This post isn’t driven by anything special, I just felt like compiling this for my own purposes and a quick discussion on twitter, and wanted to take advantage of the table format. A lot of my favorite shows come from the Manga Time family, so I’m quite interested in how they’re doing.

Updated as of 2020-12-04

Sales data for Houbunsha Manga Time Adaptations

Title Average Vol 1 Year Season Has/Is Sequel Sequel Type Kirara Carat Forward Max Miracle Home Ongoing?
Hidamari Sketch 6,507 7,839 2007 Winter TV, OVA
Doujin Work 490 500 2007 Summer
Hidamari Sketch x365 8,687 10,026 2008 Summer TV, OVA
K-ON! 43,878 54,257 2009 Spring TV, Movie
Kanamemo 1,218 1,441 2009 Summer
GA Geijutsuka Art Design Class 4,904 5,281 2009 Summer OVA
Hidamari Sketch x☆☆☆ 8,848 9,361 2010 Winter TV, OVA
K-ON!! 39,472 43,904 2010 Spring TV, Movie
Yumekui Merry 2,559 5,585 2011 Winter
A Channel 5,515 6,831 2011 Spring OVA
Kill Me Baby [1] 987 686 2012 Winter OVA
Acchi Kocchi 2,321 2,520 2012 Spring
Hidamari Sketch xHoneycomb 7,530 9,975 2012 Fall TV, OVA
Yuyushiki 3,334 3,511 2013 Spring OVA
Kin-iro Mosaic 6,766 8,568 2013 Summer TV, OVA
Love Lab [2] 3,027 5,584 2013 Summer
Sakura Trick 2,373 3,183 2014 Winter
Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? 11,195 12,996 2014 Spring TV, OVA
Hanayamata 3,570 5,157 2014 Summer
Koufuku Graffiti 1,650 2,022 2015 Winter
Hello!! Kin-iro Mosaic 5,315 7,130 2015 Spring TV, OVA
Gakkou Gurashi! 2,765 3,751 2015 Summer
Joukamachi no Dandelion 1,842 2,502 2015 Summer
Wakaba Girl 1,668 1,630 2015 Summer
Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?? 12,260 16,199 2015 Fall TV, OVA
Anne Happy 1,106 1,446 2016 Spring
Sansha Sanyou 2,140 3,338 2016 Spring
New Game! 5,886 7,415 2016 Summer TV, OVA
Stella no Mahou 670 788 2016 Fall
Urara Meirochou 878 1,059 2017 Winter
New Game!! 3,636 4,831 2017 Summer TV, OVA
Blend S 3,167 3,885 2017 Fall
Yurucamp 14,110 15,167 2018 Winter TV, OVA, Movie
Slow Start 1,661 1,914 2018 Winter
Comic Girls 1,449 1,744 2018 Spring
Harukana Receive 1,184 1,267 2018 Summer
Anima Yell 1,114 953 2018 Fall
Machikado Mazoku 5,173 5,711 2019 Summer
Koisuru Asteroid 1,464 1,778 2020 Winter
Heyacamp 6,595 6,595 2020 Winter TV
Tamayomi 736 798 2020 Spring

[1] Kill Me Baby had an extraordinarily successful boxset compared to its singles run. The BD box sold 4,907, which is nearly 5 times the sales of the singles. The caveat is that it was a very cheap boxset of only ¥16k, but that’s still ¥78.5m, which is more than double what the DVD/BD singles grossed.

Not Yet Released
Ochikobore Fruit Tart (Carat, [link])
Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? Bloom (Max, [link])
Yurucamp Season 2 (Forward, [link])

Bonus: Ultimatemegax put together the production committee members for these shows up through Urara Meirochou: Houbunsha Manga Time anime production committees

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  1. something something says:

    Corrections welcome, this was a bit of a sloppy rush job and I haven’t checked over it in extreme detail just yet. Especially let me know if I missed any shows.

  2. Avatar lolivampires says:

    Was going to say “Where’s Non Non Biyori?” but I looked it up be sure, and apparently it’s serialized in Comic Alive. I guess it just seems like it belongs in there as opposed to the stuff in Comic Alive.

    Otherwise, it’s a list of most of my favorites shows from the past 4 years.

  3. something something says:

    One way of looking at this chart is to sort by Average. If you do that, you can see that everything selling Hidamari s1-level (5.8k) and up had gotten a TV sequel. Two more titles over 4k got OVAs.

    The only title below 4k to get an OVA is Kill Me Baby, as part of its broader “revival” of sorts. It was also packaged in with a CD album, so it was not a typical release.

    This does put Gochiusa (which should average at least 6.5k) in a pretty favorable position as far as sequels go, at least based purely on past experience.

    This is a little misleading of course, because “all of those titles over 5.8k” are actually from just 3 franchises if you exclude Gochiusa: K-ON!, Hidamari, and Kinmosa. Small dataset!

  4. Avatar Bob says:

    Can you put the airing season in that list for each anime ?

  5. Avatar Kalanoch says:

    As far as enjoyment goes, I thought Love Lab was quite a bit better than Yuyushiki and Acchi Kocchi, and about on par with Kiniro Mosaic. I know there were a lot of good shows to watch last summer, but I don’t know how you missed it!

    • something something says:

      Yuyushiki is straight up one of my all-time top shows. Just a truly masterful piece of work in every respect. Love Lab I didn’t so much miss as skip. I was super excited for it initially – a cute girls doing cute (and probably yuri) things show from Douga Koubou, of all studios? I’M IN – but then I realized it was a different sort of show. When it aired I wasn’t really in the mood for having male characters anywhere near my iyashikei comedy, let alone as love interests. The feeling has increased over the past few years and by Summer ’13 it was basically a “rule” really, rather than a “mood”. And after Fall ’13 when I now watch only 4-6 shows a season instead of 10-20+, it requires a very special exception under very special circumstances.

      If I had to rank these shows, not counting sequels separately it’d probably look like:
      Hidamari Sketch
      Sakura Trick

      Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?
      Kin-iro Mosaic

      A Channel
      GA Geijutsuka Art Design Class
      Acchi Kocchi

      Doujin Work
      Yumekui Merry

      6/10 (though I almost want to go back and finish it)
      Kill Me Baby

      • Avatar rederoin says:

        You should, I thougth later episode of Kill me baby where rather funny. It just isn’t as cute as the other series. Its mostly just a comedy.

        • Avatar rederoin says:

          And avioding Love Lab was a good decision, an anime about 5 girls finding boyfriends does not really sound like my cup of tea(or yours). I have no problem with romcoms(i.e Mikakunin from last season) but when the entire premise of the show is about a group of girls wanting boyfriends, it goes to far.

          • Avatar EmperorBrandon says:

            Calling Love Lab “an anime about 5 girls finding boyfriends” is really not entirely accurate. It’s a lot more about the interactions between those girls with a good amount of comedy and heart. There’s a few male love interests, but they don’t appear until halfway through the series, are not particularly important characters, and actually are a pretty amusing, inoffensive presence in my opinion anyway. The ending episodes are ultimately focused on the friendship of the two major female characters.

  6. Avatar rederoin says:

    From the upcoming shows, i’m really looking forward too ‘Gakkou Gurashi’, its rather different from the other CGDT shows, but nothing wrong with variety in the genre if its a good manga.

    • something something says:

      I went ahead and read the first few chapters of that, because I’d rather get spoiled on /the thing/ by reading it myself versus inevitably having someone spoil it for me, which was getting very close to happening multiple times.

      It… …could work. Maybe. So so many ways I can imagine it going wrong. But we’ll see.

      By far most interested in Hanayamata myself, godly staff and perfect premise. Koufuku Graffiti would come next, show about cute girls eating or cooking or whatever sounds fun. The covers are simply majestic.

      • Avatar rederoin says:

        As long as Taneda, Risa voices the blue haired twintail girl(known as ‘shovel-chan’/’shovel girl’ by the fans), all will be good.

  7. Avatar EmperorBrandon says:

    I’ve had a really good track record with Houbunsha adaptations. Out of those listed, the only one I haven’t seen any of is Doujin Work, which maybe I will try at some point. I wasn’t feeling into and gave up a few episodes in were GA and Kill Me Baby. Yumekui Merry feels like it was disappointing in a few regards. The rest were all very enjoyable. I’d say tops for me are probably K-ON! (definitely #1, particularly with that amazing movie topping it off), Hidamari Sketch (got even more and more into as the seasons went on), Yuyushiki, Love Lab, and Acchi Kocchi. And I think Kanamemo was in there for me too, though it’s been so long since I have seen it. Probably one of the higher priorities out of series I’m considering rewatching.

  8. Avatar AholePony says:

    This is an interesting list. I don’t really read much manga but it’s still interesting to get this kind of detail from one Book/Magazine/Publisher(?). As I was going through it I was thinking, “something didn’t import A-Channel?!” then I saw the not haha. I’ve been meaning to re-watch that one myself. I’ve seen all but 4 of the series on this list, I think it’s about time I watch those stragglers, so thanks for the reminder!

  9. something something says:

    Early indications seem to be that Urara is dead. RIP. ;_;

    But maybe there’s hope for Yurucamp!

    Since Kinmosa s1, Houbunsha Manga Time adaptations have followed an unbroken success-flop-flop pattern. Hopefully this means we’re due for a decent 5k seller next time. I also hope New Game s2 is in the works because the pattern only held up so far thanks to sequels…

    • Avatar Progeusz says:

      Difference between past flops and recent ones is quite depressing. Love Lab and Hanayamata would be considered quite successful shows now ;_;

      Yeah, hopefully Kirara will produce some more successful titles soon and I would definitely enjoy New Game 2. I loved how cute the cast was and feel like the one thing show needed was more interaction between different combos of characters. That’s precisely what second season could bring.

      • something something says:

        Thing I most wanted but didn’t get from New Game was more Aoba x Hifumi, but I guess it was hard to mind too terribly with Rni x Kou being so incredibly perfect.

    • something something says:

      Someone just reminded me that Blend S was also announced for an adaptation so I guess we’re not sure which will be next after Urara, that or Yurucamp. Probably Blend S since it was announced earlier…?

  10. something something says:

    Ultimatemegax just put together the production committees for Houbunsha Manga Time series, up through Urara:

    Interesting to see they weren’t on Gakkou Gurashi’s committee. Since it got their biggest manga boost by far since K-ON!, that’s a free ride for them. Sales bump, without having to invest in the anime. Lucky.

    The prominence of TBS has really waned too. Urara is the first one with TBS on the committee since summer 2015. Frankly I’m just fine with them not being there given their shitty attitude towards streaming.

  11. something something says:

    The 5k sequel trigger (which isn’t actually a trigger at all and is just correlation rather than causation etc etc etc) holds, as New Game! gets Season 2 announced:

    Hooray for good news for once!

  12. something something says:

    Updated this for the first time in a couple months.

    We’ve got 4 Kirara adaptations upcoming at the moment: New Game 2, Yurucamp, Blend S, and now Slow Start. New Game 2 is Summer but that’s the only one with a confirmed season.

    • Avatar homu says:

      Thank you for maintaining this, since Houbunsha is remarkably consistent in what sequels get greenlit. Everything with 5k average saw a sequel.

      A great example of how meticious disk sales tracking can be useful!

      • something something says:

        Well it’s correlation rather than causation, but it is an interesting correlation nonetheless.

        Too bad almost none of these shows really do well enough to rank in the weekly manga lists, since I’d really like to know which ones see which kinds of boosts. Gakkou Gurashi is the only one after K-ON! to do well enough to rank consistently.

        • Avatar AAA says:

          K-On was still on a whole level in manga sales. K-On manga Vol 4 sold over 300k in 2 weeks while Gakkou Gurashi manga Vol 7 and 8 each sold over 100k in 2 weeks.

          Hidamari Sketch did as good as Gakkou Gurashi. Hidamari Sketch manga Vol 5 sold 99k in 2 weeks and Vol 7 reached 104k in 2 weeks.

          GochiUsa is also not bad with Vol 5 manga sold 79k in 2 weeks.

          • something something says:

            What I meant was “of the shows adapted after K-ON”. Good that Gochiusa ranks, though not sure I’ve seen any of the others do very much.

            Gakkou Gurashi’s print run (not Oricon numbers) was 200k/volume by the time the anime ended (1.2 million in Sept 2015), and 2.0 million in Feb/March 2017 (by the release of v9). That’d be ~222k/volume.

            Plus digital of course… digital is a huge chunk of the market now, but wasn’t just a few years ago. Gakkou Gurashi always ranked very well on digital charts that I saw.

            Since publisher numbers are even more important with print than anime (Oricon print coverage is awful even ignoring digital) I wish we had data for other recent Houbunsha series. Maybe there’s a Gochiusa number out there somewhere. But when I search their twitter, the only one of these series I see them tweeting out new print run milestones for is Gakkou Gurashi.

  13. Avatar AAA says:

    K-On will always be the most successful Manga Time Kirara series. Maybe the key is having Kyoto Animation producing it. In terms of popularity or success I think the Top 5 series are:
    1. K-On
    2. GochiUsa
    3. Hidamari Sketch
    4/5. Kiniro Mosaic
    4/5. New Game

  14. something something says:

    Harukana Receive has been announced!

    I actually read the first three volumes of the manga (I’ve been trying to read some manga in Japanese lately and picked this up on a whim as a starter) and enjoyed it a lot. Girls’ sports shows are so incredibly rare, and this is the first sports title from the Kirara adaptations.

    Now to just hope TBS isn’t involved in any way…

  15. Avatar Daemul says:

    I just found out that another Kirara manga, Comic Girls, is also getting an anime. The first PV for it came out quite recently.

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