Ranking update summary for the week of 2014 07/14 – 07/20

The following rankings have been updated to reflect the full data released this week.

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Newest entry into the 10k+ list is Kill La Kill, due to being at about 11k now with only two volumes left and fairly consistent sales. It’s the 117th show to make it, Studio Trigger’s first, Aniplex’s 37th, and 2013’s 12th and final series to reach the milestone.

This puts 2013 in 3rd for number of 10k series, behind 2008’s 13 and 2011’s 15. But 2009, 2010, and 2012 are all right behind at 11 each so it’s been pretty consistent for six years now.

2014 only has 1 so far but spring should have 3 locks (LL, HQ, Jojo) and Summer at least 2 (Free, SAO). That brings us to 6 guaranteed unless Jojo suddenly gets much less storefront heavy which I doubt. Fall is too early to call but I can’t imagine Fate selling less than 10k which gives us 7 very safe bets.

That’s just the obvious ones, there are a number of other candidates, though 11 could prove a stretch. Some of the candidates worth mentioning are G Reco, P4GA, Aldnoah, Kancolle, and Nanatsu. We need to keep an eye on what else gets announced for Fall.

7 Responses to “Ranking summary for the week of 2014 07/14 – 07/20”

  1. Primadog says:

    Isn’t Hanamonogatari a lock as well?

    • something says:

      Oh sure it’ll sell much more than 10k, but I’m counting that as the last two volumes of Monogatari 2nd Season. The alternative was to count it as a special like Nekomonogatari. Either way, it wouldn’t be counted as a standalone television series tho.

      • Anon says:

        I think it should be counted like that, like part of the second season. Heh, now that I’m checking its ranking, even Stalker considers it part of summer 2013.

  2. I’m assuming that the Nanatsu rationale would be that it’s in the “blow a lesser show’s entire budget on TV fees” timeslot?

    At this point I’m really unsure what too think about how the 10k count is going to work out. Less than 9 or more than 13 would surprise me, but nothing in-between. Fall as a big season at the end makes accurate predictions kinda hard (obviously true every year, but w/e).

    • something says:

      Nanatsu I know very little about, I’ve just heard it’s pretty big + Nichigo slot, so I threw it in there as a possible candidate. So I guess, like… maybe it can be Magi done right? I dunno.

  3. […] odds, but such a value would not be out of keeping with the total for 2013 (where Kill La Kill locked up the 12th slot very […]

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