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Full list. 301 DVD threshold, 229 BD.

2014 08/18 – 08/24 Anime DVD List

Anime Rank All Rank Last Rank Week Sales Total Sales #Wks Title
1 1 12,293 12,293 1 ONE PIECE Log Collection 'Ace'
2 2 12,213 12,213 1 ONE PIECE Log Collection 'Marineford'
3 4 10,106 10,106 1 Haikyuu!! v2
4 7 4,872 4,872 1 Diamond no Ace v4
6 17 1,920 1,920 1 Yowamushi Pedal v9
7 19 8 1,628 119,669 10 Kaze Tachinu
8 33 26 1,003 9,925 6 Tonari no Totoro (2014 re-release)
10 42 11 773 3,304 2 Mekakucity Actors v4
12 47 5 721 4,710 2 Hoozuki no Reitetsu v6 A ver.
13 48 718 718 1 Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren v6
15 63 47 589 3,223 3 Doraemon Shin Nobuta no Daimakyou ~Peko to Go-nin no Tankentai~ RE
16 66 568 568 1 Mikakunin de Shinkoukei v6
17 67 565 565 1 Isshukan Friends. v3
18 74 72 501 3,855 6 Majo no Takkyuubin (2014 re-release)
20 83 76 429 3,587 6 Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi (2014 re-release)
21 84 428 428 1 Cardfight!! Vanguard Link Joker v15
22 85 421 16,522 6 Haikyuu!! v1
24 79 340 17,040 5 ONE PIECE Log Collection 'Impel Down'
25 77 340 16,862 5 ONE PIECE Log Collection 'Magellan'
26 85 333 2,591 3 Lupin Sansei Cagliostro no Shiro (2014 re-release)
27 69 333 7,019 5 Precure All Stars New Stage 3 Eien no Tomodachi
30 301 2,494 6 Tenkuu no Shiro Laputa (2014 re-release)

Other releases (concerts etc)
20 1,568 1,568 1 Tamura Yukari Love♥LIVE *Fruits Fruits♥Cherry* & *Caramel Ribbon*
57 668 668 1 Tokimeki Recipe: Shitsuji Restaurant e Youkoso ~Kakihara Tetsuya & Masuda Toshiki~
76 491 491 1 Sengoku Basara 4: Basara Matsuri 2014 ~Shinshun no Utage~
90 403 1,943 5 Soreike! Anpanman Otanjoubi Series August
100 303 6,908 5 Love Live! μ’s→NEXT LoveLive! 2014 ~Endless Parade~

2014 08/18 – 08/24 Anime BD List

Anime Rank All Rank Last Rank Week Sales Total Sales #Wks Title
2 3 10,889 10,889 1 Haikyuu!! v2
3 8 5,019 5,019 1 Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren v6
4 9 4,649 4,649 1 Mikakunin de Shinkoukei v6
5 10 3,476 3,476 1 Saki Zenkoku-hen v6
6 13 2,654 2,654 1 Isshukan Friends. v3
7 14 2,323 2,323 1 Yowamushi Pedal v9
8 17 2,132 2,132 1 Yama no Susume BD Box
9 19 1,869 1,869 1 Sakura Trick v6
21 1,721 1,721 1 Wake Up, Girls! v6
24 1,086 1,086 1 Captain Earth v2
26 891 891 1 Super Sonico the Animation (SoniAni) v6
29 838 838 1 Akuma no Riddle v3
31 819 819 1 Yawara! BD Box v1
35 8 686 3,890 2 Mekakucity Actors v4
36 661 661 1 Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara v3
37 4 652 5,405 2 Hoozuki no Reitetsu v6 A ver
41 24 602 51,932 5 Love Live! 2nd Season v2
43 18 571 70,235 10 Kaze Tachinu
44 20 554 9,412 3 Lupin Sansei Cagliostro no Shiro
47 104 513 35,396 5 Monogatari Series Second Season v10 (Hitagi End Pt. 2)
56 424 424 1 Haitai Nanafa 2nd Season
58 31 415 41,102 5 Girls und Panzer Kore ga Hontou no Anzio-sen Desu!
68 44 356 13,203 6 Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi
71 64 352 15,608 6 Haikyuu!! v1
74 16 323 113,285 10 Love Live! 2nd Season v1
79 291 291 1 Ginga Tetsudou 999 TV Series BD Box v5
83 13 273 1,735 2 Noragami v6
85 260 260 1 Hajime no Ippo Rising BD Box v2
90 143 246 36,100 9 Monogatari Series Second Season v9 (Hitagi End Pt. 1)
96 67 238 12,938 5 Koukaku Kidoutai ARISE v3
99 43 229 8,075 3 Kill La Kill v8

Other releases (concerts etc)
6 8,157 8,157 1 Tamura Yukari Love♥LIVE *Fruits Fruits♥Cherry* & *Caramel Ribbon*
34 17 717 37,430 5 Love Live! μ’s→NEXT LoveLive! 2014 ~Endless Parade~
98 23 231 2,875 4 petit milady 1st Live Cute de Pop na Twinkle Senshi Petit Milady
215 9,154 4 Symphogear Live 2013
192 35,122 32 Love Live! μ's 3rd Anniversary LoveLive!

Spring update:
Haikyuu v2 sells 10889/10106, total 20,995. Down 15.0% on v1wk1.
v1 adds 352/421, total 32,130 in wk6.

Isshukan v3 sells 2654/565, total 3,219.

Captain Earth v2 sells 1,086 BDs, DVDs do not rank. Down from 1,434 (24.3%) BDs in v1wk1, though DVDs also ranked for v1 which technically makes the drop 49% or 56.2% off the wk2 total for v1, since v2 may not rank again.

Akuma no Riddle v3 sells 838 BDs, DVDs do not rank. Event ticket drop of 23.8% on BD, but DVDs also ranked for v2 which makes it 42.9% due to no DVDs this time. DVD ranked 175 for the week, which is probably, like, 200-some but no way to be sure. (Edit: about 250 going by >100 rankings)

Gaworare v3 sells 661 BDs, DVDs do not rank.

Love Live! s2 v1 adds 323, total 113,681.
v2 adds 602, total 51,932.

Mekakushi v4 adds 686/773, total 7,194. Continuing the trend of wk2s all being roughly the same with zero regard for wk1 sales shifts! There’s just a core group of buyers that only buys in the second week I guess. Down 14.8% on v3, down 36.9% from v1.

Baby Steps was DVD only, outside top 300, and thus sold less than 164 discs.

Winter update:
Chuunibyou Ren v6 sells 5019/718, total 5,737. Up by 8 copies on v5wk1. One to go with OVA, looking like a 6.7-7.0k average depending oh what kind of v6wk2 sales and v7 boost we see.

Mikakunin v6, final volume, sells 4649/568, total 5,217. Series average: 6,149.

Saki Zenkoku v6 sells 3,476 BDs, DVDs do not rank. One volume to go, looking at about a 4.4k average. All in all only about .5k below Achiga but Achiga is a spinoff and is pushed down by the lower-selling 1 ep volumes at the end so I’d hoped Zenkoku would do better. Not awful though.

Sakura Trick v6, final volume, sells 1,869 BDs, DVDs do not rank. So v5-6 sold more BDs than v2-4, slightly. Manages to hold onto the 2k average. Series average: 2,110. Official account said 40,000 units sold (surely meant “shipped”), which would be 6,666 average. Just another example of the big gaps between Oricon reports and distributor claims.

WUG v6, final volume, sells 1,721 as a BD-only release. Series average: 2,470. Should be a touch over 2.5k with a wk2.

Hoozuki v6, final volume, adds 652/721 A ver, total 11,873. Series average: 14,133.

Past seasons:
Dia no A v4 sells 4,872 as a DVD-only release.

Yowapedal v9 sells 2323/1920, total 4,243.

Haitai Nanafa s2 sells 424 BDs, DVDs do not rank. Up 5 copies from s1, smashing success! Uh anyway this is a Spring 2013 release so I get to update that v1 list. Amusing how this manages to be the latest Spring 2013 release by a 3.5 month margin even when it had Sparrow’s Hotel (which never ranked, unsurprisingly) to go up against!

Monogatari v9 adds 246 BDs, total 40,300 in wk9, meaning it sold 347 over wks 7-8.
v10 adds 513 BDs, total 39,706 in wk5, meaning it sold 197 in wk4. Heh, if v9 hadn’t ranked again, this would have technically been 1 disc below v9.
Hanamono airing bump. 42,234 average at the moment, as we wait for the last two volumes.

Kill La Kill v8 adds 229 BDs, total 9,398.

Noragami v6, final volume, adds 273 BDs, total 2,804. Series average: 4,133.

OVAs, Movies, Boxsets etc:
Yama no Susume s1 re-release sells 2,132 BD, DVD does not rank. For a series that sold 4,249 initially, this is not bad at all, even if it’s significantly overestimated due to being Amazon-heavy. MSRP is super low at ¥4,320 though. And while s2v1 looks to be ranking better at storefront that this disc did, seeing this overestimated 26% is a bit worrying when s1 is already ranking so poorly. I wish they’d done s2 in boxsets.

Yawara! BD Box v1 sells 819.

Garupan Anzio OVA adds 415 BDs, total 44,596 in wk5.

Upcoming Releases for 2014 08/25 – 08/31 Anime DVD List
2014/08/27 Bakumatsu Rock v1
2014/08/27 Bakusou Kyoudai Lets and Go BD Box
2014/08/27 Blade and Soul v3
2014/08/27 Break Blade TV Edition BD Box
2014/08/27 Buddy Complex v6
2014/08/27 D-Frag! v6
2014/08/27 Dragon Collection v1
2014/08/27 Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? v3
2014/08/27 Gundam Build Fighters v9
2014/08/27 Hero Bank v1
2014/08/27 Inazuma Eleven GO v36
2014/08/27 Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken Stardust Crusaders v2
2014/08/27 Kagaku Kyuujo-tai Technovoyager DVD Box
2014/08/27 Kamigami no Asobi v3
2014/08/27 Kenzen Robo Daimidaler v2
2014/08/27 Kuroko no Basuke 2nd Season v8
2014/08/27 Kuroshitsuji Book of Circus v1
2014/08/27 Log Horizon v8
2014/08/27 Love Live! 2nd Season v3
2014/08/27 Magi The Kingdom of Magic v8
2014/08/27 Mahou Sensou v5
2014/08/27 Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei v2
2014/08/27 Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to v3
2014/08/27 Mekakucity Actors v5
2014/08/27 Nagi no Asu Kara v9
2014/08/27 Nisekoi v6
2014/08/27 No Game No Life v3
2014/08/27 Nobunaga the Fool v5
2014/08/27 Ping Pong
2014/08/27 Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin v3
2014/08/27 Saikin, Imouto no Yousuga Chotto Okashinda ga. v6
2014/08/27 Samurai Flamenco v9
2014/08/27 Sekai Seifuku ~Bouryaku no Zvezda~ v6
2014/08/27 Selector Infected WIXOSS v1
2014/08/27 Shakugan no Shana III -Final- BD Box
2014/08/27 Shakugan no Shana III -Final- DVD Box v1
2014/08/27 Shakugan no Shana III -Final- DVD Box v2
2014/08/27 Shakugan no Shana S BD Box
2014/08/27 Shakugan no Shana S DVD Box
2014/08/27 Soul Eater NOT! v2
2014/08/27 Space Dandy v5
2014/08/27 Strike the Blood v8
2014/08/27 Uchuu Kyoudai v24
2014/08/27 Witch Craft Works v6
2014/08/29 Air DVD/BD Box (2014 re-release)
2014/08/29 Ano Natsu de Matteru BD Box + OVA
2014/08/29 Date A Live II v3
2014/08/29 Escha & Logy no Atelier ~Tasogare no Sora no Renkinjutsushi~ v3
2014/08/29 Fuuun Ishin Dai Shogun v3
2014/08/29 Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu BD Box v1
2014/08/29 Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu BD v1
2014/08/29 Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu BD v2
2014/08/29 Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu BD v3
2014/08/29 Hamatora v4
2014/08/29 Hitsugi no Chaika v3
2014/08/29 Omoide Anime Library v22
2014/08/29 Omoide Anime Library v23
2014/08/29 Sakura Capsule OVA
2014/08/29 Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi Movie
2014/08/29 Sora no Otoshimono Final Eien no Watashi no Torikago
2014/08/29 Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu BD Box (2014 re-release, season 1)
2014/08/29 Tetsujin 28-go Gao! v1

Bit of a crazy week.

41 Responses to “2014 08/18 – 08/24 Weekly Sales List”

  1. Meldy says:

    Happy for Haikyuu!
    G-Reco’s taken up almost all the top 10 spots! What’s that about? lol

    • something says:

      It’s a Gundam series (the first “normal” Gundam TV series since 00 for that matter), it’s in a huge marketing blitz, and eps 1-3 have all been recently pre-aired. Not too surprising.

      • Anon says:

        And don’t forget Tomino is back, strong contender for best seller of 2014 (it will all depend on how bad Ufotable is going to fuck up FS/N).

        • Progeusz says:

          I don’t think F/SN would sell much better than F/Z even if ufotable didn’t fuck it up (it will but hopefully only a bit) so LL will the one to beat this year. I hope Gundam can do that, assuming it will be as good as I want it to.

        • something says:

          Way too early to go there! All LL has to do is throw another concert ticket lottery in v7 (and it will, why would Scamco not print money [Edit: So was talking to someone about this and they said they may not be able to do two events in the release timeframe due to the timing of it all, so who knows! I’ll still prepare for the worst, personally]) and it’ll easily average about 70k. Otherwise, low 60s with just the v1 ticket. G Reco would need to be almost Seed Destiny level to have a shot in the one ticket case, and it would need to be the best selling first-release Gundam TV series in history to beat two event tickets. A tall order!

  2. Anon-kun says:

    Are you leaving certain first volumes unmarked for a reason?

    • something says:

      Where, in the upcoming releases list? I only bold the series for which I’ll actually be tracking sales. I’m not tracking sales of kids’ shows like Dragon Collection and I don’t bold “vol 1s” of re-releases like Ginga Eiyuu. Pretty sure Kuroshitsuji, Ping Pong, and BakuRock cover the trackable v1s in that list.

  3. mk03 says:

    >Sakura Trick v6, final volume, sells 1,869 BDs, DVDs do not rank. So v5-6 sold more BDs than v2-4, slightly. Manages to hold onto the 2k average. Series average: 2,110. Official account said 40,000 units sold (surely meant “shipped”), which would be 6,666 average. Just another example of the big gaps between Oricon reports and distributor claims.

    Hate to rain on your parade, but I can’t see ST having sold having sold 6,666 average. ~3500 is possible, but while it probably did better than 2,110 average, 6k is unlikely. As you said 6k, is most likely the amount shipped, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it sold much less than that, though higher than 2,110. Still, its average was slightly better than Tokyo Ravens, so that’s a small victory.

    • Progeusz says:

      Why are you making this some silly competition?

      For all it’s worth, 40k units should guarantee that show brought some profit and that’s all what’s important. It’s a good news.

    • rederoin says:

      The publisher got payed for all the units that got shipped, which is all that matter in the end. But for all we know, this kind of oricon underestimation is common for series that only rank once.

    • something says:

      If they shipped 40,000 then Pony Canyon got paid for 40,000, that’s how the video business in Japan works. Did you even read the comment I linked?

      • rederoin says:

        By the way, did the 40k figure include v6? Since it was released before v6 came out.

        • something says:

          It was made in reply to a comment thread specifically about the release of v6, and Pony Canyon would have already printed and shipped the discs per the number of received orders at that point. I doubt they’ll need to do additional printings for the discs since there will be unsold copies as is, so 40k total units ordered by, paid for by, and shipped to retailers should be a final number.

  4. invalidname says:

    Don’t know if they’ll chart, but I’ll be interested to see if there’s still a fanbase out there ready to re-buy Air and Haruhi as boxsets.

  5. hpulley says:

    Yama no Susume 2 worries me as well. While I love the show and the manga… if I’d been the series composition director and had received a directive of “maximize sales” I would have done things differently, moved up the Fujisan arc to get it started by episode 3. Ah well, we shall see… still time with 2 cour to pick it up.

    Also seems like super cheap v1s don’t fool anyone anymore. 27 minutes of anime on v1 is a bit odd, same for the last disc. 7 discs for 24 half episodes… hmm. Boxes or at least 4 episodes on the first disc would have helped I think.

    Just tough to know where the audience is at, are they into cute girls or the climbing? Or both?

  6. rederoin says:

    Wixoss is doing so badly in the daily rankings. ;_;

    Atleast it managed to sell a lot of card games, so it was profitable in the end.

    • something says:

      It is a very competitive week, but yeah considering it was already expected to be Amazon-heavy, ranking below Nagiasu on pre-sale day is… questionable.

      Stalker really should have applied the high price penalty, then the estimate would have been, what, like 2-3k I guess.

      • rederoin says:

        The penalty is around 2/3th of the normal BDs, I think. So it was supposed to be around 3.8k.

        • something says:

          The penalty seems to be strangely inconsistent. Below use the current points accumulated as of now to calculate the percent of the non-adjusted total that the adjusted total represents:

          2801 vs 3211 = 87.2%

          それでも世界は美しい Blu-ray BOX (¥25,920)
          446 vs 912 = 48.9%

          M3~ソノ黒キ鋼~ Blu-ray BOX 1 (¥27,000)
          72 vs 197 = 36.5%

          ピンポン COMPLETE BOX(完全生産限定版) [Blu-ray] (¥34,560)
          2281 vs 3792 = 60.1%

          けいおん!! Blu-ray Box (初回限定生産) (¥39,960)
          3360 vs 5111 = 65.7%

          デジモンアドベンチャー 15th Anniversary Blu-ray BOX (¥59,184)
          11600 vs 16302 = 71.2%


          No consistency at all, not even a general trend of up or down vs MSRP. So, uh, I have no clue what Stalker is doing with the high price penalties. You’d think if it weren’t a consistent penalty it’d at least scale up as the MSRP increased, meaning you’d see smaller and smaller percentages down the list. But instead it’s devoid of any pattern.

          My best guess is worse rank = more penalty, but there’s also an adjustment for MSRP which is why the Digimon box has a higher penalty than the Imas Cinderella Live set despite a better median rank (10 vs 13), because it’s so much more expensive. Or something like that!

  7. something says:

    Updated for the full list, ranking summary to follow tomorrow.

  8. Ejc says:

    > Akuma no Riddle v3 sells 838 BDs, DVDs do not rank. Event ticket drop of 23.8% on BD, but DVDs also ranked for v2 which makes it 42.9% due to no DVDs this time. DVD ranked 175 for the week, which is probably, like, 200-some but no way to be sure.

    You can check the idol image DVD rankings directly from Oricon Youtaiju, and you’d find that one of them ranked 177 in its 1st week and sold 246.

    The list of extended DVD rankings (which I compile every week):

    139 Yama no Susume (New Special Edition)
    139 Hajime no Ippo Rising DVD-BOX Vol.2
    155 *,270 (葉加瀬マイ M)
    160 *,264 (西田麻衣 あふれるまいプリン)
    169 Saki Zenkoku-hen Vol.6
    173 Sakura Trick Vol.6
    175 Akuma no Riddle Vol.3
    177 *,246 (安枝瞳 瞬きしないで)
    179 Captain Earth Vol.2
    180 YAWARA! BOX Vol.1
    207 *,212 (秋山莉奈 シリーナ)
    268 Future Card Buddy Fight Vol.5
    294 *,164 (清水楓 派遣ファイル)
    *** Baby Steps Vol.1
    *** Haitai Nanafa Vol.2
    *** Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara Vol.3
    *** SoniAni Vol.6

    • something says:

      Ah yeah the 2ch threads used to post those, but they stopped and I stopped looking it up myself as well, outside of specific circumstances like this where I was curious about a release.

      I also stopped using estimates in my spreadsheet outside of v1s, since it was really just arbitrary luck whether a release could be given a decent estimate or not.

      • Ejc says:

        Ahhh, I was wondering about that. No worries!

        Yeah, I usually do this just to give context as to how many DVDs some releases may have sold. Most of the time they’re useful for Vol.1 estimations, but other times they’re impossible to estimate (in Baby Steps’ case it didn’t even rank in Top 300 at all).

        • something says:

          Though that does indicate Baby Steps sold considerably less than Meganebu, which bottomed out at 176, and that’s just on BD with DVDs not ranking while Baby Steps was DVD-only! Then again Baby Steps was a prime time NHK show (with a subsequent late night airing) so it’s not like disc sales were a thing. But still, yikes.

          Meganebu still technically holds onto its “worst selling ranked anime in history” crown, in any case!

  9. none says:

    Captain Earth also dropped because of event ticket

  10. ried says:

    Baby Steps ;_; I knew it was going to do horrible but not even ranking is rough.

    Also, I think there’s a formatting error on Gaworare v3 row – the total sales is blank and the #wks says 661.

    • something says:


      And yeah, very low sales + DVD-only is a pretty good way to guarantee not ranking…

      • ried says:

        After seeing how good Dia no A ended up doing I thought there might be a chance of Baby Steps not doing completely terrible, but I guess they’re really not comparable after all. Oh well, at least for next week Ping Pong seems to be doing pretty good.

        • AnimePhoenix says:

          Daiya no A has more manga sales than Baby Steps plus it has a fujoshi following. Miyuki in particular quite popular among ladies…including myself lol.

        • stardf29 says:

          Yeah, Baby Steps is a very different sort of sports anime, which unfortunately makes it a hard sale disc-wise.

          That said, it’d be nice to know what its TV ratings are, as being an NHK show airing at 5:30pm (same as Log Horizon, though on different days of the week), that’s going to be more of a factor, as will any potential manga sales boosts.

  11. marco says:

    How much is Haruhi BD Box estimated to sell?

    • something says:

      Essentially nothing. Stalker has it estimated at 558. After shipping 50,000 units of the s1-2 combined box in 2010 (Oricon report was 34,000 making it the the highest grossing BD box re-release in history) I cannot imagine there’s many buyers left! Especially since you can still buy that box. There’s been nothing anime-related for Haruhi released in nearly four years now so there’s been very little that would pull new buyers in.

  12. mk03 says:

    By the way, can you check Rurumo’s timeslot? Because it’s doing abysmally. However, if it has a more mainstream (non-late night) timeslot, then maybe its bad sales won’t be much of a factor, but instead timeslots will.

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