A few minor updates on Amazon Ranking Stalker worth pointing out.

Rakuten Books ranking

Top 200 ranked anime on Rakuten Books. It’s a site I’ve never shopped from but they have a great database for searching for older titles which is where I get release dates and MSRPs from when adding older stuff to my spreadsheets. They’re an online shop.

DMM.com ranking

The top 200 anime on DMM.com, another online shop. I’d never heard o them before today but they’re apparently best known for porn, idols, and Kancolle, but they also sell DVD/BDs.

Online shop ranking

This compares Amazon, Rakuten, and DMM, all online-only retailers. Comparing an online retailer to B&M/online hybrids can be tricky. There’s also a problem of comparing a retailer like Amazon that sells everything to smaller specialty shops that specialize in anime/otaku goods like Animate and Gamers. Rakuten and DMM both sell any manner of discs, so they’re potentially much more comparable if you want to put rankings head to head.

What was noticeable, and probably the reason Stalker’s administrator created the page, is that the Aniplex titles for which Amazon is only allowed to sell undesireable/less-competitive “Amazon-Exclusive” versions are doing better at the other shops. On the other hand, that’s true of most of releases that rank in more than one shop, so that doesn’t make the Aniplex titles special.

But the Aldnoah Zero and Sword Art Online numbers are major differences and potentially interesting. I’ve cut it down to just the notable ones below.

Format Amazon Rakuten DMM Series
BD 164 318 26 Aldnoah Zero v1
BD 78 54 9 Sword Art Online II v1
BD 130 161 66 Persona 4 The Golden v1
BD 1207 280 Zankyou no Terror v1

Note this is also a snapshot as of the 4AM hour of Aug 7, JST, and Amazon fluctuates a lot! Rakuten and DMM update daily, Amazon is hourly.

But the point is the overall trend. If this held up over many observations over a long period of time, it would be one more piece of evidence that Amazon rankings are misleading for Aniplex titles these days.

[Edit 2014-08-11: Okay they changed this ranking today to add Animate, Gamers, HMV Weekly, and Softmap, so this merges the online-only ranking with the short-lived multi-store ranking to give us 7 stores in one chart.]

4 Responses to “Prediction Talk: Amazon Ranking Stalker changes, 2014/08”

  1. Primadog says:

    Does STALKER keeps track of how well their points compare to actual week 1 sales historically somewhere?

    • something says:

      Nope, they don’t have any Oricon data on their site at all. I do record this for every release I track sales of, but don’t have that posted here anywhere.

      I guess I maybe could but I am very lazy about updating the values in my spreadsheet (because it’s a verrrry tedious process) and tend to only get around to it in big bulk updates every few months. So it would be super out of date.

      • rederoin says:

        I also keep track of it for my own curiosity, but doing it for the v2s+ is too much work. I do have all v1s of winter up to date(will be doing spring today)

  2. something says:

    Stalker changed the comparison ranking to add Animate, Gamers, HMV Weekly, and Softmap. 7 stores in one chart now.

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