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I watched zero anime this weekend, so I’m still on episode one of everything. I guess that means an episode one impressions post?

[Standard disclaimer: I do try to avoid BIG spoilers, or be vague about them, but if you’re more behind on a show than I am, maybe avoid the comments for that one.]

Full Series
1. Koufuku Graffiti [▲▼new] – 1 ep – I never quite know what to expect when going into a “slice of life” show, in part because that term is so broad and poorly defined. Koufuku’s flavor was definitely more on the minimal comedy, maximum heartwarming side for episode one. It was a subdued episode, even with all the Shaft visual flair. Instead of introducing a whole group, it focused almost exclusively on Ryou and Kirin’s meeting. I have a feeling this won’t be the primary tone of the rest of the show, but I do hope it retains “becoming family” as a major underlying theme! I know that won’t help its sales (which I expect to be bad) but it’ll be my favorite show of the season for sure if it keeps this up. I’m annoyed it’s delaycast on CR but it’s still getting out on Saturday nights at least.

2. Dog Days” [▲▼new] – 1 ep – Couldn’t ask for a better, more fitting opener than this. It’s pure distilled Dog Days, and Dog Days is a synonym for fun. Cou’s excitement for seeing Rebecca is as infectious as ever. Cinque and Nanami get most of the focus, and their teamwork is great. Then we meet a promising new horse-eared (that’s unusual) character. There was a whole bunch of really cool character animation in this episode as well, even if we should expect the season to be inconsistent on that front. Super dumb limited regions on CR *but* English subs, so rips to the rescue a la Barakamon.

3. The Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls [▲▼new] – 1 ep – While I went into both Imas seasons without having played the respective games, I feel like I went into original Imas with more knowledge about the characters from years of fanart and such. Deremas I know much less about. I had a better sense of personalities and relationships in the 756 cast pre-airing than I did with Deremas. That said the first episode did a very good job introducing two of the three main girls and our amazing new P-san. I spent more time talking about him than both the girls combined in the first episode.
I won’t bother comparing to original Imas opener, because I don’t see the point. They were such different episodes, and I came into them with different levels of familiarity. Original Imas I had no idea whether I’d enjoy or not, while Deremas I very much expect to enjoy because of the original. Unfortunately this one got sucked into Daisuki hell so I’m stuck waiting for fansubs that, as this weekend showed, won’t necessarily be out on the weekend at all. I guess I’ll be perpetually behind. Not that I watched the stuff that WAS out this weekend so whatever!

4. Durarara!! x2 Shou [▲▼new] – 1 ep – I wasn’t sure how I’d feel after five years but I felt myself promptly drawn back into the pace of Durarara’s Ikebukuro. Celty is painfully adorable this season. It’s not a major change because she’s always had this cute, awkward side, but it feels stronger now. I don’t get to hear Sawashiro Miyuki as much as I’d like to nowadays given my decreased viewing, so the more Celty we get the better. I’m also keeping an eye on the Orihara sisters as potential favorites. Thankfully a straightforward on-time CR stream, one of only two shows I can say that for this season.

5. Yuri Kuma Arashi [▲▼new] – 1 ep – I rate it very yuri, significantly kuma, mildly arashi. The first episode was pretty fun, if useless to try to evaluate on its own. Right now I only have questions, both about the plot and about how it intends to play the “yuri” theme it’s pushing so hard. The OP is a miracle, and the Kureha/Sumika relationship is real. But as much as I like the foot biting and petal licking from a visual perspective, by itself fanservice is little more than window dressing. Even in such an intentionally abstract and surreal show, I’m interested in more than metaphors.
Obviously there are aspects to the show that have nothing to do with yuri (like what the bears are, what their relationship with humanity is, basically most of the actual plot) but understandably a big part of my interest is in the yuri angle! If you’re going to market so hard on that, I expect to see you explore a romantic relationship between girls. Other things too, yes, and you can do it in weird, artistic ways, but you can’t drop the ball completely and expect me to wave it away. Fingers crossed, then, because I have no idea what the show plans to do!
Fansubs for this one as well, but at least the group I’m using seems to be pretty quick. It airs on Mondays, and it’s not like I’m going to have time to watch before Friday or Saturday anyway, by which time subs are long since out.

6. Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken Stardust Crusaders Egypt-hen [▲▼new] – 1 ep – Well, it’s Jojo. With a dog that isn’t immediately and violently murdered. How odd. Straightforward CR stream here too, too bad it’s the one I have the least interest in.


Short Series
None this season!


Pre-Winter Series
Log Horizon14? eps – Too lazy to look up what episode I got to. I just know I’m a few behind now and need to catch up. Only ongoing Fall ’14 show.

Fairy Tail33? eps – This arc started with promise but a few episodes in the sheer atrocity that is this show’s animation started taking a toll on my enjoyment. What awful production, guh. I hope it cleans up.


Dropped Series
n/a, expecting none


Koufuku, Dog Days, Imas should be the easy import picks. Then it’s down to Drrr and Yurikuma. Drrr’s handicap is the three split cour thing Aniplex will be milking for all its worth, while Yurikuma’s handicap is that I probably won’t know how I feel about it until it’s over. Jojo isn’t in the running and I don’t plan on watching anything else, so that means one show is going to get left out! Unless they’re both just so damn good I have to buy both, I suppose.

9 Responses to “Winter 2015 viewing update #1”

  1. stardf29 says:

    My first episode impressions (first two episodes for the first two shows):

    Gourmet Girl Graffiti: Definitely my favorite of the premieres so far. Obviously, it’s my type of show, so there’s that, and as someone who enjoys food and the role of food in life, I’m all about the subject matter, too. Even the sensual eating scenes work for me, highlighting the taste of the food more than any sort of sexual connotation. A winner on all fronts.
    Chance of finishing: 100%
    Import chance:: 99%

    Assassination Classroom: I didn’t quite expect this show to end up so high, but it did. It’s certainly a lot of fun, but in addition to that, it also has a nice character-growth aspect to it, with what looks to be a good focus on the relationship between teacher and student, which I’m always up for. This is definitely one I’ll be keeping up with.
    Chance of finishing: 100%
    Import chance: 33%

    The iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls: This looks to be a worthy follow-up to the first iM@S anime. The new girls look to be quite fun, and the new producer is different and quite amusing, being a stoic sort of character but still showing emotion. I’m definitely in the mood for another idol show and this will fit the bill nicely.
    Chance of finishing: 100%
    Import chance: 5%

    Dog Days” (Season 3): It’s more Dog Days, a show I always felt succeeded really well in being just plain fun. This season does look to go in a bit more serious direction, similar to that demon arc in the first season, which worked well enough, and I have faith this season can pull off a more serious story arc well, too. Still, I hope there’s still plenty of time dedicated to all the fun battle games.
    Chance of finishing: 100%
    Import chance: 5%

    Kamisama Kiss Season 2: Another sequel to a show I enjoyed a lot in its first iteration. It’s a show with a lot of charm, and all that charm is in full-blast again, with a little extra infusion of romance to go with it. With some new characters looking to join along with all of the show’s old friends, this looks to be another wonderful season.
    Chance of finishing: 100%
    Import chance: 1%

    Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!: This show is ridiculous and fun. The mahou shoujo (er, mahou shonen?) parody is strong with this one, and I’m all for that.
    Chance of finishing: 95%

    Death Parade: For a show I figured would be my intellectual show of the season, the first episode honestly came off as rather simple. I do think the show still has potential, though, especially if it can have some focus on the people working at the bar.
    Chance of finishing: 90%

    The Rolling Girls: It’s sure a whole lot more colorful than Wit’s previous works. Other than that, not sure what exactly it’s going for, but I guess it’s intriguing enough.
    Chance of finishing: 50%

    KanColle: Entertaining enough. Not much else to say.
    Chance of finishing: 50%

    Saekano: I’m honestly not sure about this one. It’ll need to be much less fanservicey than Episode 0 was, but I think that episode was a bit of an anomaly in that aspect anyway. My main concern is that, with the Oreshura feel to it, it might fall into the same problem that that show did, in not really knowing what kind of a show it wanted to be and trying to be too many things at once, such that they got in the way of each other. This show definitely looks like it wants to be various things at once, too, so we’ll see if it can pull it off or if it can decide on one direction to stick to.
    Chance of finishing: 30%

  2. hpulley says:

    Koufuku Graffiti: 2 eps, really enjoying this one, Shaft slice of life at its best.
    Chance of finishing: 100%, absolutely at this point.
    Chance of import: 99%, they’d have to mess it up pretty hard for me not to buy this.

    Absolute Duo: 3 eps, still really enjoying this one. Great pace, I like the characters and fights. 3 eps in and they haven’t ruined it for me yet is saying something with this genre.
    Chance of finishing: 95%, they could still ruin it but it is looking good so far.
    Chance of import: 50%, these sorts of shows usually end up disappointing me later in the season and turn me off of importing them.

    Dog days”: 2 eps, really enjoying it, better than dog days’ so far I’d say.
    Chance of finishing: 95%, they’d have to work pretty hard to turn me off.
    Chance of import: 30% unsure, never bought dog days or dog days’ though I note that the singles still seem to be available. Never got a box I guess? Already bought the OP and ordered the ED, love Mizuki & Yui CDs.

    Rolling Girls: 2 eps, wasn’t sure what to expect but quite fun!
    Chance of finishing: 85%
    Chance of import: 30% but it could still grab me. Ordered the theme song collection CD already.

    Saekano: 2 eps (0 and 1), still really good after episode 1. Had no expectations going in on this one and still don’t.
    Chance of finishing: 80%, if it keeps being entertaining for sure.
    Chance of import: 20%

    Durarara! x2 Shou: 2 eps, really enjoying it, better than s1.
    Chance of finishing: 80%, long haul, good so far but I got bogged down in s1.
    Chance of import: 20%, unsure, never bought s1, 5 cour is quite a commitment.

    Yumi Kuma Arashi: 3 eps, enjoyed them but they seem quite repetitive to me already. I hope they have more interesting things in store.
    Chance of finishing: 80%, probably but it could also lose me.
    Chance of import: 10%, very artistic but with this much repetition I’m not sure about the rewatch. But it is still early so perhaps I will be surprised by ep3 today.

    Kancolle: 2 eps, I hope ep3 is better. Odd mix of military and slice of life for me. I don’t play the game and it seems very odd, might be more meant for gamers.
    Chance of finishing: 75%, maybe less
    Chance of import: 5%

    Assassination Classroom: 2 eps, wasn’t sure what to expect. Still not sure. Fun but not too serious.
    Chance of finishing: 70%, could lose me any episode but maybe I need to know if they eventually succeed.
    Chance of import: 0%.

    Milky Holmes TD: 3 eps. Still fun, has over half the cast of Muse in it now and I like the idol theme for this season.
    Chance of finishing: 60%, fun for now but I got bogged down in previous seasons.
    Chance of import: 0%, never bought the first 3 seasons.

    Idolm@aster Cinderella Days: 2 eps, enjoyed ep1, not so much ep2. So many girls, hard to keep track of them all. Feels like it isn’t going to be terribly serious.
    Chance of finishing: 50%, not sure after ep2.
    Chance of import: 0%, don’t need to see ep2 again.

    Death Parade, 2 eps, ep2 basically explaining ep1 from the other side was pretty sleepy, if this is the format then…
    Chance of finishing: 40%
    Chance of import: 0%

    Cute High Earth defense club: 2 eps, not really sure why I’m watching it though it is kind of funny, too many talking furries.
    Chance of finishing: 20%
    Chance of import: 0%

    Kamisama Kiss2, part of ep1, dropped.

  3. mangamuscle says:

    Just wanted to suggest Yoru no Yatterman, for me it was the big surprise of the season. Yeah, I know it is based on an old kiddie show, but the director got really creative, it has a charm not found in many animes (I have been watching for more than two decades already) nowadays.

    • hpulley says:

      I have watched 2 episodes of Yatterman. Didn’t list it because I was already boring people I’m sure… But Yatterman, I really enjoyed the first episode but the second episode not so much. Seems the serious tone of the first episode with some nice humor to lighten things at times has gone up and it doesn’t really seem appropriate given the purpose of the characters. So I will watch at least one more episode but after that I’m not sure.

      • hpulley says:

        I enjoyed episode 3 more than episode 2 of Yatterman so it is still on my watch list, though I watched it mostly just because it happened to be on the livestream I was watching after something else… and before Junketsu no Maria which is still quite watchable after 3 episodes.

        • mangamuscle says:

          After watching episode 3 I am confident the director knows what he is doing and will give us a pleasant ride up to the final episode :D

  4. anonymous says:

    So regarding DRRR x2 on Stalker, it doesn’t seem to be doing very well by any means. This scares me because as a huge fan I want it to do very well. Obviously it won’t reach the 18k S1 had but hitting 10k is good enough for me; however judging by its low rank and the small number of points its gathered after 3 episodes I don’t see how it can make the 10k in a month when vol 1 comes out. Has it just been too long for people to care anymore? Is there going to be an insanely huge drop compared to S1?

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