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And we’re off! I just watched Illya 2wei ep 1 so I’ve seen 1-2 eps of all eight summer shows I intend to try.

Full Series
1. Futsuu no Joshikousei ga Locodol Yattemita [▲0▼] – 2 eps, ?/10 – [POTENTIAL IMPORT] Talk about a huge surprise. This is rather changing how I thought this season would play out! I had very low expectations for this but it started with a surprisingly good first episode (which might have this at #4 behind Free) that transitioned into a spectacular second episode.

With episode two, Yukari and Nanako have transitioned into possibly my favorite character dynamic: Yukari as the composed and experienced senpai pairs up with Nanako the nervous newbie. Even in very minor scenes like this, it really comes through. Nanako thinks Yukari is invincible, but learns that Yukari is a girl with worries just like her, and that realization should both deepen their bond and put them on more eqaual footing. It gives Nanako confidence and a better understanding of Yukari, and humanizes Yukari quite a lot. Add in Yukari being a “kind, down to earth ojou-sama” (just about my favorite archetype, hello Mugi) and this show is more than I could have ever hoped for. As you might expect, this makes me think of my favorite premises for Miku and Luka stories, so that’s a positive mental connection if ever there were one.

There are ways the show could go off the rails, but as long as it stays focused on Yukari and Nanako’s developing partnership (aaand maybe some of this? Not that I should get my hopes up) it could easily hold on to top 3. Given how perfect episode two was, I’m really confident it’ll hold strong.

Also best eyecatches and screen transitions of the season.

2. Hanayamata [▲0▼] – 1 eps, ?/10 – [POTENTIAL IMPORT] The episode was gorgeous to look at, with a lot of cute character movements and the always very important funny faces. The vibrant, eye-catching colors from Ishizuka’s recent No Game No Life are here, but they’re used better in my opinion. They accent rather than overpower scenes.

The content is obviously very yuri-ship friendly, hell Yaya describes Hana’s pursuit of Naru as “courting” and other similar things. Girls dancing together in the moonlight, blushing every 3 seconds, gazing in wonder at each other – it knows exactly what it’s doing.

So production is top notch and execution is as fantastic as expected from the staff, so my expectations for this are sky high. If Locodol hadn’t aired that second episode already this would be #1, and it’s still my best guess to take #1 of the season in the end.

3. Yama no Susume Season 2 [▲0▼] – 1 eps, ?/10 – [PLANNED IMPORTD] I have such a hard time getting over how polished the character art is in this show. (Er it’s not just bathing shots, those just happened to be really good examples!) In that respect it’s one of my favorite series to look at, and I felt the same way when it was a much shorter short. If they’re keeping up and even enhancing that level of art over ~8x the runtime, this show’s potential is immeasurable. Two cour of this!

Given it’s 2 cour x 15 min eps now, I’m going to keep this in the full-series list, not shorts.

4. Free! Eternal Summer [▲0▼] – 2 eps, ?/10 – [PLANNED IMPORT] One of my favorite things about this season so far is Rin. I liked Rin in season one even if he wasn’t my favorite, but he is rapidly challenging Makoto as best male character in the cast. Rin’s toned down the angst and is a pretty well-adjusted dude at this point, and it’s really satisfying to watch because he still keeps enough of an edge to be damned entertaining. Having him take over the Samezuka club is the natural but also best turn of events, because it’s leafing And of course there’s Gou, but we all know how impossibly good she is. Why are the Matsuoka siblings so perfect?

The only handicap this has against Locodol, Hanayamata, and YamaSusu is that it’s tough for even the best executed shows to beat cute girls, so 4th might be as high as it rises. Nothing wrong with that though, it’s super friggin’ good, not just for what it is but by really any measure.

The production quality is still great too, but well, of course it is. I think my only complaint is that the CGI water started looking a little bit too CGI-y at times, but the kick-ass 2D swimming animation is the real star there.

Most important question tho – When are we getting our onigiri-tan spinoff, KyoAni?

5. Sabagebu! [▲0▼] – 1 eps, ?/10 – Favorite part of the first episode was how self-aware and willing to break the fourth wall it was. Momoka being a vindictive demon was pretty much the best thing. When she started getting bullied I rolled my eyes a bit, hoping it’d get over with soon… and they dealt with it in really the most amusing way possible.

6. Barakamon [▲0▼] – 1 eps, ?/10 – Massively charming right off the bat! Naru is the centerpiece of the show obviously, and there have been a lot of comparisons to Yotsubato! for a reason. That said I think Yotsubato! is more about watching Yotsuba discover the world around her, while Barakamon looks like the story of how Naru helps Seishuu discover the world he’s been ignoring. Oh and it’s nice to have the male protagonist be an adult with a job for once. Barakamon ought to make for some delightfully iyashikei Saturday nights.

I’ll be watching episode 2 in a little bit!

7. Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya 2wei! [▲0▼] – 1 eps, ?/10 – I was really hesitant about this show after season one ended up being a spectacular core of a show held back by some obnoxious additions (namely some bad CGI, awkward handling of Miyu as a yandere near the end, and that stupid onii-chan bullshit). This episode pulls a quick revisit of the onii-chan bullshit as well as continuing to mar really good 2D animation with badly integrated CGI effects/props. But the rest of the episode was pretty fantastic! Illya and Miyu’s four friends nearly stole the episode until we got basically the best henshin sequence ever (just nabbing hitokiri’s album there so I don’t have to cap it all). The subs are off after the first two lins so it’s not immediately apparent, but in the background of the entire henshin sequence is Rin and Luvia screaming as they drown in a bog, and it’s stupidly hilarious.

I also wasn’t expecting this to be the deal with Kuro, so this will be interesting. Hopefully Miyu just sees this as an opportunity for double the love rather than a rivalry!

8. Momokyun Sword [▲0▼] – 1 eps, ?/10 – This is the one show on my list I figured might not survive episode one, but what do you know it was… actually pretty okay? Not especially good, but totally watchable, it turns out. I do have a feeling I won’t make it to the end, only because the presentation and story are pretty generic and the fanservice is incredibly uninspired and boring in this early-00’s sort of way. The whole show feels like a throwback, as if it were meant to be produced a decade and a half ago.

Short Series
Other than the ongoing Mahou Shoujo Taisen from Spring, not actually watching any shorts this season.

Dropped Series

3+ Cour Series
1. Fairy Tail14 eps

2. Hunter x Hunter136 eps

3. Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken: Stardust Crusaders14 eps

Current 2014 Top 5
1. Sakura Trick
2. Akuma no Riddle
3. Saki Zenkoku-hen
4. Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?
5. No Game No Life

It’ll be a good while before any Summer shows are far enough along to make the list. Maybe I’ll expand it to a 10 by the end of the season.

24 Responses to “Summer 2014 viewing update #1”

  1. rederoin says:

    half/full length shows
    1. Yama no Susume: Second Season. (AotY materiaal)
    2. Barakamon
    3. Futsuu no Joshikousei ga [Locodol] Yatte Mita.
    4. Hanyamata
    5. Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 2wei!
    6. Sabagebu!
    7. Akame ga kill
    8. Tokyo ESP
    9. Zankyou no Terror
    10. Aldnoah.Zero

    1. Himegoto
    2. Strange+ S2
    3. Ai Mai Mi S2(weak first episode)

    • rederoin says:

      To go a bit more indepth. This season is amazing with so many SoLs(1-4# and 6#). Barakamon was a very pleasant surprise with how relaxing it is. Locodol is yuri-tastic, and Yama no Susume can finally fill that 4th spot in the ‘healing’ type SoL in have my daily rotation to help me sleep(Aria, Sketchbook and Non Non Biyori). With Kaleid, i’m just waiting for them to animate a specific scene from the manga, Sabagebu! is c3-bu done rigth(fuck you Gianax), Strange+ and Ai Mai Mi keeps its comedy from the previous season, Himegoto is the anime i’ve been waiting for a long, long time. A huge shame its only 4mins.

  2. I really, really like the season so far. Lot of surprises like Locodol (cute as can be) and P4GA (ridiculously juicy levels of 俺TUEEE-based comedy). Right now, my summer stuff looks like this:

    1. Shonen Hollywood (It’s almost physically impossible for this to be more up my alley.)
    2. P4GA
    3. Barakamon
    4. Ao Haru Ride
    5. Hanayamata
    6. Locodol
    7. Jinsei
    8. Free: ES
    9. Sabagebu

    Watching, but might drop soon:

    Tokyo ESP
    Re: Hamatora
    Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-kun
    Rokujyouma no Shinryakusha

  3. musouka says:

    These are my picks (in rough order)

    Free! – Eternal Summer:
    The show I look forward to the most each week. Rin was the reason I eventually ended up glad I hadn’t imported the series–the last episode really rubbed me the wrong way–but it appears that KyoAni listened to the complaints and feedback of the fandom about him, so I’ve been enjoying watching him a lot this season. Well, and Makoto and Haru are always great too; can hardly wait to see what they’re going to do with Makoto’s arc, since a lot of articles have been teasing it. As an aside, I wish High Speed 2 wasn’t having stock issues! I loved the first High Speed, and this one seems like it was tailor-made for my interests, but I can’t even order it from my usual places yet…

    Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun:
    The anime’s first episode was charming and funny. When I tried the manga, though, there were sections that made me laugh harder than I had in months. If the anime can channel even a little of that, it’s a keeper.

    DRAMAtical Murder:
    A great many of my friends are into the game. I’ve been meaning to play it, but VNs are such a time sink and summer is a busy time for me. I’m hoping that the anime is good enough to get me interested, and so far it seems that’s pretty likely to happen.

    Not my type of show on paper AT ALL, but the first episode hit a lot of surprisingly authentic notes–a lot of them in the friendship of Naru and Yaya. Yaya obviously enjoys having Naru’s admiration, but subconsciously erodes Naru’s self-confidence. I don’t think Yaya’s doing it on purpose, or that she’s an evil, bad person, but this is the sort of thing that happens in a lot of friendships where one person is comfortable and happy with the status quo and another isn’t. I feel like that sort of emotional nuance isn’t something explored or seen very often in “cute girls doing cute things” series, so I’m looking forward to where the series might go with it. Oh, yes, and I like the other characters a lot in general. Hana and Naru’s interactions are super romantic too. I don’t think the series will go much further than implications (a pity), but those two got my attention instantly!

    Love Stage!!
    The manga is a silly bit of romantic fluff, but I enjoyed it enough to look forward to the anime adaptation. I like Kasai’s work as a director a lot, but I have to admit to feeling somewhat worried when I see a guy attached to direct a BL series. (Yes, I still have a grudge against A1 for Togainu no Chi.) Luckily, he did an excellent job with the first episode, managing to highlight the most interesting sides of all of the characters while still respecting the viewer’s ability to watch and comprehend what they see. (I hope he keeps that up. Sometimes the manga is a little too obvious about having characters STATE THEIR FEELINGS ABOUT ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING in loud neon letters when some subtlety would be nice.)

    I’m pretty sure the last mecha show I managed to finish was Fafner, but this one seems to be hitting all the right buttons for me in terms of interest. It’s also well put together and easy to watch, which is another plus. Luckily (for me) Urobuchi’s contributions seem to be relatively minimal. (I’m not a fan.)

    Zankyou no Terror
    Mainly by simple virtue of being really gorgeous to watch. I watch most of my anime with a friend–have trouble sitting through things on my own–and this kept both of us spellbound by the visuals alone.

    • something says:

      Well you’ll definitely like episode two of Hanayamata, that’s for sure.

      And yeah Rin is totally stealing Free! ES simply by virtue of the subtle personality shift. Ugh he’s soooooooooo good. And hopefully he’ll stay that way, because this time he’s not driving the conflict directly with his actions, rather the conflict is taking place between two friends, over him. Haru’s sakura-tinged childhood nostalgia vs Sousuke’s ambition for the future. The only major danger is if they restrict Sousuke’s personality too much, having him exist solely to pooh-pooh all fun and singlemindedly obsess over Rin’s future. I think the first episode was aware of this given there were at least two different fake-outs early on where Sousuke looked to be getting all moody before cracking a smile instead. But it’s still an easy trap to fall into with a character like him, if he’s solely used as “the source of conflict” rather than a fleshed out character with his own arc.

      I liked how Rin was handled at the end of season one though (especially the scene when he finally apologized), so I never quite understood what went wrong there for some, and therefore Sousuke might end up working for me but not everyone, I dunno!

      Oh, and no Barakamon? I think you might really like that, but I’m not sure why I think so. Maybe just because everyone seems to like it, no matter what genres they usually prefer.

      • musouka says:

        My issue with Rin in the first season basically came down to two things. One, I was never invested in his relationship and rivalry with Haru, but the series insisted on treating that as his Most Important Relationship, so there would be scenes of him brushing off Makoto and Nagisa in really rude ways, but the narrative treated his arc as “over and done” when he and Haru reconciled. That annoyed me, because Nagisa and Makoto were the people I wanted Rin to make amends with the most, not Haru, because I think he treated them the worst. The second was I also felt like the meta justification for how finale came about felt really flimsy and relied on all the other characters pushing aside their own feelings for the sake of Plot. (I know that if I had been a member of Haru’s team and saw him have that reaction after all the time spent building up how OUR team was precious and important to him, I would have been completely crushed and it would have had a broader impact on our friendship…but of course the most important thing are Rin and Haru’s Feelings.)

        This season, however, they’ve been very careful to make Rin interact in positive ways with almost all of the cast, so I don’t get the feeling everyone else can just go die except for him and Haru. This means I enjoy seeing him because he feels like a part of the cast as a whole, instead of a pouty sore thumb the episode cuts to every so often. I liked Rin a lot in High Speed and the drama CDs from the first series, because there was a subtle emphasis on “oh god why me??” as he played the straight man to his team that just wasn’t there in the series itself. However, in Free! ES, I think we’re getting a lot more of that charming side of Rin. He doesn’t wallow, he rolls his eyes now. It’s nice. I doubt he’ll be able to overcome my love of Makoto, but he’s shaping up to be an attractive part of the series for sure.

        And, yes, I was cracking up at ep2 of Hanayamata. I swear I wrote my thoughts on the series before watching it, hahaha! Man, though, Hana/Naru is so fucking cute! They have such a great dynamic. And Yaya’s reaction reminds me of a best friend having to deal with their close friend having found a significant other…good luck, Yaya!

        • something says:

          Oh right, now I remember asking you about this before. Perhaps they thought using Rei (who does confront Rin directly) as a stand-in for Makoto and Nagisa was sufficient? I can see why it would not be, though. Makoto was characterized as a bit too saintly in his infinite tolerance perhaps, and I would have loved to see him go off at least once! Nagisa I suppose I don’t have much of an opinion on – he’s amusing, but has always been the weak link for me. At this point my favorites are defintely Gou, Makoto, and Rin, followed by Rei, followed by Haru and Nagisa. Haru is pretty funny, but a bit too aloof and spacey for me to connect with. That does make the moments when he seems to acknowledge the world around him pretty nice, though.

          Hana and Naru will almost certainly end up my favorite pairing of the season, aside from maybe Nanako and Yukari in Locodol. The latter illustrate a relationship archetype I like so, so, so much but I expect Hanayamata to just be a better executed show overall, which might give Hana/Naru the edge.

          Then again Aoi and Hinata in YamaSusu2 tho… with so much more runtime this season I may not be able to survive that!

          • musouka says:

            Nagisa is a lot better in High Speed, so a lot of my affection for him transferred from there, but I can understand why he would seem a bit one note if you’ve only seen the anime. I think allowing both him and Makoto to have individualized reactions to Rin’s behavior would have done a lot, though. Instead, both of them flattened when it came to that aspect of the plot, always worrying more about how Haru felt than how Rin was acting towards THEM. Rei talking to him helped, but I felt like that was more of a scene to justify how the last episode played out than anything else. Free! had been good up to that point about feeling organic, so seeing the strings moving the characters so suddenly in the last act was a bit too much of a nasty surprise for me to enjoy.

            For me, personally, I mainly watch the series for Makoto and Haru, and my enjoyment of the other characters tends to shift depending on whose episode it is at the time. Aside from obvious shipper bias, I like those two the most because they have the slowest burn when it comes to their character arcs, so I enjoy piecing “what’s going on” with them through their slight gestures and facial expressions in the background as other characters take the spotlight through the initial episodes. It’s my favorite kind of character development and both of them have it in spades. I feel like the anime utilizes Gou really well, though. She has a personality and presence, but doesn’t overpower or feel intrusive. I laughed pretty hard when the series threw a bone to the otoge fans by implying a history between her and Sousuke. KyoAni sure knows what they’re doing!

            As far as Hanayamata goes, I was sort of surprised how Hana/Naru really nailed my yuri sweet spot of both affection and tension. I already perked up during the (gorgeous) scene of Hana dancing, but what made me actually fall for them was the scene where Hana cuts off her introduction in class and rushes up to Naru to tell her that she’s come to take her away as promised. I understand exactly why Naru freaked out and tried to avoid contact after that, but that really cemented Hana to me as someone who felt just as strongly about their magical encounter as Naru did. They’re both so awkward and earnest, but watching them together feels like they just sort of “fit”. Heh, I haven’t felt this way for a while. Not since Mami/Madoka, I think…

            • something says:

              Speaking of Mami and Madoka, just the sort of “nervous newbie with deceptively composed senpai” relationship (well, for all of 10 minutes we got to enjoy it before things changed!) I talked about with Locodol’s Nanako and Yukari. Mami even fits the “kind, caring ojou-sama” role too!

              With, granted a very, very, very different premise and stakes between the two shows… But man it’s a dynamic I can’t get enough of.

              I guess there’s even a little of that in Hana and Naru too, except Naru fits it much better than Hana, who nobody would describe as “composed”! All adorable in its own right of course.

      • musouka says:

        Oops, I forgot. I have Barakamon on the back burner for right now. I’ve heard good things about it, but I’m not used to watching this many series at a time, so some had to fall to the wayside. (I also liked Shounen Hollywood, but it’s another I’m saving to watch later.)

        The last series on my “to check out” list is Nobunaga Concerto, actually. I REALLY don’t need another show, but, it looked interesting…

  4. fourteenwings says:

    PriPara: Was already going to watch all of it because it’s a children’s show about arcade game idols, but it’s surprised me with some extremely enjoyable comedy, really likeable characters and actual twists (I really wasn’t expecting the ending of episode 2). Will be cheaper to import than Aikatsu!, which means I’ll be able to get lots of merchandise too (PriTicket’s have really caught my eye).

    Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun: This has the wonderful ability to build chemistry between any two given characters, episode 2 had me laughing out loud all throughout and Chiyo is a really likeable protagonist.

    Bakumatsu Rock: It is an experience of sorts (translation: not good) but it’s extremely enjoyable. Won’t import discs but will definitely buy all the character singles and guidebooks.

    Zankyou no Terror: I loved the direction of it (the dreamlike “texture” placed on top of a very realistic setting is really appealing, animation-wise the use of practical rotoscoping is commendable) and the story so far seems promising, I have this fear that it might fall apart by trying to become Higashi no Eden and it should’ve been made as a standalone. The characters are promising enough, I like Lisa and Twelve but I feel like Nine will be what makes or breaks the show for me because he hasn’t really shone as much as the other two.

    LOVE STAGE!!: I was actually not going to watch this and continue to believe that I couldn’t enjoy BL shows because they’d be patronizing and pandering, but the comedy is fun and the characters are all likeable and distinctive in their desires. Izumi is actually pretty relateable and I like the artstyle’s more than I thought I would. As a bonus, it has 2/3rds of Trignal playing the main couple and DAIGO in his first voice acting role ever.

    Continuing shows:
    Aikatsu! 2nd Season
    Future Card Buddyfight
    Cardfight! Vanguard Legion Mate-hen
    Lady Jewelpet

    Might watch Seirei Tsukai no Blade dance later as I’m a sucker for a talky universe/mechanism obsessed LN battle anime, overt fanservice aside.

  5. AnimePhoenix says:

    – Zankyou no Terror: Loved the first episode so much. I know that it can go wrong in a lot of ways but I hope it stays amazing.
    – Free! ES: The second episode had me squealing with glee. The OST in this season has improved and Rin has become so likeable. I liked him in season 1 but seeing a new him with sparks of the old him in season 2 is sweet.
    – Barakamon: This show is just…so comfortable to watch. It has humor, slice of life, touching moments and of course, OnoD voicing the main lead.
    – Bakumatsu Rock: Plot? What plot? Seriously, this anime is UtaPri on crack. I don’t care about the plot. It just has me laughing every single time, even when something ‘serious’ pops up.
    – Aldnoah.Zero: Valvrave, Buddy Complex, Argevollen and The Fool were all disappointments for me. But this anime seems to be good so far. And its two cour so I have to worry about rushed endings.
    – Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun: The first episode didn’t impress me that much but the second episode was better. Its not something I love as much as something like Free!, but its a nice little comedy.
    – Shounen Hollywood: Many say this is slow, and by gum, it is. It really is a slow SoL about male idols. Its not flashy with subtle moments between characters nor does it have fanservice, but its still a nice little show. Its a shame its doing so badly on Stalker. It really deserves better.
    – Kuroshitsuji Book of Circus: I liked the first two seasons and the first episode in the new season didn’t disappoint either.
    – Tokyo Ghoul: The second episode was a bit disappointing but still ok. I’m not feeling anything for any of the characters so its a bit hard for me to like them/sympathize with them. But I’ll stick on.

    Not too sure/might drop:
    – Ao Haru Ride: Yes, I might drop this. Yes, its shoujo. The first episode disappointed me so much. Production IG mashed two big chapters together for the first episode and skipped a lot of dialogue and made the anime look like some cliche shoujo anime when its not. I’m watching the second episode soon, I hope its better. As a manga reader, I am upset.
    – Glasslip: The story seems all over the place. There are a lot of things I don’t understand, and some things which bother me. I hope it shapes up in the next 2 episodes at least.
    – Sailor Moon Crystal: I’ve never watched Sailor Moon prior to this and well, the first episode was…ok. That’s about it. I hope it doesn’t become too annoying.

    Watching from previous seasons:
    – Haikyuu!!
    – Diamond no Ace

  6. stardf29 says:

    I’m still finalizing my list but here’s what I have so far:

    Yama no Susume S2, Hanayamata, Barakamon: I’m putting these three together because they are collectively the defining shows of the season for me: iyashikei slice-of-life goodness with solid character development and just overall good feels to them. Easily my favorites of the season and very likely the shows I’ll be importing.

    Free! Eternal Summer: Sequel to a great show, and so far it’s following up on that well.

    Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun: My top choice for a straight-up comedy. Absolutely hilarious stuff with fun characters, especially Chiyo.

    Locodol: Of course, the relationship between Nanako and Yukari is charming, but what I really like about this show is its different focus as far as the whole “idol” part is concerned: it’s less about singing and dancing and personal achievement and more about helping out the locals of the town. It gives the show a more intimate feel to it.

    Ao Haru Ride: The second episode was fantastic, taking the focus away from the leads’ romance for a bit to focus more on issues of friendship. Overall, I think this could be another very solid shoujo series, at least on the level of Sukitte ii na yo.

    Sailor Moon Crystal: *shrug* It’s Sailor Moon. It’s fun. It’s following the manga (the one bit of the Sailor Moon franchise I have had some experience with, though I haven’t even finished the second volume). All in all, I’m enjoying it.

    Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya Zwei: More Prisma Illya is by no means a bad thing in my book. The twist with Kuro-chan should be fun.

    Sabagebu!: Wow, this show is a really sadistic comedy. I enjoy those now and then, though, and this one sure does it well.

    I have room for three more shows. Right now, it looks like Zankyou no Terror will take one of them, and then… I dunno. Rokujyouma no Shinryakusha!? is dumb fun so that might get a slot, and then maybe Glasslip if it doesn’t collapse under the weight of its own drama?

    Oh, and I’m continuing Haikyuu!! and Baby Steps from last season.

    • something says:

      Yes, that point about Locodol is a big deal for me too. I keep meaning to mention it but get sidetracked by how much I adore the Nanako/Yukari dynamic.

      After all, they’re not idols, they’re locodols! They are, quite literally, public servants in a small-town getting paid peanuts to promote local ramen shops and do 5 minute news segments. This is the kind of stuff I don’t see focused on as much in other idol anime, with the exception of maybe Idolmaster, which balanced both the variety show/promotion side of idoldom with the on-stage theatrics.

      Locodol’s focus on the “community promotion” side of things definitely gives it a more homely feel, in a good way. I dunno, the show may go towards “professional celebrity” stuff eventually, but I really hope it doesn’t, even if that’s the more popular type of idol show right now.

  7. Progeusz says:

    Hanayamata AOTS.

    After ep 02:
    I don’t even feel like watching anything else. Hanayamata is just too good. I can’t imagine any other Summer show coming anywhere close to it.

    • something says:

      It’ll probably be my #1 at my next update. Locodol would hold if every ep were on the level of ep 2, but I get the feeling that’ll be among its best eps, while Hanayamata I can tell is just going to keep getting better and better.

  8. Nico says:

    In no particular order:

    Zankyou no Terror
    Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
    Free! Eternal Summer
    DRAMAtical Murder

    Can’t see myself dropping any of these.

    • something says:

      Watch Yama no Susume or else! Really tho if you like Hanayamata and Locodol, you can’t skip more cute girl slice of life brilliance.

  9. hpulley says:

    As usual I’m watching a ton of stuff this season.

    Importing for sure

    Yama no Susume 2

    Very high chance of import unless they ruin them though I probably can’t get them all

    Majimoji Rurumo

    Would have been a good chance except that I didn’t import S1

    Fate/Kaleid Liner 2wei (episode 2 may be reason to get v1 even though I didn’t get s1 which I found far inferior to what we’ve seen so far in 2wei)

    Still in the running

    Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

    And a whole bunch of other shows. Still watching 35 summer simulcasts at the moment.

  10. mangamuscle says:

    Must watch

    – Barakamon. Nice SoL with an sprinkle of Non non byori.

    – Fate_Kaleid_Liner_Prisma_Ilya_2wei. As expected this is better than s1, way better than that other magical girl show >__< ) might get more interesting later on. Nice to see a muscle for brains as the female lead.

    – Rokujouma no Shinryakusha. Pretty entertaining so far, I know I am wicked because I love how they bully poor cosplayer girl. So far the first harem that it is not harem.

    – Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance. A harem with a lead that is not a blockhead, a pushover or a womanizer.

    – Yama no Susume S2. Feels slower than s1, but still a nice watch.

    Might drop

    – Ai Mai Mi ~Mousou Catastrophe~ IMO not as good as s1

    – Akame ga Kill. The thing about killing politicians to change the world is a bit dumb since they have no control over what kind of people will take their places (they might be even worse), same kind of dumb why I dumped Hitsugi no Chaika last season, but since they don't flaunt themselves as heroes it can still be entertaining.

    – Francesca – Girls Be Ambitious. The exorcist looks dumb, but it might be interesting to see the antics of an undead with no brains and a huge appetite (have a soft spot for undeads, double if they are cute girls).

    – Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun. The first episode had me laughing out loud, but since then all the personalities gender bending makes me feel kind of weird :S

    – Glasslip. Pretty weird interaction of the cast, like if they wrote about the visuals first and the dialogues were an afterthought. But I want to know where this future clairvoyance and clairaudience leads to.

    – Jinsei. A bit boring, but it is nice to look at.

    – SAO II. I watched the first season but so far it is disappointing, at least they are making it clear all the gun stuff is fantasy.

    – Tokyo Ghoul. Nice atmosphere but the plot somehow fails to drag you into the protagonist dilemma.

    – Yami Shibai S2. Too short to really develop the stories but so far it is too interesting and short to drop.


    – Rail Wars. The moment the girl said you must shot to kill any possible perp with a face that said she was expecting applause was the moment this series was dropped since I am not a train otaku.

    – Tokyo ESP. Nice visuals but the story feels too cliche, it takes itself too seriously and fails at being really epic.

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