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Full list. 281 DVD threshold, 258 BD.

2015 03/30 – 04/05 Anime DVD List

Anime Rank All Rank Last Rank Week Sales Total Sales #Wks Title
2 17 1,870 17,201 3 Omoide no Marnie
3 18 3 1,620 14,046 2 Youkai Watch v2
4 33 1,021 1,021 1 ONE PIECE 17th Season Dressrosa-hen v10
5 37 879 879 1 Naruto Shippuuden Ninkai Taisen Uchuha Obito v1
6 45 769 769 1 Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata v2
7 51 730 29,972 38 Tonari no Totoro (2014 re-release)
8 53 27 687 3,871 2 Kantai Collection v1
9 57 667 667 1 Pripara v7
11 63 79 595 4,643 3 Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE! v1
12 66 49 585 2,332 2 Ansatsu Kyoushitsu v1
13 74 539 539 1 Kami-sama Hajimemashita ◎ v2
14 75 533 15,112 38 Majo no Takkyubin (2014 re-release)
15 86 35 461 3,042 2 Nanatsu no Taizai v3
18 390 2,327 2 Durarara!! x2 Shou v2
19 33 382 3,036 2 Sword Art Online II v6
21 346 23,244 18 Kaguya-hime no Monogatari
23 67 311 8,410 3 Free! -Eternal Summer- v7
26 60 301 9,572 3 Haikyuu!! v9
28 294 13,907 37 Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi (2014 re-release)

Other releases (concerts etc)
87 40 457 2,521 2 Suwabe Junichi no Tobidase! Nomi Chuugen v1
91 25 446 3,981 2 Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken Stardust Crusaders Walk Like Crusaders Event
96 20 437 4,941 2 Breakout Presents Bakumatsu Rock Chouzecchou Kaminari

2015 03/30 – 04/05 Anime BD List

Anime Rank All Rank Last Rank Week Sales Total Sales #Wks Title
1 2 6,625 6,625 1 Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata v2
2 8 3 2,109 18,898 2 Kantai Collection v1
4 10 1,857 1,857 1 Hellsing OVA VI~X BD Box
5 11 1,640 1,640 1 Aikatsu! Akari Generation BD Box v1
6 12 1 1,616 35,492 2 Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works
8 18 4 1,216 14,462 2 Sword Art Online II v6
9 23 953 953 1 Kami-sama Hajimemashita ◎ v2
11 30 829 7,681 2 Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso v2
12 32 5 812 11,962 2 Shirobako v4
13 33 81 798 10,486 5 Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata v1
14 34 17 769 4,694 2 Shinmai Maou no Testament v1
15 35 46 722 11,354 3 Omoide no Marnie
16 36 659 7,752 2 Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei v9
17 37 65 630 22,772 4 Persona 3 #2: Midsummer Knight's Dream LE
18 42 12 580 6,981 2 Gundam G no Reconquista v4
19 43 16 576 5,150 2 Amagi Brilliant Park v4
20 45 15 556 5,139 2 Crossange v4
46 78 548 13,603 6 Shirobako v3
49 85 541 14,579 15 Shirobako v1
51 84 537 13,914 10 Shirobako v2
55 14 507 5,170 14 Dog Days v1"
69 24 440 3,193 2 Durarara!! x2 Shou v2
75 34 402 2,506 2 Trinity Seven v4
78 58 380 11,024 6 Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso v1
80 44 365 13,106 3 Free! -Eternal Summer- v7
82 30 361 2,790 2 Nanatsu no Taizai v3
83 101 352 2,962 3 Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE! v1
84 50 350 1,527 2 Ansatsu Kyoushitsu v1
86 70 314 6,579 3 Aldnoah Zero 2nd Season v1 (v6)
88 43 310 1,870 2 Tokyo Ghoul √A v1.
90 45 297 11,073 3 Haikyuu!! v9
93 293 293 1 ONE PIECE 17th Season Dressrosa-hen v10
95 22 268 3,189 2 Grisaia no Kajitsu v4
97 79 264 7,511 3 Shingeki no Kyojin Zenpen: Gurren no Yumiya LE

Other releases (concerts etc)
21 6 1,014 10,203 2 Animelo Summer Live 2014 -Oneness- 8.31
27 10 883 7,348 2 Animelo Summer Live 2014 -Oneness- 8.30
28 11 876 7,285 2 Animelo Summer Live 2014 -Oneness- 8.29

Winter update:
Saekano v2 sells 6625/769, total 7,394. Better than v1’s 6.6k v1 but this one isn’t going to double in wk2+ like v1 is set to, so the drop is unclear.
v1 adds 798 BDs, total 11,986. This is becoming the Shirobako of Winter, in a manner of speaking. At least for v1.

Kamimashita s2 v2 sells 953/539, total 1,492. Well, slight increase over v1.

Kancolle v1 adds 2109/687, total 22,769. v1 should have a long tail, maybe 25k?

Aldnoah s2 v1 adds 341 BDs, total 7,693. So it should at least beat the lowest selling s1 volume.

Boueibu v1 adds 352/595, total 7,605. Event ticket power still strong.

Dog Days” v1 adds 507/252, total 6,868. DVDs from extended ranking.

Shinmai Maou v1 adds 769/278, total 6,024. DVDs from extended ranking.

Durarara s2 v2 adds 440/390, total 5,520.

Ansakyou v1 adds 350/585, total 3,859.

Tokyo Ghoul s2 v1 adds 310/267, total 3,197. DVDs from extended ranking.

Fall update:
Fate UBW adds 1616, total 35,492. Less than half to one-third the wk2s of the Zero boxes.

Shirobako v1 adds 541 BDs, total 14,579 in wk15.
v2 adds 537 BDs, total 14,290 in wk10.
v3 adds 548 BDs, total 14,020 in wk6.
v4 adds 812 BDs, total 12,409 in wk2.

Kimiuso v1 adds 380 BDs, total 14,523 in wk6.
v2 adds 829 BDs, total 9,029. If another 200 DVDs in the extended, then I guess maybe wk4 for 10k rather than wk3.

G Reco v4 adds 580 BDs, total 7,691.

Nanatai v3 adds 361/461, total 5,832.

Crossange v4 adds 556 BDs, total 5,626.

Amaburi v4 adds 576 BDs, total 5,611.

Grisaia v4 adds 268 BDs, total 3,663.

Trinity Seven v4 adds 402 BDs, total 3,070.

Past seasons:
Free! s2 v7, final volume, adds 365/311, total 21,516. Series average: 21,580.

Haikyuu v9, final volume, adds 297/301, total 20,645. Series average: 23,771.

SAO II v6 adds 1216/382, total 17,498.

Mahouka v9 adds 659 BDs, total 9,892.

OVAs, Movies, Boxsets etc:
Persona 3 Movie #2 adds 630 LE BDs, total 27,888.

Shingeki Recap movie adds 264/107 LEs, 173/182 REs, total 13,775.

Upcoming Releases for 2015 04/06 – 04/12 Anime DVD List
2015/04/08 Absolute Duo v1
2015/04/08 Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal BD v7
2015/04/08 Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal DVD v6
2015/04/08 Choudenji Machine Voltes V v4
2015/04/08 Choudenji Robo Combattler V v5
2015/04/08 Getter Robo Go DVD Box v2
2015/04/08 Majin Bone DVD/BD Box v2
2015/04/08 Soukyuu no Fafner Exodus v3
2015/04/08 Toushou Daimos v3
2015/04/08 Ultra Musical Bakumatsu Rock Live Event
2015/04/08 World Trigger v2
2015/04/10 Dragonball Z  Fukkatsu no F

It’s robot week again.

36 Responses to “2015 03/30 – 04/05 Weekly Sales List”

  1. paraná says:

    Fate UBW is a fall series.

  2. Hahalollawl says:

    Hmmm it seems a 10k average may be a bit too ambitious for Kimiuso, though I don’t understand why v1 sold so much last week since the event ticket is presumably useless. Anyways, maybe 9k average, or is that still too ambitious?

    At 35k, UBW still probably counts as a pretty solid win for ufotable though right? Maybe it depends on if you’re comparing it to F/Z or the other FSN adaptation.

    Also, this might be kind of random, but do you happen to have any insight into what happened with VAP and Yona? Supposedly VAP pulled out of doing the discs, but I don’t understand why or how that even happens. Yona probably won’t be a significant seller, but it doesn’t seem like it’s going to sell <1k or anything so drastic to warrant pulling out of a production like that. And even if it was headed for extremely low sales, is pulling out like that even legal?

    • Hahalollawl says:

      To clarify, I would have thought there was a contract in place that would make pulling out of a production like that legally difficult/impossible.

    • Ejc says:

      Kimiuso Vol.1 sold so much last week compared to this week due to the “Aniplex” effect. Some buyers at the Aniplex store just received their Vol.1 copies together with Vol.2. Happens all the time with Monogatari releases, and Aniplex releases in general

      • Hahalollawl says:

        Doesn’t that make the event ticket useless though? Wouldn’t people be angry about that?

        • something says:

          You have the option to ship separately if you want. If you’re not going to attend the event anyway (which is going to be most of the buyers) then you won’t care.

    • something says:

      Regarding 10k for Kimiuso, it’s possible, but there needs to be very minimal drop-off. If v2 does 10k and v3 does 9k, even if every single remaining disc did 9k after that, it would be short, and that would be some really high consistency.

      And yes, of course 35k is extremely good for any show, though I’d say it’s Aniplex benefiting more than ufotable.

      As for the Yona production committee, there could be any number of reasons for leaving. But I think we can safely assume it was legal and agreed to by all parties, whether there were hurt feelings or not. There’s a limited number of companies in this whole anime business and you have to imagine they’re all cautious about burning bridges in a dramatic fashion.

      • Hahalollawl says:

        Have you ever seen a company responsible for discs leave a production committee like that before though? I guess to me it seems like doing something like that, which either has never or is hardly ever done, would piss some people off. Also, hasn’t Yona’s release been delayed until late May as a result of this move? That seems VERY late for a show that started airing in Fall, and seems like the kind of thing that could burn bridges.

        • something says:

          I’m sure it must have happened before, but since most of us have only been caring about this kind of thing for a couple years, it wouldn’t be noticed.

          Basically I’m just not keen to speculate too much on the specifics, which are something we can never know. There could be any number of reasons for them leaving – or maybe they were even asked to leave – and any number of ways that could have played out. It’s a somewhat obscure show that was never going to sell much anyway, so I don’t think we’ll get any interesting leaks given the inconsequential impact on the industry. If, say, this had happened last minute to Shingeki or whatever, then we might have seen a bigger deal made.

          • Hahalollawl says:

            It seems pretty clear that it’s a very unusual thing though. Which is maybe why I find it interesting. Also in a general sense, it seems to contradict the narrative of what I had thought production committees were like, My impression was that they were organized well in advance and each company was assigned set contractual duties (music, animation, etc.) that they would be responsible for, and even if, for example, in a split cour the first cour sold poorly, the 2nd cour would still get made because otherwise they would have to break a contract. Perhaps I should revise that impression…

            • something says:

              This situation doesn’t contradict that impression at all. Agreements are made, but they can always be terminated, if conditions warrant. They’re not locked into the contract under penalty of death. We just know nothing about what the conditions were. So yeah it’s interesting trivia but it’s also easy to form exaggerated narratives in our heads about what happened, in the absence of any meaningful information.

              • Hahalollawl says:

                I’m not trying to suggest I know a lot about what happened and/or there’s some juicy controversy I know about that’s being covered up, but from what we can tell VAP left a production committee that they were supposed to do the discs for and the discs are not going to be released until late May. That seems pretty unusual already on its own. I wasn’t aware that such a thing happened in modern production committees. It’s not that I think the contract would have been impossible to get out of, but rather that I would have thought there would be significant disincentives and/or penalties for breaking it. If there was such a contract, then you would think they wouldn’t try to get out of it unless they have a very important reason. It also doesn’t seem to make great business sense for companies to breach contracts in general, because you don’t want to have a reputation for breaching contracts. Regardless, we can probably infer that they had some important reason for the change, even if we don’t know what that is. Maybe I’m the only person who finds that interesting lol.

                • something says:

                  ::shrugs:: I’m just saying that finding it interesting is totally cool, as long as we also realize that there’s just literally no information as far as I’m aware and thus zero conclusions that can be drawn, which is why I didn’t have much to say on the matter initially.

                  • Hahalollawl says:

                    Well, before it happened, I was unaware of any previous instance of it happening, so that was a new bit of information to me.

                    It’s true that we don’t know a lot about what happened, but that might actually be part of why I find it interesting though. Production Committees, from what I can tell, are so lacking in transparency that we don’t know a lot about how they work in general. So when something unusual happens, I guess I was hoping we might be able to learn a little more about how they work, but alas, they are quite good at keeping things quiet aren’t they?

                    If you’re suggesting we shouldn’t draw too many conclusions from this, that’s probably the correct approach…but also kinda boring lol

  3. Clotho says:

    I hope Magical Boys can keep selling that well…I want my sequel

    “Takamatsu goes on to claim that he’d happily stick around for Cute High R, Cute High S, and Cute High SS (referring to the nomenclature for the Sailor Moon animated TV series), but due to the economic realities of producing late-night anime, the home video sale would have to net somewhere between 150 and 200 million yen ($ 1.25 million to 1.66 million US) in sales.

    Observers estimate that would involve selling about 6000 copies per volume of the home video release”

    • something says:

      [Edit: See followup comment, the original CR report is really oversimplifying things and it’s not as specific a claim as it sounds!]

      We’ve heard plenty of comments before from staff saying “the sequel depends on disc sales!” but this is the first time I recall anyone stating a specific sales goal! That’s pretty fascinating, even if it only applies to this particular show and we should not assume it’s true of others.

      Boueibu has so far made ¥44,650,000 on 7,249 units of v1, but if we take the oft-cited 55% of MSRP that actually gets back to the committee, that’s ¥24,557,500 of reported sales. Actual shipments (thus actual revenue) will be higher but we’ll stick with reported for now.

      Thankfully the other volumes are the same MSRP, which simplifies it. We’ll also assume same DVD/BD split, since they have different MSRPs.

      If every one of the remaining volumes sold exactly as much as v1, it would make ¥267,900,000 or ¥147,345,000 take-home. That would be short of the ¥150-200m goal, but when we factor in underreporting, it should be in the sweet spot easily.

      I’m not sure what observers the article is referring to, but 6k average units shipped won’t be quite enough. It would need to average closer to 8k.

      So if it needs about 7.5-8k real shipped units per volume to make the lower end of the ¥150-200m goal, figure that’s equivalent to Oricon-reported average sales of… I dunno, maybe 6.5-7k? Somewhere in there might be the low end of the comfort zone.

      So maybe that’s where the 6k number came from – 6k (or a bit more) reported would equate to some modestly higher real-world number that’s closer to being in the safe zone.

      I’m skeptical that later volumes will keep up v1’s sales, but v1 ought to have at least 8k reported sales in it, and probably something like 10k real shipments. That makes the goal a little bit more realistic, even if later volumes drop.

      [Note: Maybe this committee is getting back significantly more than 55% of MSRP? But that’s the only ballpark we’ve ever gotten so we’re stuck using it.]

      [Note2: I just want to super extra stress that this statement from the Director only applies to this specific show. If I see people talking about “The Boueibu Line” now I’m probably going to kick a puppy.]

      • something says:

        Important followup: it doesn’t even sound like it’s a specific target for Boueibu at all, so it’s not as cut-and-dry as the CR article initially reported: https://twitter.com/relentlessflame/status/585873801050624000

        Basically, he was just giving a general range of cost for one cour late night anime in general. And mentioning that in some cases, a lot of that is made up with disc sales.

        He didn’t say Boueibu specifically was in the range. It’s probably not an unreasonable assumption (would he have given that range if Boueibu cost ¥50m or ¥300m?) but it wasn’t stated explicitly. Nor did he say that disc sales alone had to make ¥150-200m, just that that was the general cost and disc sales are often a large part of that for late night anime. So you can really ignore all the disc sales calculations, or at least somewhat lower the threshold I arrived at.

        In any case this makes for a significantly different and much much less specific comment than was originally reported!

        I do wish more English-language anime reporters were fluent in Japanese, because I’m sure not, and nuance is critical when translating comments like these.

        • AnimePhoenix says:

          I just quoted your post on tumblr( I credited you of course) since the CR article was going around there as well.

          Boueibu’s doing well in the music department:
          OP: 7,757
          ED: 5,482
          Charasong Album 1: 5,870
          Charasong Album 2: 3,686 (this might be a bit more, I forgot)

          A third Charasong album will be released soon.

          The game is also doing quite well.

      • Hahalollawl says:

        Noragami’s getting a sequel and it averaged about 4.5kish? Shall we call that the Noragami line? haha

        • prima says:

          4.5k is just the sweet spot when sequel probability gets a huge bump: http://animetics.net/2013/10/30/fun-with-numbers-the-anime-sequel-probability-equation-beta/

          • Hahalollawl says:

            Is there any information for 3rd seasons? What do you think the probability is of Chihayafuru getting another sequel? The 2nd season sold better than the first I think, though neither averaged 4.5k. Is that a good sign or bad sign? Or is the manga sales more important?

            • primadog says:

              I’m not the author of that research (Torisunahokori, he also comments here frequently), so I can’t say with confidence.

              Season 3s are so few and far between, I doubt the same methodology would be practical for them.

            • something says:

              For Chihayafuru, discs won’t factor into it all that heavily. It’s an NTV series. Like NHK, they rely more on ratings.

              Interestingly manga sales don’t factor into the decision because Kodansha isn’t on the committee at all. They get a free ride via a manga bump. The only “cost” they incur, in theory, is that now it’s been adapted and they couldn’t, if they were ever so inclined, realistically create a different adaptation in a committee involving themselves. But not sure they’d want to, really.

              From that perspective, anime sales mattered more than manga sales (because the distributor is VAP, who is a subsidiary of NTV). Just not as much as ratings.

              (Details from an old umx post.)

              • Hahalollawl says:

                Wait wait, Kodansha ISN’T on the production committee? WTF? That makes like no sense. Surely they have to have Kodansha’s permission at the very least to make the anime? So at least they decide whether or not an anime gets made, correct? Though if they are getting a free bump, there seems to be little or no reason to refuse.

                So for Chihayafuru it’s ratings>anime sales>manga sales? Interesting…

                • something says:

                  Oh yeah they definitely need permission from the owner of the work. But once they get that, there may be some cooperation afterward but not always membership on the committee (aka financial investment).

                  Another recent example is Hibike! Euphonium. megax translated an interview with assistant producer Senami Riri which describes how they decided to make it:

                  “I read a bit of the novel in a bookstore and decided to purchase it. As I continued to read, I felt myself getting pulled into the story. Since the ‘High School Wind Music Club’ theme was so fascinating and the location of the story was very near our company’s location, I remember feeling like there should be a possibility that Kyoto Animation would animate this story. As I was thinking about approaching that, the producer for “Euphonium”, (Eharu) Oohashi, was also thinking the same thing at the same time. (laughs) With that ‘We have to have our company animate this!’ feeling, we arrived at our plan. We presented our proposal to the publisher, Takarajimasha, gained their consent, and agreed to cooperate in various forms through the animation process.”

                  KyoAni leads the committee, and Takarajimasha isn’t anywhere on it. So the latter gets any benefit from increased novel sales, without having to take the risk of investing. Meanwhile KyoAni stands to gain the most if it’s a big hit (though I really doubt it will be, even though the first episode was UNGODLY AMAZING).

                • Hahalollawl says:

                  Apparently it’s a live-action film for Chihayafuru…=(

                  • AnimePhoenix says:

                    Yeah, just saw that. Boo. :'(

                    • Hahalollawl says:

                      Pissed me off how they did that announcement too. Why do they do the announcement of a future announcement thing? I mean come on, I can’t be the only person who was thinking a new season right? If they’re doing something different (i.e. live action) then why not just wait and announce that?! Why get my hopes up with an announcement of a future announcement? So you can crush them? UGH.

  4. something says:

    Just a heads up that work continues to be hell and there’s no way I can do the post while at work today, so at most I’ll link the untranslated list when it’s out. It’s a pretty dead week anyway.

    I’ll try to do the actual post tonight, if I ever get to go home.

  5. something says:


    46 *78 *,548 *,*13,603 *6 SHIROBAKO 第3巻<初回生産限定版>
    49 *85 *,541 *,*14,579 15 SHIROBAKO 第1巻<初回生産限定版>
    51 *84 *,537 *,*13,914 10 SHIROBAKO 第2巻<初回生産限定版>
    55 *14 *,507 *,**5,170 14 DOG DAYS” 1(完全生産限定版)
    69 *24 *,440 *,**3,193 *2 デュラララ!!×2 承 2(完全生産限定版)
    75 *34 *,402 *,**2,506 *2 トリニティセブン 4 BD(初回生産限定盤)
    78 *58 *,380 *,*11,024 *6 四月は君の嘘 1 (完全生産限定版)
    80 *44 *,365 *,*13,106 *3 Free! -Eternal Summer- 7
    82 *30 *,361 *,**2,790 *2 七つの大罪 3(完全生産限定版)
    83 101 *,352 *,**2,962 *3 美男高校地球防衛部LOVE! 1
    84 *50 *,350 *,**1,527 *2 「暗殺教室」Blu-ray初回生産限定版 1
    86 *70 *,314 *,**6,579 *3 アルドノア・ゼロ 6 (完全生産限定版)
    88 *43 *,310 *,**1,870 *2 東京喰種トーキョーグール√A 【Blu-ray】 Vol.1
    90 *45 *,297 *,*11,073 *3 ハイキュー!! vol.9 Blu-ray
    93 — *,293 *,***,293 *1 ONE PIECE ワンピース 17THシーズン ドレスローザ編 piece.10
    95 *22 *,268 *,**3,189 *2 グリザイアの果実 第4巻<初回限定版>
    97 *79 *,264 *,**7,511 *3 劇場版「進撃の巨人」前編~紅蓮の弓矢~初回限定版

    21 **6 1,014 *,*10,203 *2 Animelo Summer Live 2014 -ONENESS- 8.31
    27 *10 *,883 *,**7,348 *2 Animelo Summer Live 2014 -ONENESS- 8.30
    28 *11 *,876 *,**7,285 *2 Animelo Summer Live 2014 -ONENESS- 8.29

    As mentioned, I can’t do this until tonight. Untranslated list for now.

    • something says:

      8PM and still at work with no salvation in sight, let’s just assume I’m not doing the post tonight. I’ll handle it tomorrow with the extended rankings.

  6. Natapori says:

    Awesome.Free! ES latest average sell is 21.58K.I’m very glad to see it herer to far.I love this series so much.I’m happy to see it successful in business.Thank you KyoAni.I’ll wait to see High Speed! The Movie.

  7. something says:

    Updated for the full list.

    Checked the extended rankings for this week. About 70 DVDs and 110 BDs were new or added a week of ranking.

    Updated volume 1s
    10,263 – Fafner Exodus
    6,024 – Shinmai Maou
    4,262 – Gundam BF Try (+ 443 avg DVDs v1-4 = 4,705)
    3,197 – Tokyo Ghoul √A
    2,243 – World Trigger
    1,430 – World Break
    1,231 – Fafnir
    1,131 – Rolling Girls
    1,087 – Yurikuma
    1,083 – Isuca
    976 – Milky TD

    Updated averages for finished shows
    33,115 – Tsukimonogatari
    3,363 – Yama no Susume s2
    3,199 – Donten ni Warau
    2,908 – Locodol
    1,524 – Captain Earth

    Updated BD boxes
    12,894 – Digimon
    9,962 – Psycho-Pass s1
    9,590 – Hyouka
    5,853 – Oregairu s1

    Updated films
    40,779 – Persona 3 #1
    13,775 – Shingeki Zenpen

    …I think I’ll stick with this format, maybe? It’s been taking a while to settle on something I like.

  8. AnimePhoenix says:

    Keep going, Boueibu, keep going! ;_; I’m so proud of you. Really, just a month back I wondering if this would even sell 700 copies. I know it’ll drop with the next volume, but I hope it’s not much. I hope it does ok in the daily rankings. I want more mahou shounen! ;_;

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