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Full list. 192 DVD threshold, 190 BD.

2014 09/08 – 09/14 Anime DVD List

Anime Rank All Rank Last Rank Week Sales Total Sales #Wks Title
1 1 7,258 7,258 1 Hakuouki Movie 2 Shinkou Soukyuu LE
2 9 2,913 2,913 1 Persona 4 The Golden v1
3 12 2,399 2,399 1 Mekakucity Actors v6
5 27 1,028 1,028 1 Hakuouki Movie 2 Shinkou Soukyuu RE
6 35 42 803 122,858 13 Kaze Tachinu
7 53 70 561 12,125 9 Tonari no Totoro (2014 re-release)
8 54 39 557 17,090 4 ONE PIECE Log Collection 'Ace'
9 56 60 550 13,750 4 Haikyuu!! v2
11 63 43 502 16,843 4 ONE PIECE Log Collection 'Marineford'
16 304 4,474 6 Doraemon Shin Nobuta no Daimakyou ~Peko to Go-nin no Tankentai~ RE
17 29 252 5,791 3 Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai LE
21 88 234 3,453 3 Mekakucity Actors v5
22 233 4,864 9 Majo no Takkyuubin (2014 re-release)
23 232 3,305 6 Lupin Sansei Cagliostro no Shiro (2014 re-release)
24 67 226 4,912 3 Kuroshitsuji Book of Circus v1
25 220 19,392 15 Lupin Sansei vs Meitantei Conan The Movie RE
26 55 216 8,174 3 Kuroko no Basuke 2nd Season v8
27 216 17,380 9 Haikyuu!! v1
28 215 4,501 9 Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi (2014 re-release)
29 203 59,624 15 Kidou Senshi Gundam UC v7
30 17 192 2,205 2 Kill La Kill v9

Other releases (concerts etc)
77 18 410 2,063 2 Ono Daisuke/Kondou Takayuki no Yume Bouken ~Dragon & Tiger~ Fandisc 2 Okoshiyasu in Kyouto
231 7,685 8 Love Live! μ’s→NEXT LoveLive! 2014 ~Endless Parade~

2014 09/08 – 09/14 Anime BD List

Anime Rank All Rank Last Rank Week Sales Total Sales #Wks Title
2 3 9,862 9,862 1 Persona 4 The Golden v1
3 4 7,303 7,303 1 Hakuouki Movie 2 Shinkou Soukyuu LE
4 8 2,871 2,871 1 Mekakucity Actors v6
5 9 2,047 2,047 1 Slam Dunk BD Box v2
6 13 6 1,016 46,594 3 Love Live! 2nd Season v3
8 20 3 791 10,588 2 Kill La Kill v9
10 34 58 433 13,852 4 Haikyuu!! v2
12 39 376 376 1 Hakuouki Movie 2 Shinkou Soukyuu RE
13 42 81 364 71,515 13 Kaze Tachinu
14 48 63 346 53,481 8 Love Live! 2nd Season v2
15 51 33 321 10,599 3 Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken Stardust Crusaders v2
16 52 39 302 9,183 3 Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? v3
17 53 32 297 9,941 3 Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei v2
18 56 18 291 1,884 2 Jinsei v1
20 61 16 275 2,053 2 Black Bullet v3
71 60 246 3,971 3 Mekakucity Actors v5
72 82 245 404,273 63 Evangelion Shin Gekijouban: Q (Evangelion 3.33)
77 113 232 14,032 9 Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi
81 90 226 10,405 6 Lupin Sansei Cagliostro no Shiro
86 61 217 4,292 3 Kuroshitsuji Book of Circus v1
96 123 203 16,383 9 Haikyuu!! v1
99 107 195 3,022 4 Yama no Susume BD Box
100 124 190 41,921 8 Girls und Panzer Kore ga Hontou no Anzio-sen Desu

Other releases (concerts etc)
6 3,693 3,693 1 Crystal Box ~Chihara Minori Music Clip Collection~
31 55 450 39,121 8 Love Live! μ’s→NEXT LoveLive! 2014 ~Endless Parade~
92 64 208 4,111 3 Hanazawa kana Chaleur -Film Documentaire de 25-

Summer update:
P4GA sells 9862/2913, total 12,775. Down 61.7% from v1wk1 of the original P4 anime. And yet, still almost 13k! On the other hand, incredibly cheap single episode v1 with an event ticket. Volumes 2-3 have tickets as well, though. This is also another lesson in how misleading daily rankings can be. Here’s the BD rankings:
*** **2 **2 **4 **3 **3 **3 | — | 劇場版 薄桜鬼 第二章 士魂蒼穹
*** **1 **3 **7 **5 **4 **4 | — | Persona 4 the Golden ANIMATION 1
Behind the Hakuouki movie every day except by one rank on pre-sale day, but ends up selling 2.5k more. Daily rankings are goofy.
Oh and this is another data point emphasizing the effect of Aniplex’s policies towards Amazon. Underestimated 44.3% on DVD and 67.6% on BD (the latter is even more than Mahouka). All expectations still point towards huge underestimations for Aldnoah and SAO II.

Kuroshitsuji s3 v1 adds 217/226, total 9,204.

Jinsei v1 adds 291 BDs, total 2,246.

Spring update:
Mekakushi v6 sells 2871/2399, total 5,270.
v5 adds 246/234, total 7,424. Lower thresholds helping bring in some wk3s.

Love Live! s2 v2 adds 346, total 53,481.
v3 adds 1016, total 46,594.

Haikyuu v1 adds 203/216, total 33,763 in wk9. First time BDs ranked since wk6, means they added 572 in wk2 7-8.
v2 adds 433/550, total 27,602 in wk4.

Jojo v2 adds 321 BDs, total 13,329. Up 1.1% on v1, though only because wk2 DVDs ranked, unlike s1. Nonetheless, very very consistent.

Mahouka v2 adds 297, total 12,746. Above v1 now with event ticket boost.

Gochiusa[/v] v3 adds 302 BDs, total [b]10,252. 11,170 average at the half-way point. 10k hopes still alive, but it’ll be close.

Black Bullet v3 adds 275 BDs, total 2,512.

Past seasons:
Kurobas v8 adds 216 DVDs, total 15,927. One vol to go, should average at least 18k.

Kill La Kill v9, final volume, adds 791/192, total 12,793. Series average: 11,081.

OVAs, Movies, Boxsets etc:
Hakuouki Movie 2 sells 7303/376 BDs, 7258/1028 DVDs, total 15,965.

Slam Dunk BD Box v2 sells 2,047.

Garupan OVA adds 190 BDs, total 45,415 in wk8, meaning it added 255 in wk7.

Yama no Susume s1 BD Box adds 195, total 3,022 in wk4 meaning it added 300 in wk3. Is everyone looking at s2 and going “hey this is great… …so I’ll buy s1 instead!” or is s2 just going to be really storefront heavy? Bleh, I doubt the latter unfortunately.

Upcoming Releases for 2014 09/15 – 09/21 Anime DVD List
2014/09/17 Acchi Kocchi BD Box
2014/09/17 Akuma no Riddle v4
2014/09/17 Ao Haru Ride v1
2014/09/17 Baby Stepss v2
2014/09/17 Cardfight!! Vanguard Legion Mate-hen v1
2014/09/17 Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren v7
2014/09/17 Daichi Tomoo v13
2014/09/17 Diamondno Ace v5
2014/09/17 Escha & Logy no Atelier ~Tasogare no Sora no Renkinjutsushi~ v4
2014/09/17 Free! -Eternal Summmer- v1
2014/09/17 Future Card Buddyfight v6
2014/09/17 Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu BD v4
2014/09/17 Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu BD v5
2014/09/17 Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu Gaiden BD Box v1
2014/09/17 Haikyuu!! v3
2014/09/17 Isshukan Friends. v4
2014/09/17 Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara v4
2014/09/17 Oda Nobunaga no Yabou BD Box
2014/09/17 Rail Wars! v1
2014/09/17 Saki Zenkoku-hen v7
2014/09/17 Sankarea BD Box
2014/09/17 Shinryaku! Ikamusume BD Box
2014/09/17 Yowamushi Pedal v10
2014/09/17 YuuGiOu ARC-V v1
2014/09/17 YuuGiOu ARC-V v2

Three more summer series kick off, including one of the presumed top two, Free.

38 Responses to “2014 09/08 – 09/14 Weekly Sales List”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Seems really can’t use stalker point to estimate aniplex show

    • something says:

      Ah yeah meant to comment on that in the post. Just added the underestimations. On par with Mahouka, so there’s very little reason to believe it won’t happen to Aldnoah and SAO II as well.

      • Heavymind says:

        But event ticket shows and cheap popular show are mostly underestimated not only aniplex

        Btw, you wrote Hakuouki Movie 2 sells 7303/3476 BDs, it should be 7303/376 BDs, the total is correct though

        • something says:

          I’m not sure that event tickets are particularly more underestimated on average. You’re probably thinking of shows aimed at women (which also happen to have many of the biggest event ticket effects), which are underestimated because that demographic buys from Amazon less. Non-ticket volumes of shows aimed at women are underestimated heavily too.

          The issue with Aniplex is special. I’ve written about it a few times but basically they’re currently they’re in another little war with Amazon. Their new approach is to only let Amazon sell “Amazon-exclusive” versions, which get much worse discounts (0-10% vs 27% for other distributors’ discs) and come with laughably bad extras nobody wants (¥300 gift cards, tin pins, a bookmark, crap like that). This means consumers are more likely to buy from other shops, because once you strip away Amazon’s usual advantage of being so much cheaper than the competition, Amazon has little to offer. Aniplex is also pushing their Aniplex+ shop pretty aggressively (more profit if you sell direct!), which is likely the reason they’re trying to pull customers away from Amazon.

          Also keep in mind, Mahouka v1 didn’t have an event ticket, and was underestimated the same amount as Persona.

          > Btw, you wrote Hakuouki Movie 2 sells 7303/3476 BDs, it should be 7303/376 BDs, the total is correct though

          Keyboards are hard. Thanks, fixed.

  2. mistress_kisara says:

    Yay for 200 copies more for Kuroshitsuji! And next week its Free!’s 1st volume! I wonder how much would it be underestimated…

  3. Natapori says:

    I’m looking forward to see first week sales for Free! Eternal Summer Vol.1 .Now Estimate sell down from Vol.1 S1 about 3.5-4K How much sale for first week?.So Free! S1 Vol.1 started with 25K copies sale .I’m not sure average sell can reach 20K but i’m still hope for it too.We’ll know next week.

    • anson says:

      C’mon around 10-15K!

      • something says:

        For Free? It’ll most certainly sell more than 10k, it’d beat that even if it weren’t massively storefront biased.

        • anson says:

          So it won’t fall in the same pit Chuu2koi S2 fell into. How the hell did they blow it while the Free actually maintained it?

          • something says:

            We still don’t know to what degree Free will maintain it, so I’m cautious about saying anything too specific. I suppose it’s rather safe to say it won’t have the percentage drop Chuunibyou did, though.

            Free s1 averaged 29k, so anything over 20k average would be fairly solid for s2. Anything below 20k is a pretty steep drop. I really do not know which way it’ll go, but certainly it won’t drop to 10k.

            As for why Free is likely to drop less than Chuunibyou? People just liked it more, I guess! I know I do, and I loved the first season.

            While I did like Chuunibyou Ren (enough to import it), I thought the ending was pretty terrible, and the season as whole suffered from a nagging voice in the back of viewers’ heads, asking “why did this need a sequel, exactly?”. The second season continued to focus on Rikka and Yuuta’s relationship, despite there being no tension remaining there. And so it invented tension, by regressing character personalities and throwing the story into reverse. There just wasn’t a real justification for it, so the highlight of the series for me ended up being the side-stories about the other club members. Could have had a really great season about Shinka and Sanae’s relationship! We got one decent and one great episode about them, but not with any central narrative purpose of taking it anywhere long-term. As fun as the episodes were, they were still only treated as asides.

            Free!, on the other hand, has a very clear, very focused goal in the second season. The first season was about forming the team and looking towards the prefecturals, the second season was about qualifying for the nationals. There was an obvious, natural story progression into the sequel (and we’re perfectly set up for a movie covering the national tournament now!).

            Eternal Summer is also a step up production-wise from the already stellar first season. And I’m not sure how big a deal it is with the target fanbase, but the personality shift Rin underwent between seasons is incredibly appealing to me. He went from a character I kinda liked to one of my top 5 favorite male characters of all time (or somewhere near the top anyway).

            It’s also instructive to compare Free’s major new character (Sousuke) to Chuunibyou’s (Shichimiya) and see how much better developed and integrated into the plot Sousuke was. I really like Shichimiya individually, but Ren didn’t really use her effectively as a member of the cast. I suppose she was a bit stuck, because her role as loving, selfless matchmaker only really works if the match she’s making actually needed it! (It didn’t.)

            I don’t think Ren really warrants half the hate (or sales drop) it got, but it’s definitely a fact that it lost a lot of the first season’s fans. And stepping back, I can see why some might feel that way.

            I just really have no doubt in my mind that KyoAni had a much, much clearer vision in their heads regarding what to do with Free compared to Chuunibyou. Eternal Summer’s execution has just been spectacular.

            • lesterpox says:

              I guess it begs the question what the hell was going in the writers’ mind in making Chu2koi S2 slipping this badly? Was he getting bored with the material to a point he was just treading water?

              I feel it’s getting to a point where the recent KyoAni titles aimed for guys like Tamako Market and KnK seemed to be slipping in the writing while Free knows what it wants to do and executes it solidly which one could be jealous about (sales be damned).

              I hope Takemoto and the screenwriter will know what to do in Amagi in having a clear focus in the story and being able to attract and entertain a lot of the audience.

              • something says:

                Tamako was written very well considering the kind of show it was (I have no interest in the movie, but the TV series was great). I felt it was very solidly aware of what it wanted to be and what its theme was. The only flaw I found in the writing was the unsatisfying handling of Midori’s feelings towards Tamako. It just never seemed willing to commit to anything in that subplot. Great otherwise though!

                Kyoukai, eh, it’s a fantasy action light novel with a high school boy protagonist. Don’t look to those for good writing… I know I sure don’t. Not sure KA Esuma is exactly pulling in top-class material.

                • rederoin says:

                  >I have no interest in the movie

                  I take it that means it focuses on Tamako and whathisname?

                • lesterpox says:

                  Doesn’t really explain why they dropped the ball on Chuu2koi S2 to a point they lost most of the beginning fanbase. In hindsight, this title may end up being forgotten in a lot of peeps minds which is a true tragedy.

                  • something says:

                    Nobody consciously “drops the ball”, all that happens is that the staff makes decisions that they presumably feel are correct, but which don’t click with the audience.

                    There were comments from staff members before Ren even aired that made pretty clear they intended to roll back Yuuta and Rikka’s progress. I assume the director/writer thought everyone wanted more “falling in love” hijinks, rather than the development of two characters “being in love”. Pretty sure they were wrong in this case.

                    I think this also led to being overly hesitant to commit to Shichimiya so they weren’t able to capitalize on what looks like it could have been a really good character.

                    Honestly though? Plenty of sequels sell a lot less than their predecessors. Chuunibyou more than most, but even this is hardly unprecedented. Sometimes a fandom just only feels the need to buy something once. Especially with popular shows, sometimes the first season picks up a number of more casual buyers who aren’t around for the second season.

                    There’s any number of reasons. I think it’s easy to get caught up in over-analyzing specific shows simply because we like them, when what’s happening isn’t in any way unique in the industry.

                    • anson says:

                      “There were comments from staff members before Ren even aired that made pretty clear they intended to roll back Yuuta and Rikka’s progress. I assume the director/writer thought everyone wanted more “falling in love” hijinks, rather than the development of two characters “being in love”. Pretty sure they were wrong in this case.”

                      Wow, that was a bad call! Yeesh! Hopefully, next time they learn to keep moving forward in a established relationship, not go backwards. Peeps like that stuff, and it’s a road that rarely taken in otaku-aimed shows.

                    • something says:

                      > Hopefully, next time they learn to keep moving forward in a established relationship, not go backwards. Peeps like that stuff, and it’s a road that rarely taken in otaku-aimed shows.

                      It’s understandable they might not think so though, because romance in anime is nearly always “falling in” love only, with shows ending rather than beginning with confessions. That that drives me nuts, but it seems to be what the market wants.

                      …I just don’t think it worked well in this particular situation because they’d already done all that in season one.

                      Ah well. I still think the whole season would have been justified even if we’d only gotten the napping battle and MoriDeko episodes.

                    • Counterfactuals get tossed around a lot pretty much anywhere. They’re fun, but too often end up simple binaries. There are lots of small story decisions that get made after the big, overarching ones that can also go different ways and effect how a show resonates with people. Looking at just one particular aspect of a sequel is unlikely to yield a complete understanding of how it ultimately went over.

                      It’s not even just a sequel thing; there end up being tons of differences between shows that were as close to “engineered” to be similar to successful shows on paper as can be (Maoyu to Spice and Wolf, Captain Earth to Star Driver) but got totally different audience sizes.

  4. mk03 says:

    >2014/09/17 Rail Wars! v1
    This is expected to be dead, right?

  5. Bob says:

    What was the BD/DVD ratio for the P4 the animation (the first one) ?

  6. rederoin says:

    Just a note, if MCA v6 does not have a big wk2(90% frontloaded) then it’ll have a 19.5% drop from v5, which is rather big for a mid-release volume.

    p.s, you forgot about gochiusa.

    • something says:

      Added the Gochiusa comment.

      I assume at least 1k next week for Mekakushi v6, which is a 12.7% drop. With a small third week it could get under 10% down. Most of its drops are not devastating in isolation. v5 essentially didn’t drop at all.

      But they’re sure adding up. Even in that best case scenario for v6 (about 6.5k total), it’s still more than 40% down from v1. And there are a loooot of volumes left to go.

  7. AnimePhoenix says:

    Yay for Kuroshitsuji! Book of Circus was one of my favorite anime in the summer. Looking forward to Book of Murder!

    Good for the Hakuoki movie too. I have to watch both movies one day. Still waiting for news on Meiji Tokyo Renka and Norn9…

    Kuroko and Haikyuu!! doing well. I hope Free! ES can manage 20k first week…

    • Natapori says:

      I think so too.First day on oricon Free! ES BD Vol.1 rank 3rd and DVD Rank 6th(behind 3rd Ace of Diamond and 4th Haikyu Vol.3).I’m not sure for 20K on first week even i’m still hope that.I’m not sure storefront effect on Animate online shop why BD Vol.1 must wait about 1-2 day for shipping now(My order shipped to me).I’m guessing Animate underestimated for stor front and filling store so I’m expext to see heavy storefront effect too.

      • something says:

        The pre-sale daily ranking is pretty tough to interpret. Being down at #6 on DVD is a bit surprising, however we know both Haikyuu and Free should be selling more DVDs than Dia no A.

        Being ahead of Haikyuu on BD is more promising for its chances at 20k (maybe not wk1, but eventually). Free may have shifted away from a half/half split and be considerably stronger on BD than on DVD this time, compared to Haikyuu’s even DVD/BD split.

        But this is supposed to be the volume of Haikyuu that’s dropping due to the event tickets being over. And if that’s true, and it sells maybe 7-8k DVD/ 7-8k BD, Free being behind it on DVD is kinda iffy. I also would have hoped for a #1 rank on BD but it’s up against big concert stuff so that’s not too big a deal.

        Anyway, as we saw last week, daily rankings can be utterly misleading. Just going to have to keep an eye on the next few days!

        • AnimePhoenix says:

          > But this is supposed to be the volume of Haikyuu that’s dropping due to the event tickets being over.

          Yeah, this is what puzzled me as well. Being 3rd on BD I can understand but behind Haikyuu! on DVD? I’m just hoping this is a case of looking a bit down on pre-sale ranking then jumping up for the next few days. Still, pre-sale ranking is important too…


          • mistress_kisara says:

            ^ If you look at stalker the points for Haikyuu v3 DVD is higher than that of Free’s DVD

            • something says:

              It is, but in part that’s because it’s been solicited longer. I think the assumption is also that Free would be more storefront biased than Haikyuu v3 but it may not be (at least on DVD), or it won’t manifest until later in the week.

  8. something says:

    Full list up. Ranking summary tomorrow.

  9. Natapori says:

    Oh.I just check web animate online. Now Free! Vol.1 and Haikyu Vol.3 all type must wait for 1-2 days to shipping.I’m still not sure both can reach 20K but this is second time for free! ES Vol.1 to wait restock.after 3 day sell Free! Es still rank top 5 on oricon BD/DVD daily chart even have new release this day.I’m still hope that can pass 20K in first week.I can’t wait and see result next week now.

    • something says:

      I’m assuming DVDs, behind Haikyuu three days in a row, can’t be selling much more than 8k (which might be optimistic). That means we’re relying quite heavily on the BD number… but it is holding up fairly well there. But 12k+ BDs would take some pretty crazy underestimation (not outside the realm of possibility though).

      Free! s1 got smaller wk2s than Haikyuu or Kurobas s1, and s2 will presumably have smaller ones, so here’s hoping it can get a lot of traction in wk1.

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