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Full list. 368 DVD threshold, 251 BD.

2014 07/14 – 07/20 Anime DVD List

Anime Rank All Rank Last Rank Week Sales Total Sales #Wks Title
1 2 12,515 12,515 1 Haikyuu!! v1
2 6 5 6,460 104,569 5 Kaze Tachinu
3 8 4,671 4,671 1 Diamond no Ace v3
4 15 2,739 2,739 1 Tonari no Totoro
5 21 2,129 2,129 1 Yowamushi Pedal v8
7 37 6 1,247 6,749 2 Initial D Final Stage v2
8 38 3 1,141 4,450 2 Hoozuki no Reitetsu v5 A ver.
9 40 1,118 1,118 1 Mononoke-hime (2014 re-release)
10 50 975 975 1 Majo no Takkyuubin (2014 re-release)
11 53 888 888 1 Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi (2014 re-release)
12 56 10 826 4,000 2 Mekakucity Actors v2
13 65 718 718 1 Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren v5
14 67 32 707 56,584 7 Kidou Senshi Gundam UC v7
15 69 694 694 1 Captain Earth v1
16 70 692 692 1 Tenkuu no Shiro Laputa (2014 re-release)
18 83 608 608 1 Isshukan Friends. v2
19 84 50 607 16,632 7 Lupin Sansei vs Meitantei Conan The Movie RE
24 98 512 512 1 Kaze no Tani no Naussica (2014 re-release)
25 102 500 500 1 Mikakunin de Shinkoukei v5
26 408 273,097 43 Karigurashi no Arietty
27 132 385 385 1 Kurenai no Buta (2014 re-release)
28 134 382 382 1 Gake no Ue no Ponyo (2014 re-release)
29 138 372 372 1 Cardfight!! Vanguard Link Joker-hen v14
30 140 368 368 1 Akuma no Riddle v2

Other releases (concerts etc)
182 286 286 1 Uesaka Sumire Jitsuroku 2/11

2014 07/14 – 07/20 Anime BD List

Anime Rank All Rank Last Rank Week Sales Total Sales #Wks Title
3 4 12,196 12,196 1 Haikyuu!! v1
4 5 9,560 9,560 1 Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi
6 8 5,011 5,011 1 Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren v5
7 10 4,593 4,593 1 Mikakunin de Shinkoukei v5
8 12 3,429 3,429 1 Saki Zenkoku-hen v5
9 15 2,818 2,818 1 Isshukan Friends. v2
10 17 11 2,638 64,208 5 Kaze Tachinu
18 2,518 2,518 1 Yuru Yuri BD Box
19 2,440 2,440 1 Yowamushi Pedal v8
20 12 2,353 107,967 5 Love Live! 2nd Season v1
23 2,047 2,047 1 Escha & Logy ~Tasogare no Sora no Renkinjutsushi~ v1
24 1,838 1,838 1 Sakura Trick v5
28 1,434 1,434 1 Captain Earth v1
34 1,099 1,099 1 Akuma no Riddle v2
37 1,062 1,062 1 Pretty Rhythm All Stars Selection Prism Show Best Ten
40 6 1,008 5,254 2 Hoozuki no Reitetsu v5 A ver.
43 57 929 33,647 4 Monogatari Series Second Season v9 (Hitagi End Pt. 1)
50 820 820 1 Super Sonico the Animation (SoniAni) v5
52 7 801 4,750 2 Mekakucity Actors v2
53 8 795 27,285 3 Tiger & Bunny -The Rising- LE
54 26 785 1,825 2 Robot Girls Z v2
55 27 777 116,739 7 Kidou Senshi Gundam UC v7 LE
60 712 712 1 Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san
71 44 494 24,508 33 Mononoke-hime
80 95 370 28,689 86 Tonari no Totoro
81 45 362 26,194 7 Kidou Senshi Gundam UC v7 RE
84 15 340 2,504 2 Slam Dunk BD Box v1
91 67 293 14,895 7 Lupin Sansei vs Meitantei Conan The Movie
93 48 277 6,725 3 Miyazaki Hayao Collection
96 274 262 9,596 5 Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? v1
97 81 261 151,577 16 Gekijouban Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica Shinhen Hangyaku no Monogatari LE
98 18 260 1,736 2 Noragami v5
99 36 259 8,109 3 Kill La Kill v7

Other releases (concerts etc)
41 982 982 1 Uesaka Sumire Jitsuroku 2/11
66 21 566 1,869 2 Toyosaki Aki 2nd Concert Tour 2013 Letter With Love
72 205 34,060 30 Love Live! μ's 3rd Anniversary Lovelive!
147 21,663 8 Mizuki Nana Live Circus x Circus+ x Winter Festa
124 4,410 3 LiSA LiVE is Smile Always ~Kyou mo Ii Hi da~ in Nippon Budoukan
94 15,169 Love Live! μ's First Lovelive!

Huge wk1 for Haikyuu!!, could easily pass 30k. v2 ticket as well, so even if the event ticket drop really is is severe, still a chance at 20k?

Spring update:
Haikyuu!! v1 sells 12196/12515, total 24,711. As mentioned before, Stalker is currently predicting a 50% drop from v3 onward but it’ll probably be a bit less and at any rate this is a really huge start so it should still be VERY strong.

Captain Earth v1 sells 1434/694, total 2,128.

Escha&Logy v1 sells 2,047 BDs, DVDs do not rank.

InuNeko sells 712 BDs, DVDs do not rank. Bleh, I know it’s a short so this barely matters, but I was hoping for the small moral victory of 4 digits.

Isshukan v2 sells 2818/608, total 3,426. 27% drop on v1wk1 after the event ticket, “modestly large” I guess? Not immense though. Depends how wk2 does.

Akuma no Riddle v2 sells 1099/368, total 1,467. I forgot the event ticket was in v2 as well, but either way at least it only dropped by 2 units? v1 was 1,469. v3 is going to be sub-1k BDs and unranked DVDs for sure though.

Love Live s2 adds 2353, total 108,363.

Gochiusa v1 adds 262 BDs, total 11,067 in its 5th week ranking. That means it only added 73 units since its wk3 ranking, so obviously it was very much out of stock. Nice to see it come back and break 11k, and it miiiiight have another week left in it, maybe.

Mekakushi v2 adds 801/826, total 8,750. Proportionally bigger wk2 on DVD than v1 which might bring it closer, down 23% on v1. Event ticket in the first two volumes.

Winter update:
Chuunibyou Ren v5 sells 5011/718, total 5,729. Depending on the last vol, bit over 6.5k average? Not bad sales in isolation but a 55% drop on s1 regardless.

Mikakunin v5 sells 4593/500, total 5,093. Should end up 6k average.

Saki Zenkoku v5 sells 3,429 BDs, DVDs do not rank. Don’t think it’ll be able to get a 4.5k average, maybe 4.3k tho… Man I was really, really hoping it’d at least sell as much as Achiga (4.9k).

Sakura Trick v5 sells 1,838 BDs, DVDs do not rank. Up 11% on v4 for some reason but I’ll take it… that little bump should guarantee a 2k average for what that’s worth.

SoniAni v5 sells 820 BDs, DVDs do not rank.

Hoozuki v5 adds 1008/1141 A ver., total 11,229. Biggest wk2 number by a fair margin, which helps partly close what was a pretty big gap. Now it’s only down 14.7% on v4.

Noragami v5 adds 260 BDs, total 2,856.

Robot Girls Z adds 785 BDs, total 2,101. That’s up 35.6%, though granted that only equates to 551 copies.

Past seasons:
Yowapedal v8 sells 2440/2129, total 4,569. Five volumes to go and a 5,820 average, could hold onto 5k. It’s been exceptionally consistent for a 13 vol series so far.

Dia no A v3 sells 4,671, as a DVD-only release. So v2 wasn’t a fluke! But we’ve still never seen v1 rank again… which is why in my spreadsheet v2 is listed as a 330% increase on v1 and even v3 is up 286% on v1. Yeesh!

Monogatari v9 adds 929 BDs, total 37,847. So far no volume has dropped more than 4.8% on the one before, so it’s only down 18% from v1 9 vols in – pretty good.

Kill La Kill v7 adds 269 BDs, total 9,348. 2 vols left and average just under 11k, safe for 10k average, guess I’ll add it to the list now so I don’t forget later.

OVAs, Movies, Boxsets etc:
Yuru Yuri BD Box sells 2,518. Not bad, tho the MSRP was fairly cheap (¥15k pre-tax)

Madoka Hangyaku adds 261 LE BDs, total 182,011 in wk16.

T&B Rising adds 795 LE BDs, total 37,654.

Slam Dunk BD Box v1 adds 340, total 2,504.

Upcoming Releases for 2014 07/21 – 07/27 Anime DVD List
2014/07/23 Gin no Saji s2 BD Box
2014/07/23 Golden Time v8
2014/07/23 Haitai Nanafa v1
2014/07/23 Hunter x Hunter Movie -The Last Mission-
2014/07/23 Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara v2
2014/07/23 Magi The Kingdom of Magic v7
2014/07/23 Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei v1
2014/07/23 Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to v2
2014/07/23 Mekakucity Actors v3
2014/07/23 Monogatari Series Second Season v10 (Hitagi End Pt. 2)
2014/07/23 Mushishi Zokushou v1
2014/07/23 Nisekoi v5
2014/07/23 Nobunagun v2
2014/07/23 Rurouni Kenshin Shin Kyouto-hen
2014/07/23 Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin v2
2014/07/23 Samurai Flamenco v8
2014/07/23 Sekai Seifuku v5
2014/07/23 Uchuu Kyoudai v23 DVD
2014/07/24 Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? v2
2014/07/24 Inazuma Eleven GO v35
2014/07/24 Nagi no Asu Kara v8
2014/07/24 Tokyo Ravens v8
2014/07/25 Blade and Soul v2
2014/07/25 Buddy Complex v5
2014/07/25 Choujikuu Yousai Macross II BD Box
2014/07/25 Date A Live II v2
2014/07/25 Fuuun Isshin Daishougun v2
2014/07/25 Ginga Tetsudou 999 TV Series BD Box v3
2014/07/25 Ginga Tetsudou 999 TV Series BD Box v4
2014/07/25 Girls & Panzer ~Kore ga Honto no Anzio-sen Desu!~
2014/07/25 Gundam Build Fighters v8 DVD
2014/07/25 Hamatora v3
2014/07/25 Hamatora v4
2014/07/25 Hitsugi no Chaika v2
2014/07/25 Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha. v5
2014/07/25 Kenzen Robo Daimidaler v1
2014/07/25 Koukaku Kidoutai ARISE (Ghost in the Shell) v3
2014/07/25 Kuroko no Basuke 2nd season v7
2014/07/25 Kyou Kara Maou! Season 3 BD Box
2014/07/25 Love Live! 2nd Season v2
2014/07/25 Maken-ki! 2 v5
2014/07/25 ONE PIECE Log COllection “Impel Down”
2014/07/25 ONE PIECE Log COllection “Megellan”
2014/07/25 Saint Seiya Omega: Omega kakusei-hen DVD/BD Box
2014/07/25 Sore no Otoshimono Tokeijikake no Angeloid (2014 re-release)
2014/07/25 Space Dandy v4
2014/07/25 Wake Up, Girls! v5
2014/07/25 Witch Craft Works v5

Huge week.

46 Responses to “2014 07/14 – 07/20 Weekly Sales List”

  1. AnimePhoenix says:

    Haikyuu!! volume 1 did better than I expected, even though I was expecting a storefront effect. This makes me wonder about what storefront effect Free! ES is going to have since for a while now, a lot of its volumes,sometimes all seven, ,like today, are in the top 10 at Animate. ES doesn’t have any events tickets(as of yet) I think.

    Ishhuukan 2, the drop is not that bad, thank goodness. Hope it has a nice wk2, in BD at least. Still, its doing ok, so I’m happy.

    YowaPeda is still going strong, which is great.

    You forgot about Daiya no A volume 3 at nearly 4.7k! xD Lol, what is going on with that series?

    • something says:

      Oh right, this is the problem with talking about sales on twitter a lot while writing up this post, I sometimes forget what I said here and what I said there! But yes, added. That series is SUPER WEIRD.

      • AnimePhoenix says:

        How could it have a volume 1 with such low sales and then get such high sales for its next two volumes? And I don’t think there’s an event ticket either for volumes 2 and 3. Does that mean…volume 1 was the one which had the wrong data or something like that…?

        Well, here’s hoping it continues to sell well since I like the series. I think for a day time series its doing fine.

        • something says:

          I don’t think v1 had the wrong data but I think there was some discussion last month about there being an event you needed to buy all volumes for? But still doesn’t explain why v1 never rose… DVD thresholds can be higher than BD but not massively so. Maybe v1 was overwhelmingly bought from a store not reporting to Oricon… but I dunno why that would be the case.

  2. something says:

    While it’s not a show I’m watching, the most interesting release to watch next week from a sales perspective is Mahouka. This is the first modestly popular series to fall under the new Aniplex/Amazon arrangement where Amazon only offers “Amazon-exclusive” editions. Which is almost certainly the result of another fight between the two companies over wholesale prices… I assume Aniplex went back and tried to fight the 27% discounts again, and the arrangement reached was Amazon would only discount 10%, but brand them as “Amazon editions” – and package in complete garbage as “extras” to justify it.

    We’ll need more than one data point to draw conclusions but considering the same thing is happening to all of Aniplex’s Summer series, including their biggest ones (SAO II, P4GA, Aldnoah, Kuroshitsuji), if this practice has a major effect on predictions one way or another it can throw this whole season into disarray!

    As if predicting wasn’t getting goofy enough as is, we have a season there all of the likely top selling shows have some weird quirk – the four Amazon-version shows above, Free’s known massive storefront bias and unknown sequel drop, even maybe Sailor Moon which I couldn’t begin to predict because shoujo anime isn’t supposed to sell but it had a strong start thanks to decades of pent-up demand (and kids then being adults with income now). It’s been dropping a bit since then though and storefront sales are hard to gauge.

    • rederoin says:

      So far only 3 non-sequals/non-remakes show any signs of getting decent sales(Zero, Barakamon and Nozuki-kun), it feels like a boring season for sales.

      • something says:

        And of course the two shows I like most (Hanayamata and Locodol) are both fairly dead at the moment. Hanayamata at least has a chance of turning around, but Locodol does not.

        Free at least will sell well so the only question is whether it drops a lot. And then there’s Yama no Susume… not sure what to think about that one. I was hoping it would sell at least 5k but it’s impossible to tell from its current ranking, which isn’t so great.

        So this could be a less than amazing season for me sales-wise, other than Free.

      • AnimePhoenix says:

        Ao Haru Ride and DMMD still not solicited. Are any others not solicited yet? Though I don’t think either of those will do well, one being shoujo, and the other being a badly animated BL. Ok, so I’m not so sure about DMMD. But its games rankings have gone up on Amazon and both the game and its sequel have gone out of stock too.

        Aldnoah shot up with episode 3 but we have to wait and see if it holds up. Its already fallen to #34.

        Barakamon only has four volumes so at least it’s average will be ok. I hope both Nozaki-kun and Barakamon keep getting small episode boosts)

        And I really, really, really want Zankyou no Terror to do at least marginally well.

        • something says:

          Aldnoah didn’t shoot up per se, it’s just that it only got solicited recently (9AM on the 19th, first recorded ranking two hours later). So it’s only been up about 3.5 days.

  3. Zhou says:

    Poor Captain Earth… I’m also sad about Isshukan Friends’ huge v2 drop, but yesterday’s news that the manga is about to end had already killed my hope for a second season anyway.

    • fourteenwings says:

      I’m sad for BONES but Captain Earth itself is pretty messy and generally hard to like. Maybe the Space Dandy American TV deal did well for them?

      And while I’m grasping at straws, there’s always Soul Eater NOT!

      • something says:

        Soul Eater NOT is on track to sell approximately negative copies so… …not something to pin hopes on!

      • AnimePhoenix says:

        I’m being selfish here but the series which has done somewhat decently for BONES this year, at least in Japan, is Noragami. Its disc sales aren’t that bad and its manga got a great boost. Volume 11 came out earlier this week and we’ll be seeing its data tomorrow.

        Hopefully it gained some more readers since its last volume. I think it would have. So I’m kind of hoping that we’ll get a Noragami season 2? But its really up to Kodansha…

        • something says:

          Noragami did have one of the better boosts of its season for sure. kViN tracks LN/manga sales boosts, you can check out Winter and Spring, linked here: https://twitter.com/Yuyucow/status/491614991255347201

          • AnimePhoenix says:

            Wow, thanks so much for that link, it was super helpful! Yeah, that is a great boost. Now if only a season 2 would happen…

            I’m still a bit miffed about Noragami getting only one cour but KimiUso getting 2 cours. Nothing against KimiUso, just sad that Noragami didn’t get two cours too.

          • stardf29 says:

            Well, that’s good news for Noragami, which was a good show that I’d definitely like a sequel for.

            And on the Spring side, nice to see a good boost for Kawaisou.

      • ChocoBar says:

        Apparently ratings have been slipping since they moved it to a later slot so that Attack On Titan could steal it’s thunder, a BD box from Funimation should do better in the US than it did in Japan and let’s not forget about Tenkai Knights on Cartoon Network as well but yeah this has not been a year for celebration for them. Not sure what they have planned for next year I guess they might have to start fishing for sequels or popular LN adaptations to stay afloat.

        The were pretty much forced to do Soul Eater NOT you can tell from the production values of that show that not much was put into it so sales might not even matter at this, really their partnership with Square Enix has been nothing but trouble since Fullmetal Alchemist (and it’s remake) was the only property with any sort of success behind it, Soul Eater underperformed despite all the adverts that went into it and didn’t even get much of a boost in manga sales like Noragami and Zetsuen no Tempest was a huge bomb.

        • something says:

          Just regarding “staying afloat”: as long as they’re getting work, they’re staying afloat. As far as I know they don’t head their shows’ production committees and therefore aren’t the ones putting up the financial risk. SE:Not bombing only has the potential to hurt the people who invested in it – I don’t have the list on hand, but presumably Square Enix (manga publisher) and Kadokawa (video distributor) were top of the committee, meaning they paid the bulk of the costs for the show to exist. Studios are paid for the work they produce, usually not for how successful it gets afterward.

          I mean it’s a bit more complicated than that and production committees can have different arrangements on any given show. And certainly consistently making hits will make you a hot commodity and let you bid higher. But in general, animation studios have surprisingly little to lose or gain from a dreadful flop or an explosive success. Examples like KyoAni turning their success into an entirely new business model are MASSIVE exceptions.

          I always say, just look at the fact that Manglobe still exists for proof!

          • ChocoBar says:

            You’re very much right. I just don’t want them to end up like neo-Gainax and virtually not get any work other than low tier manga and LN adaptations,seems like a waste of talent really. It’s just something to bring up since their last hit anime was Star Driver and everything that came after that has been meh to straight up bombs.

        • Zetsuen did get a very substantial manga boost, to the tune of like 80,000 copies per volume, and those sorts of things are always understated by the Oricon charts to some degree, often to the tune of millions of copies: http://animetics.net/2014/07/10/fun-with-numbers-various-case-studies-of-oricon-manga-charts-versus-copies-in-print/ Disc sales might not have been any kind of good, but there’s still a pretty decent chance that particular case generated a satisfying result for Square Enix.

          Also, for SE Not, there hasn’t been a proper post-anime manga volume yet. v4 came out in April, the same month that the anime aired, and figures from volumes released in the first 2 months after the airdate tend to severely underestimate or totally conceal bumps that end up being fairly large (Binbougami ga and Toriko being two examples). It’s still a bit early to call abject failure on that one.

    • something says:

      It’s not a huge drop, it’s just not a small drop. Maybe a little on the high end of average? I’d have to really run the data to tell and that’s tough because I don’t explicitly track what volumes have even tickets.

      And again it depends a lot on wk2 sales, if those hold strong that shrinks the drop a bit.

  4. mk03 says:

    Poor BONES, flop again. Also, Isshukan Friends is ending? But the anime was doing decently. How long has it been running for?

    >2014/07/24 Tokyo Ravens v8
    Is this the last volume? Because this is sure to be another disaster. Man, being a fan of this series is so heartbreaking.

    Also, don’t feel bad for Hanayamata, there will be more yuri in the future.

    • Clotho says:

      I thought Tokyo Ravens was a great anime and great intro to the world of the LN. glad they adapted that much too even and the music goods surrounding it even.

    • AnimePhoenix says:

      I don’t think Isshuukan Friends is ending because of lack of popularity or anything. I think its just the author wrapping up the series at the right time and not milking it with fillers like SOME rom-coms I know. :P

  5. Clotho says:

    Haikyuu!! did great like its mangas and such, hope it continues on all volumes with not much drop or etc.

    Surely it is sending a message to the right folks to eventually do an s2 of course, if they can wait more than a year since the current manga tourney is still only in the very beginning stages :/

    Captain Earth is yet another mecha series that cant sell well. I imagine Argevollen and M3 wont either, perhaps A/Z will be able too.

    • ChocoBar says:

      Argevollen and M3 will bomb but A/Z will do well given the amount of hype Aniplex has pushed on it and the fact that Urobouchi’s name is attached with it (even though he only wrote 3 episodes). Captain Earth’s problem was that it was just boring and dragged on for far too long which is why people tuned out of it before the second half also despite being a mecha show the story seems more focused on the lifeless cast of characters than the actual mecha fights (the title mecha has not even appeared for 10 episodes now), it’s really no different from an average BONES mecha show but it felt a tad too padded for its own good much like Eureka 7. Maybe Japan isn’t interested in mecha besides Gundam and Macross anymore since no TV mecha series this decade has managed to beast Star Driver’s sales which was less than 10k last decade had Gundam SEED Destiny with 69k average, that’s really depressing.

  6. fertygo says:

    Do you enjoying Dia no Ace something?

    • something says:

      I haven’t seen it, only because I don’t watch sports anime, with some very rare exceptions (and the exceptions are never big sports like baseball, basketball, or football of either kind).

  7. makotachi says:

    So happy for Haikyuu!!. I’m really digging the series and think it deserves those sales. I hope it will have a big second week, and I hope the later volumes won’t drop too much cause I’d love to see a second season of this.

    Mikakunin de Shinkoukei is still doing good, and I really hope for a second season one day, but I dunno. I’m also happy to see Yowapeda doing decent. Not my favorite sports series, but it was enjoyable.Love Live! still ranking too, lol.

  8. stardf29 says:

    Mikakunin still holding on to 5k opening weeks, which is good.

    Pretty big drop for Isshukan Friends, but could have been worse. Hopefully it’ll get a good second week and stay at around Tamayura levels. Though I guess a full second season would be a bit too much with a manga that is finishing up, but maybe an OVA series to close things out?

  9. something says:

    No full data available today, will check again tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow night, my mid-day is covered in meetings so I don’t know if I’ll be able to post. Maybe the list sans-comments initially.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Well at least Girls&Panzer OVA break the Frozen daily streak today

    • something says:

      I was kinda surprised it even did it for a single day, seeing as how I expect Frozen to sell like half a million units this week. Well, fingers crossed for really good Garupan sales. I think the 56,444 stalker estimate is definitely high, but 45k would make me very happy.

      Oh and btw still no full data. Not in the archive thread anyway, I really don’t have time to stalk the fast-paced discussion threads anymore and it usually hits the archive within an hour or so anyway.

  11. something says:

    Full list finally out. Ranking summary in a bit or whatever.

  12. mk03 says:

    >Captain Earth v1 sells 1434/694, total 2,128.
    Cool to see it not totally flop. That’s better than Ravens at least.

    >SoniAni v5 sells 820 BDs, DVDs do not rank.
    I guess the theory that it was a “figma bundled with a BD” rather than the other way around was true after all? Must really be the biggest drop proportionally in sales history.

    • rederoin says:

      v1 has a event ticket though, so be prepared to have it go down to roughly 1k with the next volume.

    • Progeusz says:

      I think Nana drop is the biggest one in history.

      • mk03 says:

        Nana? Which Nana? The old anime, or a recent one (the Nanana one)? Though to be fair, I recall that the Nana anime had high ratings for a late night show, so I guess they didn’t care too much about a massive drop in sales.

        • stardf29 says:

          The old Nana anime, which, if I recall correctly, offered its first volume at the promotional price of 777 yen. You can guess what would happen with the sales numbers because of that.

      • something says:

        Nana dropped from 63284 to 10977, an 82.6% drop.
        SoniAni dropped from 3611 to 747, a 79.3% drop. v1 ranked on DVD and BD while v2 ranked on DVD only though, so figure closer to 73% if we had DVD numbers.

        So yes, Nana’s drop is bigger both in percentage and absolute terms.

        Almost all the cases of >60% drops are like Sonico – a v1 ranking both formats vs v2 only ranking in one. Exceptions are Druaga no Tou: Aegis of Uruk which dropped 60.8% as DVD-only (but v1 ranked 2 weeks vs v2 ranking once and Makai Ouji which also dropped 60.8% with both formats ranking both times.

        • mk03 says:

          Though to be fair, with the original Nana, the final sales number was still pretty respectable and would be considered a hit regardless, but it received high ratings so by all accounts it was a success. As for SoniAni…

          • something says:

            If you take out the gimmicky v1, Nana averaged a little over 4k, hardly a hit. By the last volume it was selling 1.8k, enough to make Magi-level attrition look good. Obviously the franchise was still a massive hit, but certainly not because of disc sales (not that it needed disc sales). Of course same thing with SoniAni, disc sales really don’t matter at all. Its a franchise run on figures and music and merch, the anime was purely an advertisement for all that. Regardless, Nana’s drop was the biggest, whether it matters or not is a separate question.

  13. Bob says:

    I wonder in Yowamuchi Pedal S2 will be will be as constant as first season.

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