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[Standard disclaimer: There will be spoilers here, so if you’re more behind on a show than I am, maybe avoid the comments for that one.]

Full Series
1. Gakkou Gurashi [▲0▼] – 3 eps, 9/10 – [50% import] Hopefully by now you’ve either watched it or already know the premise. If not… go do it now if you have any interest whatsoever!

I watched episode one already knowing the premise (read chapters 1-2 to spoil myself or someone else would have done it for me), but still loved it because they managed to deliver the perfect episode for both audiences: a shock twist for those who knew nothing going in and an episode full of subtle dread and neat little hints for those who knew what was coming. Episode 2 proved that you really can mix completely opposite genres effectively, and episode 3 showed that this staff sure as hell knows how to direct. The sound in particular – most notably, the lack thereof in pivotal moments and the muted use of music – was outstanding in the third episode. There are many ways this could go off the rails and I think the *things* in this show are obnoxiously over-represented in media today, but so far it’s just ridiculously good and will be one of the top shows of the year if it plays its cards right.

2. The Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls 2nd Season [▲0▼] – 2 eps, 9/10 – [99.999% import] – Not that this was initially supposed to be a Summer show, whoops A1. The first episode was a comedic breather before Mishiro dropped the corporate restructuring bomb at the end and was enjoyable enough for all that but the second episode was incredibly good. I like the choice of conflict this season, and if anything, the conflict being an internal one about business philosophies should result in something a lot more grounded than the cartoon villainy of Kuroi in Animas. Mishiro isn’t evil, she’s just a no-nonsense businesswoman with a very different idea of how the agency should be run. 765 Pro was a small upstart fighting against an established rival, whereas 346 is a large (and much more impersonal) company that’s fighting internally to determine its identity and direction. The girls will need to, with P-chan’s help, make their mark on the company that eventually emerges. I’m excited.

3. Non Non Biyori Repeat [▲0▼]- 2 eps, 9/10 – [99.999% import] – “Repeat” didn’t just mean “more”, it literally meant covering the same time frame, but from different angles and with different stories we skipped before. If you’re worried they’re just reusing scenes, it’s only brief moments, and only to set up the wholly new stories we never saw before. It’s a really cool approach and hey, it worked really well for Hidamari Sketch so why not?

4. Durarara!! x2 Ten [▲0▼] – 1 ep, ?/10 – I’ve only seen one episode so far though I plan to watch 2-3 today. I don’t know why I’ve been having trouble motivating myself to watch it. It’s still got everything that made the original charming (except good animation) and I enjoy it while I’m watching it but it always feels so low priority. Sorry, it’s not you, Durarara!!, it’s me.

5. Himouto! Umaru-chan [▲0▼] – 3 eps, 6/10 – Pretty impressed by episode one, bored by 24 minutes of Ebina blushing and saying “onii-chan” in episode two, brought back somewhat by the very amusing Umaru/Kirie interactions in episode three. I’m not sure how long the show’s gimmick will last but it’s still watchable.


Short Series
1. Wakaba Girl [▲0▼] – 2 eps, 7/10 – [75% import] – It’s short and adorable and you will get exactly what you expect, so you should be able to tell within a couple minutes whether it’s for you. And it is most definitely for me.

2. Robot Girls Z Plus [▲0▼] – 1 ep, ?/10 – One short episode a month. Can you handle all this CONTENT?


Previous Season Series
Migakura Gakuen Kumikyoku7 eps, 7/10 – So far it’s a mixed bag, with most of the guys ranging from dull to horribly obnoxious while the girls are all a lot of fun. Especially Eruna, obviously, but recently I’ve met Otone, who did not disappoint. I’ll finish it over the next week or two.

Nagato Yuki-chan no Shouhsitsu5 eps, 7/10 – Been on hold for way too long, but it’s next on deck after Mikagura. Kinda excited about it because I’ve been enjoying even the episodes other people hated, and I’m not even at the episodes those people really liked. The Haruhi/Asakura and Yuki/Asakura dynamics are both way too strong, and I can stomach a straight romance when the guy involved is Kyon.


Dropped Series
n/a, expecting none


That’s everything I’ll be watching this season, unless Crunchyroll puts up Symphogear s2. The first season was alright, at least decent enough to warrant giving GX a shot, but not until I watch G, obviously, which I’m only going to do if CR picks it up.

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  1. Mr. Peter says:

    Mikagura feels like The Anime TV series by Anime Fans The Anime! Though props on them on having a genki girl-loving-girl female protagonist as the lead.

    • something says:

      Yeah it definitely feels, um, amateur in some ways. Or like it’s intended for a slightly younger audience, though it’s still a late night anime.

      But that canon gay MC, yeah, that’s really nice.

  2. rederoin says:

    Its hard for me to decide between Gakkou Gurashi and Non Non Biyori Repeat, but since the later has higher rewatch value, Ill go with that one.
    GG is a good example of how you change things from the manga in a good way, although Ill have to give it minus points for the minor changes to the library scene(Yuki was all alone). Most of ep 3 was not in the manga at all(although it was not anime orginal either).

    Top 10 so far would be,

    Non Non Biyori Repeat(AotY)
    Gakkou Gurashi(2nd place AotY)
    Symphogear S3. episode 1 was simply brilliant. But how many seasons untill Hibike and Miku get married or adopt a daugther?
    Overlord, reminds me of Log Horizon, in a good way(testing out how the world works now that it became real etc..)
    Sore ga Seiyuu!, Cute Seiyuu doing cute things, really enjoying the popular seiyuu cameo each week(hoping for Wakamoto). Each ep having a popular ED sand by the main cast is a nice touch.
    Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace, Nice to see something that has an otokonoko lead. Remind me a tiny bit of the Hannibal tv series(without the gore and far lower quality in writing).
    Himouto! Umaru-chan Already read the manga, so I already know Ebina will be the only one with a Hetero crush. No need to worry about any other hetero vibes for Umaru since only Kirie has a crush on her.
    Shimoneta, Satomi Arai voicing a perverted lesbian is all I need.
    Dandelion – not a fan of the incesr vibes. But yuri undertones are a good thing, and its funny.
    Idolmaster : CG

    Shorts top 3,
    Wakaba girl – Its more of the same by the Kiniro Author, what else would I want from a short?
    Tekyuu S5
    Miss Monochrome

    • rederoin says:

      But longer than expected, I always go overboard.

    • something says:

      Not having seen the manga I can’t compare directly, but Yuki not being alone sounds like something I’d probably consider a change for the better. Megu-nee’s role in that scene (and the girls’ coordinated action to address the issue) was one of my favorite moments in the show so far.

  3. hpulley says:

    After a couple of seasons where I just bought a few single disc shorts, was worried I was becoming bored of anime but now I want to buy perhaps too much this season… favorites being:

    Gakkou Gurashi
    Non Non Biyori Repeat
    Symphogear GX

    And lots of shorts I’m enjoying and thinking about buying too:

    Teekyuu 5
    Wakaba Girl
    Miss Monochrome 2

    I’m really enjoying Shimoneta and Sore ga Seiyuu as well though I’m not sure of the re-watch/support need/potential of those two and that is probably too much these days. 3 long and 3 short series I can probably manage.

    Non Non Biyori Repeat shows what anime-only watchers didn’t know about season 1. Non Non Biyori manga is like many other slice of life, cute girls doing cute things manga series in that it never actually advances. In volume 8 of the manga Renge is still in 1st year of elementary school. People who enjoy this sort of manga/anime like Yuyushiki and so many others really enjoy it but I worry about the sales for the series as I’m not sure everyone will want to buy new stories from the same time period. Episode 4 was simply amazing and yet… I’m not sure it will help the sales.

    Symphogear GX looks like the s1-2 fans got in early to order all the volumes but now it has really cooled off. Still a really fun show for me.

    Gakkou Gurashi is amazingly well done. I loved the manga but I agree with all the changes that were made. This is how you change a series to make it fit anime better. And you have the manga writer do it!

    Sore ga Seiyuu seems like a fun docudrama like Shirobako but with more of a focus on the seiyuu which is good as I felt that was lacking from Shirobako. Excellent timing for this series which otherwise I think would have had trouble finding an audience but “Shirobako but with more focus on the seiyuu” works well. Still, as much as I enjoyed Shirobako I didn’t buy it as it just wasn’t something I needed to watch again.

    Shimoneta is just funny and fun though I’m not sure I need to watch it again. Quite enjoyable however, a nice poke at recent censorship initiatives by the gov’t. Amazing ED by Sumire as well, perhaps the best of the season.

    Wakaba Girl is a nice slice of life short. Without many of those this season it definitely finds a place on my schedule.

    Miss Monochrome is good as always though it really, really feels like an ad for her album and world tour and merchandise which of course it is. Probably a really late solicit again.

    Overlord I’m enjoying too, more than I thought I would but I’m not getting any buy vibes from it.

    Dandelion is fun, not sure what to expect though. I’m mostly there for the ED. Cute show, more ecchi than I thought but the premise is quite weak and rewatch is even weaker I think.

    I dropped CG and Drrr in the past seasons, sorry. No real reason why, just didn’t hold my interest, never have finished a season of either franchise for some reason.

    Past season:

    Mikagura I managed to finish, it was fun but I don’t think it will be that memorable in the long run.

    Nagato Yuki-chan wasn’t what I was expecting. I enjoyed it but it seemed like it didn’t even need to be about those characters I love so much, it wasn’t just Yuki chan that was very different in this alternate version, they all seemed quite different. Fun but … not my favorite.

    • hpulley says:

      Gakkou Gurashi v1 amazon ed w/all volume box, NNB repeat V1 w/all volume box, Symphogear GX with LP sized double disc case, Wakaba Girl without the acrylic plate ordered. I can’t believe I’m paying an extra 6000 yen for some boxes but… I like boxes. Can always cancel something later if for some reason they ruin it down the line.

      • something says:

        That’ll be a heck of a lot more than ¥6k yen, because I assume you have to buy the Amazon versions of *all* volumes not just the first. Is that wrong? And are you sure they’ll ship the box overseas?

        • hpulley says:

          Hmm, you may be right. That may be an all volume bonus at the end which they could then say “oops, we can’t ship this to you, sorry.” Darn… may have to try and cancel it all and re-order it which sometimes pisses them off. Ah well, if they tell me I can’t order them then I’ll just use CDJapan…

          Thanks for the head’s up but it is odd as they let me order them. Would be kind of poor customer service of them to let me spend the extra only to deny me the box at the end.

          • hpulley says:

            OK, good they at least let me cancel the whole thing and re-order it, no special editions. I’d forgotten that Amazon hadn’t figured out the all volume bonus thing for foreigners. CDJapan has it figured out, they make me pay the shipping on it, oh boy, but they always give me the all volume bonus. But the B3 poster bonuses they have for a couple of these series aren’t worth paying full price and I never actually put them up anyway… just ending paying shipping for the long boxes required to send them.

            • something says:

              I don’t know either way if the all-vol bonus works for foreigners, which is why I asked. I’m just not willing to try it out until I know! And find a box I’m willing to pay ~$100 extra for which is never going to happen.

              My main fear is that Amazon may be too big to care about supporting the handful of foreign buyers in their new system. Too big a risk until I hear that someone does it successfully.

              • hpulley says:

                No, thanks for the head’s up and the reality check on the costs. 2000 yen PER VOLUME for a box that may not even be sent to me is just way out there. I always have to remember: CDJapan if I want the bonuses; Amazon if I want the discount, and get the discounted version! Strangely, they wouldn’t even let me order the non-Amazon editions of Kimi Uso (wouldn’t ship them here, resellers only) so I bought it through CDJapan instead.

                CDJapan always puts the all volume bonus in the shipment with the last volume and locks that order down so you can’t mess with it, including the extra shipping. Normally they let you move things around until it is in the shipping process.

  4. Chipp says:

    I’ve totally forgot to ask about this:
    “Video distributor NBC Universal may not share the enthusiasm however, if the DVD/BDs stay dead.”
    Isn’t NBC Universal supposed to be the music publisher though? I mean they’re listed as a publisher for every single/album in there:

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