such cases, we call upon them to correct the situation as soon as we find out.

    Please understand that we can only surmise that the product you have indicated to us is not available for sale overseas due to the above. Thus, we would like you to know that we have not suddenly banned the overseas sales of product, but rather it is one of those products that from the start was never meant to be available for sale overseas, and the dealership concerned has just recently made the necessary correction.

    Please also note that in view of the needs in other countries for animation content, we are making every effort to acquire the distribution rights for sales overseas.

    We look forward to your continued support of our products and wish you all the best.

    Best regards

    Content Sales & Marketing Div.
    Avex Pictures Inc.

    • something says:

      Wow, they are either clueless about their own ban, or they lied to your face. I recommend you follow up, and point out that there’s no way every retailer simultaneously “misclassified” their DVD/BDs. This absolutely came from Avex itself, not retailers.

      • liana01 says:

        I will try to follow up if I have the free time

      • hpulley says:

        I checked all my Avex pictures products when this happened and none say “for sale only in Japan”, including ones I can no longer order. Some products from other companies actually do say this though I have imported them so it seems that statement didn’t actually mean anything.

    • sakuramochi says:

      CDJapan also published a announce, which said the same things as your Avex’s email.
      I put this link for reference.

      CDJapan – Further Announcement Regarding Avex Pictures

      • something says:

        Avex knew their stuff was being sold overseas, every publisher knows it. And almost certainly every publisher has some nonsense disclaimer somewhere on their products indicating ‘for sale in Japan only’ which they don’t enforce because it’s mind-bogglingly stupid to do so. And it’s shitty for CDJapan to have to make themselves look like the bad guys here.

        Avex is never going to own up to what is really driving their sudden crusade to enforce this. I sincerely hope they never distribute a show I want to import ever again because I hate the idea of giving assholes like that my money.

        And they can be damn sure I’d never support any international versions they might release.

      • Yaoi-Senpai says:

        Well, F*** Avex. I hope they get bankrupt.

        • something says:

          Then you’d likely never get YOI s2. This is the obnoxious part: they can treat us like shit but they control a good chunk of the funding for shows some of us love.

          Granted the only two shows I’ve cared about from them recently (Hanayamata and Takkyuu Musume) sold badly and will never get sequels, so I guess I’ve got less to lose.

          • Yaoi-Senpai says:

            Oh, why? There is no chance for other producers to work with YOI staff?

            And is there any difference between Avex Picture and Avex entertainment?

            • something says:

              Avex was the largest funder of the YOI anime and controls both video and music publication. While there are other companies on the committee, it’s really their baby first and foremost.

              As for Avex Pictures, it’s just the video publication and distribution part of Avex.

              Also their official company mission is “We use film content to provide dreams, hope, courage, and deep impressions to people around the world.” which is cruelly ironic given recent events.

              • Yaoi-Senpai says:

                AHHHHH!!!!! I WANT TO KILL THEM >_<
                It will be awesome if Aniplex was the real producer of YOI, but sadly that won't happen.

                Ugh!! Please don't remind me about what they did. I guess we can't do anything, we should wait for Funimation after 2-3 years :(

  14. something says:

    Mentioned this on twitter but it’s worth repeating here. So we know that items with a high MSRP get heavily penalized on Stalker, because they tend to be Amazon biased and rank higher per given number of units sold. This penalty helps keeps them from getting wildly overestimated. (It can also end up making them underestimated, but better that than overestimated.)

    What isn’t clear is exactly how this penalty works. I used to assume it was just a straight 2/3rds penalty, and that seems to be how it works on average, but the range is really wide. For example, here are the 15 v1 releases in Winter 2017 that fall under the high price penalty:

    While the average of those penalties is 61%, the spread ranges from as little as a 36% reduction for Youjo Senki V1 BD to 82% for the Amazon JP exclusive DVD of Rakugo s2.

    This spreadsheet will give you a sortable view of the data: https://docs.zoho.com/sheet/published.do?rid=1vl7ib0b4d35829a6447988a00209fa0a6c19

    From what I can see, shows with lower estimates get much harsher penalties, relatively speaking. All the penalties over 60% are on discs that wouldn’t have been estimated at 1,000 even without the penalty. But there’s still not a clear correlation.

    MSRP doesn’t seem to factor in an obvious way either. MSRP will trigger the penalty, but doesn’t seem to control how harsh the penalty is. The Rakugo BD box at ¥32k is 51% while hand Shakers at 12k is 81%. And ACCA BD Amz has a similar estimate and similar penalty but is only ¥13k.

    The high price penalty remains strange and mysterious.

  15. something says:

    Shingeki no Kyojin s2 going with two half-cour boxes, both with event tickets. Now that’s certainly got a chance of minimizing its drop from s1. Also strongly implies it’s only one cour, though it could always be split.

    Also comes with some VR thing, goggles included. Weird.

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