Ranking update summary for the weeks of 2015 04/20, 04/27

The following rankings have been updated to reflect the full data released this week.

» Weekly sales for 04/20 – 04/26
» Weekly sales for 04/27 – 05/03

» 2000-Present, TV Anime Sales over 10k
» 2000-Present, Long-running franchises, Average and Per-volume sales
» TV Anime BD Boxsets over ¥100m
» Box Office Gross, TV Anime Adaptations
» Series Data – Quick View

» 2014 Total Average Sales Ranking
» 2014 Per-volume Sales Ranking
» 2014 Fall Vol. 1 Ranking

» 2015 Total Average Sales Ranking
» 2015 Per-volume Sales Ranking
» 2015 Winter Vol. 1 Ranking

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» JVA 2014 DVD/BD market report, update and 2001-2014 comparison

Not going to do the Spring v1s post until more shows are out.

3 Responses to “Ranking summary for the weeks of 2015 04/20, 04/27”

  1. Chipp says:

    Are you planning to do the actual Spring viewing post soon? The last one only had the series you were planning to watch.

    • something says:

      Oh, yeah… I should do that. But I’ve been watching almost nothing this season.

      The only shows I’m watching on a weekly basis are Kinmosa and Euphonium, with Jojo s3 continuing from Winter.

      I’m also watching Nanoha Vivid and Yuki-chan but the subbers I’m using for both are rather far behind, so they’re on hold at the moment. I’ll definitely get back to them later though.

      That’s it! I’m not watching a single other currently airing show.

      I did spend some time looking back on shows I initially skipped or dropped, though. I watched both seasons of Wixoss (was great, even imported it) and I also gave Kyousougiga another shot (not an import, but solidly enjoyable). And this past weekend I picked my Idolmaster rewatch back up, which I’m going to try to make last until Deremas is back.

      Just not a whole lot of anime going on for me this season. I do have a few shows on the “maybe try after they’re done if I feel like it and hear good things at the end (and can find decent subbers if it’s not on CR)”, which are Kekkai Sensen, Mikagura Gakuen, and Oregairu s2. But… welp.

      So a currently watching post right now would be:

      1. Euphonium is phenomenal, anime of the season without a doubt.
      2. Kinmosa is just as adorable and fun as the first season.
      3. Vivid is on hold but a lot better than comments about the manga would have led me to be believe.
      4. Yuki-chan is really cute, but I can only survive all this intense heterosexuality because I know and love the characters already.
      5. Jojo is still Jojo, I’m not sure if it’s even good but it’s very easy to watch and I do want to see where it ends up.

      • hayate says:

        I really hope you can do it soon. I like your comment about the shows. However, your taste is different to mine. But it’s funny when reading comment from other people about the shows in seasons.

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