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Full list. 272 DVD threshold, 271 BD.

2015 01/05 – 01/11 Anime DVD List

Anime Rank All Rank Last Rank Week Sales Total Sales #Wks Title
1 25 1,087 1,087 1 ONE PIECE 17th Season Dressrosa-hen v7
3 27 17 1,012 49,366 11 Youkai Watch v1
4 31 905 905 1 Naruto Shippuuden Ninkai Taisen – Dainanahan Futatabi v1
5 44 764 764 1 Pripara v4
6 54 35 644 24,116 26 Tonari no Totoro (2014 re-release)
7 57 4 621 16,512 6 Kaguya-hime no Monogatari
10 71 22 524 11,142 3 Kuroko no Basuke Fandisc ~Hikaru Sasu Basho e~
11 88 475 475 1 Black Bullet v7
12 89 461 461 1 Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance v4
13 95 94 443 13,983 10 Crayon Shin-chan Gachinko! Gyakushuu no Robo Tou-chan
14 100 92 423 132,200 30 Kaze Tachinu
15 86 393 11,823 26 Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi (2014 re-release)
16 88 392 11,551 26 Majo no Takkyuubin (2014 re-release)
18 376 376 1 Aikatsu! 2nd Season v8
19 366 11,185 4 Free! -Eternal Summer- v4
22 74 329 9,595 7 Meitantei Conan Ijigen no Sniper RE
25 95 309 4,097 7 Soreike! Anpanman Ringo Bouya to Minna no Negai
27 306 306 1 Happinesscharge Precure! v7
28 304 304 1 Shounen Hollywood -Holly Stage for 49- v4
29 73 299 5,498 4 Pokemon Movie XY Hakai no Mayu to Diancie
30 272 6,842 21 Tenkuu no Shiro Laputa (2014 re-release)

Other releases (concerts etc)

2015 01/05 – 01/11 Anime BD List

Anime Rank All Rank Last Rank Week Sales Total Sales #Wks Title
2 7 5,190 5,190 1 Digimon The Movies 1999-2006
3 15 4 2,207 59,879 3 Love Live! 2nd Season v7"
5 17 1,878 1,878 1 Slam Dunk BD Box v4
6 19 1,719 1,719 1 Black Bullet v7
8 24 1,217 1,217 1 Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance v4
10 31 15 907 9,956 4 Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru v1
11 32 41 873 7,172 3 Shirobako v1
12 34 827 827 1 Aikatsu! 2nd Season v8
13 37 701 701 1 Shounen Hollywood -Holly Stage for 49- v4
14 39 16 652 7,615 3 Initial D Movie Legend 1 -Kakusei- LE
15 42 29 619 7,883 3 Crossange v1
17 44 45 591 46,892 8 Love Live! 2nd Season v6
19 58 12 467 15,730 3 Sword Art Online II v3
66 386 386 1 Glasslip v4
67 88 385 47,664 11 Love Live! 2nd Season v5
71 119 360 57,683 25 Love Live! 2nd Season v2
75 90 352 51,834 16 Love Live! 2nd Season v4
76 52 338 13,167 Kaguya-hime no Monogatari
81 17 329 7,473 3 Amagi Brilliant Park v1
89 304 304 1 ONE PIECE 17th Season Dressrosa-hen v7
92 92 297 9,150 4 Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken Stardust Crusaders v6
97 32 281 8,549 3 Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei v6
99 109 276 13,592 4 Free! -Eternal Summer- v4

Other releases (concerts etc)
72 42 358 6,522 2 Working / Servant x Service natsumatsuri da yo!! Zenin Shuugou

I’ll download and go through the full Oricon list on Thursday or Friday probably, as usual if I run into anything especially interesting in it I’ll update this post, otherwise wait for the ranking summary updated for the latest totals.

Fall update:
Yuyuyu v1 adds 907 BDs, total 10,495. 10k!

Crossange v1 adds 619 BDs, total 8,531.

Shirobako v1 adds 873 BDs, total 7,172. Restock having some effect.

Summer update:
Blade Dance v4 sells 1217/461, total 1,678.

Shounen Hollywood v4 sells 701/304, total 1,005.

Glasslip v4 sells 386 BDs, DVDs do not rank.

Free! s2 v4 adds 276/366, total 24,777 in wk4, meaning it added 381 DVDs and 284 BDs in wk3. Now only 2.2% down on v3.

SAO II v3 adds 467 BDs, total 18,967.

Past seasons:
Black Bullet v7, final volume, sells 1719/475, total 2,394. Series average: 2,567.

Love Live! s2 v2 adds 360, total 57,683 in wk25, meaning it added 1582 in wks18-24. Though we had most of that accounted for in the extended rankings anyway.
v4 adds 352, total 51,834 in wk16.
v5 adds 385, total 47,664 in wk11.
v6 adds 591, total 46,892.
v7, final volume, adds 2207, total 59,879. Series average: 61,555.

Jojo s2 v6, final volume, adds 297 BDs, total 10,902. series average: 12,079.

Mahouka v6 adds 281 BDs, total 10,876.

OVAs, Movies, Boxsets etc:
Slam Dunk BD Box v4 sells 1,878.

Upcoming Releases for 2014 01/12 – 2015 01/18 Anime DVD List
2015/01/14 Persona 4 The Golden v5
2015/01/14 Sailor Moon Crystal BD LE v4
2015/01/14 Sailor Moon Crystal BD RE v3
2015/01/14 Sailor Moon Crystal DVD RE v3
2015/01/15 Momokyun Sword v3
2015/01/16 Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken

Still dead! End of the month will be busy.

20 Responses to “2015 01/05 – 01/11 Weekly Sales List”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Shirobako still have stock issue, seems Warner is too conserved for the show.

    YuYuYu 10.5k for BD+DVD, great job here, and i guess BD alone will 10k+ next week,i can see it still have 500 sales left for this week.

  2. checkit says:

    you forgot to list Shirobako

  3. mk03 says:

    >Yuyuyu v1 adds 907 BDs, total 10,495. 10k!
    Who would have known? I actually thought this would flop. Nice to be proven wrong when it comes to these things. It’s never good to see anime fail.

    >Black Bullet v7, final volume, sells 1719/475, total 2,394. Series average: 2,567.
    Poor fripSide.

    • fourteenwings says:

      black bullet (CD single) wk1 sales: 16,714
      eternal reality (CD single) wk1 sales: 20,373

      While that is a significant drop, if you consider the level of popularity of the related anime (Railgun vs. Black Bullet) I think fripSide are good, though sat is probably sad they won’t be making more Black Bullet anime.

  4. Natapori says:

    That’s great for Free! ES Vol.4 Over 24K.But I’m not equal sale with you BD Just 13,032 and DVD just 11,185 so 24,217 coipies for all.If where missed tell me,plese.

    Now.I’m not sure to say it pass 20K becasue Vo.5 and 6 must lowest sell for this series.Buu I’m hope it can pass 20K in aday.

    • something says:

      It’s added a tiny bit of BDs in the extended Oricon rankings, which pushes it up a little beyond what the weeklies and monthlies showed.

  5. someone says:

    You forgot this

    11 18 873 7,172 3 Shirobako v1

  6. Clotho says:

    UtaPri market must have sapped all the dollars from the male idol market at large, poor Shonen Hollywood. I guess this doesnt look good for magical boys anime, though they may not be idols so perhaps Utapri fans will buy those. As a Westerner I like Shonen Hollywood and UtaPri (well UtaPri much more so, the hundreds of dolalrs Ive sent on Ittoki stuff alone even…).

    • fourteenwings says:

      I think the production committee would be a bit delusional to ever expect magic numbers for Binan, and I think the real issue with Shounen Hollywood is that it lacks UtaPri’s absolutely warped sense of realism. I can’t really say for sure since I haven’t watched Shounen Hollywood yet.

      Maybe people are saving for UtaPri 3 next cour, I know I am.

  7. Anon-kun says:

    Where should I apply to get an answer?

    • something says:

      The answer is yes. Not sure what about it could have been confusing or required additional confirmation, which is why I had passed over the question originally. Your question answered itself: if you have to specify a television series or film is full-CGI, then you know the answer already.

      I don’t intend on approving or acknowledging any more questions on the topic. Nothing personal, just zero interest in engaging the topic.

  8. something says:

    Updated with the full rankings. No source link yet since the data archive thread didn’t update but yaraon did a post with the BD from the source txt file so I figured I might as well get this updated.

    Will check the archive site tonight and add the link (and all-genre DVD rankings, though there won’t be any new releases) when it’s up.

    And again, I’ll be downloading and checking through the full Oricon DVD/BD lists some time in the next few days and making any adjustments necessary. If I see anything particularly interesting I’ll update this post with a comment, but more likely it’ll just be a couple hundred discs of long tail here and there for a few shows.

  9. Natapori says:

    If i’m not mistake Free ES Vol.4! BD 13,592 and BD 11,185 so total sale is 24,777 not 24,433.Wow,BD add 284 copies in week3 and add 276 copies in week4 from extended chart.If minumum sale can pass 17K+ it ot mean this average series will more than 20K.I’can’t wait and see now.

    • something says:

      Yeah you’re right, not manually recalculating worksheets before copying the total strikes again. Fixed the comment, thanks. Average is 22,824 at the moment.

  10. something says:

    Nothing super noteworthy in the BD side of the extended rankings, just a few dozens or hundreds of discs here and there for the long tail.

    Interesting to note though that there were 88 animation category BDs that added some data this week. But only 25 of those wk2+ data points were in the top 100.

    So while the amounts added are small, and a decent portion of them were 15th, 60th, or 110th weeks for mainstream films (Ghibli, Disney, Pixar, etc), that’s still 63 additional discs between 101 and 300, most of which are anime, and most of those are ones I track.

    One item of note for me is that the Yama no Susume s1 re-release set ranked yet again, its 16th time. It’s now added 1,076 of its 4,651 total with extended ranking long-tail. It’s higher than the original release’s 4,416.

    A couple other long tails are additional weeks for the Love Live! s1 re-release discs, a 14th week for Tamako Love Story, more weeks for Mekakushi bringing its average to 7,514 (plus a big more for the DVDs when I finish getting through that list), and many many others. All small stuff, but with enough time, it eventually adds up.

    • primadog says:

      Once you finished going through the full rankings, would high cut-offs in some weeks be anymore of an issue?

      • something says:

        Thresholds will be almost irrelevant. The new threshold for all releases in all weeks will be “sell better than the worst-selling shows ever that we have firm data for”. In other words anything selling more than 211 DVDs (RGZ v1) and 176 BDs (Meganebu v6) should get a quite accurate number. Within a few units if it’s a low seller, even. I’ve gone through DVDs from bottom (12,764) up to 4,905 and almost all the gaps in which unranked releases fall are less than 10 units.

        The ranges are larger for better-selling shows, but if you’re selling well you’re already on the normal rankings anyway and the extended rankings are just for your long tail.

        We ought to give quite a lot of thanks to releases from 2000-2002! Until 2002 Oct 07, only 50 DVDs were reported and only up to 100 were tracked, so you could still sell 3000+ discs in wk1 and still not get a wk2. This provides lots of clear milestones by which to judge the unranked wk2s and wk3s of other releases.

        This whole thing is kind of fascinating and my process is hard to explain succinctly, but if you go about it very very methodically starting from the bottom, it makes a whole lot of sense. It just takes forever!

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