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Shockingly enough, I’m actually watching enough anime this season to warrant doing more than a single wrap-up post. This will be in the shorter list-like format.

[Standard disclaimer: Not necessarily spoiler free.]

Full Series
1. Sansha Sanyou [▲▼new] – 2 ep, 9/10 – [95% import]
I usually outright pass on watching any show licensed by Funi, but this is Manga Time Kirara so I’m making an exception and watching raws. I haven’t seen a Douga Koubou show that I really liked since, uhhh, GJ-bu in 2013? So it was awesome to see that they’re in top form for this show. It excels with both over-the-top exaggerated motion and also the smaller, casual movements that bring otherwise normal scenes to life. It’s a top tier production for sure. My real love in the show right now, though, is Hayama Teru. The glasses-and-braids iinchou is rarely my type but that’s just the human skin she wears in polite society. Underneath is a snarky, scheming, scary demon. Who uh, really loves cute kittens? And then in episode two we meet her sister Kou, which leaves me no doubt that it’s all about the Hayamas in this show.

T2. Bakuon!! [▲▼new] – 1 ep, 8/10 – [75% import]
Bold and attention-grabbing character art drew me into this pretty quickly. The CG bikes (and CG riders for medium/long shots) are really off-putting but it’s not in-your-face enough to hurt the show too much. The cast has been pulled together already by the end of episode two and I’m pretty certain Rin is going to be my favorite. I love her mood swings and ridiculous backstory, and she’s also got that Kagami (Lucky Star) sort of personality I find very appealing. I like the others too, but Rin really steals the show. Hijiri looks like she’ll be a one-note character but that note resulted a particularly great game of Chicken in episode two, so I’m grateful for that.

T2. Flying Witch [▲▼new] – 2 ep, 8/10 – [75% import]
Non Non Biyori may be over but its lazy Japanese countryside adventures live on in Flying Witch. Their area is a lot more built up than Non Non’s but it’s still got that ~feeling~ I enjoy so much. This show’s stand-out strength at the moment is stellar comedic timing. It never fails to deliver punchlines at the ideal time and the characters’ reactions are always spot on. Especially Chizuru! I’m really eager to see her and Makoto develop a strong sisterly bond, because they’re dangerously cute together. Flying Witch is going to make for the perfect show to end my weekends. Just that little bit of relaxation before I remember here’s another hellish week of work head of me.

4. Anne-happy [▲▼new] – 2 ep, 7/10 – [50% import]
I thought a Manga Time Kirara show would be a guaranteed import but this one has the bad luck to get compared to the much better Sansha Sanyou. During episode one I felt like Oonuma’s style was really holding the show back but my opinion went up considerably with episode two. Everything clicked way better with the three leads being together from the start of the episode. I’m eager for the last two to join up (especially because they seem intended to be paired up) and I’m actually kinda interested in what’s going on behind the scenes at the school. More like episode two than episode one and I’ll probably pick this up. One advantage it does have is that despite hilariously strong surface similarities to Sansha Sanyou it’s a very different kind of show to actually watch so they don’t really step on each other’s toes.

5. Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken: Diamond wa Kudakenai [▲▼new] – 3 ep, 6/10
I guess I’m in too deep to stop now. I didn’t like the first episode at all, but 2-3 helped bring it back. Doesn’t hurt that this is easily the best I can remember Jojo looking production-wise. The scene transitions get a lot of love and really fit the aesthetic well. Jousuke also seems to have a lot more potential than Joutarou, who I always found kinda boring (though his current role as mentor might actually be a very good thing for him). I mean, Stardust Crusaders was carried by Joseph, Polnareff, and Avdol.


Short Series
1. Pan de Peace [▲▼new] – 3 ep, 6/10 – [80% import]
I was terribly disappointed to find out this was a short. I’m desperate for a Koufuku Graffiti replacement. ;_; This show is fine, but it’s over so fast I barely get to settle in before the episode ends. I’ll very likely import it anyway, because it’s cute and kinda gay and will be a single disc.


Pre-Winter Series
none, clean slate this season!


Dropped Series
none yet


Six shows to watch after two seasons in a row of only finishing two series? Spring is some kind of miracle season.

9 Responses to “Spring 2016 viewing update #1”

  1. UF8 says:

    So this might be a bit of a curveball suggestion but I’ve been following this blog/site/whatever for some time now (just short of 2 years now, I think) and have noticed that you tend to have similar taste in shows to me, so I think I can still do it. Have you considered Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge? It’s a different kind of SoL/comedy show, but surprisingly one that punches above its weight in the aspects that actually matter: setting a comfy mood with comfy characters who have endearing traits. It’s very relaxing, and with good reason given that the plot is centred around that very point. While pretty well all of the shows listed here managed to fall varying degrees below my expectations, this one’s currently the only one to have exceeded them (though, to be fair, I didn’t even know what this was before I watched it).

    • something says:

      I’ve had it recommended to me by someone else too, but it sounds more like something I’d give a chance in a dead season like this Winter than in a packed season like this Spring.

      Anything with a male lead has a huge black mark against it right off the bat and with six shows being as much as I can realistically keep up with, it’s unlikely to make the cut. If I add anything it’ll be Haifuri, but I’m really soured on that one by the way Aniplex does their subs (flipped names, stripped-out honorifics) and by having missed the boat, you might say, on its initial twist (which I’d heard about barely minutes after it aired so I never really had a chance to avoid it… especially since I had no idea I needed to avoid anything!).

      Thanks for the recommendation though, interesting to see it coming from multiple people.

      • hpulley says:

        Same director as Non Non Biyori but it feels and looks a lot like One Week Friends though without the amnesia and forced drama. I was surprised to find there was no common staff between Tanaka and Isshuukan Friends.

        But it is very different from all the SOL shows you are watching above. It is good but has a very different mood.

        Sansha Sanyou episode 2 was much better for me than episode 1. Episode 1 I was thinking that the daughter of a now bankrupt family has been done many times and Youko’s supposed to be annoying but even more annoying than that former servant Yamaji really didn’t need to be there but episode 2 was a lot better with less emphasis on Youko and more on the sisters who are a great pair as the angel and the demon in bit of a role reversed oneechan and imouto.

        Bakuon is good but already by episode 2 it is a lot more bike and a lot less cgdct than I was hoping for. I hope ep3 today is less bike intensive though the anime looks like a big ad for motorcycles so I expect there will be lots more bikes which would be unfortunate for me.

        Flying Witch is wonderful! Number 1 show of the season so far for me perhaps. It really feels like Non Non Biyori with witches, sounds odd but it really works. Characters, music, country scenery, great stuff. Could certainly see myself importing this one.

        Anne Happy has been a bit disappointing this season. It isn’t bad but… it certainly is no replacement for KinMoza or Gochiusa, Yuyushiki or anything like that. I hope the next two characters give it a lift. It hasn’t been terribly memorable for me so far.

        Pan de Peace is really quite good but even though they run the show through the OP and ED with credits over their faces the whole time there still isn’t enough time by a factor of 10…. a real shame. Though if you think that’s short you should try the even shorter and seemingly even gayer Ragnastrike Angels, 30s per ‘episode’ (CM for the game really though there are 12 of them).

        High school fleet I’m really enjoying! Don’t mind the twist, if you find room in your schedule for one more show you might give it another thought. Way more fun than Kancolle already for me and not just because of Shikaco (LoveLive’s Hanayo’s seiyuu) is playing Rin.

        Macross Delta is wonderful, a great blend of the original Superdimensional Fortress and AKB0048. Might have to import that one. Has EngSubs too.


        I’m still watching a bunch of other stuff too of course as I always do though there aren’t a lot of standounts now, even just 2-3 episodes in. Several which looked great in episode 1 have already dropped quite a bit after episodes 2 or 3 though they are still trying hard to keep me interested. Will see.

        • rederoin says:

          Tanaka become a lot better once they introduced that small girl trying to be like the MC, but her having the opposite personaility.
          As long as it does have no romance, it looks like a nice gender-mixed SoL.

      • Progeusz says:

        The twist in Haifuri shouldn’t really be affecting your enjoyment, I’d even dare to say that considering it part of a setup would be more accurate – it was just the first episode after all. Currently there are much more questions then answers. It’s still a very good moment to pick it up. There are fansubs if you aren’t satisfied with official subs.

        Also, I was surprised it wasn’t already on your watching list.

        • something says:

          It’s just the first episode, but not getting to be a part of that fake-out sucks.

          It was tentatively on my to-watch list, but as soon as I saw it was at both CR and Funi, I knew CR wouldn’t be doing their own subs. And knowing it’s Aniplex means I knew to expect bad things (and so it was). Fansubs aren’t an ideal option because 1) it is exceptionally rare for me to download fansubs nowadays except for BD rips of stuff I’ve imported, 2) Vivid… meh, last experience w/them was their super distracting/off-putting Amagi script, and 3) this seems like a spoil-able show, so you kinda have to watch day of, which means streams or don’t bother for me.

          It’s just a bad combination of factors that really killed my excitement for it so if I decide I’m satisfied with the six I’m already following, that might be enough.

          • Progeusz says:

            Hmm, makes sense. I’m not sure which simulcast HS rips (most likely CR, so Aniplex) but I don’t remember any issues (aside from calling one ship by wrong class in ep2 but in this particular case it can be excused and most of viewers won’t catch it). I have grown indifferent to honorifics long time ago though so I might perceive it differently. Usage of Ms. instead of -san sometimes irritates me but they’re in military and I don’t know what’s the proper way to talk there in US so maybe that’s why I’m more forgiving? I wish you weren’t so strict with your requirements/needs/taboos but well, it can’t be helped. On the other hand, I refuse to touch Funi either, so am I really the one to talk? Anyway, you decide while I’m glad you found more shows to watch than in recent seasons.

            Oh, forgot to mention that some seemingly decent alternative appeared for Sansan so I’ll finally be able to watch it. However if they start stalling at some point like many groups do nowadays, I’d probably have to switch to raws as well. Regardless, I’m expecting good things from this show. For now Flying Witch and Haifuri seem to be the best ones.

  2. rederoin says:

    Don’t worry about Anne Happy, the token yuri couple has not been introduced yet. expected them to join the group in ep 2, but have to wait till ep 3 it seems. Oh well.

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