First, please see “Oricon extended ranking data, backlog complete! Explanation and summary” to get the background on what this data is.

The previous download, with a bunch of caveat text and explanations, is here: Oricon extended ranking data, full data download as of 2015-02-07

As for why I haven’t done this more often… well I’ve complained on numerous occasions (example) about the difficulties of working with the extended ranking data. But today I decided to take another crack at cleaning it all up, and well, that’s what I’ve been doing for the past 10 hours.

I went through the entire DVD and BD listings and cleaned it up such that every disc had sales that were higher than the disc before. If there were any reference discs (ones we have posted rankings for) that didn’t make sense based on the references above and below – see my linked comment for mention of this – I dumped the original reported sales and gave them whatever number fit their ranking correctly. Again, this generally makes a difference of 1-10 sales, but if not accounted for the numbers will never line up in perfect descending order.

I cleaned up the BD list after merging in this week’s new scraped data. But out of morbid curiosity, I cleaned up all of the DVDs before merging in this week’s data, just to see how much the rankings shuffled around. I did a check for every disc that had lower sales than the disc below it, which came to about 1,100. I cleaned them all up manually, the merged the data in from this week… and was back up to about 900 out of order. You can see why I don’t do this every week. =(

So I went through once more and cleaned up all 900, and now it’s all nice and orderly and pretty again. …Until next week. Sigh. But for the moment at least, here’s a clean file!

NOTE: The only discs that are not in order are the discs that Oricon is reporting double sales for. They’ve got a weird glitch currently affecting 56 DVDs (the number will likely grow) whereby they’re ranking much higher than they should be based on their last known sales. Just about exactly double where they should be, in fact. My theory is that they’ve got duplicate entries in their database, and the ranking chart is just grouping sales by title. If a title is there twice, then oops, double sales. These discrepancies are obvious enough to spot at least, and I’ve added a column to the DVD sheet indicating the obvious errors.

(Two sheets, one for BD, the other for DVD)

3 Responses to “Oricon extended ranking data, full data download as of 2015-04-11”

  1. primadog says:

    You did your country a great service, soldier.

  2. Ejc says:

    Retrieving the data is simple, but fixing the damn problems due to the Oricon website when merging with past data isn’t. Thanks a lot for doing this! Should assist many people, including some of the sales followers in Japan.

    • something says:

      I feel like if releases didn’t disappear from Oricon’s list, it would solve one major problem. If I have a disc at #11,500 of 13,000 total discs one week, and then in the next update that disc is gone, where do I rank it? The only thing I can do is maintain its previous rank… except there might be 50 new discs ahead of it, and it should really be #11,550 now but I have no way to know that. So I leave it 11,500 and now it may be ahead of other discs that sold more than it and we’ve got issues. And there’s too many such discs to check into them all manually every week. We’d still have dupe ranking numbers anyway, since it’s got to go somewhere.

      Always very small issues, individually, of course. Especially since it mostly affects low-selling DVDs. But hundreds of small issues means big headache.

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