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Regarding when you should expect to see this site updated, I’ll follow roughly this schedule:

Tuesday, 3-4AM EST (UTC-4/5) – Preliminary DVD30/50 + BD20/20 ranking, new post. This is very consistent, except around the holidays when Oricon skips a week.

Thursday, night EST – Full weekly DVD100 + BD100 ranking, editing previous post (so no bump). This can take until Friday; it depends when the data is released. Sometimes it’s not available at all on Thursdays, occasionally it even takes until the weekend, but Thursday is most common. Obviously if the initial ful list doesn’t come out until Friday, this would happen Friday evening instead. I usually get to it after I get home from work, whichever day it is.

Weekend, any time – Whole set of rankings updated as appropriate (seasonal vol 1s, yearly averages, yearly per-volume, series quick view, BD boxes), at some point over the weekend when I have time. This will go in a new post, with a summary of links to everything I updated that day. Lately I’ve been doing this every two weeks instead of weekly, mostly due to being tired and lazy.

I will also do some unscheduled posts if I just want to talk about something I’ve observed and or find interesting or noteworthy.

Mid-year rankings tend to come out in late June or early July. Full yearly rankings come out late January. Monthly rankings come out near the end of each month and go in the ranking summary posts.

General Discussion
Also, since I don’t see any reason to set up a forum just for sales discussion, I think we can use this post as a catch-all for any sales-related comments you have that don’t fit in one of the specific posts.

Comments on daily rankings, comments on preorder rankings, general questions, that sort of thing.

1,223 Responses to “Posting Schedule and Open Discussion”

  1. smars says:

    Are sales info for Fall 2020 coming soon?

  2. something says:


    Finally put the Fall 2020 Vol. 1 page up.

    Haven’t done the full site update yet.

  3. something says:

    Site’s finally gotten a full update again, through the week of Jan 18-24 (most recent data released).


  4. Cindy says:

    Hi, I wonder where did you find these data? Thanks

    • something says:

      The data originates with a company called Oricon. It’s found via various online forms where it’s leaked; currently I find it on some Chinese forum called Baidu, since the other places that used to post it don’t anymore.

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