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Full list. 311 DVD threshold, 251 BD.

2016 07/25 – 07/31 Anime DVD List

Anime Rank All Rank Last Rank Week Sales Total Sales #Wks Title
1 1 18,132 18,132 1 Osomatsu-san v7
2 4 3,943 3,943 1 Kidou Senshi Gundam Thunderbolt December Sky
3 5 3,689 3,689 1 Kizumonogatari I: Tekketsu-hen
4 8 6 3,154 48,260 4 Youkai Watch Movie 2: Enma Daiou to Itsutsu no Monogatari da Nyan!
5 9 3,104 3,104 1 Gintama° v13
6 10 2,996 2,996 1 Starmyu OVA v1
8 18 1,922 1,922 1 Bungou Stray Dogs v2
9 21 1,572 1,572 1 Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken Diamond wa Kudakenai v2
10 24 3 1,476 8,983 2 ONE PIECE Log Collection: Punk Hazard
11 31 2 1,256 10,933 2 High Speed! -Free! Starting Days- LE
12 32 1,112 1,112 1 High School Fleet v2
13 33 16 1,100 31,159 4 Boruto -Naruto the Movie- LE
14 38 32 889 64,457 107 Tonari no Totoro (2014 re-release)
15 39 868 868 1 Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu v2
16 40 819 819 1 Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! v5
17 41 817 817 1 Gate: Jieitai Kano Chi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri 2nd Season v5 (v11)
18 42 770 770 1 Durarara!! x2 Ketsu v6
20 51 672 672 1 Prince of Stride Alternative v5
21 55 660 660 1 Akagami no Shirayuki-hime 2nd Season v5 (v11)
23 58 584 584 1 Ansatsu Kyoushitsu 2nd Season v5
24 65 518 518 1 Ushio to Tora v11
25 66 22 507 1,766 2 Super Lovers v2
26 69 23 496 1,753 2 Macross Delta v1
27 70 482 482 1 Kami-sama Minarai Himitsu no Cocotama DVD Box v1
29 72 49 451 5,947 4 Boruto -Naruto the Movie- RE
30 73 446 446 1 Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut v5
76 14 416 2,354 2 Precure All Stars: Minna de Utau♪ Kiseki no Mahou! LE
77 403 403 1 Gakusen Toshi Asterisk 2nd Season v2
89 74 339 32,253 23 Bakemono no Ko

Other releases (concerts etc)
56 658 658 1 Yusa Kouji no Akarui Kazoku Keikaku Sono 2 v4
116 873 4 Uchida Maaya Hello, 1st contact! 2016.2.28 @ Nakano Sunplaza

2016 07/25 – 07/31 Anime BD List

Anime Rank All Rank Last Rank Week Sales Total Sales #Wks Title
1 1 36,018 36,018 1 Kizumonogatari I: Tekketsu-hen LE
2 2 16,630 16,630 1 Osomatsu-san v7
3 3 15,494 15,494 1 Kidou Senshi Gundam Thunderbolt December Sky
4 4 7,986 7,986 1 Joker Game v1
5 5 7,547 7,547 1 Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! v5
6 6 6,799 6,799 1 Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu v2
7 7 6,728 6,728 1 High School Fleet v2
8 8 6,254 6,254 1 Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken Diamond wa Kudakenai v2
9 9 4,235 4,235 1 Starmyu OVA v1
10 10 3,806 3,806 1 Gate: Jieitai Kano Chi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri 2nd Season v5 (v11)
11 11 3,031 3,031 1 Gintama° v13
13 13 1,952 1,952 1 Kizumonogatari I: Tekketsu-hen RE
14 14 3 1,809 10,551 2 Macross Delta v1
15 15 1,720 1,720 1 Bungou Stray Dogs v2
16 16 1 1,603 16,245 2 High Speed! -Free! Starting Days- LE
17 17 1,592 1,592 1 Ushio to Tora v11
18 18 1,504 1,504 1 Gakusen Toshi Asterisk 2nd Season v2
19 20 1,368 1,368 1 Durarara!! x2 Ketsu v6
20 21 1,302 1,302 1 Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut v5
22 1,299 1,299 1 Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3 v2
24 1,224 1,224 1 Anne Happy v2
25 1,178 1,178 1 Heavy Object v8
28 1,117 1,117 1 Schwarzesmarken v5
29 1,087 1,087 1 Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu v6
33 5 1,003 6,232 2 Kidou Senshi Gundam Tekketsu no Orphans v8
34 989 989 1 Akagami no Shirayuki-hime 2nd Season v5
35 59 928 27,096 5 Koyomimonogatari
36 908 908 1 Hundred v2
37 878 878 1 Azumanga Daiou BD Box
38 23 865 36,879 4 Boruto -Naruto the Movie- LE
39 776 776 1 Prince of Stride Alternative v5
42 681 681 1 Koukaku no Pandora v3
43 24 676 194,860 10 Girls und Panzer Movie LE
45 664 664 1 Shounen Maid v2
52 538 538 1 Ansatsu Kyoushitsu 2nd Season v5
54 44 494 1,165 2 Tales of Vesperia: The First Strike (2016 re-release)
57 473 473 1 Sakamoto desu ga? v2
59 60 469 48,375 8 Kidou Senshi Gundam The Origin v3
61 56 447 9,077 6 Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu v1
64 29 420 1,460 2 Super Lovers v2
65 21 419 1,941 2 Netoge no Yome wa Onna no Ko Janai to Omotta? v2
67 409 409 1 HaruChika: Haruta to Chika wa Seishun Suru v5
69 382 382 1 Little Busters!: Refrain BD Box
72 10 364 3,290 2 Flying Witch v2
78 330 330 1 Big Order v1
80 34 326 6,741 3 Haikyuu!! Second Season v7
84 17 291 2,074 2 Bakuon!! v2
92 12 265 2,641 2 Precure All Stars: Minna de Utau♪ Kiseki no Mahou! LE
96 88 257 62,275 75 Girls und Panzer Kore ga Hontou no Anzio-sen Desu!

Other releases (concerts etc)
74 9 358 3,719 2 Uchida Maaya Hello, 1st contact! 2016.2.28 @ Nakano Sunplaza
82 46 311 15,425 3 The IDOLM@STER SideM 1st Stage ~ST@RTING!~ Complete Side


Spring update:
Joker Game v1 sells 7986/182, total 8,168. DVDs calculated from the per-series ranking (8168 – 7986 BDs = 182 DVDs). Event ticket. 86.5% under/51.7% overestimated. Released as 4 DVD singles and 2 BD boxes. Clearly this is -the- Animate heavy show of Spring, damn. Just crushed that estimate. And at only two BD volumes, this could hold onto a decent average. Plus if one of the DVDs manages to rank, that’ll add a couple hundred extra onto the average. For the record, v1 will be calculated as (BD v1 + avg (DVD v1 + DVD v2)) given that the first BD box is the equivalent of the first two DVD volumes. Though DVD v2 has no chance of ranking, so this v1 number won’t change other than through BD wk2+.

Big Order v1 sells 330 BDs, DVDs do not rank. 75.5% underestimated. That would be a pretty big deal if we weren’t taking about such a tiny tiny estimate to begin with. 75% only adds up to being off by 142 units. This is being released in 2 BD boxes and 5 DVD singles. There’s no chance any of the DVDs rank so we won’t see the next ranking until early October for BD box 2.

Haifuri v2 sells 6728/1112, total 7,840. Event ticket, which explains the 17.5% bump on v1wk1. v1 had an event ticket as well, but it was a radio show recording. This one seems to be for an actual proper event.

Jojo pt4 v2 sells 6254/1572, total 7,826. Down 1.8% on v1wk1. Only the tiniest of drops from v1wk1, less than 150 units.

Re:Zero v2 sells 6799/868, total 7,667. Event ticket (like v1). Up 20.8% on v1wk1. It did indeed open higher than v1wk1, as expected. It won’t have as long a tail but it should still see a relatively overall small drop. I thought it might open lower than this based on being behind Haifuri in the BD dailies every day except pre-sale and Sunday but that tiny advantage on pre-sale clearly translated into a lot of sales, even if it still ended below Haifuri due to less DVDs. I also didn’t realize Haifuri had an event ticket in v2, so it ended up doing better than I expected, which meant Re:Zero being behind it wasn’t a big deal.
v1 adds 447/77, total 10,190. There’s that 10k. DVDs from per-series ranking.

Stray Dogs v2 sells 1720/1922, total 3,642. Big ticket drop from 5.9k v1wk1.

Asterisk s2 v2 sells 1504/403, total 1,907. DVDs were #101 for v1 so this is the first time they’ve ranked.

Sailor Moon Crystal s3 v2 sells 1,299 BDs, DVDs do not rank.

Anne Happy v2 sells 1,224 BDs, DVDs do not rank. Event ticket (evening event, v1 had one for the afternoon event). Well, uh, a 7.6% increase on v1wk1? For what that’s worth. Which isn’t much.

Hundred v2 sells 908 BDs, DVDs do not rank.

Shounen Maid v2 sells 664 BDs, DVDs do not rank.

Sakamoto v2 sells 473 BDs, DVDs do not rank.

Macross Delta v1 adds 1809/496, total 12,304. It at least has a big wk2, though this only puts it at where it should probably have been to start with so… not so big really. But it could have only added like 1k this week and this is certainly much better than that.

Flying Witch v2 adds 364 BDs, total 3,617. Much smaller wk2 than v1 (unsurprising) counters the higher wk1, but the end result is virtually tied at the same point. Just 30 discs behind v1wk2.

Bakuon v2 adds 291 BDs, total 2,460. v1 didn’t get a wk2 on BD which makes v2 look closer to v1 (2,826) than it really is.

Super Lovers v2 adds 420/507, total 3,226.

Netoge v2 adds 419 BDs, total 2,280.

Winter update:
Konosuba v5, final volume, sells 7547/819, total 8,366. Series average: 10,525. So it’s official now, just managed to scrape by for the 10k. I need to remember to add it to that list when I catch up on the ranking summaries this weekend.

Gate s2 v5 sells 3806/817, total 4,623.

Durarara x2 Ketsu v6, final volume, sells 1368/770, total 2,138. Series average: 2,717. So to recap, this franchise went 18,311 → 4,603 → 2,451 → 2,717. Finally this series has been put out of its misery.

Bahamut v5 sells 1302/446, total 1,748.

Akagami s2 v5 sells 989/660, total 1,649.

Prince of Stride v5 sells 776/672, total 1,448.

Ansakyou s2 v5 sells 538/584, total 1,122.

Schwarzesmarken v5 sells 1,117. BD-only release.

Rakugo v6 sells 1,087 BDs, DVDs do not rank.

Pandora v3 sells 681 BDs, DVDs do not rank.

Haruchika v5 sells 409 BDs, DVDs do not rank.

Koyomimonogatari adds 928 BDs, total 30,868. Bit of a bump from people picking it up alongside Kizu I guess. Or maybe it was getting held to ship with Kizu for Aniplex+ orders.

Past seasons:
Osomatsu-san v7 sells 16630/18132, total 34,762.

Gintama° v13, final volume, sells 3031/3104, total 6,135. Series average: 6,922. Should end just slightly below 7k.

Ushio to Tora v11 sells 1592/518, total 2,110.

Heavy Object v8, final volume, sells 1,178 BDs, DVDs do not rank. Series average: 1,372.

Haikyuu s2 v7 adds 326 BDs, total 12,090.

G Tekketsu v8 adds 1003 BDs, total 6,849.

OVAs, Movies, Boxsets etc:
Kizu I sells 36018/1952 BDs, 3689 DVDs, total 41,659. Overestimated 10.4/32.6% on BD, 16.8% on DVD. On the lower end of the expected 40-45k range, but still within that range. 5k under the Stalker estimate but a little overestimation is expected for Monogatari. It might top out around 50k.

Starmyu OVA v1 sells 4235/2996, total 7,231.

Azumanga BD Box sells 878.

Litbus s2 BD Box sells 382.

Garupan Movie adds 676 LE BDs, total 220,990.
OVA adds 275 BDs, total 66,261 in wk75. I think the 2015 re-release singles are finally done ranking tho. Probably. With the movie slowing down a lot this week the franchise may finally be wrapping up. And still no s2 in sight.

High Speed adds 1603 BDs, 1256/174 DVDs, total 28,174. RE DVDs from per-series ranking.

Upcoming Releases for 2016 08/01 – 08/07 Anime DVD List
2016/08/03 Diamond no Ace the Live II
2016/08/03 Divine Gate v5
2016/08/03 Furusato Saisei: Nihon no Mukashibanashi: Chiisana Tochinomi
2016/08/03 Furusato Saisei: Nihon no Mukashibanashi: Mimi Jizou
2016/08/03 Furusato Saisei: Nihon no Mukashibanashi: Shitakiri Suzume
2016/08/03 Jiraiya Ninpou-chou – Naruto Gouketsu Monogatari v3
2016/08/03 Kiznaiver v3
2016/08/03 Manga Sekai Mukashibanashi DBD Box v7
2016/08/03 Manga Sekai Mukashibanashi DBD Box v8
2016/08/03 Mayoiga v2
2016/08/03 Momotarou: Umi no Shinpei / Kumo to Tulip
2016/08/03 Musaigen no Phantom World v5
2016/08/03 ONE PIECE 17th Season Dressrosa-hen v26
2016/08/03 Persona 3 #4 Winter of Rebirth
2016/08/03 World Trigger v18
2016/08/05 Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live BD Box v1
2016/08/05 Pripara Season2 v11

21 Responses to “2016 07/25 – 07/31 Weekly Sales List”

  1. Roaming Phantom says:

    Pretty glad to see Joker Game’s sales. AFAIK, the 2nd BD set also contains another event ticket. So the drop might be lesser than the non-ticket drop.

  2. FreFre says:

    Macross strong week 2 is the effect of an event ticket. It had the same ticket (lottery for Walkure’s concert) both in the first volume of BD/DVD and Walkure’s first CD album. Last Wednesday they announced results of the raffle for CD buyers. So lots of people who didn’t get in switched to BD/DVDs instead.

    But I hope it will stay strong week 3 and onward anyway. Delta is extremely fun and its music is great.

  3. Anon says:

    A week after it came out, Re:Zero’s v2 is still positioned slightly above v3 which could mean a relatively strong second week. v1 got another considerable bump after the last episode so the 10K will be a reality soon.
    If the show manages to give its discs a bump like these every weekend then the drop between the first few volumes might not be that harsh. Especially considering the first volume (and probably all of them) will get another big boost when the last episode airs.

  4. Natapor says:

    ็Total sale of High Speed! Movie closed to week2 of Free! Vol..I hope this can pass 30K in someday.

  5. hanok says:

    >Likely not to make the top 100 either.

    I see it #78, can’t wait to see full ranking

    • Ejc says:

      I had a look at the other BD sales lists available on Oricon Youtaiju (Music BD, Movie BD, Drama BD, Idol Image BD), and we know that a drama BD ranked 75th with 352 copies, while another drama BD ranked 105 with 236 copies. So it sold somewhere between 236 and 352 copies, but should be closer to 352 with a ranking of 78.

  6. Anonymouse says:

    See? I think you’re wrong about a month ago

    People nowdays are rather investing to Macross than Gundam franchise, here’s the proof

    Gundam nowdays like IBO never reached 10k sales

    It means Macross really dethroned Gundam franchise (Macross Delta twitter has more followers than Gundam IBO was, in example). You know Macross is brilliant when attracting otaku demographic that has more impact to the anime market than non-otaku was, compared with Gundam IBO.

    • something says:

      I can’t really make sense of your argument. G Tekketsu sold 13,213 v1 and 10,285 v2 (even G Reco sold 10,536 v1), so yes it can reach 10k. Its average will be about 9k, which is not drastically different from the -maybe- 11k that Delta will average. Delta is also being boosted by event tickets. v1 BD has an event ticket. That album that sold 100k has an event ticket. Events aren’t a Gundam thing because it’s not a music-focused franchise.

      But more importantly, taking two decades-old franchises like Gundam and Macross and “proving” one has overtaken the other because it sells slightly more BDs in its latest anime incarnation wildly exaggerates the importance of disc sales. It also doesn’t make much sense to me to compare a franchise that has had -one- new series in the last seven years to one that has had -seven- TV series, not to mention extremely popular OVAs like Gundam Unicorn (the most successful entry in the franchise ever) and Origin. It’s not necessarily the best argument to talk about Macross ascending when this latest franchise entry is selling a fraction of what Frontier managed. I’d say the story here isn’t “Macross dethrones Gundam” it’s “two major mecha franchises both see massively declining video disc sales in the last half decade”.

      Like I’ve said before, they’re two very different types of franchises, even if you just look at their anime sides, which are just small portions of the whole franchise. You’re a Macross fan, and that’s fine (I’m not invested in either series personally). But don’t draw extreme business conclusions based on fanboying (or, uh, twitter follower numbers… c’mon now).

      • primadog says:

        The money maker is in gunpla kits, anyways. Why is there even room for argument when Bandai is a publically traded company, and we know exactly how much money Gundam makes for it via their quarterly financial results?

  7. lapig says:

    Why are you not including Gundam Thunderbolt?

    • something says:

      It’s in the ranking list, but I don’t always mention all OVAs in the comments portion. Mostly I focus on BD boxes and movies/OVAs connected to TV series I follow. Separate OVAs are not my focus (well Gundam isn’t separate per se but you get the point).

  8. something says:

    I’ve posted the untranslated version of the full weekly additions. I won’t have time to actually do the translation and add comments until I get home from work tonight, but here’s some things to note:

    Re:Zero v1 passes the 10k mark with 447 BDs this week and a 10,113 total. I think it should hit at least 11k at this rate.

    Big Order does rank, but only sells 330.

    Azumanga Daiou BD box has a rather meager 878. Probably released about six years too late!

  9. Tiago says:

    I wonder if the possibility of Re:Zero averaging 10k is truly nonexistent.

    As far as I’m aware the rest of the adaptation will continue to bring big moments, making it likely to have great legs until the end. At the very least I believe it can probably do 10k with off screen sales (like imports and not tracked sales).

    I am more into Overlord, as I prefer the novels (got the first volume of each, thanks yen). But adaptation wise, there’s no comparison.. White Fox is doing a way better job at it than Madhouse did.

    • something says:

      10k actual shipped average is very likely a given, knowing Oricon undercounts AT LEAST 20% fro what we’ve seen. I work on the assumption that anything with an Oricon average of 8k or more is easily a real-world 10k+ title.

      But as far as the Oricon numbers go, v3 will say a lot as the first non-ticket volume. Though the show will be airing until v4 comes out. I expect the long tail to fade from v4 or v5 onward and it’ll only rank maybe 3 times per vol after that and it’ll be more normally front-loaded.

      • Progeusz says:

        I know this is the effect of recent boost but v3 actually has 11,292 prediction. It having better wk1 than v2 is basically a given at this point. Its current points are only 1057 below v2’s even though v3 still has three weeks until release. The tail will be shorter though. Really, this is getting more and more interesting.

  10. AholePony says:

    Ouch those Sakamoto and Shounen Maid volume 2 sales. Can’t say I’m surprised. For Sakamoto, slapstick-ish comedy series where the episodes are several segments are definitely hit-or-miss historically from what I’ve seen. As for shounen maid; it had some good ingredients to make a good show but it was missing something, I felt they over-relied on the MC’s penchant for cleaning which left him feeling a little one-dimensional. On top of this there just SO MUCH COMPETITION out there right now, pretty boys everywhere you look! It’s a great time to be a fujoshi.

  11. something says:

    Updated for the full list.

    Additions from the per-series ranking for the week of 2016-07-18:

    Garupan Movie = 220,990
    • 1,800 total minus 1,653 (LE BD + DVD) = 147 RE BDs wk 9
    • RE BD is the only format that didn’t rank that week so it can all go there.

    Flying Witch v1 = 3,821
    • 3,427 total minus 3,253 (BD+DVD v2wk1) = 174 BD v1wk5
    • Can give it all to the BD since the DVD only made the top 300 once according to Oricon. Doesn’t give us the BD’s wk3-4 sales unfortunately. This would definitely be over 4k.

    Super Lovers v1 = 3,778
    • 2,349 total minus 2,299 (BD+DVD v2wk1) = 50 v1wk6
    • Again, safe to give it to the BD, DVDs don’t make the top 300 on 50 or less discs sold. Just assume I added this comment to all the following as well.

    Bakuon v1 = 2,956
    • 2,299 total minus 2,169 (BD+DVD v2wk1) = 130 v1wk5
    • Annoyingly v1 never got a wk2 so we have wk1 and wk5 sales but not wk2-4.

    Netoge no Yome wa Onna no Ko Janai to Omotta? v1 = 2,704
    • 1,925 total minus 1,861 (BD+DVD v2wk1) = 64 v1wk5
    • Like Flying Witch, missing wk3-4.

    It’s a shame this method is only occasionally usable. You can only use it for two things:
    1. One-shot releases where not all formats rank, since there’s only one disc the sales could have come from. Garupan movie for example.
    2. The first volume of a show, either when v1 is coming out (so again there’s nothing else the numbers could be from) or when v2 is coming out if all versions of v2 ranked – then the remaining discs had to come from v1. Flying Witch for example. If it’s vol 3 or later, then we don’t know to which earlier disc to assign which of the leftover sales.

    This method doesn’t always work if there was a live event disc in the same time frame (which may be included in the series number) or if there’s multiple seasons (sometimes the per-series list doesn’t distinguish between seasons and some discs could be the previous season, even if unlikely).

    This is such a piss-poor replacement for the extended rankings tho. It has incredibly limited applicability.

  12. invalidname says:

    “Schwarzesmarken v5 sells 1,117 BDs, DVDs do not rank.” — Haven’t previous lists noted that SM is a BD-only release?

    Still selling terribly, at any rate.

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