Brief unranked listing of what all I’ve tried out so far. I’ve watched ep 1 of everything I’ll definitely be watching except Yuyuyu which hasn’t aired yet, and I’m intentionally doing this before I watch ep 2 of LH2 and Sorameso, since I wanted it to be mostly ep1s. Listed alphabetically for now.

Amagi Brilliant Park (2 ep)
First episode took a little while to pick up, but got there in the second half. Second episode was consistently enjoyable. Not blowing my mind or anything yet, but the typical phenomenal production values (and Latifa’s design is to die for) really help sell the eclectic collection of characters. I’m a little concerned we might see too much focus on Seiya as the only one who knows what to do with the park, as I really want the other characters to contribute equally. But I find his megalomania oddly endearing so far. Especially that speech in episode two.

Gugure! Kokkuri-san (2 eps)
Took this up on a recommendation, and episode one was probably the second best of the season, albeit a very, very distant second. Hirohashi Ryou’s deadpan performance as Kohina makes me very happy inside (don’t hear her much now but she’s still one of my favorite seiyuu, ever since Aria), and the show’s sense of comedy – and those faces in episode two – is pretty spot on. Obviously it was tough for episode two to match up to episode one, but while the new character shifted the tone from episode one, it stayed funny. Curious if it can really hold up for a full cour of 24 minute episodes, though.

Hitsugi no Chaika: Avenging Battle (1 ep)
Strong start, and more really interesting battles, even if short. Great sense of how to depict action as usual. Their current opponent is acting both as a catalyst for Chaika to level herself up, as well as revisit questions of the questionable morality of what Chaika is doing. “Well we want to fight fair and square but if we lose we can just steal it” isn’t something the protagonists get to say often. And just enough of Gillette’s squad to keep things very interesting on the political-military side.

Log Horizon Season 2 (1 ep)
A very loghorizony opener! I’m tentatively looking forward to increased Akatsuki focus this season, because her lack of presence in season one was one of its only flaws. My concern is that more Akatsuki = more love triangle, however, and if that’s the case I’d prefer she just continue to be a total non-character and let everyone else keep being great. Still, episode one had all the glasses adjusting and scheming and negotiating I love about the show, so far so good!

Shirobako (1 ep)
Solid opener, if a bit hectic to follow at times. But it’s all about the hectic world of anime production so that’s going to be one of its strengths. It’s certainly a whole lot different than I expected! In a good way though, I think. If it were more of an iyashikei comedy that’d be totally cool too, but I think what they’re doing here, focusing more on the realities of production and lots of technical minutiae, could be something pretty special in the end. Hopefully, anyway. I am also somewhat morbidly looking forward to it having its own production issues and seeing if the space-time warps and ruptures at the sheer meta-ness of it all.

Sora no Method (1 ep)
The best first episode of anime I’ve seen in possibly… years? Miles and miles and leaps and bounds ahead of everything else I’ve watched this season. It’s unambiguously 10/10 one-of-the-best-shows-ever material if it keeps up the same level of quality from episode one. Realistically, that’s going to be impossible, but I can not get over how much episode one achieved. I’m still amazed it was only 24 minutes – it felt like they packed in enough relationship development and genuine emotion to fill half a series at least. And they managed to do it with no rushing – in fact the early parts of the episode were very deliberate and measured in setting up an environment and atmosphere without directly telling us very much. Yet, somehow, when Nonoka started crying at the end of episode one, I was stunned at just how thoroughly and unquestionably the show had earned it. Earned the ever living hell out of it. Couple that with fantastic production values and phenomenal OP/EDs and I’m basically calling best of the season already. It has to be. I can’t fathom anything else beating it… unless episode one was a fluke, which would be tragic.


Not yet watched
Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru
Still three more days to airing.

Girlfriend (Beta)
This show sounded like it would be the last thing I’d ever want to watch, but with there apparently being no male characters, or even gimmicks to make it about the girls dating a “viewer”, this… might be something I need to try? I’ve gotten one recommendation so far. I’ll probably wait 2-3 episodes and see if I’m still getting recommendations or if it flounders.


Nothing else is in the running right now. Decided to skip Denki-gai on near unanimous “meh” non-recommendations. Nanatai’s got a really poor sub situation, no stream, and just does not look like something I’d get into from the comments I’m reading. Any tiny chance of watching G Reco also faded after watching the reaction of my timeline, which is somewhere between “it’s good if you like the old 70s-throwback style” (I wouldn’t, personally) at best to “it’s worse than Gundam AGE” (ouch) at worst. Anyway maybe it’s not bad, but I wanted a whole lot better than “not bad” to add it to my list.

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  1. fencedude says:

    Girl Friend Beta is basically a yuri show at this point.

    • fencedude says:

      Oh and you should watch Build Fighters TRY

    • something says:

      That’s why I want to give it a few weeks to see if it sticks to that or switches over to “let’s talk about boys a lot” or whatever later on.

      As for BF, well… you guys have been trying to make that happen but I didn’t watch the first season and I don’t think it’s going to start now. =P

  2. rederoin says:

    This season is far better than I expected it to be. It also helps that south park is airing again(loved the 3th episode of the season). but but thats not anime so i’ll just leave my south park fanboy side out of this.

    This is more or less my shedule for this season,
    Sora no Method and GF(Kira) are both surprises, especially Sora no method. and GF(kira) because its just a CGDCT show, which is always welcome.

    The censorship in Terra Formars is extremely annoying, i’ll be watching the BDs for that one.
    The MC of twintail turns into a cute loli, which is always a plus. Shingeki no Bahamut has some amazing animation, I was impressed with it.

    All in all, all my favourites are doing terrible in the sales department once again, I’m starting to wish for Spring 2014 to be back.

    • something says:

      Supposedly CR is going to get uncensored Terraformars, but I imagine it will be heavily delayed from the normal airing.

    • rederoin says:

      I forgot to mention Shirbako, which seems like it has potential. Honya-san had a strong 2nd episode, which restored my fate in the show. Karen Senki is acteally rather decent for a CGI show, and Sega hard girls is great for people who played video games from the ’90s.

  3. musouka says:

    Amagi is a given for me, considering that I read and enjoyed the novels. Seiya is one of my favorite “type” of male characters. I’m also a Latifa fan, and am very pleased that the music is doing such a nice job elevating a few of my favorite scenes with her, as I’d hoped when I heard about who the composer would be. I was also hoping that KyoAni as the studio would mean that they would cut out some of the more egregious fan service scenes, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. Which is a pity, because I’d really like to discuss something aside from Isuzu’s ass, but that–and the naming scheme–seem to be the only thing most people are paying attention to.

    My only other pick this season is GARO, which surprised me because I didn’t have any interest in it before I watched it. (I knew it was based on some sort of late-night tokusatsu show, but that’s about it.) I thoroughly enjoyed the setting, action, and characters–but especially the setting. I love things like “knights” and “secret societies” and such. It scratches the Saint Seiya-shaped itch on my heart, for some reason. (Must be all the shiny armor, hahaha.)

    I was sort of leaning on picking up Kokkuri-san, but the second episode made it a huge miss for me. Just not my sort of humor. I also need to try Shirobako, since it sounds like something I might like. I’m sort of waffling on trying Yona, too.

    • something says:

      Gugukoku ep2 was definitely a step down. I think I can stick, for now, with the direction it’s going but I have a feeling we’ll get a lot less of the surprisingly well-done melancholy in ep1. If every character they add on is just another flavor of obsessed stalker then we’ll have issues, and I probably won’t get through it. Not without a whole lot more of this, anyway. I suppose it’s Kohina’s reactions to the characters around her that will make or break it. If she tramples their advances in amusing ways we might have a deal.

  4. hpulley says:

    As always it is an understatement to say I’m watching a lot. I always try to start the season off watching literally everything. Then a few always get dropped but usually not too many.

    If the rest is too long, surprise of the season:

    Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso, wonderful shounen that looks like shoujo, amazing music and musical instrument playing, great romance, beautiful character designs and visuals.

    So far I have watched at least one whole episode of:

    Akatsuki no Yona, 1 ep: while much more blood and action that I was expecting, the almost immediate ‘twist’ which is telegraphed from miles away just doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense. Might give it a second episode. Might not.

    Amagi Brilliant Park, 2 eps: loved the first episode but the second one was overload on something I can only take a certain amount of in anime which is mascots. Uogokurokun kept my interest in Locodol and Platy was OK in Sabagebu but the second episode… I know the park has a lot of mascots but that was too much. And it didn’t seem to have the same fun as the first episode. I will give it a third episode anyways but the thought about buying it that I had after one episode is gone.

    Bonjour Koiaji Patisserie, 1 ep: very shot and feels chopped rather than crammed into a short episode but that said, it was still fun. Some great character designs. Love and confections, lots of flowers popping up.

    Cross Ange Tenshi to Ryuu no Rondo, 2 eps: some really serious plot problems, some ‘tracing’ of past anime in both plot and character designs from the same companies with obvious Gundam Seed and Valvrave cribbing. If not for Mizuki-sama’s singing… not sure I’d still be watching. May give it a third episode.

    Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai, 1 ep: I love Madoka getting another role as she gets few these days and this actually looks like a lot of fun and a twist at the end makes it even more interesting, much more than just another school rom com.

    Danna ga Nani wo Itteru ka Wakaranai Ken, 2 eps: I love this short! Great comedy, I might even resemble the husband a little to a lot… the first episode was great and the second was even better, a perfect comedy short about a woman and her otaku blogger husband who she doesn’t understand at all. But they still have lots of sex. Definitely watching.

    Denki-gai no Honya-san, 2 eps: I enjoyed the first episode even though it looked like many mangaka and assistant san type shows we’ve seen lately but episode 2 was better. Still not sure about this one but will definitely watch again and I can see it getting me hooked. The book inspector was quite funny.

    Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works, 2 double eps: Aside from some odd character designs compared to the VNs this adaptation of the Fate franchise seems really well done. Great music. I’ve gotten bogged down in most Fate series (including Kaleid Illya) so we’ll see how long I last but so far this seems like the best Fate adaptation yet. Still just introductory but the battles have been great thus far.

    Garo Honoo no Kokuin, 2 eps: I actually dropped this at first before the OP with the rotten father saving his son but not the mother… but of all things a feminist article in ANN made me want to watch it to see the stuff she was complaining about and now I’ve watched 2 episodes and it is actually becoming interesting. Will be the weirdest reason ever for me to pick a show back up but there you go, a feminist made me do it! Some crazy battle scenes, very shiny armor, very loose women, lots of exile tropes but it seems interesting.

    Girlfriend(Kari), 1 ep: I started watching this and honestly until the title came up I thought it was the wrong show! Kokomi wakes up, has breakfast with her family, goes to school but does her rhythmical gymnastics practice first where Chloe drops her photo and Kokomi spends the rest of the day tracking down the french exchange student, gets a kiss when she returns the photo and secures a promise to get her favor when she can think of one. It is pure cute girls doing cute things. And yet it comes from a crappy dating sim game… bizarre. Not at all what I would have expected and with 61 seiyuu it seems they are finding time for them all to be in the show and just… kind of naturally.

    Grisaia no Kajitsu, 2 eps: VN adaptation, very fanservice oriented but also interesting. More than a passing resemblance to Little Busters including some of the same seiyuu, great music. Intriguing. It could ruin it any minute now but for the moment it is quite a bit of fun. Low camera angles, pantsu every chance it gets, it’s not my birthday why is there a stripper in my room, footsies… snipers with euro supercar driving bosses, bomb makers, lockpicks… and picking up trash around town. Silly VN adapted fun with loads of fanservice.

    Gugure! Kokkuri-san, 2 eps: wonderful comedy, had no idea whatsoever what to expect. While sad at its core with little Kohina living alone just wanting to eat her cup noodles in comes Kokkuri-san to try and save her by haunting her, the kitsunegami. Then comes the Inugami who switches genders and … too cute and funny yet with a dark underbelly. Really good, love the wacky OP as well. Music, characters, comedy, a lot of fun. Might even be purchase material in a season which is strangely devoid of buys at the moment.

    Gundam G no Reconguista, 2 eps: I normally drop Gundam shows by episode 2 and this one is wacky, makes no sense, not sure what it has to do with Gundam at all and yet… for some reason I like it! Interesting, mysterious characters and motivations behind them. Could drop it at any second but for now it is entertaining me.

    Hi sCool SeHa Girls, 1 ep: it’s like gdgd fairies meets Neptunia or something. Bizarre CGI humor about ’90s gaming consoles which are actually kind of AFTER my console time, ’80s would make more sense to me, I’d gone to a PC well before the ’90s. But anyways, the first episode was pretty funny. Might hold my interest or might now.

    Hitsugi no Chaika Avenging Battle, 1 ep: Chaika is life… I love her, bought season 1 and will buy season 2 regardless and thus far it does not disappoint. Except for the 10 episode thing, sigh… Could be worse, could be a 2-episode special (though that actually worked really well for Buddy Con).

    Inou-battle wa Nichijou no Naka de, 1 ep: Umm, not sure I will watch it again. Didn’t really grab me.

    Karen Senki, 3 eps: aside from the fact that this looks like the sequel to BIOSHOCK, completely looks like a long PV for a video game… I am actually enjoying it. The CGI is not the worst I’ve seen, not the best either. Silly stuff really but… I am watching so I’m watching for now, still interesting. CGI pantsu… hmm.

    Kiseijuu sei no kakuritsu, 1 ep: I read Parasyte 20 years ago so it is interesting to see it adapted now. Really great horror, well done first episode, surprisingly so. Really liking the modernization of the charadesigns. Comes to life animated.

    Log Horizon 2, 2 eps: wasn’t the biggest fan of the first season but watched the whole thing. Second season switched studios so things look a little different, maybe even cheaper. OK but not great again. Wish it had more romance. Some great side characters continue to be sidelined, way off to the side.

    Madan no Ou to Vanadis, 2 eps: didn’t know what to expect but this is cheesy good fun! Really, really silly and cheesy fantasy but quite fun. Do you fall for the war maiden who is ransoming you or the maid waiting for you back at home? Or the war maiden’s right hand maiden? Hard to say but looks like fun.

    Nanatsu no Taizai, 2 eps: episode one was great, much better than I expected but episode two is already much less impactful. The fan service and humor is still fun but as it will likely become more and more of a shounen battle series my interest will likely wane.

    Ookami shoujo to kuro ooji, 2 eps: it’s too bad the production quality of this show is the bottom of the barrel as the characters and story while shoujo romance are quite interesting, really good so far even though the premise has been done many, many times. Good music but oh, low quality animation… yikes.

    Ore, Twintails ni Narimasu, 1 ep: I guess it is what I should have expected but the whole premise is really, really, incredibly dumb. I don’t have a huge twintail fetish so I could drop this easily. Chances of me keeping with it are very low I’d say.

    Orenchi no Furo jijou, 1 ep: a merman in the bathtub. Shouldn’t really be my thing but episode one was quite funny. Might watch, might drop.

    Psycho-Pass 2, 1 ep: most of the episode showed no reason to watch the second season but then right at the end, finally, a little glimmer of what is to come. That and an awesome OST and ED might keep me watching. Hopefully 11 episodes is enough though episode 1 was mostly wasted in reminding people about the show, again.

    Selector spread WIXOSS, 2 eps: Really good again, dark, mysterious, I can’t believe it’s really a card game. Not much else to say but this twisted, twisting show is really good.

    Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso, 1 ep: Amazing, nearly movie quality stuff in episode 1. Loved it start to finish, OP, ED, characters, music especially. It’s been done before but I just love how they are doing it this time.Could still mess things up in a hurry but right now, wow is all I can say. Wow! Beautiful in every way.

    Shingeki no Bahamut Genesis, 1 ep: wasn’t sure what to expect here, don’t love the character designs but it seems interesting enough to coninue.

    Shirobako, 1 ep: faced paced world of anime production… and pro drifting, well not quite. Interesting show, now sure how they will make it last 24 episodes. But cool, really cool, definitely will keep watching for now.

    Sora no Method, 2 eps: loved episode 1 to bits… episode two shockingly not as good for me, the whole flying saucer protest thing, Noel is probably from it… could be interesting but at the moment I am not sure at all.

    Terraformars, 2 eps: the censorship is way out of control so I have dropped it until Crunchyroll starts streaming the uncensored version.

    Tribe Cool Crew: watched it on a lark but it’s fun! Silly, not much of a premise but really fun show about dancing really. Odd charadesigns, kids show by the look of it but somehow I’m interested.

    Trinity Seven: not sure, looks a bit too weird with black suns and reconstructions but I will give it another episode or 2 especially since it contains some favorite seiyuu.

    Ushinawareta Mira wo Motomete, 2 eps: both episodes so far have been normal bordering on boring until the very end. Not sure they can keep this up all season long.

    • hpulley says:

      Oops and Wake up, Girls! Zoo I watched episode 1 on youtube: fun comedy short of the WUG girls as zoo animals, more fun than it sounds. Wish it was longer but they had enough trouble putting together a net cast for it as it was so full length was likely DOA

    • rederoin says:

      >some really serious plot problems(cross ange)

      I was rather disappointed when they killed off that 1 girl, I just started to like her. Although I admit i’m kinda enjoying watching mrs.spoiled princess suffer so much, karma is a bitch, I suppose.

      • hpulley says:

        Why wasn’t #AlasPoorCoco trending on twitter? Poor girl didn’t know the huge flapping death flag she was waving as she gave Ange her treasured pudding, only to be tossed in the trash and then Coco was cut in half. And she looked just like Saki from Valvrave…

        I need more believable pincesses. Her level of denial is way off the charts. “Unhand me, I am the princess! Send ne back!” Is just ridiculous. Get a grip, Angelise.

        • rederoin says:

          We learned a valuable lesson that day, never give the protagonist of a sunrise show your pudding.

        • something says:

          I’m obviously not watching the show, so it doesn’t affect me directly, but I think it’s time I find out if wordpress comments can implement spoiler tags…

          • hpulley says:

            Sorry, thought this thread was for people who have watched an episode or two to post their thoughts, including details. It is difficult to discuss the shows otherwise.

            • something says:

              It is, but character deaths are one of those big exceptions (as opposed to, say, “Yuzuki is against the saucer” which I think is okay untagged) so I just need to implement some kind of spoiler tagging for the big stuff like that, because not everyone is current on every show. I’m often behind too. Trying to find a good plugin for it (any suggestions, anyone?).

          • rederoin says:

            Thats why I omitted the name of the character(somebody dying in a sunrise mecha is no surprise). But spoiler tags would indeed be nice, not that I know of any plugins(I don’t use wordpress).

  5. something says:

    So I watched Yama no Susume s2 ep13 and god damn I honestly don’t understand how this show even exists.

    It’s a miracle, and we are profoundly unworthy of the degree of effort and love poured into it.

    (Oh and Sora no Method ep 2 was seriously amazing, the dynamic between Nonoka and Yuzuki is already top notch. I see so, so much pain incoming for Yuzuki though!)

    • hpulley says:

      I love the girls but the saucer management is bothering me. Unless Lemon sempai and the MIB put im an appearance soon, they will have some explaining to do as to why it isn’t Independence Day the animation.

      The logical part of my brain is just having trouble with a saucer in the sky that didn’t cause the town to become either Area 51 or a tourist attraction. Trying to carry on life as usual below it just seems bizarre and unbelievable to me. And Noel literally waited seven years for her promised return. I hope she had a lot of good games and books on her mobile… Not stuff I should be thinking about but given time I think about these things.

      • something says:

        > Trying to carry on life as usual below it just seems bizarre and unbelievable to me.

        Yes well when you can do literally nothing about it and it hasn’t done anything to you, you’ll learn to adjust after seven years! Humans can adapt to a lot. But of course, some people can’t adapt, hence Yuzuki representing that side.

        I’m not really sure why people are so hung up about it in episode two! I think this show’s very deliberate, careful pacing is its real strength. But everyone seems to want answers now… I feel like that throws the whole appeal of the show out the window.

        Anyway the saucer is obviously intended to be metaphorical (I mean it’s really there, but it serves some storytelling purpose about the girls’ relationships) for something or other that we’ll learn soon enough. I don’t think the exact details of how the saucer works or who sent it or whatnot are even important.

        > And Noel literally waited seven years for her promised return.

        Given she’s clearly not human (she hasn’t aged in seven years!) the passage of time probably means something very different to her than us.

        • hpulley says:

          Agreed and I should and will give it a chance to explain itself. It is just that with a character on the show protesting its presence it made me start to think about it… and doubts surfaced. I hope the pacing is not too careful for my tastes.

  6. Yuukichi says:

    Have you tried watching Kiseijuu? Or is not really your thing?

    • something says:

      Not too into gore. It’s easier to take in say a fantasy (e.g. Shingeki) or war setting. Modern or near-future real-world graphic violence is often a turn-off for me. So yeah I guess it’s just not my thing, or not a thing I’m in a mood for this season at any rate.

  7. Waraneo says:

    The first episode of Girlfriend (Kari) was very bland, well, it doesn’t have a source material, and it’s a mobile game advertisement, two signs that this anime will not be good, at all. Uh, Shirobako first episode was okayish, but, there were too many characters, will they focus on the main girl(s) or not? I hope so, if they don’t, I’ll probably drop it.

    • steenspring says:

      girlfriend’s vocal work and ending song is hilariously bad, so it’s worth a watch if you’re into that.

  8. Progeusz says:

    And just like that, my excitement for SoraMeso disappeared completely (after ep 02). Yuzuki’s actions make little sense. Sure, I can understand her grudge but what I don’t accept is how she dragged Nonoka into this. It also bothered me how Koharu simply disappeared after Nonoka was snatched. Not even a goodbye when Nonoka was being dragged off.
    SoraMeso isn’t bad yet but it stopped being good. What hurts me the most is that I no longer see potential in this show while after ep 01 I felt like it could go anywhere. It’s still early so I can just as easily return to being excited in a matter of minutes but for now I feel little about the show. Just that Nonoka is a qt and seeing Noel cry will undoubtedly make me sad.

    Girlfriend (Kari) is surprise yuri of the season. Lewd one! Overall a pretty nice show. Very mellow.

    Shirobako somehow went under my radar before the season and it would have been a huge loss if i missed it! Very interesting anime with a lot of important information. Cars flying at 50kmph made my day.

    Psycho-Pass is much better now that it focuses on Akane. GAR.

    Danna ga is very funny! I thought it would be pretty bland but in reality it gave me the most laughs out of all anime I tried this season.

    Parasyte is honestly good. MC having brain has a lot to do with it. I was shocked to see how much they changed manga chara designs. I prefer original but I can see reasons behind the decision and am okay with it.

    Inou Battle has best girls. Kaichou, Chifuyu, Tomoyo… Also props for making fun of Chuunibyou. Ohayo, Dark and Dark.

    AmaBuri… it’s good but just that. It fails to make me really excited. Maybe except HELICOPTA! scene. It’s been three episodes already but girls seem bland to me. I blame the mascots.

    CrossAnge – Sunrise wild ride, this time with bitchy princess and yuri “rape”. It’s fun.

    WIXOSS – Mari Okada delivers so far and I have hopes she’ll continue to do so until the end, I really like this show. There hasn’t been much suffering yet but it should change soon as Ulith is seriously fucked up. Thank you, Rie.

    And now, the winners:

    Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works – Rhinos are the only problem. VN is adapted pretty faithfully so it’s great by definition. And man, the fights. Each episode I have the urge to play the VN once again. That cute Sakura. That crazy Ilya. That GARcher. YOROKOBE SHOUNEN. Your wish will, at last, come true. It’s happening, F/SN finally has good adaptation.

    Ore, Twintails ni Narimasu – I knew it’s a must watch since I read the title. Amazing concept. I want to cuddle the MC, he’s so cute. The best villains ever. And episode two was even better than first one!

    Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru Anime of the Season. Arrived late but with two episodes at once. Takes the best elements from various shows and mashes them together into something different, at least as good. Madoka, Symphogear, Precure, name it, you will get it. Combines cute and cool perfectly, with great music and visuals. Yuuki Yuuna is just my type of character, fav of the season since first scenes, and is absolutely gorgeous after transformation. Also, Tougou is more awesome than Homura. I hope Gokumi will be able to maintain the high quality.
    Who said Puella Magi won’t influence the industry? It does and in great style. Other example from this season would be Wixoss. Praise the Madokami!

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