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Full list. 270 DVD threshold, 206 BD.

2014 10/27 – 11/02 Anime DVD List

Anime Rank All Rank Last Rank Week Sales Total Sales #Wks Title
1 2 26,645 26,645 1 Youkai Watch DVD Box v1
2 7 4,884 4,884 1 Shin Tennis no Ouji-sama OVA vs Genius10 v1
3 10 2,844 2,844 1 Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun v2
4 19 1,614 1,614 1 Kamigami no Asobi v5
6 25 1,229 1,229 1 No Game No Life v5
7 29 1,125 1,125 1 Tokyo Ghoul v2
8 30 1,090 1,090 1 Hybrid Child v1
9 34 906 906 1 Date A Live II v5
10 42 669 669 1 Re: Hamatora v1
12 47 565 565 1 Love Stage!! v2
13 50 539 539 1 Esper Mami DVD Box
14 53 10 524 3,838 2 Sword Art Online II v1
15 58 8 498 4,622 2 Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei v4
16 59 25 495 10,380 3 Haikyuu!! v4
17 60 493 493 1 Fate/Kaleid liner Prisma Illya 2wei! v2
18 62 9 487 3,988 2 Monogatari Series Second Season v12 (Suruga Devil Pt. 2)
19 65 57 475 15,739 16 Tonari no Totoro (2014 re-release)
20 66 15 468 2,781 2 Kuroshitsuji Book of Circus v3
21 68 5 440 5,576 2 Diamond no Ace v6
24 77 82 381 126,854 20 Kaze Tachinu
25 81 367 367 1 Kenzen Robo Daimidaler v4
27 19 298 2,039 2 Barakamon v2
28 41 291 1,235 2 Pripara v1

Other releases (concerts etc)
138 8,536 13 Love Live! μ’s→NEXT LoveLive! 2014 ~Endless Parade~

2014 10/27 – 11/02 Anime BD List

Anime Rank All Rank Last Rank Week Sales Total Sales #Wks Title
1 1 38,997 38,997 1 Love Live! 2nd Season v5
2 5 6,738 6,738 1 Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun v2
3 6 5,623 5,623 1 No Game No Life v5
5 8 4,305 4,305 1 Fate/Kaleid liner Prisma Illya 2wei! v2
6 9 3,812 3,812 1 Date A Live II v5
7 10 2,331 2,331 1 Futsuu no Joshikousei ga Locodol Yatte Mita. v2
8 13 2 2,285 31,706 2 Monogatari Series Second Season v12 (Suruga Devil Pt. 2)
9 14 2,184 2,184 1 Shin Tennis no Ouji-sama OVA vs Genius10 v1
10 15 2,007 2,007 1 Hagane no Renkinjutsushi BD Box
11 16 2,002 2,002 1 Tokyo Ghoul v2
12 17 3 1,666 16,823 2 Sword Art Online II v1
13 18 1,638 1,638 1 Sabagebu! v2
14 19 1,535 1,535 1 Mahou Kishi Rayearth BD Box
15 20 1,312 1,312 1 Kenzen Robo Daimidaler v4
16 22 1,226 1,226 1 Kamigami no Asobi v5
17 23 1,167 1,167 1 Hitsugi no Chaika v5
18 25 1,085 1,085 1 Hagane no Renkinjutsushi: Shamballa no Yuku Mono
19 26 998 998 1 Hybrid Child v1
20 27 6 982 8,989 2 Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? v5
29 10 938 6,193 2 Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei v4
30 7 861 8,787 2 Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken Stardust Crusaders v4
31 827 827 1 Space Dandy v7
35 686 686 1 Seihou Bukyou Outlaw Star BD Box
36 13 597 4,845 2 Aldnoah Zero v2
40 43 532 12,646 4 Tamako Love Story
41 530 530 1 Campione! BD Box
42 528 528 1 Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to v5
43 34 516 67,997 4 THE IDOLM@STER Movie Kagayaki no Mukougawa e (w/Shiny Festa) LE
45 16 507 3,778 2 selector infected WIXOSS v2
46 14 502 4,613 2 Barakamon v2
47 500 500 1 Re: Hamatora v1
48 21 498 3,032 2 Kuroshitsuji Book of Circus v3
50 23 482 2,816 2 Hanayamata v2
52 24 469 2,775 2 Seitokai Yakuindomo* OVA
54 461 461 1 Love Stage!! v2
56 443 443 1 Nobunaga The Fool v7
58 19 431 3,185 2 Yama no Susume Second Season v2
61 31 409 11,718 3 Haikyuu!! v4
65 67 360 48,891 6 Love Live! 2nd Season v4
69 37 340 12,391 3 Free! -Eternal Summer- v2
70 32 333 33,206 6 Monogatari Series Second Season v11 (Suruga Devil Pt. 2)
73 50 312 8,425 3 Psycho-Pass BD Box
80 277 277 1 Soul Eater NOT! v4
85 257 257 1 Shirogane no Ishi Argevollen v1
90 238 7,603 8 Miyazaki Hayao Collection
91 232 232 1 Tokyo ESP v2
95 118 226 49,203 10 Love Live! 2nd Season v3
97 36 218 1,590 2 Bakumatsu Rock v3
99 116 207 55,345 15 Love Live! 2nd Season v2

Other releases (concerts etc)
53 4 463 13,585 2 THE IDOLM@STER M@STERS OF IDOL WORLD!! 2014 Perfect Box
87 91 249 41,112 15 Love Live! μ's→NEXT LoveLive! 2014 ~Endless Parade!

Even granting the ridiculously low price… Youkai Watch is still a monster on all fronts.

Summer update:
Re: Hamatora v1 sells 500/669, total 1,169.

Argevollen v1 sells 257 BDs, DVDs do not rank, making it the 12th worst-selling ranked disc we have on record (including multiple volumes for single shows).

Nozaki-kun v2 sells 6738/2844, total 9,582. Down from 11.8k v1wk1. Most of the drop came on DVD as expected, but still almost 10k wk1. Too early to say if it will average 10k, but it’s not immediately out of the running.

Prisma Illya s2 v2 sells 4305/493, total 4,798. Only down 1.8% on v1wk1.

Tokyo Ghoul v2 sells 2002/1125, total 3,127. Down 14.7% on v1wk1. This volume has an event ticket as well.

Locodol v2 sells 2,331 BDs, DVDs do not rank. Actually up 12.4% on v1wk1 BD, but as we know, v1 was totally understocked and added an additional 1.5k after that, which v2 will not. Still a bit better than I expected, which was that it’d be below 2k BDs. Maybe 2.6k next week? (please rank again)

Sabagebu! v2 sells 1,638.

Love Stage v2 sells 461/565, total 1,026.

Tokyo ESP v2 sells 232 BDs, DVDs do not rank. And here we have the 5th worst-selling volume on record!

SAO II v1 adds 1666/524, total 20,661. Only 296 discs separate this and Free! s2 v1wk2 so they’re still neck and neck. SAO may have the longer tail, but with it being more discs this could be very very close.

Free! s2 v2 adds 340 BDs, total 19,728. Yeah, missing that 20k for now due to no wk3 DVDs.

Aldnoah v2 adds 597 BDs, total 7,856.

Barakamon v2 adds 502/298, total 6,652. Probably abit short of 7k for this vol, but could be close with a wk3.

Kuroshitsuji s3 v3 adds 498/468, total 5,813.

YamaSusu s2 v2 adds 431 BDs, total 3,185. still slightly ahead of where v1 was on BD at this point, but a super anemic boost for an event ticket and OVA. Grrrr.

Hanayamata v2 adds 482 BDs, total 2,816. Down 40.5% on v1, or 32.9%if you just compare BD to BD since v2 didn’t rank on DVD. Sigh, the event ticket drop really was worse than I expected. Granted that’s because v1 sold much more than I thought it would, but the drop still stings.

Bakumatsu Rock v3 adds 218 BDs, total 2,141. One vol left, looking at a 2.8-3.0k average probably.

Spring update:
Love Live! s2 v5 sells 38,997.
v2 adds 207, total 55,345 in wk15, meaning it added 194 in wk14.
v3 adds 226, total 49,203 in wk10, meaning it added 193 in wk9.
v4 adds 360, total 48,891 in wk6.

Nogenora v5 sells 5623/1229, total 6,852. One left to go, and holding that 8k average looks doable.

Date A Live II v5, final volume, sells 3812/906, total 4,718. Series average: 5,650.

Kamiasobi v5 sells 1226/1614, total 2,840.

Daimidaler v4 sells 1312/367, total 1,679. First time ranking on DVD.

Mangaka-san v5 sells 528 BDs, DVDs do not rank.

SE NOT v4 sells 277 BDs, DVDs do not rank.

Haikyuu!! v4 adds 409/495, total 22,098.

Mahouka v4 adds 938/498, total 10,815. See, this week the DVD/BD ratio is totally back to normal compared to other wk2s. But Oricon is still sticking to the totally silly wk1 split that had BDs barely above DVD.

Jojo s2 v4 adds 861 BDs, total 10,444. 12.2k average with 8 discs to go, 10k not ruled out but could be iffy. All depends where it bottoms out.

Gochiusa v5 adds 982 BDs, total 10,170. 10k get. Essentially a lock for 10k now.

Wixoss v2 adds 507 BDs, total 4,177. Now 31.8% higher than v1, because v1 was rather unlucky and got neither DVDs nor wk2, while v2 has both.

Past seasons:
Space Dandy v7 sells 827 BDs, DVDs do not rank.

Nobufool v7 sells 443[b] BDs, DVDs do not rank.

[b]Monogatari v11 adds 333 BDs, total 37,082.
v12, final volume, adds 2285/487, total 35,694. Series average: 41,259.

Dia no A v6 adds 440, total 5,576. The first wk2 for the series which is super weird considering v2-5 all sold >4.5k wk1 and should have had at least some wk2. It’s very front-loaded. Also, still not getting full v1 data makes my “change from v1” calculations look very silly, like v6 is “up 360.8%” on v1.

OVAs, Movies, Boxsets etc:
Shin Tenipri OVA v1 sells 2184/4884, total 7,068.

Hagaren BD Box sells 2,007.

Rayearth BD Box sells 1,535.

Outlaw Star BD Box sells 686.

Campione BD Box sells 530.

Idolmaster movie adds 516 LE BDs, total 76,798. Shoulda stopped at 76.5k.

Tamako movie adds 532 BDs, total 14,575.

Psycho-Pass BD Box adds 312, total 8,425. Only 49 units short of matching the original average! Puts this box in a pretty elite club.

Yakuindomo OVA adds 469 BDs, total 3,429.

Upcoming Releases for 2014 11/03 – 11/09 Anime DVD List
2014/11/05 Aikatsu! 1st Season BD Box v1
2014/11/05 Basquash! BD Box v2
2014/11/05 Black Bullet v5
2014/11/05 Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou v5
2014/11/05 Glasslip v2
2014/11/05 M3 ~Sono Kuroki Hagane~ DVD/BD Box v1
2014/11/05 Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A’s BD Box
2014/11/05 Majimoji Ruruko v2
2014/11/05 Naruto Shippuuden Kakashi ANBU-hen v2
2014/11/05 ONE PIECE 17th Season Dressrosa-hen v5
2014/11/05 Perman DVD Box v1
2014/11/05 Perman DVD Box v2
2014/11/05 Seikoku no Dragonar v5
2014/11/05 Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance v2
2014/11/05 Shounen Hollywood -Holly Stage for 49- v2
2014/11/05 THE IDOLM@STER Cinderella girls -Animation First Set-
2014/11/05 Wizard Barristers v5
2014/11/06 Higurashi no Naku Koro ni BD Box
2014/11/07 Abarenbou Rikishi!! Matsutarou v4
2014/11/07 Pripara v2
2014/11/07 Slam Dunk BD Box v3

It’s box week apparently.

31 Responses to “2014 10/27 – 11/02 Weekly Sales List”

  1. Guest says:

    Didn’t Hybrid Child sell 998 BDs also?

    Is 2,088 units total good for the wk1 of an OVA that didn’t even air anywhere except one arthouse cinema in Shinjuku last week?

    • something says:

      Fixed. Whenever I miss the ” mark at the end of the line it loses the whole row, which is annoying.

      And I can’t really say if it’s good or bad, I really know nothing about that release. It’s certainly no hit but I can’t speak to how important disc sales are for it.

  2. Miranna says:

    No Argevollen?

    • something says:

      Its final predictions on Stalker were 69 DVDs and 118 BDs so it’s on track to be one of the worst-selling shows in history… so it definitely wouldn’t come anywhere near the preliminary thresholds. Small chance it could rank on the full list on Thursday though.

      • mk03 says:

        That’s shockingly bad. That’s not abysmal. Abysmal is already too generous to describe those potentialsales.

        Have any shows been predicted to have sold less than that at the time of release?

        Also, something tells me that Youkai Watch is a fad and its popularity will decline in a few years.

        • something says:

          Whether its a fad or not, it’s the biggest kids’ show in japan right now and is making ludicrous gobs of money. I’m sure the companies behind it are more than pleased.

          And a few years is quite a long time!

        • Anonymous says:

          Dai Shogun sold like shit as well.

          • hpulley says:

            Lots of competition for worst sellers of the seasons lately. I actually watched Dai Shogun to the very end though I often wondered to myself, why did they make this show anyway? I would like to know how they decide which shows get a second season but I think I first need to figure out how they decide what gets a first season…

          • mk03 says:

            Interesting: just like Argevollen, Dai Shogun is an original too, and like Argevollen it doesn’t have any promotional tie-ups (manga or light novel adaptations, etc., which is unusual: even Space Dandy had a manga adaptaiton), so merchandise sales won’t save it either. This is bad, bad news for the production committee. I guess it’s safe to say that it’s a sales and financial bomb. It’s so unpopular its Wikipedia article is so out of date it lists the show as ongoing even though it ended months ago, not to mention it’s horribly short. I guess its setting and character designs didn’t help at all.

        • Primadog says:

          >Toho is reporting that Yo-kai Watch: The Secret is Created, Nyan! has sold over 720,000 advance tickets as of October 26th.

          >This sets an all-time advance ticket sales record in Japan (since tracking for advance tickets began in 1982) with 8 weeks before release, and the film continues to sell over 10,000 advance tickets a week. The film doesn’t open until December 20th, so this is definitely a staggering figure at this early stage when advance tickets shortly before opening are bound to be huge. 720,000 advance tickets equals approx. ¥800 million ($7-7.5 million) in advance already.

          >This is the first film in the Yo-kai Watch franchise, which has exploded over the past year with video games sales beginning to rival those of Pokemon and Monster Hunter. The latest game which went on sale in July is still in the Top 10 selling 30,497 copies last week for 2,786,183 lifetime so far, and TV ratings for the anime are continuing to grow with avg. household ratings of 7-8% in recent weeks.

          via Corpse from worldofkj forum. Still two months to go and it’s already poised as one of Japan’s biggest blockbuster this year. That’s just insane.

      • Ejc says:

        According to 2ch, the BD will rank tomorrow. It ranked in at #85, so almost didn’t make it. And as usual, the very low BD rankers are a shocker, but expected since there are still more DVDs releases compared to BDs! Rank 290 sold 66 BDs, which was an Idol Image BD if you look into the sales on Oricon Youtaiju.

        *30位 *,861枚
        *31位 スペース☆ダンディ 7
        *35位 星方武侠アウトロースター COMPLETE Blu-ray BOX
        *41位 カンピオーネ!~まつろわぬ神々と神殺しの魔王~ Blu-ray BOX〈初回限定特装版〉
        *42位 マンガ家さんとアシスタントさんと
        *54位 LOVE STAGE!! Blu-ray限定版 第2巻
        *56位 ノブナガ・ザ・フール VII【Blu-ray】
        *80位 ソウルイーターノット! NOT.4【Blu-ray】
        *85位 白銀の意思 アルジェヴォルン 第1巻〈初回生産限定版〉
        *91位 東京ESP Blu-ray限定版 第2巻
        152位 ブレイドアンドソウル 5巻【Blu-ray】
        169位 風雲維新ダイショーグン 第5巻 Blu-ray限定版
        290位 *,*66枚

    • Ejc says:

      Rank 249 sold 153 DVDs, with Argevollen not even ranking in Top 300 DVDs, so it definitely sold less than 153 DVDs. Who knows how far away from 153 it is.

  3. hpulley says:

    Sabagebu v2 had an event ticket too though I’m not sure you knew unless you saw the sticker on the package. I didn’t know until I got mine. Too bad, fun show, short OVA on every volume, not much else they could have done I guess…

    Typo in the tags on the LoveLive line above, BTW. V5 dropped a fair bit too by the look of it.First one not to do wk1 over 40K.

  4. rederoin says:

    M3 ~Sono Kuroki Hagane~ DVD/BD Box v1

    0.1k BD estimate.

    Chances of ranking : 0,01%

  5. Paulo27 says:

    Gochiusa new best selling non-school CGDCT? And Non Non had just gotten the title too.

    • That would really depend on on exactly where you draw the line for your definition of what a “school” show is. Some episodes of Non Non did take place in school (probably spent a comparable amount of screentime in the building there as the Girls und Panzer girls did).

    • something says:

      I don’t usually focus on school or no school so much as the mundane everyday life aspect, which is why I don’t count stuff like Idolmaster or Strike Witches when evaluating these shows, despite their casts of cute girls who do many cute things. And in that sense, it’s the first 10k since K-ON!!.

      If we do restrict to these shows there very little time is spent in school, then yeah I guess it’s near the top, unless you count Aria (13,200 for s3).

  6. Ejc says:

    Oricon has finally added BD high ranks to their website, which makes it possible to estimate BDs ranked outside the Top 100 provided we are lucky enough to get a drama BD or Idol Image BD ranking very low in their 1st weeks of charting.

    So I looked at how Shin Strange Plus ended up ranking… 230 on BD. Top 100 threshold was 184 for the week of Oct 13~19, with one Idol Image BD having ranked 252 with 69 BDs. I’d think Shin Strange Plus probably did less than 100 or less, because it is closer to rank 252. Absolutely terrible… but the 1st season sold terrible anyway.

    • something says:

      About time they did that. Also sub-100 BDs, that’s honestly more amazing than selling 10k in some ways.

      • mk03 says:

        To be fair, I doubt many people even knew Strange+ existed, let alone season 2. This is what happens if you announce a second season even before the first season airs.

        • something says:

          “This is what happens if you announce a second season even before the first season airs.”

          Er no it’s not. There’s no relationship between this and its sales.

  7. something says:

    Updated for the full list. Sasuga Argevollen.

    • mk03 says:

      >Argevollen v1 sells 257 BDs, DVDs do not rank, making it the 12th worst-selling ranked disc we have on record (including multiple volumes for single shows).
      Sasuga indeed. Should 1 Argevollen replace the Fractale as a unit of measurement?
      Well, at least it ranked. Better than nothing.

  8. AnimePhoenix says:

    Nozaki-kun, Barakamon, Haikyuu!! and Kuroshitsuji BoC hanging on. Hope barakamon doesn’t drop much in the next volume. Free! ES v2 missed the 20k mark ah well, great all the same. And the merchandise keeps coming and they look so good!

    Hope KamiAso can get 3k next week. Its doing much better than I thought it would. Love Stage…ah, what a big drop. This is a sad year for both yaoi and yuri fans…

    Bakumatsu Rock is doing ok, comsiderring it only has on vol left. The game also got a decent boost. It was quite a low budget anyway. And Dia no A keeps surprising me in a good way. Miyuki. <3

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