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And Spring is complete! At least, the one cour shows are but that’s almost all of them.

Full Series
1. Akuma no Riddle [▲0▼] – 12 eps / complete, 9.5/10 – [IMPORTED] It’s very hard to talk about this without spoiling, but I was exceptionally pleased by the ending, second only (by a slim margin) to Chaika’s brilliant first cour finale. There is one scene in which I sort of intuitively “get” what happened, but hell if I could explain it very well… it was just an awkwardly shot scene, and a lot less clear than it ought to have been. It’s a minor thing overall though.

Contrary to some people saying it was rushed, I thought that the pacing of the last episode was overall just fine. And the somewhat ridiculous way things were resolved? LOVED IT. Completely in keeping with the show’s two natures (deadly serious tone, but always refusing to get overly dark) which is one of the things I liked most about Akuma no Riddle. It’s why the ridiculous Suzu episode was one of the best of the series. It would be very easy to turn this show into either a pure parody or a ceaselessly moody drag, but it takes a middle road I’m very happy it ended the way it did. All in all the unquestioned #1 of the season for me.

2. Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? [▲0▼] – 12 eps / complete, 9/10 – [IMPORTED] Behold, the power of imouto. That last episode, though. It’s not quite Kinmosa-level godly ending, but it was a very, very good episode for developing Cocoa and Chino’s relationship as de facto sisters. That ended up being easily one of the most endearing aspects of a show that is overflowing with endearing aspects. As a whole the show spent a lot of time developing friendships (Cocoa/Chino, Chiya/Sharo, Chimame, Rize and the whole gang) while only teasing at the more shippable material (Sharo/Rize, Cocoa/Chiya) so I do hope the second season gives us more of the latter. But even if it doesn’t, it’s done everything else so well that I could just watch this forever.

Also if you did not squeal out loud like a little girl at this then gtfo my site you emotionless lizard person.

3. No Game No Life [▲ 1] – 12 eps / complete, 9/10 – [IMPORTED] The last arc was exceptional. It’s so far beyond mattering at this point that the games are all implausible sequences of “I was one step ahead!” “Yeah? I was actually one step ahead of that!” “And I was one step ahead of your step ahead!” because they’re stupidly entertaining to watch. One aspect I keep coming back to is that the protagonist isn’t Sora or Shiro, it’s Kuuhaku. Sora without Shiro is nothing, Shiro without Sora is nothing. When they are forced apart, they only overcome the situation by trusting in their belief in the other. This dynamic converts scene after scene from potentially obnoxious to truly endearing. This image really encapsulates what makes Nogenora special. Two hands reach out, not one.

Oh this doesn’t hurt either. Are we really allowed to have an otaku light novel adaptation with girls that aren’t in love with the male lead? Where, like, one of the ladies can just respect the guy, and work with him as a partner, without wanting his dick inside her? Shougeki no jijitsu! Man KuraFi are far too adorable together. Seriously.

4. Hitsugi no Chaika [▼ 1] – 12 eps / complete, 8.5/10 – [IMPORTED] One of the best split cour season one finales I can remember, period! It was a great episode in its own right but as a way to leave a viewer excited for the continuation it was pure genius. Hell the show didn’t even bug me when it pulled the Chaika/Tooru scene. Partly because it was inevitable, partly because Tooru had just won major points with me in a hilarious scene shortly before, and partly because it was the rest of a really cool scene with Chaika being pretty badass and proactive and saving the day.

Now if only people were actually watching the show. Clearly they’re not considering those sales. Sigh… at least we’re getting the rest.

Short Series
1. Puchimas!!74 eps / complete, 8/10 – IT CAN’T REALLY BE OVER, CAN IT? ;_; Puchimas!!! any day now, right? Meanwhile, Ritsuko rounds the world in one thousandth the time it’ll take the Jojo boys.

2. Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san12 eps / complete, 8/10 – [IMPORTED] Really just importing because yuri, but it kept being adorable all the way through to the end. Just a shame it was animated by a three year old.

3. Mahou Shoujo Taisen9 eps, 7/10 – I’ve been stalling on this because it’s two cour and catching up will take mere minutes, so nothing new to report at the moment. Not dropped, though.

Dropped Series

3+ Cour Series
1. Fairy Tail12 eps

2. Hunter x Hunter135 eps – Overall, Chimera Ant failed to live up to its potential, if you ask me. The production values were truly exceptional for a show of this length and I can’t fault the acting, but the pacing, one or two of the new characters, and that ridiculous development with Gon severely hurt everything it was trying to do. But despite all of that, the final episode was simply outstanding. Beautifully directed and doubtless the best ending the arc could have had . Hopefully the final arc is shorter and more tightly paced, because this is still a damn good show overall.

3. Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken: Stardust Crusaders12 eps – This one has been confirmed as four cour so it looks like I’m in this for quite a while. Thankfully it’s been better lately, ever since the India arc started, though I’m two episodes behind as of today, I guess. I’ll catch up tomorrow probably. I still don’t like this season as much as the first, but the recent improvement is promising.

Current 2014 Top 5
1. Sakura Trick
2. Akuma no Riddle
3. Saki Zenkoku-hen
4. Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?
5. No Game No Life

Unchanged from last time, it’s pretty locked in for the moment.

Summer 2014 [almost-]Final Viewing Plans
I’d like to wait until CR was done all its announcements, but that won’t be for a while yet and I’m going to start the Summer season today.

1. Yama no Susume s2 – No-brainer. Not announced yet, but should be on Crunchyroll considering season one was. I’d even watch raw if I had to.

2. Free! Eternal Summer – No-brainer again, and already confirmed for Crunchyroll. I’ll be watching this as soon as I publish this post!

3. Hanayamata – If CR doesn’t stream this I fucking riot (or just watch raw, it should be easy enough to follow). High odds of being my #1 show of the season if it’s executed one tenth as well as it ought to be. Yama no Susume is pretty tough competition though.

4. Sabagebu! – No stream announced yet but I’m still hoping for good things from it, if anyone decent releases. Sounds like the production values will be pretty shit but ehhhh, as long as it’s funny/cute I guess.

5. Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya☆2wei! – Presumably CR will get it again. Now it just needs to fix its problems from the end of season one and win me back…

6. Futsuu no Joshikousei ga Locodol Yattemita – CR has this, and I plan to give it a shot today or tomorrow. Expectations aren’t high because idols, but reactions so far from people with similar tastes have been at least decent.

7. Momokyun Sword – No stream announced yet, and certainly not interested enough to watch raw or hope for non-terrible fansubs, so it’s still up in the air. Will watch if on CR though.

Shows I originally considered watching but no longer will be watching:
X. Barakamon – Mere minutes ago this was in my watch list, if only because it’s by the Yuyushiki staff. But Crunchyroll just announced it without the US listed as a region, which always means Funimation English territory license. Funimation can go fuck themselves, so this is dropped from my plans. [Edit: So CR is actually doing an English translation, that’s unexpected. Go go Horriblesubs, then! I can roleplay as Brits and other people who get region locked out and have to grab the rips, I guess!)

X. Sailor Moon Crystal – CGI henshin fucking go home, dropped.

So that’s it! I’ll keep an eye out for the reactions of a couple people I trust in case another show I initially skipped (and that is getting an acceptable release) ends up being surprisingly good, like Chaika or Nogenora from Spring. I’m not really seeing anything that has much of a chance, but then I never would have thought Nogenora would be any good either (Chaika I was at least mildly interested in because of the author, even if I still planned to skip it). I suppose outside chance for Bakumatsu Rock if I keep hearing that it’s as insane as Utapri, but I’ll only even consider it if I drop 2-3 more shows.

17 Responses to “Spring 2014 viewing wrap-up, updated Summer plans”

  1. rederoin says:

    1. Yama no Susume Season 2
    Sequel to my favourite short of 2013.

    2. Hanayamata
    Should be obvious, its the seasonal CGDT show.

    3. Futsuu no Joshikousei ga [Locodol] Yatte Mita.
    Already saw this, and it lived up to my exceptions. It was very cute, the OP & ED where also nice. And unlike LL and WuG the cast will be kept small. It seems we’ll only be getting 4 main girls.

    4. Ai Mai Mi ~Mousou Catastrophe~

    5. Sabagebu!
    Looks like this will be c3-bu done right(fuck you, gainax).

    6. Himegoto!
    Would be 1 if it wasn’t 4min long, one of the biggest disappointments of the year. Why do intresting shows turn out to be shorts so often? Yama no Susume S1, Aiura, InuNeko and now this show.

    7. Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 2wei!
    I hope they animate ‘that’ scene, its all I’m asking for.

    8. Strange+ 2
    No-brainer(a sequel)

    9. Barakamon
    Looks like a comfy SoL.

    I’m also trying out the other shows, but it’d say these are the ones I’m looking forward too the most, Although I’m skipping SAO(I have a heavy dislike for S1) and Free(did not complete S1). Out of the shows that aired, I think only ‘Futsuu no Joshikousei ga [Locodol] Yatte Mita.’ has a chance(really good chance) at my top 10 of summer 2014. The other show where rather.. meh. But maybe that’ll change, Wixoss also started off slow, and I ended up loving that show, same goes for Ping Pong The Animation.

    I haven’t seen Utapri, but Bakumatsu rock does seem to be rather.. crazy. Even if you ignore the electricity and electric guitars in that time period.

    • rederoin says:

      Shonen hollywood is the first series I dropped this season, its just not for me. Zero was a bit of a surprise(since its a mecha), and aside from Sateligth mecha(Macross, Nobunaga the fool, basqaush etc..), I do not really enjoy that genre. But it looks like it has potential, the OST was also rather good.

      Barakamon is a heavy contender for the AotS of summer, alongside YnS S2. Very comfy, amazing OST and amazing voice acting. Maybe even a contender for the AotY.

      Aside from my top 3(Barakamon, Locodol & Zero), nothing has really left a impression on me so far. But for every SoL fan, I would recomdate Barakamon, it reminds me of Yotsuba in a strange way. And its getting fansubs/cr rips so it should be okay for US fans.

  2. AnimePhoenix says:

    There are so many shows for me to watch this season and the one which I’m really hyped for, Zankyou no Terror doesn’t come out till the 11th so I can’t rank things right now, but this is what I’ll be watching:

    – Free! Eternal Summer: Episode 1 was glorious. It reminded me so much of season 1, episode 1 but it still diversified itself with new content and showing how things had changed while some things remained the same. I already love the OP more than Season 1’s OP and I didn’t think I’d like the ED but I found myself humming to it this morning!

    – Bakumatsu Rock: Even if this was completely crap, I’d watch this for the seiyuu and the music. Kiiyan, Tatsun, MoriShow and OnoKen in one show? As idols? Yes, ALL MY YES. The first episode was even crazier than I expected it to be but I still liked it. Will continue watching this.

    – Tokyo Ghoul: I liked the first episode and I love horror and gore and its only twelve episodes so why not?

    – Glasslip: Reminds me of NagiAsu. First ep wasn’t that great but NagiAsu’s first ep wasn’t that great either.

    Still have to watch:
    – Shounen Hollywood
    – Aldnoah Zero
    – Ao Haru Ride(Probably will flop in sales, but as long as it boots the manga, I’ll be happy. Speaking of that, SoreSeka looks like it’ll fail too, what with Stalker predicting ~1.5k. Sigh. Still, Hana to Yume’s announced an Akatsuki no Yona anime so obviously its manga sales they care about. Hopefully. I want my Fukumenkei Noise anime, Hana to Yume!)
    – Barakamon
    – Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
    – Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus
    – Zankyou no Terror

  3. mk03 says:

    Odd trivia: The spoiler warning was first popularized on Usenet, back in the early days. However, no one knows exactly who coined the term “spoiler warning”. The first known use of the term spoiler in its modern sense was in a magazine article in a magazine called the National Lampoon. Ironically, said article spoiled the plots of several works of fiction without sing any warning.

  4. lolivampires says:

    Only shows I plan on watching are Hanayamata, Fate/Kaleid 2, and Jinsei. I probably would like Yama no Susume but I never bothered to watch the first season since it was a short.

  5. rederoin says:

    Just so you know, somebody is ripping the CR version of Barakamon. So if you’re okay with torrents, you can still watch the non-funi version.

  6. yah says:

    >X. Barakamon – (…) which always means Funimation English territory license. Funimation can go fuck themselves, so this is dropped from my plans.

    There are English CR rips and they are quite decent, so you don’t have to suffer through Funi.

  7. mk03 says:

    For some reason I’m quite interested what Glasslip’s sales will be, more so than I am interested in SAO’s (which are sure to be big).

  8. musouka says:

    Man, this summer is so ridiculously packed for me. There’s Free ES, Aldnoah.Zero,

    • musouka says:

      Bakumatsu Rock, DMMD, Love Stage, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, Barakamon, and I even liked Shounen Hollywood more than I was expecting to. Also looking forward to trying Hanayamata and Zankyou no Terror!

      I can’t remember the last time I had a season this full of shows I wanted to watch…

  9. something says:

    Mmm yeah, rather curious for CR to still have English subs despite not being able to stream in English-speaking territories. Helpful in this case, though. I might try Barakamon next week then.

    • rederoin says:

      Maybe its cheaper than translating it in gods know how many languages. i.e, most young(<30) dutch people can understand English, so easier/cheaper to just translate into English for them and other small countries.

      • something says:

        Depends what the regions are I guess, I didn’t actually look. I guess it could also be a question of the exact licensing agreement, whether they’re allowed to do Eng or not.

  10. something says:

    Man, schedules kinda suck this season.

    I mostly watch anime on weekends, because that’s when I actually have some time. And for the past few seasons I’ve been squeezing in some high priority Thursday shows on that day (Sakura Trick and Gochiusa for example). But series are spread out all through the week this season, including some I really do want to watch within a day of release.

    Sabagebu is Sunday, and since CR seems like it’ll be a delaycast I’ll be watching the anime-koi subs, which I assume won’t always be out same-day. So that might not come out until Mondays with Hanayamata. I don’t want to be far behind on either but especially the latter, so I may have to find time on Mondays.

    Tuesday is just Momokyun, which I’m still not sure if I’m watching, but it can wait until the weekend regardless.

    Wednesday is the big one. Free, Yama no Susume, and Illya. Illya I can wait on unless it gets really good, but Free and Yama no Susume I’d rather not. Granted I’m assuming the latter actually comes out on Wednesdays but if CR gets it (… hurry up and announce that damnit) it should be. So I may need to make time on Wednesdays too.

    Thursday is Locodol, which is great but I can hold it until Friday.

    Then on Saturday or Sunday I can watch Barakamon along with the others I held off on, plus the pre-Summer series (Jojo, HxH, Fairy Tail, Mahou Shoujo Taisen).

    I guess I’m not getting away with just one weekday, bleh. That leaves my schedule as:

    Hanayamata, Sabagebu

    Yama no Susume, Free

    Illya, Locodol, Barakamon, Momokyun, Jojo, HxH, Fairy Tail, Mahou Shoujo Taisen

    I think I can handle Wednesday (especially one being half-length) but that Monday is going to be rough.

  11. Masterman says:

    Watch Ao Haru Ride, first episode has been terrific.

    • something says:

      I’m not really interested in het romance series, and the shoujo variant of it is no exception honestly.

      • musouka says:

        I happen to love shoujo of all shapes and stripes, and I wouldn’t recommend it to you, even if you did like het, to be honest. It’s a story that’s been told many other times, and often far better.

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