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Full list. 178 DVD threshold, 171 BD.

2015 09/07 – 09/13 Anime DVD List

Anime Rank All Rank Last Rank Week Sales Total Sales #Wks Title
5 15 2 1,316 9,103 2 Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love Revolutions v3
6 16 15 1,060 126,355 10 Youkai Watch: Tanjou no Himitsu da Nyan!
7 19 1,031 1,031 1 Working!!! v2
8 44 20 601 5,501 3 THE IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls v4
10 50 539 539 1 Pripara Movie: Minna Atsumare! Prism Tours
11 51 14 521 10,724 3 ONE PIECE Log Collection 'Fish-Man Island'
12 52 43 518 33,590 8 The Last -Naruto the Movie- LE
13 54 509 509 1 Rainbow Sentai Robin DVD Box v2
15 60 60 456 6,108 6 Doraemon Nobita no Space Heroes
16 68 406 406 1 World Trigger v7
17 73 63 385 13,343 8 The Last -Naruto the Movie- RE
18 82 77 337 42,454 61 Tonari no Totoro (2014 re-release)
19 83 324 324 1 Kousoku Denjin Albegas DVD Box v2
21 92 309 6,458 11 Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki (2015 re-release)
22 94 303 303 1 Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal DVD v11
25 218 9,189 11 Summer Wars (2015 re-release)

Other releases (concerts etc)

2015 09/07 – 09/13 Anime BD List

Anime Rank All Rank Last Rank Week Sales Total Sales #Wks Title
1 9 3,299 3,299 1 Working!!! v2
2 10 3,244 3,244 1 Pripara Movie: Minna Atsumare! Prism Tours
4 14 5 2,366 16,650 2 Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love Revolutions v3
5 17 1,890 1,890 1 Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal BD v12
7 23 996 996 1 World Trigger v7
8 26 14 920 15,572 3 THE IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls v4
10 34 6 521 7,761 2 Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata v7
11 35 512 512 1 Cyborg 009 1979 BD Box v1
14 42 16 443 25,094 3 Shinseiki Evangelion BD Box (2015)
20 52 51 336 30,969 8 The Last -Naruto the Movie- LE
59 15 292 13,117 3 Kantai Collection -Kancolle- v6
67 30 253 14,034 3 Shirobako v8
86 43 199 6,196 3 Show By Rock!! v3
88 120 194 1,014 4 Okusama ga Seitokaichou v1
97 82 175 6,503 3 Koukaku Kidoutai ARISE Polyphoric Cult
98 173 173 1 Pripara Movie: Minna Atsumare! Prism Tours

Other releases (concerts etc)
28 861 861 1 Live Tantei Kageki Milky Holmes TD Torotoro Dondon
81 47 207 18,786 4 Free! -Eternal Summer- Special Event: Iwatobi/Samezuka Goudou Bunkasai

Summer update:
Working s3 v2 sells 3299/1031, total 4,330.

Okusama Seitokaichou v1 adds 194 BDs, total 1,014. It’s only cracking 1k, but it did start at 429 so it’s more than doubled, for what it’s worth.

Spring update:
Utapri s3 v3 adds 2366/1316, total 25,753.

Show By Rock v3 adds 199 BDs, total 7,307.

Past seasons:
Sailor Moon Crystal v11 sells 303 DVDs, total 2,593 with last month’s BDs.
v12 sells 1,890 BDs, DVDs next month.

World Trigger v7 sells 996/406, total 1,402.

Deremas v4 adds 920/601, total 36,569.

Kancolle v6, final volume, adds 292 BDs, total 15,529. Series average: 18,237.

Shirobako v8, final volume, adds 253 BDs, total 14,541. Series average: 15,470.

Saekano v7, final volume, adds 521 BDs, total 8,560. Series average: 9,765.

OVAs, Movies, Boxsets etc:
Evangelion BD Box adds 443, total 25,094. Moves to #4 by sales in yen.

Upcoming Releases for 2015 09/14 – 09/20 Anime DVD List
2015/09/16 Akatsuki no Yona v5
2015/09/16 Baby Steps 2nd Series v1
2015/09/16 Chaos Dragon v1
2015/09/16 Diamond no Ace Inajitsusen v1
2015/09/16 GARO -Honoo no Kokuin- v8
2015/09/16 Haikyuu!! Movie: Owari to Hajimari
2015/09/16 Hibike! Euphonium v4
2015/09/16 Himouto! Umaru-chan v1
2015/09/16 Jitsu wa Watashi wa v1
2015/09/16 Kekkai Sensen v4
2015/09/16 Kyoukai no Rinne v3
2015/09/16 Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou v1
2015/09/16 Ore Monogatari!! v4
2015/09/16 Re-Kan! v3
2015/09/16 Rokka no Yuusha v1
2015/09/16 Shounen Hollywood -Holly Stage for 50- v6
2015/09/16 Show By Rock!! v4
2015/09/16 Yowamushi Pedal Tour du Stad v2
2015/09/16 YuuGiOu ARC-V v15
2015/09/18 Bakuman. 1st Series DVD Box
2015/09/18 Bakuman. 2nd Series DVD Box
2015/09/18 Bakuman. 3rd Series DVD Box
2015/09/18 Danchigai
2015/09/18 Grisaia no Rakuen v2
2015/09/18 Non Non Biyori Repeat v1
2015/09/18 The Unlimited Hyoubu Kyousuke BD Box
2015/09/18 Wakaba Girl v1

Large but not massive week, however a ton of new shows are starting.

23 Responses to “2015 09/07 – 09/13 Weekly Sales List”

  1. Yanagaida says:

    World Trigger will have 16 volumes dude. Its 48 episodes long. And there will be filler arc this October.

  2. John says:

    Small update:

    Based on the latest daily chart (9/15/2015) from Oricon, looks like “Himouto! Umaru-chan” is outselling “Monster Musume” sightly.

    On the all-genre Blu-ray chart, “Himouto! Umaru-chan” is No.10, and “Monster Musume” is No.11.

    On the Anime DVD chart, “Monster Musume” is No.8, and “Himouto! Umaru-chan” is No.11.


    • something says:

      And it’s flipped on BD the next day. Always have to be careful with daily rankings, it’s never clear what they mean until the week is over.

  3. something says:

    Not sure if I’ll get to the post tonight or not (it’s short so maybe I will), but in the meantime:


    59 *15 **,292 *,*13,117 *3 艦隊これくしょん -艦これ- 第6巻 Blu-ray限定版
    67 *30 **,253 *,*14,034 *3 SHIROBAKO 第8巻 <初回生産限定版>
    86 *43 **,199 *,**6,196 *3 SHOW BY ROCK!! 3
    88 120 **,194 *,**1,014 *4 「奥さまが生徒会長!」 上
    97 *82 **,175 *,**6,503 *3 攻殻機動隊ARISE PYROPHORIC CULT
    98 — **,173 *,***,173 *1 劇場版プリパラ み~んなあつまれ! プリズム☆ツアーズ(Blu-ray)

    81 *47 **,207 *,*18,786 *4 Free! -Eternal Summer- スペシャルイベント 岩鳶・鮫柄 合同文化祭

    Sounds weird to say for a show that’s only just cracking 1k, but Okusama has some legs on it. it started at less than half of its current sales.

  4. something says:

    Updated with the full list, not that there was much to add.

  5. something says:

    Checked the extended rankings for this week. About 45 DVDs and 95 BDs were new or added a week of ranking.

    Updated volume 1s
    6,343 – Working!!!
    3,751 – Grisaia no Rakuen
    2,979 – Durarara x2 Ten
    2,382 – Shimoneta
    2,078 – Teekyuu s4
    1,784 – Takamiya Nasuno

    Updated averages for finished shows
    15,482 – Shirobako
    9,790 – Saekano
    8,612 – G Reco
    5,329 – Dog Days s3
    5,184 – Shinmai Maou
    2,078 – Teekyuu s4
    1,784 – Takamiya Nasuno

    Updated BD boxes/re-releases
    9,167 – Love Live s1 (singles reprint)

    Updated films/OVAs/etc
    17,966 – Strike Witches OVA (average)


    • Hahalollawl says:

      Is Shirobako one of the most consistent high sales shows volume to volume that you’ve seen? Seems like it is to me…wow over 15k average. Good for P.A. Works at least for their their reputation in the industry I guess, and maybe they even made some money. I really like the way they seem to have a tendency to take on risky (many original) stuff while having great quality in many of their projects. Not sure what they’re going to do with Haruchika but from what I’ve seen that seems to be another risky project.

      • something says:

        Volume to volume it’s one of the most consistent shows, yes.

      • P.A. Works’s president, Horikawa, is good friends with a former Bandai Visual producer, Nagatani. This allows Horikawa to come up with ideas and Nagatani will shop them to other producers in Tokyo for someone to bite on for funding. With Shirobako, Warner’s Kawase felt it was worth giving a try to fund and helped form the committee.

        P.A.’s “quality” mostly lies in their art directors and hiring good studios like Studio Easter and more recently Green to draw the backgrounds for the works. Sadly, because they outsource a fair amount of episodes (and nearly all painting/photography to various painting studios and to the T2 photography studio), this leads most episodes to have issues matching the colors between character art and background art. That’s why I can’t watch any of their productions anymore.

        Haruchika could be something from a Kadokawa producer to promote, so I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s up to them; they’re not footing the bill of production if things fail. Generally P.A. tends to be at the end of committees, so they’re not really taking on a lot of risks unlike Bandai (Uchoten), Pony (Iroha, Tari Tari, Glasslip), Warner (Shirobako), Geneon (NagiAsu), or even Kadokawa (Another, Haruchika). If something doesn’t perform well, P.A. aren’t the company who has to recoup most of those expenses.

        • Hahalollawl says:

          Honestly, P.A. Works charadesigns haven’t always been my favorite (though the animation is good IIRC) but the backgrounds…goodness gracious they have done some GORGEOUS looking backgrounds. They are works of art on their own! And for whatever reason it seems like (in my opinion) their shows have consistently had great music to go with them. Whether it’s yanaginagi, Lia, Choucho, so much great music.

          • P.A.’s animation generally tends to be average to below average barring special cuts. As mentioned, “their” BG work tends to be from other studios, so I have difficulties giving them credit for it.

            Music is in the hands of the music producers (Lantis, Warner, Geneon, etc). It’s up to that producer to decide what songs to put in, so assigning credit to PA is pointless.

            I’m not trying to be a downer; this is seriously how the industry works. It’s hard to point to a studio and assign credit to them for things when there’s so many pieces elsewhere that deserve the credit instead. Outside of the former Ghibli and KyoAni (and even then music/editing/dubbing is done elsewhere), all productions require assistance from someone else in some form. Saying “all (blank) shows have (attribute)” tends to be inaccurate in most forms. It’s a sad ignorance of the industry that’s present both internationally and domestically.

            • Hahalollawl says:

              Hmmm, well, I guess I thought even though a lot of parts come from a number of parties, everything was approved/put together at the main studio so maybe they should get the credit for having a high standard? I guess the director would get credit for that, but it seems like when I’ve seen news articles (though I could be wrong) about a show (specifically on ANN lol), it says something like so and so is directing it at studio X. So for me, I guess there was an inclination to attribute a lot of credit for things like background art to that studio.

              I think it also has to do with how complex and quite frankly opaque the process seems to people on the outside. Like you mentioned, it’s hard to assign credit to anyone for anything. Anyways, personally I usually try to stay out of favoring studios too much or attributing a whole lot to an individual studio, but I admit I’ve looked on P.A. Works fondly, perhaps for things they may not have full control over (like background art or what shows they choose to animate). Still, even if they’re not Kyoani, I feel like they deserve some credit for the project choices they make, because just like how ufotable could have chosen not to animate God Eater so soon after UBW (leading to this…situation), I feel like a studio like P.A. Works can still decide not to work on something.

              • Typically, it’s the director’s job to check over everything (and the episode director to check before that (and the in-between checker to check those and so forth)). One of the issues in English fandom for a while has been to attribute things to the animation producer (except in instances like Eva where Gainax gets the credit, but Tatsunoko and IG worked on it too). That led to studios being the “name” except in certain circumstances like Miyazaki and Watanabe so it continues to get parroted because those are the names people recognize and have branded. It’s not technically wrong, but it’s not usually correct. It’s always up to the main staff to have high standards.

                I give P.A.’s president a lot of credit. He’s been able to work the industry (and fandom) incredibly well to produce a ton of original content through multiple directors/writers and boost his studio’s name without having to invest in a ton of resources in their location. His ideas have typically done well with the staff behind them (for example, Iroha was meant to be another sci-fi action show before they changed it while working on Angel Beats. They kept that concept in mind, even when keeping the original director for the action show). The other fun thing is that P.A. continues to work as an in-between studio to draw a lot of in-between artwork for other productions, so they’re constantly working on shows. Generally, only the BG work that they contract out tends to be of any higher quality than average. Story-wise, that’s a different bag as it’s up to the director/writer to come up with it and be able to tell a good story. The studio has little to do with it outside the original idea from Horikawa (if he has one). Otherwise, it’s just being contracted to do something (true tears, Cannan, Another, Haruchika) from someone else.

                Generally, there shouldn’t be any issues doing shows back-to-back. ufotable knew that Bandai Namco was counting on them to animate God Eater in a specific season so they could release the first volume with the re-make of the game and later volumes with other game content. It was up to them to complete their other work on-time to allow enough production time on God Eater to finish. It’s not Bandai Namco’s fault that ufotable couldn’t do what other studios have done. They chose to be part of the committee and they were not able to finish their obligations. ufotable’s production managers could have subcontracted the work elsewhere sooner, but they chose not to.

                The actual animation process is detailed and takes more education to learn about than most people are willing to go through. Thus writers take shortcuts (such as referring to studio instead of staff members). Over time, these add up and we reach the current state of the fandom. I wouldn’t say the animation process is opaque so much as previous members felt the education process wasn’t worth their time explaining in favor of trying to get readership through easier methods of articles such as controversial reviews and such. More is known now that we have multiple sources of information instead of periodicals at best, so things are getting better slowly.

  6. Badass1182 says:

    What the fuck is deremas?

    • something says:

      You can simply ctrl+f the number added this week and see where it shows up in the chart and get your answer. It’s The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls, colloquially known both in Japan and elsewhere as Deremas (like Idolmaster Million Live is Milimas and the original Idolmaster is just Imas or in anime form Animas).

    • Ejc says:

      アイドルマスター シンデレラガールズ = Idolmaster Cinderella Girls
      デレマス = Deremas → (Cinderella Master)

      Just a short form of Idolmaster CG. It’s a really common practice to abbreviate names in Japan. Other example is:

      ラブライブ!スクールアイドルフェスティバル = Love Live! School Idol Festival [this is the name of the popular mobile game]
      スクフェス = Sukufesu/Sukufes → (School Festival)

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