First, please see “Oricon extended ranking data, backlog complete! Explanation and summary” to get the background on what this data is.

For this latest update, I’ve gone about it a bit differently. Rather than try to keep all of the discs with their latest Oricon ranking number, I just sorted by sales and autonumbered.

This doesn’t apply to BDs, which are a much cleaner list. The number of BDs I track and the number Oricon lists are the same (minus one dupe I deleted). DVDs however are not clean. I track a lot of discs that Oricon at one point tracked (which is how they got into my list in the first place) but then stopped tracking. I thus track 13,384 DVDs, while Oricon’s ranking only covers 13,237 at the time of writing this. This leaves 147 discs that have nowhere to go in Oricon’s ranking numbers, and, in any given week, 700+ discs that can’t be found on the site due to the massive numbers of duplicates you get when you download through Oricon’s rankings page by page.

I still keep my main sheet with the Oricon numbers, so that I can merge the data each week. But there’s no good way for me to turn that into a clean summary output like this.

Hopefully the numbers in the DVD list not matching up with Oricon’s site won’t be a problem for how you’re using the data, but the alternative was having hundreds of out-of-order discs and just a big dumb mess in general so I think this is the better solution. (It’s also something I could potentially produce more often, because I don’t have to manually find spots for 700+ items.)

(Two sheets, one for BD, the other for DVD)

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