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I never ended up doing a seasonal ranking for Spring, partly because I felt like I wasn’t watching enough for it to be worthwhile. I have decided that I want to make some summary comments on shows I finish in my MAL anime list though. I’m only doing it for 2015 shows I finish and going forward, but this since this lets me recap some Spring thoughts, I thought I’d post them here as an update too. As far as spoilers, I’m not holding back at all. If you’re still planning to watch one of these shows I recommend not reading the comments!

Koufuku Graffiti [IMPORTED]
A story about learning how to love, and (re-)learning how to be loved.

This isn’t “a cooking anime”, meals are just a stand-in for the emotional bonds that form between people – a medium through which those feelings pass. Eating a good meal prepared by someone you love is a way of figuratively (and I guess partly literally?) internalizing their feelings. Working with them to prepare that meal is a way of forming those memories together.

For Kirin, it’s about emotional growth. She’s much less mature and emotionally developed than Ryou when they first meet. Kirin is nervous around adults, self-conscious about her size and apparent youth, slow to make friends, and doesn’t appear to have particularly deep personal relationships with anyone. Throughout the series we get to watch her become more conscious of others’ feelings. See her chip in and help instead of sit back and passively consume. See the changes that come over her as her relationship with Ryou goes from weekend roommate to soulmate. Her growth is more subtle than Ryou’s and doesn’t occupy as central a position in the narrative but it’s just as satisfying if you pay attention to it.

For Ryou, it’s about emotional healing. She’s much more reserved than Kirin, and lacks her (surface, at least) self-confidence and vigor. On the other hand she comes off as much more mature and empathetic. When we first meet her this is causing her more grief than comfort because her grandmother, the woman who raised her with gentleness and boundless, unconditional love, has passed away. Her emotions flow in a deluge towards that feeling of loss, draining the rest of her world and leaving behind a dull gray. Until the day she meets Kirin – a vibrant flash of purple sweeps across her life, and steadily, bit by bit, with Kirin’s love and everyone’s help, Ryou moves forward.

Ryou’s journey climaxes in the final episode when she receives her grandmother’s old apron as a gift, shortly before Kirin formally moves in with her. Kirin, flexing her character growth muscles (and being quite pleased with herself for it), opens Ryou’s eyes with a suggestion that memories aren’t just artifacts of the past, but something you create going forward too. Even if the person you’re remembering is no longer with you. Ryou’s weakness is being bound by the past. Kirin’s is in living only in a nervous present. Together, the can overcome this by living for a future together.

With her friends and family near, with her grandmother’s apron wrapped around her, and above all with Kirin’s love right by her side, Ryou finally has all the ingredients she needs.

Koufuku Graffiti is about as close as a show can come to a 10/10 for me without getting one. A sequel would almost certainly address that… but I’m not holding my breath. ;_;

The iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls [IMPORTED]
Where the first Idolmaster anime was working with deeply established characters with half a decade under their belts, the cast of Deremas carried a lot less baggage, for better and for worse.

This means that while Animas made a lot of (generally warranted) assumptions that we knew the characters, and started with a fully-formed agency, Deremas makes few assumptions, and takes establishing its characters as a top priority. It pulls it off beautifully. The strength of the first cour is undoubtedly its ability to take a large cast and systematically make everyone one of them unique and interesting and worth caring about. It’s not entirely even – Kanako and Chieri for example are still significantly less developed than the rest thus far – and the assumed protagonist trio actually fade into the larger group rather than clearly stand out.

But the former can be dealt with in time (and it’s not like Animas didn’t have its less-developed characters [hi Azusa]) and the latter is more a testament to how well the cast is developed as an ensemble than a criticism of the New Generations crew, all of whom I find rather charming (especially bedhead Shimamu).

The care with which the show managed its characters was strongest in Miku, Ranko, and Minami’s stories.

Miku’s increasing frustration at being passed over for debut and subsequent struggle to form a unit with her polar opposite (Riina) was a real rollercoaster, providing both the show’s early emotional set piece and the most interesting unit-formation story by far, with probably the most interesting result.

Ranko’s initial inability to express her personality (see how the Producer assumes she wants something dark and scary) was handled well but even better was her stepping up to support Love Laika when Minami was unable. Ranko is the lone solo act among the Cinderella Girls, so keeping her integrated with the larger cast by supporting Anastasia and Minami was a brilliant move.

And where to start with Minami? I’d pegged her from the start as doomed to be by far the least interesting character but then, unexpectedly, somehow, SHE BECAME THE BEST!? She’s one of the unlikeliest picks for group leader, but she nailed it. She has no real equivalent in 765Pro, because while Haruka was the emotional center of the group she could rely on much stronger administrative backup from P-san, Ritsuko, and Kotori. The 346 girls have much less to work with. P-chan, much as I love him, is just not as capable or naturally empathetic as Animas P-san was. Chihiro could have filled Kotori’s role, but we simply don’t see a lot of her. Minami, then, takes on much more individual responsibility than any of the 765 girls had to, and while it’s not easy on her she settles into the role and becomes the linchpin of the group. Her despair at missing out on most of the climax concert made for probably the best-executed and most emotionally powerful scenes of the show.

So how does it stack up to Animas? The one area it clearly lacks compared to its predecessor is visual quality. There are a few stand-out scenes/episodes, a few embarrassingly bad scenes, and a middle that’s “okay”. Big step down from Animas, which is one of the best productions out there.

But overall it’s simply a very different first half from Animas’. It starts with a different sort of cast and has to do different things with them. If I were to pick one story aspect where I think it lacked, that would be on the business/administrative side. One of Animas’ strengths was the shockingly good P-san, the lovable Kotori, and the stellar role Ritsuko played as an idol-cum-new producer. Even Pres Takagi’s occasional interjections displayed his intense faith in his idols, which they in turn appreciated.

On the other hand this allows more focus on the idols dealing with each other, which I’d generally mark as a big plus. But I’m hesitant to count that as a big edge over Animas, because Animas did quite a lot of *that* too, and P-san was so good that even when he solved problems it felt natural, because /that’s literally his darn job/. It did not feel at all like a harem MC monopolizing all the interaction with the girls. So point to Animas overall on this one too.

Even so, I feel like Deremas does have the potential to get on the same level, if the second half cleans up the visuals and builds on the first half’s engaging character writing. If it’s as good at utilizing a fully developed cast as it was in developing them in the first place, we’re going to see some real magic in a few weeks. I’d like nothing more than for it to fully earn that 10/10.

Hello!! Kin-iro Mosaic [IMPORTED]
All of the charm and warmth and comedy returns, though without the major set pieces of the first season’s flashback and musical. Karen and Alice’s relationship was a highlight this season, both via the flashback to their youth and their time visiting England. Ayaya is still my favorite of the girls and she became even more madly, adorably in love this season, but she didn’t make much progress with Youko – such is the inescapable fate of iyashikei yuribaiting, I guess.

Cast additions were kept rather minimal this season. Hello!! choose to expand screentime for characters we met in season one: Honoka in particular, but also Youko’s siblings, Mitsuki and Kouta. Couldn’t have chosen anyone better! With Alice/Shio and Ayaya/Youko pairings being set, I’ve been hoping for a long time to see Honoka get close to Karen and that’s exactly what we got. Meanwhile, Youko’s little brother and sister are pretty much the best siblings in anime.

The only major new character is Kuzehashi-sensei, a young new teacher who primarily interacts with Karen and Karasuma-sensei. She also leads the show off very strong by being a major focus of two episodes, letting us meet the characters again through a new character’s eyes.

Warrants a 9/10 without hesitation, for being a weekly beacon of warmth and happiness while Eupho has been beating me bloody with a nail-studded fishing rod.

May Kinpatsu conquer the earth!

Yurikuma Arashi [IMPORTED]
Too flawed to be a favorite, but it clawed its way into becoming a very worthwhile show. Episode by episode, scene by scene, minute by minute. It culminated in a truly beautiful finale, and with that as my last memory I’m going to remember the show fondly.

Its weakness was that its characters were shallow. They were largely imagery and catchphrases, and while I understand the director’s abstract, highly symbolic style lends itself to that, it doesn’t really allow (at least in this particular case) me to feel like I know the cast very well. Not in one cour anyway – and that is a problem, the show felt too short for its ambitions.

Lulu was the only character who felt fully fleshed-out in the way I want my characters to be. She felt like the only main character with true agency. The only one that made her choices because she wanted to, rather than because of “Destiny”. It’s not even that I didn’t like Ginko or Kureha. I liked them a fair bit, and there were a lot of fun secondary cast members too. But that Lulu should have ended up standing out so much is less a testament to her greatness (she is great!) than to the lack of competition she had. I think laser girl and mecha-bear’s single scene in the finale end put them at roughly the same level of emotional investment as I had in a full cour of Kureha and Ginko interactions. That’s a problem!

But the show was ambitious, in a way I respect. Dealing with sexuality, both in terms of the protagonists’ homosexuality and the show’s sexually charged imagery, is never easy. It tends to either follow typical heterosexual romance cliches or serve as cheap titillation that doesn’t support any larger thematic backdrop.

Yurikuma Arashi however is sexually charged from head to toe, ears to claws. Most of the imagery is built around this, and character motivations are tied to it. The bears, Yuriika and Ginko in particular, are driven by a love manifesting as intense lust, a desire to completely possess another both body and mind – to *consume* them. None of this is used simply to spice up a scene with nip-slips and fondling, it’s used because Ikuhara chose sexuality as the language through which the characters speak to each other and themselves.

Flawed, underdeveloped, ultimately shooting for the moon and falling short. But well worth your time, and it was certainly worth my import. Intense and ultimately respectful explorations of sexuality are rare in anime, let alone between young women. There’s definitely something here even if you’ve got to apply a lot of polish to see the shine.

Gao gao!

Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha ViVid

Less ambitious than the other entries in the series, but very good at focusing on what it does: no larger plot (so far), just cute little (and not so little) girls beating each other silly as part of their species’ elaborate mating rituals.

Apart from more NanoFate and the adorable budding Vivio/Einhart relationship is how the series seems to exist purely to take the piss out of StrikerS. Lutecia’s hilarious personality shift and Garyuu fetching vegetables for dinner felt like a wonderful way of saying “StrikerS was kinda dumb wasn’t it, how about we do something fun?”

And while I don’t remember anything about most of the Numbers, Nove is really great in this! She continues the tradition of adopting cute little ass-kicking girls pioneered by Nanoha and Fate and becomes Einhart’s guardian and teacher, and she’s just excellent in the role.

A tournament setting is *perfect* for this series too, because it’s very good at introducing colorful new characters who we only need to pay attention to for a short time. The Saki model, you could say. We even got an ill-fated Arai Satomi character. Just run this with in the Saki model for a couple cour and I will be completely on board the whole way.

While the production quality is for the most part garbage (carrying on that TV Nanoha tradition!) the content of the tournament battles was rather excellent. Even battles between characters we’d not met until episode 9 were engaging and well paced and a ton of fun to watch.

But the highlight of the tournament so far is Einhart vs Corona, which was shockingly good considering how hideously out matched I assumed Corona would be. She was the quiet underachiever of the group, far inferior to her friends in raw strength and always on the verge of dropping out of competitive martial arts. Her battle with Einhart used this character premise to fantastic effect, integrating it into her battle style in very cool ways. That the fight had just over a full episode dedicated to it gives me a lot of hope that future battles will be just as good, particularly the, I assume, inevitable Einhart/Vivio clash.

Bring on season two.

Durarara!! x2 Shou
A strong continuation of the previous season that suffers from such a long time passing since the original aired. I don’t think I’ll ever feel as invested in it as I did before, even though there are probably at least as many reasons for me to enjoy x2 as I did the first season.

The show’s strengths are the same: plenty of interwoven plot threads delivered with a stylish as hell presentation – even if the production quality took a serious hit in this season.

I feel like they’re doing something interesting with Mikado’s character now. I mean, this is what would eventually happen to him, right? He’s an ordinary[?] kid surrounded by extraordinary people and deep down he desperately wants to live in their world. It’s probably the only interesting direction you can take his rather bland character, but I’m genuinely looking forward to how it goes.

While the show handled its ever-expanding cast with a finesse few shows can, my favorites were, predictably I suppose, Mairu and Kururi, followed by Akane. I look forward to more of all of them in the next two seasons.


Dog Days” [IMPORTED]
I think this season was a little weaker than the others, besides episodes 1-3 and 8. Still very fun, still great action animation, still an import for me. But not as consistently solid as the others. It may be time to stop expanding the cast. I like Sharl a lot, but I didn’t care nearly so much about the characters in the last arc, nor about the villain’s backstory, and while he delivered an awesomely animated fight, shota bunny really needs to go away.

The fanservice also got a bit more in your face and lazier, as if they had some “tentacle and/or slime” quota to fill in a few episodes. I’m okay with fanservice in a silly show like this (or I never would have gotten through the first two seasons!) but it’s getting stale now.

I’m also slightly irked at how Gaul has started pushing Nanami and Rebecca out of their spots as Cinque’s equals, but the series has done a lot of other things right both in terms of female agency (fanservice aside) and making a Cinque genuinely likable MC that I can’t complain too much. Though it could easily be taken too far if the girls are sidelined any further.

I’d love to see at least one more season, though! Hell just give me a massive 12 episode war game tournament with nothing going on except cool animation and the characters being adorable and I’d be more than happy. That’s Dog Days at its best.

Well, except for episode 8. *That* is the best episode of Dog Days yet, and one of the best episodes of this year.

Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken Stardust Crusaders: Egypt-hen
A step up from the meandering first half of Stardust Crusaders, if still not quite on par with the pre-Stardust arcs. Joutarou never did impress me as much as Jonathan and was totally overshadowed by Joseph. Joseph and Polnareff were consistently the most amusing characters, and I took quite a liking to Avdol too.

I don’t have a whole lot to say about this show – it was a decent time-killer that was much easier to get into the mood for than most shows, even if I never emotionally engaged with it to any significant degree. Pure popcorn, I guess, but it works as that. I’ll come back for as long as they want to keep animating it.

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka
It started strong, but in the end just couldn’t overcome the gravity of its fantasy light novel origins. It never falls into the smelly pit of awfulness the pick-up artist title warns of, but it still introduces interesting female characters only to have them fall in love with the protagonist one by one, after which they’re never quite as interesting or relevant again. Lili perhaps comes out the least harmed by this, but nonetheless gets her share of “jealously clinging to Bell” scenes.

This affects Aiz worst of all, and Aiz affects Bell worst of all. Bell is a generic if generally charming lead, but around Aiz he descends to almost To Love-Ru levels of grating overreactions. He’s also bogged down by Most Generic Protagonist Power Ever, which is literally the ability to one-shot whatever the plot decides is the big threat at the time. Or, in a /shocking twist/, two-shot the final boss.

The story is among the most generic ever written, though it’s elevated somewhat by great character art, strong production values and scattered moments of really genuine emotional expression (Bell/Hestia in episode 3, parts of the conclusion to Lili’s arc, episode 8). I also give the anime credit (apparently the novels don’t share this virtue at all) for letting the worldbuilding come naturally, without lengthy explanations of mechanics or meaningless lore that does nothing to inform the show’s plot or characters.

It’s not quite enough to hold off the uninspired and entirely predictable progression of the story though, nor the uniformly bland, lifeless antagonists. And the less said about the ending, the better – the last boss /literally falls from the sky/ in the final episode and a rushed conclusion is thrown together with a “go read the novels” non-ending and very awkward foreshadowing.

This all probably sounds harsher than I feel, and 6/10 is a “it didn’t offend me and had some solid material with even a couple great highlights” rating. But I’m disappointed that in the end the well-constructed character moments were mixed in among so much uninspired harem/fantasy nonsense. It could have been much better if it dropped the romantic angle entirely from Lili, Aiz, and Syr, which would in turn have cut down on scenes of Hestia wasting her time being jealous. Ah well, it was still better than I expected.


Yes, I’ll address the elephant in the room: I’m not really ready to comment on Hibike! Euphonium. Well, I have commented, thousands upon thousands of words of it if you’ve been following my ordeal with this show on twitter, but I can’t stop and write up a summary of my feelings for the show as a whole right now, not when the final episode is still two days away. Even after it airs I may not be able to – either I’ll be too happy to think straight or I’ll be too depressed for the next month to want to talk about it. Or perhaps I’ll just be left hanging, confused, unable to figure out what it was going for. Regardless, I’m intentionally posting this before that episode airs, so I can keep a clear head about everything else.

I have a couple titles on hiatus: Nagato Yuki-chan no Shouhistsu because the subbers I was following died, and Robot Girls Z+ because it’s one mini episode per month which barely counts as a show at all, though I will watch the eps as they come out.

I’m also hoping to pick up Mikagura Gakuen at some point. Kekkai Sensei was on my “maybe marathon” list at first but I think my interest in it has sunk below the level needed to make that happen. The same is happening to Oregairu Zoku, but that one may still get watched. Maaaaaaybe. My interest in het romance is pretty rock bottom at the moment and despite the overwhelmingly positive reaction to this season there’s been enough grumbling about the show getting a little bit harem-y that I’m turned off. Miakgura is the priority in any event and by the time I get into that Summer will already have started.

As for Summer, despite mentioning it in the post title there’s not a whole lot to say! I’ll be watching three sequels: Non Non Biyori Repeat, The iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls, and Durarara!! x2 Ten. There are a handful of other “maybes” (Gakkou Gurashi primarily, but also Sore ga Seiyuu, Wakaba Girl [short, tho] possibly Utawarerumono s2 and K s2 eventually), but until I know CR has them I’m not even going to bother getting excited. Since Funi looks set to announce a ton of shit this season again, I’m just assuming the worst possible outcome for all of them.

11 Responses to “Mid-year 2015 viewing update, Summer viewing plans”

  1. Jim says:

    I think that’s the first blog review of Nanoha Vivid that I’ve seen from anyone all season. My thoughts are mostly in line with yours, but I’ll push a little harder and say we’d *better* get a second season, because if it just stops in mid-story like a cheap 90s OVA and never gives us anything else, I’m going to be very unhappy. Anyway, I didn’t have a real problem with the production values (frankly, the other two A-1 spring shows that I started and dropped – Denpa Kyoushi and Gunslinger Stratos – were so much worse that they make Vivid look like a Ghibli movie by comparison), but a couple of the design choices did annoy me a bit. I know it’s consistent with her manga design, but every time Einhart’s on the screen, I want to take a pair of scissors to that strand of hair in the middle of her face – it drove me crazy. And the shade of red they chose for Fate’s eyes makes her look like she’s possessed.

    I get your take on Danmachi. I’m not a big fan of harem stuff either, but a lot of the female attention Bell got felt to me more like groupies drawn to a rock star instead of a proper anime harem (and let’s be honest, Bell’s become a bit of a rock star in his world with his exploits and quick promotion, so the comparison’s not that odd), and that’s probably why it didn’t bother me much. The only women who matter are the ones who really know him, and that’s Hestia, Lili, and maybe Syr – the rest are just screen clutter. Bell and Hestia’s very close, almost brother-sister relationship and how much they were constantly looking out for each other was really the heart and soul of the series to me, and that was something I liked quite a lot.

    Yuki Nagato was getting so dull around midseason that I almost dropped it. I’m glad I didn’t, though, because I really liked the most recent arc (episodes 10-13).

    • something says:

      Blasphemy, Einhart’s stray hair strand is totally her charm point!

      As for a second season, the show outright says “Now for an interval!” which seems waaay more like a promise than “See you next time!” or anything ambiguous like that.

      Of course this is the show that’s *over* and doesn’t have a DVD/BD solicitation yet so who knows what the hell they’re doing with it?

    • Kalanoch says:

      Stilts covered each episode over at randomc, but yeah I feel like the show wasn’t watched by many people. As evident by the very distinct lack of subs, and no streaming options. What it is with Nanoha and not getting licensed in the west?

      I’m not a huge Nanoha fan but I like the franchise and I enjoyed this season. I don’t think it was as good as StrikerS, but I think I am in the minority that actually really liked StrikerS…

      • something says:

        ViVid is a super weird situation because it’s spun-off from a hugely successful franchise, but due to the fact that there’s been no disc solicitations at all, we have no clue how well it’s been received. Right now I couldn’t give you a range much narrower than 2k to 20k, which is basically like saying I won’t even begin to estimate at all.

        (That’s a lie, I definitely think it’ll do about 5k, but I have nothing to back that up and we don’t even know if it’s getting singles or a box.)

        • Jim says:

          I just got through watching the recap episode. It didn’t have any new insights on the show, but I mention it because the narrator made a quick sales pitch at the end for Vivid’s “Blu-Ray and DVD” releases. Still didn’t say anything about WHEN they’re coming, but at least it’s the first concrete piece of information they’ve given us about their plans.

          • something says:

            There was a comment from the character designer/manga artist about the DVD/BD as well, but yeah no schedule or anything. This really cannot be good for its sales.

      • Jim says:

        I really like StrikerS too. It took a lot longer to get going, but I remember the first time I saw it, from about episode 17 on I basically ended up marathoning the whole rest of the series. It was so tense and exciting that I just couldn’t stop.

        Nanoha and A’s did get licensed in North America back in 2007, but the timing really couldn’t have been worse. They were part of the last batch of licenses Geneon bought, and Funimation cut a deal to finish publishing the DVDs after Geneon shut down. I have those DVDs and most of the branding is Geneon, with just a small Funi logo on the box. Anyway, by the time the first batch of Nanoha DVDs finally made it to market it was late 2008/early 2009, right after the recession hit and the anime bubble burst. And since it wasn’t really Funimation’s series anyway, they hardly had much incentive to push Nanoha at the expense of their own shows, especially in a tight market. Then in one more cruel twist, the licenses for Nanoha expired in early 2011, just as Madoka was exploding onto the scene and stoking a renewed interest in dark/mature magical girl. So if it had been licensed two years earlier and Geneon had been able to publish and market it themselves, it probably would’ve gotten a lot more visibility. Or if it had been licensed two years later and was still available, it could have piggybacked off the Madoka hype (in a see-the-show-that-inspired-it kind of way). Instead, it basically fell right through the cracks and disappeared. I still don’t think it would’ve been a huge success in either case – between the nude transformations, the yuri subtext, and the dissonance of cute little girls blasting each other with super-powered energy weapons, it was always going to be a tough sell in the US – but it still could’ve done much better had it been released at any other time than when they put it out.

        The other problem with licensing Nanoha these days, besides its history, is that it’s been such a cash cow in Japan that it would be a lot more expensive to acquire than most licenses and harder to make a profit on. Companies are always going to be leery of that, especially for a major series without an established American fanbase like Sailor Moon or Madoka. That’s been a problem for a lot of magical girl shows over the years and one of the biggest reasons why nobody in North America has even tried to sell DVDs for franchises like Precure or Shugo Chara. The only company I could even remotely see taking a chance on it someday might be Aniplex, because they wouldn’t have to sell as many copies to recoup the license costs and they could also cross-market it with Madoka, since they already own that series. The out-of-print Geneon/Funi Nanoha DVD sets routinely sell for three figures on the secondary market (typically $100-$130 for season one and $150-$200 for A’s), so there are obviously fans out there who are willing to pay Aniplex-level prices for it. I don’t know yet if I’d pay that much for Vivid, but I definitely would for nice sets of the other three seasons, especially StrikerS since that’s (obviously) the one I don’t have.

  2. AholePony says:

    No Working!! 3 for next season? I would think that would be in the zone of the types of animu you seem to enjoy. Nice little reviews here, I was really let down by Cinderella :-(

    • something says:

      I imported the first two seasons of Working!! so I certainly have enjoyed it in the past (s2 more than s1 even), but don’t have much interest in watching the third. The cast is fun, but the romance is pretty poor. It might be a show I marathon closer to when it’s done though, depending on what I hear about it.

      • AholePony says:

        Fair enough. It’s hard to watch a lot and this summer seems to have more iyashikei-ish shows than we’ve been getting.

  3. something says:

    I always severely limit what I say I’m looking forward to because you never know how CGI/streaming is going to pan out, but some CR pickups have my Summer viewing schedule slightly expanded:

    1. Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Season 2 [starts July 17]
    2. Non Non Biyori Repeat [ep 1 watched]
    3. Wakaba Girl [ep 1 watched]
    4. Durarara!! x2 Ten [ep 1 watched]

    Plan to try
    5. Gakkou Gurashi – I’ve been interested in this one for some time, and CR just picked it up today, so it gets a shot.
    6. Himouto! Umaru-chan – apparently the male lead is her brother, not a dumb love interest, and the female lead gets most of the focus, and the PV looked very cute too. CR picking it up sealed the deal, so I’m giving it at least one ep this weekend.

    While the shitlords at Funi had a long simulcast list, nearly all of it was stuff I’d either never heard of or had not the slightest interest in. The only casualty is Sore ga Seiyuu, which I had been interested in. Oh well! Maybe I’ll check for fansubs, but eh~ I dunno.

    Five shows on CR this season is really good by my standards, considering how little I watch nowadays.

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