2000-Present, Long-running franchises, Average and Per-volume sales

I’ve started a new post that covers long-running series, typically kids’ shows. I’m making this separate post bringing attention to it, because I’m anal about having all the summary data posts be clustered together way back on the first pages of posts. So I pushed it to the back with the other posts like that, which is why you’re not seeing it here.

All the details are in that post, such as why I created it and what I’d like to do with it, and some questions asking for help from people who can point out some series I missed (I just went from memory for this first draft to get started), because I’d like to expand it.

This does mean that some series have been removed from the main data sheet. Precure (which I’d stopped tracking new seasons of) and Aikatsu (which only had season one anyway), for example, as well as Yumeiro Patissiere. I’m still debating what to do about Gintama s1-4/Enchousen and Bleach arcs 1-3. They’re on the 10k list, so I’ll probably leave them (including in all the other lists they’re in) since both are now over anyway.

But going forward I’ll have a place to record a couple details about these kids’ shows I’d usually either skip entirely or only selectively track. The main lists stay focused, but kids’ shows that rank don’t get forgotten entirely.

A link to the new post has been added to the Table of Contents as well.

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