I watched no anime for about 9 days which put me way behind. But I’ve caught up a bit today! Also cut one show and picked up two others.

Full Series
1. Sora no Method [▲0▼] – 4 ep, 9/10 – [PLANNED IMPORTED] Still show of the season, even if eps 2-4 were understandably not on par with ep 1. But the core cast is together and the show is answering just enough questions to enable the plot to move forward, while leaving plenty of neat mysteries to unravel later. Nonoka at the end of episode 4 looks like she’s resolved to take action next time (she’s, uh, had a pretty bad time lately), and while it’s too early for that to be successful (something will go spectacularly wrong somewhere!), I’m looking forward to seeing her get more proactive, because I’m enjoying her a lot so far. Now if we can just prevent Yuzuki from killing 3/4ths of the cast, we’re good…

2. Shirobako [▲0▼] – 3 ep – I’ve given up on remembering more than a handful of names or job titles, but episodes 2 and 3 really sold me on the show! Part of the appeal is meta, watching an anime about anime production. It’s not shy about throwing jargon at the viewers and this also allows it to be really frantically paced (not stopping every 2 minutes to give us an explanation), just as you’d expect from a story about an anime running behind schedule. And when things come together at the last moment, you feel the breath you’ve been holding exhale along with the characters. Comparing the before and after shots of Arupin in ep 3 really explains it all. A few seconds of new facial expressions hits you with the realization of how small touches separate “great” from “decent” anime, and what an effort that takes on the production end.
Current favorite character is Erika (the blond twintailed girl who, uh, I’m not sure what her job is) and the story I’m most interested in of the main girls is definitely Ema, the newbie animator.

3. Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru [▲0▼] – 3 ep – Really egregious use of CGI in ep 1 hurt me terribly, but three episodes were already out when I started watching, and ep 2 had a good deal less while ep 3 had basically none (due to only having one very short action scene, granted). The show itself is pretty great so far, especially episode three which introduced Karin. Unfortunately I can’t recall the last character I’ve seen death-flagged this hard… ;_; The magical girl costumes are really good too, particularly Yuuna’s and Karin’s. Beyond one (clothed) boob shot in Tougou’s henshin, this is also surprisingly devoid of fanservice. Which is neither inherently good nor bad, just an observation! Since everyone (me included) expects this to get violent and death-filled at some point, I dare not predict how much I’ll like it. But so far very good, the first episode in particular handled the reveal of the alien creatures with a masterful sense for tension and dread.

P.S. Karin is perfect.

4. Amagi Brilliant Park [▲0▼] – 4 ep – Really picked up this week with a deepening of Isuzu and Seiya’s relationship. It both explained why Isuzu acts the way she is, and developed her into a more complex character for revealing it. I’m enjoying Seiya a hell of a lot so far, but I think my favorite character is Sylphy, because she’s just the most obliviously happy character I’ve ever seen, no matter the situation. Sure she’s a total space case who has no idea where she is at any time but SHE’S HAVING SO MUCH FUN, and that makes me smile. So far this looks like a very solid show.

5. Girlfriend (Kari) [▲0▼] – 3 ep – Proof that everything is better without males. Especially dumb mobage dating sims! Basically zero fanservice so far which makes the copy/paste big boobs on almost every girl a bit strange. They have such nice hair designs too, so some body type variety would go a long way. Whatever doesn’t matter, what matters is they turned a dating sim into an all-girls iyashikei anime and that’s kinda amazing. The REAL star of the show is Chloe Lemaire, voiced in GLORIOUS GAIJINESE by none other than Tange Sakura (she of card-collecting hoee? fame). This show even had a really good dieting episode, during which Chloe spends literally half the episode ranting about why it’s dumb to obsess over diets and how Japanese girls should appreciate the joys being soft and squishy. She’s like a stand-in for the audience constantly thinking “why are these incredibly fit girls worrying about their weight?” And when the girls do attempt dieting later, it’s framed not as insecure girls worrying about how they look for a boy, but a group active people (they’re primarily athletes) bonding over exercise and a healthy lifestyle. Pretty positive episode overall! And then episode three was just the cutest damn budding romance between shy librarian Fumio and overly outgoing photographer Erena and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh they’re so good together.

Hitsugi no Chaika: Avenging Battle [▲0▼] – 1 ep
Log Horizon Season 2 [▲0▼] – 1 ep
I’ll be holding comments back until I watch more than one episode of each. I wanted to prioritize non-sequels during my very limited anime time of late, because sequels aren’t in any danger of being dropped, while new shows only have a limited time to prove themselves.


Short Series
None this season!


Pre-Fall Series
Yama no Susume Second Season14 eps, 9/10 – Just caught up to episode 14. Since I’m out of time tonight I might as well just wait until 15 is subbed at this point. Ooh and the raw for the first OVA is out too… I need to watch that. Anyway, still the best show airing, without a doubt. Episode 13 was just beyond good, and is something everyone should watch even if you’ve not seen any of the second season at all.

Fairy Tail25 eps, 7/10 – I’m miles behind on this, but it’s going to play out better marathoned anyway so I don’t need to rush! Not like it’s ending any time soon.


Dropped Series
Gugure! Kokkuri-san2 eps – While I didn’t dislike episode two, I’ve assumed that it was setting a pretty clear formula for the rest of the series. I wanted to cut something given I picked up two new shows this week, and this was the easiest one to justify passing on. I will miss hearing a witty monotone Hirohashi Ryou though. =(


I’ve barely started thinking about imports yet, other than that Sorameso is a given unless something drastic changes, and if I can I’d like to import the two sequels. But I don’t want to go above 4, and that would only leave one. If I really need to I’m open to cutting Log Horizon (disc sales are pretty irrelevant to its success!) but only if, say, I can’t choose between Amagi and Shirobako, or if I decide to lift the current import ban I’ve played on Yuyuyu for its CGI crimes. And hell, Girlfriend (Kari) isn’t out of the running either! But there’s not a clear leader among those yet.

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  1. Paulo27 says:

    I love CGDCT but jesus, Girlfriend (Kari) has nothing going for it, it just feels boring, I’ll probably keep watching but it’s easily one of the worst SoL shows I’ve seen, I’d not even say it’s bad because it’s trying too hard or something, it’s not even trying at this point, it’s painfully average and that ends up dragging it down even more.

    Otherwise I’ll agree, Sora no Method has been great, YuYuYu has been awesome too, I honestly don’t remember CGI in the first episode (looking back on it I just didn’t mind it because it didn’t stick out that much since the monsters were pretty static, and I’m usually pretty against CGI), love the fighting scenes though, expecting (hoping) it goes dark at one point or another too, but it’s fine if it doesn’t at this point, the characters can carry the show like this.
    Shirobako has been an interesting watch, I’m enjoying it but I’d not say I love it, maybe it’s because there are too many characters or whatever but it’s still worth watching.

    Outside of those been really enjoying Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (likely to be anime of the season for me at this rate), Parasyte, Akatsuki no Yona, Nanatsu no Taizai, Shingeki no Bahamut and obviously Fate.
    Overall this is a great season, really saving this year.

    • something says:

      Only true CGDCT connoisseurs can appreciate the brilliance of GF(Kari)! =P Great seiyuu all over the place, cute girls, and just very relaxing. And surprisingly strong with the yuri. ALSO CHLOE. How can anyone not like Chloe? Really enjoyable time all in all, though episodes 2-3 were a lot better than episode 1.

      I’ve heard someone else say they didn’t see the character CGI in Yuyuyu ep 1 and this blows my mind because they stuck out horrendously. Just so, so, so, so bad. And so much of it too, it was worse than most of the shots in shows like Strike Witches or Vividred, which used it more sparingly or from greater distance or in shorter cuts.

      I’m not even talking about the monsters, they’re hideous but I can reluctantly (through gritted teeth) deal with that. But CGI-ing the girls in a lot (obviously not all) of the action shots looked incredibly bad. It was jarring as hell and completely killed the big action sequence for me, which sucks because the reveal for Yuuna’s costume and that punch should have been a high point, but at that moment I found it hard to care at all. I have a feeling my opinion of this show will rise and fall in direct proportion with the length of its action sequences (i.e. the more action the less I’ll like it because the more CGI that means).

      • Paulo27 says:

        I even rewatched a bit of the episode and did notice now but I honestly didn’t think it was that bad, probably because they hardly showed their faces so I couldn’t notice it as quick but overall it’s no Black Rock Shooter, unless you’re looking for it you probably won’t find it and the monsters were actually well done aside from the fact that their wings and stuff kinda moved in slow-mo which felt kinda off.

  2. hpulley says:

    I’ve watched all episodes up to October 26:

    Hitsugi no Chaika I’m enjoying but… for a 10 episode 2nd season it feels like they haven’t accomplished a whole lot so far to ep3. But ep4’s preview looks really good and it’s Chaika so it’s a sure import anyway but I’m hoping it will pick up a bit.

    Yama no Susume s2 is great stuff. I knew it would be and it has delivered. Only sadness is that we are already quite a ways through the season and yet only about halfway through the manga so I think some still will remain unadapted and it looks like it is unlikely to get s3. Importing.

    Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso is awesome though there was some disappointing overabundance of stills and stuff in ep2 after a fantastic ep1. The manga is great but the rest will be very rushed, just 19 episodes to do 10 books. The music should be quick to adapt but I hope they gave themselves enough episodes. Wonderful music & romance show though, great characters. Definitely a possible import, one of few this season on top of Chaika 2 and YnS continuing.

    GF(Kari), surprising SOL girls series. Episode 2 with the diet wasn’t the best for me but ep3 really picked it back up. Still bizarre to do what they did, I think people who watch the show will be surprised and disappointed by the game unless they see a girl they want to date and forget about all the yuri and niceness, suddenly want to battle their girls in the card game or something. But I’m glad they made the bizarre switch anyway. Chloe and Erena are just great, PhotoKano as it should have been done and dare I say, how a foreign exchange student should be done as well. Harada Hitomi as Erena… sigh… I’d collect her if I could.

    GuguKuko is absolutely hilarious! I love it so far! Great cast, so funny! I’m a fan of the manga as well. Wasn’t imagining it as a possible buy but you never know, it’s that good. Oh and the OP is so much fun; I don’t normally buy music by male seiyuu but I may have to make an exception.

    SoraMeso… Didn’t like all the drama and slapping in ep4. Still love the ED. Still watching but… hasn’t sold me yet but hasn’t sent me away either.

    AmaBuri is dropped. Mascot overload is fatal to me and I’m more than overdosed at this point. Made it partway into ep4, just not my thing. Surprisingly one of the few shows I’ve dropped this season but there you go…

    ShioBako seems like a great docudrama but I’m not sure I should care about any of the characters, if I’m meant to. Very interesting but still far from hooked.

    YuYuYu I’m still not sure about, at the same time I’m loving it and I’m not sure what it’s trying to do or be. Took a bit of a turn into SOL magical girls anime in ep3 which should be a good thing but I think they’re just setting me up for something dark and sad and it has to be executed well for me. Still hooked for now, really enjoying it but wary.

    LH2 is…. not so great. I almost didn’t watch the latest episode. And after I did watch it… I remembered how much it has disappointed me what they’ve done or rather haven’t done with Akatsuki. SAOII does the battles better.

    SAOII I am still watching. GGO wasn’t great for me, Calibur is actually better and I love Asuna so I’m looking forward to Mother’s Rosario. Didn’t buy s1, won’t buy s2.

    Parasyte is really good. I love the updating they’ve done from a really old manga. Humor and horror which I quite enjoy together.

    Akatsuki no Yona started a bit weak in ep1, had an awesome ep2 but then ep3 was weak again. Could end up dropped.

    Nanatsu no Taizai is showing its shounen fight manga roots now by ep4 but it is still quite good. Probably not something I’d buy but fun to watch.

    Shingeki no Bahamut is surprising, the animation is really high quality which is a bit weird for a show like this. The plot is doled out in dribs and drabs however and it still hasn’t hooked me though I love Amari. Will see if I keep remembering to watch it. It is showing its card collecting bounty roots now along with the travelogue overstory. And yet… Amari!

    Fate Stay Night UBW is holding my interest much longer than I anticipated. I am enjoying it more than FZ so far. Could lose my interest at any time but so far, I’m still here.

    Trinity Seven, great harem, great MC! One of the better magical school series of late, one of the better MCs of late. Much better than expected, love the music too. Look forward to this one each week. Something to buy? Not sure but you never know. Or maybe I’ll take a light season this time in anticipation of winter.

    Psycho Pass 2, so far not a lot of innovation on S1 but still not bad. Still watching. Music not as good as s1 either.

    Grisaia no Kajitsu is surprising, many Little Busters vibes from this one, also a VN adaptation with 3 of the same seiyuu. Still not sure where it’s going, if anywhere but I really look forward to it each week. Something to buy? Not yet, if ever but very interesting.

    Gundam G is pretty confusing. I think I may have dropped it. I think I watched the last episode but I can’t really remember it, it’s that memorable.

    BonKoi, silly short, not really sure why I’m watching but it’s kind of funny.

    Orenchi, same thing. Bit of a funny short.

    Danna ga Nani, GREAT SHORT! Love this one, short of the season for me. Great humor and I can really relate to it. Computer nerd otaku husband, wife who doesn’t get it at all. Should I ask for royalties?

    Cross Ange…. this is the Sunrise trainwreck of the season. I just can’t take my eyes away even though it’s pretty awful and stupid if you attempt to think about it (not recommended). Why Mizuki sama agreed to voice Ange is beyond me though it does allow for a certain amount of range to be shown…

    Denki-gai is a bit forgettable this season but at the same time it is cute and entertaining, funny, some endearing characters.

    Daitoshokan, also a bit lost with all the adaptations this season but it has some seiyuu I really like and I’m trying to find something interesting in there to latch onto. I’m not sure yet. Want to like this a lot but not there yet.

    Garo I think I’ve dropped. I forgot to watch it last week, I think or I forget watching it. Not a good sign.

    Hi-sCool Seha Girls, reminds me of gdgd fairies and in a good way as I loved that show, unapologetic 100% CGI on purpose in this case, showing 90’s video games. Better than expected.

    Karen Senki, still looks like Bioshock Robots or something and yet I remember to watch it each week so it is holding my interest for some reason.

    Madan no Ou to Vanadis, started well, still holding my interest but some bad CGI and an uncertain plot have lost me a bit. Some seiyuu I like, the OP as well.

    Ookami shoujo is a surprisingly good shoujo romance. Bad production values really hurt it but the characters, story, humor and drama carry it through along with some good music.

    Twintails, bizarre show. Ridiculous premise. Not sure why I’m still watching it.

    Selector spread WIXOSS, still really good, surprisingly so though I think they could have ended this in one season. s2 seems a bit unnecessary but good nonetheless.

    Ushinawareta Mirai is good but again not a huge standout. Still holding my interest. It is the kind of show I generally like but really low production quality hampers it. Wanted to like it a lot but it’s hard. Trying….

    WUGzoo ep2, where are you????

    • hpulley says:

      Chaika Avenging Battle is my first locked-in import for fall, V1 ordered, split cour price be damned…

      • something says:

        Yeah, that and Sorameso for me. Though technically I need to wait until Sorameso ends, because as amazing as it’s been, it’s also such a drama-focused show that it could hit a snag in an instant. But it’s still definitely top of the season for me.

        Everything else is still up in the air, but if Log Horizon keeps being as good as episode 5, it will probably keep its sequel import slot too.

        So I’m still down to that toss-up for the fourth. Assuming I don’t drop Shirobako after it introduces cgi-chan or get way way way too tired of Tarou’s shit, I suppose it’s still the front-runner. But if Amagi ends up being just as good as Shirobako, it might get the edge for being only one cour.

        • hpulley says:

          Shirobako: Last night’s CGI vs. key animation and get the storyboards done episode made me lose interest… not sure if I will try it again.

          SoraMeso: Like you, it is wait and see for me. Still watching it but I have some issues with it that need to be resolved properly. Done right it could make me forgive and forget the drama but done wrong and I may not want to see it again.

          Log Horizon 2: It has gotten much better with the past two episodes and the PV of the next one looks even better. Considering I was close to dropping it in the dungeon raid episode, it is still touch and go but the last two episodes are much more what I’ve been hoping to see from it.

          Amagi: I dropped. Just wasn’t holding my interest and too many mascots, a pet peeve of mine.

          YuYuYu: It still has a chance but I’m still not sure what the show wants to do or where it will go after last night’s episode. So again it is in a holding pattern for me.

          Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso: This one continues to be really good for me. It is being released so late, first volume in February that I have a long time to think about it. 22 episodes may be really rushed but so far, still very good.

  3. Kalanoch says:

    I also wondered why all the girls in GF Kari had such large breasts, so I looked up the three sizes for the characters and there are indeed many with smaller, they just weren’t the focus of the show for whatever reason. Like Tamura Yukari’s character Koruri, 148cm with 73-57-78, we need more of her!

  4. hpulley says:

    In some nice fall viewing news, Crunchyroll and Yama no Susume 2 have finally gotten over pulling each other’s skirts down in front of grade schoolers a few times, ruining each other’s knitting projects, etc. They finally made up and we can view it legally and in proper HD again, woohoo! Episodes 1-15 are now available.

    • something says:

      Yeah, took them damn long enough didn’t it? At least it’s two cour.

      I was caught up to 14 (didn’t have enough time to watch 15 on Sunday) so this is handy.

      • hpulley says:

        Makes it their record for the longest it took to start a simulcast if you don’t count episode 1. With Little Busters! s1 they finally got it in time for episode 13.

  5. stardf29 says:

    Import Tier:

    1. Encouragement of Climb Season 2 (15 eps.): The absolute best show currently airing, continuing on from the summer season. There’s just so much about this show that makes it a strong favorite; it has that relaxing feel with cute girls, but it also gives the main character lots of growth and development over the course of the show. And then there are the episodes that are just beautiful to look at. The show’s recent return to Crunchyroll is just icing on the… uh, mountain. (Importing)

    2. Mushishi -The Next Passage- (12 eps.): Technically a carryover from the Spring season, as the numbering is continuing straight from where it left off back then. And so far, this new season is not only showing why Mushishi is one of the most well-loved series of all time, but also providing one episode that is the series’ best yet. This show sure has done it, and now I’m most definitely a big Mushishi fan. (Planned Import)

    3. Log Horizon S2 (3 eps.): It’s Log Horizon; it’s an incredibly consistent show that explores an MMORPG environment in exactly the way I like it to. With a wonderful cast of characters, both old and new, and a continued exploration of everything from money spawns to large-scale raids, this show remains a clear favorite for this season. (Planned Import)

    (Note: There are still two import slots available.)

    Potential imports/Other most-anticipated shows:

    4. When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace (4 eps.): This show represents everything I love in anime: not just the fun supernatural powers, which are actually not used that much, but the way those powers become the framework for a very nice character-based story with great characters and lots of heart. It’s a really wonderful show and despite its occasional missteps, it’s still looking to be a strong import candidate.

    5. Celestial Method (4 eps.): This show can be rather polarizing, but I personally absolutely love it. The characters are not all the most likable, but they are understandable in some of their actions, and the slower-paced drama allows for a fairly relaxing view while still framing an interesting character story. Plus, the show looks gorgeous, and the girls are adorable even when they don’t always act that way. It’s a show with a wonderful feel to it and another strong import candidate.

    6. Chaika -The Coffin Princess- Avenging Battle (2 eps.): It’s more Chaika, and shows why Ichiro Sakaki is such a strong fantasy writer. That it looks like it’ll be able to tell a complete story with the 10 episodes it has is a good thing, too.

    7. Shirobako (3 eps.): This show just works really well as a slice-of-life, as well as an interesting look at what goes on behind the scenes in anime production. There does look to be just a bit of character development here and there, though even if that aspect is minimal, this will still be a quite enjoyable and fun show.

    8. Yowamushi Pedal Grande Road (4 eps.): With the 2nd day of races finally over and Midousuji no longer an overpowering presence in the show, this show is back to being an incredibly exciting sports show. The characters within are by and large great ones, and the races are a lot of fun to watch. Here’s hoping that they can finish the third day’s race in two cours, though!

    More highly enjoyable shows:

    9. Amagi Brilliant Park (4 eps.): This show is still largely building up, but the latest episode does have some good promise of character development, and the feel of the show is still great. Don’t count this one out yet for being a potential top-tier show.

    10. Your lie in April (3 eps.): The music is amazing. The character relationships are serviceable, if nothing amazing yet. But at least the show is setting up what should be some good relationships that will work outside of the inevitable romantic drama.

    11. A good librarian like a good shepherd (3 eps.): It’s a pretty standard visual novel adaptation so far, but some of the minor details, such as how well-written the character relationships are, as well as some nice themes found in the show, make for a show that I am enjoying quite a bit.

    12. Le Fruit de la Grisaia (4 eps.): The intrigue is there. The comedy is there. The emotional gut-punches have started. This looks to be another strong visual novel adaptations, and I’m definitely looking forward to it.

    These shows are plenty good:

    13. Gugure! Kokkuri-san (3 eps.): The first episode was fantastic, but I would have liked to see more of that episode’s mix of both comedy and emotional torque. That said, it’s still pretty funny and Kohina is great, so this show is still a keeper.

    14. Denki-gai (4 eps.): Solid comedy balanced with surprisingly solid character moments, including plenty of burgeoning romance, spread out over multiple one-to-one relationships rather than in harems or love-polygon formats. It makes for nice, easy viewing.

    15. Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works (3 eps.): It looks nice, with some nice action, and the story has all the intrigue I remember of this show’s universe, with some more polish compared to the first anime. I think I can get behind this reboot.

    Shows that I like, but don’t quite love yet; still, I see no reason to drop them:

    16. In Search of the Lost Future (3 eps.): Oh hey, another visual novel adaptation. This one is also pretty standard in many ways, and has yet to really show its hand, though at least it has some intrigue behind all of it. Here’s hoping there’s a good payoff waiting down the line.

    17. Girl Friend BETA (2 eps.): Obligatory cute-girls-doing-cute-things show, albeit from an unexpected source. It’s also far from being among the better ones of its kind, though it’s still serviceable. That it could do an above-average dieting episode helps. Chloe is by far the best, though.

    18. Sailor Moon Crystal (8 eps.): Yes, I’m still watching this show. Sailor V’s appearance helps a lot in bringing it back up to being an enjoyable watch, though it still sits below every other show I’m watching at the moment.


    1. I Can’t Understand What My Husband is Saying: A surprisingly heartfelt short about married life and love.
    2. Orenchi no Furo Jijou: Pretty silly stuff, kind of like a shorter, gender-swapped Muromi-san.
    3. Bonjour! Sweet Love Patissierie: Standard otome-game stuff, but in short format, making it overall easier to watch.

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