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[September post]

What did you import in October?

October 2015 Imports

Gakkou Gurashi!, Vol. 2
Hello!! Kin-iro Mosaic, Vol. 5
Non Non Biyori Repeat, Vol. 2
Tamayura Sotsugyou Shashin Movie 2: Hibiki
Wakaba Girl, Vol. 2

Music CDs
Gakkou Gurashi! – Character Song Album
Gakkou Gurashi! – Character Song, Vol. 1 “Pink no Heartball”
Gakkou Gurashi! – Character Song, Vol. 2 “HERO”
Gakkou Gurashi! – Character Song, Vol. 3 “Yummy Yappy Recipiel”
Gakkou Gurashi! – Character Song, Vol. 4 “Unhappy End World”
Gakkou Gurashi! – Radio CD “Kochira GSH Gakuen Seikatsu-bu Housouyoku”
Vocaloid – JesusP/MinusP – WAN☆OPO! THE BEST OF BEST!!
Yuru Yuri San Hai! – Chochocho! Yuru Yuri ☆ Capriccio!!! OP Single
Yuru Yuri San Hai! – Acchuuma Seishun ED Single

Gakkou Gurashi!, Vol. 3 (copy 2)
Gakkou Gurashi!, Vol. 5 (copy 2)
Gakkou Gurashi!, Vol. 6
Gakkou Gurashi!, Anthology Kai
Sakura Trick, Vol. 6
Sakura Trick, Vol. 6 (copy 2)
Sakura Trick, Vol. 6 (copy 3)
Sakura Trick, Vol. 6 (copy 4)
Sakura Trick, Vol. 6 (copy 5)
Sakura Trick, Vol. 6 (copy 6)
Sakura Trick, Vol. 6 (copy 7)

Figures / other


What a tiny month… I’ve dropped Eupho, and Koufuku ended last month. I’m going to end up spending only half the USD I did last year, though a lot of that is the very good exchange rate. Even so, imports in yen will drop by about 30%. Well, that happens when you watch less shows I guess. And uh, last year I did import 6 copies of Sakura Trick, that sure inflated 2014.

8 Responses to “Imports, 2015 October”

  1. Chipp says:

    Your planning to put up a list of anime you were watching/are watching now soon?

    • something says:

      I was planning to do a summer review when everything is done but Deremas is sure stretching that out. Next weekend I can finally finish it and get on that.

      I haven’t rushed to say what I’m watching for fall because almost nothing looks interesting. Gochiusa and Yuru Yuri will be watched and imported of course, but Owari is the only other definite watch and I won’t watch that until it’s all out on BD most likely.

      Everything else, I’m just waiting to see what CR gets and what people I trust say is good. I’m hearing positive reactions to Utawarerumono which is a maybe, beyond that I dunno.

  2. Nico says:


    Wake Up, Girls! vol. 1-6 LE
    Wake Up, Girls! 7 Idols LE


    μ’s Best Album Best Live! Collection II LE

  3. Siliziumleben says:

    Fate Stay Night UBW Box II amazon.co.jp LE
    Gangsta Vol.2
    Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a Dungeon? Vol.5
    Code Geass: Akito Vol.4 amazon.co.jp LE
    Plastic Memories Vol.5
    Euphonium Vol.5
    Gatchaman Crowds Insight Vol.2
    Gakkou Gurashi Vol.2 amazon.co.jp LE
    Triage X Vol.5
    Grisaia Season 2 Vol.3
    Umaru Vol.2 amazon.co.jp LE
    Prison School Vol.2
    Ushio and Tora Vol.2 amazon.co.jp LE
    Punch Line Vol.4
    Ninja Slayer From Vol.3
    DRRR!! Season 2 Vol.9
    Blodd Blockade Battlefront Vol.5
    GitS Arise: Movie amazon.co.jp LE
    Rokka Vol.2

    Girl May Kill Vol.4
    Umaru Chan Vol.1-6
    Umaru Chan Vo.7 with OVA
    Gakkou Gurashi Anthology 1+2
    pupa Vol.1

    Triage X – Yuko Sagiri
    Sailor Succubus
    Seven Deadly Sins Astaroth
    Dark Schneider (if he is not delayed again)

  4. something says:

    October imports posted.

  5. Lolivampires says:

    Just curious, why did you drop Eupho after 4/6 BDs?

  6. AnimePhoenix says:

    My imports:
    – Pash! November Issue
    – Hana to Yume 20/5 issue
    – The Hana to Yume Summer Issue
    – Bessatsu Hana to Yume November Issue
    – Lala DX November Issue
    – Watashi ga Motete Dousunda Volume 7 with drama CD
    – Last Game Volume 7 with Drama CD
    – Cool B Sweet Princess October Issue

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