2016 Spring Vol 1 Rankings
Please note: Volume 1 sales are not the best, or even a particularly good, way to evaluate a series’ performance. Sometimes one of two formats doesn’t rank in volume 1, but ranks in a later volume. Often times volume 1 sales are inflated with bonuses like event tickets or bundled manga, etc. Always, always use the average sales when evaluating anime, not volume 1 sales. I only provide these because it takes many months before we have a final average and people like to be able to ballpark a season early on. Just be intelligent about it!

Sales #Weeks Title Release Date Formats Partial Ranking Large Vol. 2 Drop?
13,856 7 Macross Delta 2016/07/22 BD/DVD
12,893 11 Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 2016/06/24 BD/DVD
9,845 5 Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken Diamond wa Kudakenai 2016/06/22 BD/DVD
9,236 6 High School Fleet 2016/06/22 BD/DVD
9,181 4 Joker Game 2016/07/27 BD-Box/DVD Yes
8,428 6 Bungou Stray Dogs 2016/06/24 BD/DVD Yes
7,822 4 Koutetsujou no Kabaneri 2016/06/22 BD/DVD
5,784 3 Boku no Hero Academia 2016/06/29 BD/DVD Yes
3,821 3 Flying Witch 2016/06/22 BD/DVD
3,778 3 Super Lovers 2016/06/17 BD/DVD
3,338 3 Sansha Sanyou 2016/06/29 BD/DVD
3,060 3 Kumamiko 2016/06/24 BD/DVD Yes
2,956 2 Bakuon!! 2016/06/21 BD/DVD
2,704 3 Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta? 2016/06/23 BD/DVD
2,112 2 Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge 2016/06/24 BD/DVD Yes
1,880 1 Uchuu Patrol Luluco 2016/09/14 BD-Box/DVD-Box
1,843 2 Hundred 2016/06/24 BD/DVD
1,773 2 Gakusen Toshi Asterisk 2nd Season 2016/06/22 BD/DVD Yes
1,709 1 Kuromukuro 2016/10/19 BD
1,697 1 Hakuouki: Otogisoushi 2016/07/13 BD-Box/DVD-Box
1,508 2 Kiznaiver 2016/06/08 BD/DVD Yes
1,446 2 Anne Happy♪ 2016/06/22 BD/DVD Yes
1,070 1 Magi: Sinbad no Bouken 2016/08/24 BD-Box/DVD-Box
691 1 Shounen Maid 2016/06/22 BD/DVD Yes
525 1 Ansatsu Kyoushitsu 2nd Season: Kagaijugyou-hen 2016/11/25 BD/DVD
505 1 Sakamoto Desu ga? 2016/06/22 BD/DVD Yes
422 1 Concrete Revolutio: Choujin Gensou – The Last Song 2016/06/24 BD
407 1 Terraformars Revenge 2016/06/22 BD
381 1 Pan de Peace! 2016/09/02 BD
358 1 Gyakuten Saiban: Sono Shinjitsu, Igi Ari! 2016/08/24 BD-Box/DVD-Box Yes
330 1 Big Order 2016/07/29 BD-Box/DVD Yes
125 1 Sousei no Onmyouji 2016/06/24 BD/DVD Yes
Endride 2016/06/22 BD/DVD
Mayoiga 2016/07/06 BD/DVD
Onigiri 2016/08/26 BD-Box

Partial Ranking means a release came out on more than one video format, but only one of the two ranked.
Large Vol. 2 Drop? designates any titles that dropped by 30% or more from Vol. 1 to Vol. 2. This is used to indicate that you should take caution in evaluating the success of the show purely on the first volume’s sales.

Season-specific notes

Vol. 1 Unranked, Later Vol. Ranked

12 Responses to “2016 Spring Seasonal Vol 1 Rankings”

  1. willy says:

    I knew it. JOJO is number 1.

    • something says:

      It’ll probably be third in the end. Delta will be first, and Kabaneri might end up second because it’s only three volumes compared to Jojo’s thirteen.

      • willy says:

        well i expect JoJo to sell at least 1k per volume.

        • Ejc says:

          Isn’t that obvious? How can a franchise that has averaged many times higher than 1k in its previous seasons, suddenly not sell 1k per volume???

  2. lololololo says:

    well that’s unfair. re zero vol 1 has 5 weeks, jojo only has 3 weeks. Obviusly re zero is going to have more sells.

    • something says:

      I don’t see how it’s “unfair” that Re:Zero sold better in weeks 4-5 and made the rankings in weeks where Jojo did not. They both came out in the same week. If Jojo sold more in those weeks, it’d be on the list for additional weeks too.

      • lololololo says:

        well re zero has more opportunities than jojo. JoJo only had 3 weeks. Re zero has more than 3 weeks. Jojo sold more than re zero in the first 3 weeks

        • something says:

          But like I said, they came out in the same week. They’ve both been on sale for five weeks, but Re:Zero made the top 100 5 times while Jojo only did it 3 times. Not all discs add the same amount every week! When Re:Zero sold 734 BDs in wk4, Jojo sold something less than 247 (the top 100 cutoff for the week). That’s why we talk about the long tail. Some discs add more over time than others.

          Put it another way: Sure, Jojo did sell discs in the 4th and 5th weeks. But not enough to make the top 100 that we actually see in these reports. The threshold in its 4th week was 247 and in the 5th week was 254. In a best case scenario where it ranked #101 both weeks (incredibly unlikely, by the way!) selling 246 and 253, its total would at the absolute theoretical limit now be 9,637 – which is still slightly below Re:Zero’s 9,666.

          (For the purposes of the above I’m ignoring DVDs, since both ranked in the DVD top 100 twice. According to Oricon both series v1 DVD made the top 300 three times, and that would have been for very few discs, so it seems fair to cancel them out.)

        • Ejc says:

          Anime doesn’t magically stop selling in 3 weeks, like you are suggesting. Both Re:Zero Vol.1 and JoJo Vol.1 has been on sale for 5 weeks, but it is as something said… JoJo’s sales fell under the Top 100 cut-off in weeks 4 and 5. It didn’t sell 0 discs within those weeks.

          So both had equal opportunities to add discs, it is just that JoJo’s week 4 and 5 sales are unknown, since it ranked in between rank 101 to 300 in the overall Top 300 weekly BD list (not only anime is in that overall BD list).

          I assume you didn’t take into account that Re:Zero may have had stock issues in week 1, which could explain why it started out lower than JoJo. Another thing to take into account is that some episodes can increase the sales momentum of a particular title. 1,436 week 1 → 410 week 2 → 734 week 3, this sales bump doesn’t usually happen.

          • Ejc says:

            > 1,436 week 1 → 410 week 2 → 734 week 3

            Sorry, this should be “1,436 week 2 → 410 week 3 → 734 week 4”

  3. Progeusz says:

    There might be more. Re:zero has a chance of ranking in wk6 (25-31 in the image) and even bigger for wk7 (1-7) now that it has entered top50 once again thanks to ep18 boost (if it doesn’t rank in wk6 but ranks in wk7 we will get the data for wk6 at the same time). http://i.imgur.com/gjhUr5K.png

    • something says:

      Yep I think at least two more weeks is a safe bet even with the extended rankings being gone. A small boost for the release of v2, and then a week or two with low thresholds bringing it back.

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