Ranking update summary for the week of 2014 05/26 – 06/01

The following rankings have been updated to reflect the full data released this week.

» Weekly sales for 05/26 – 06/01
» 2000-Present, TV Anime Sales over 10k
» TV Anime BD Boxsets over ¥100m
» Box Office Gross, TV Anime Adaptations
» Series Data – Quick View

» 2013 Total Average Sales Ranking
» 2013 Per-volume Sales Ranking

» 2014 Total Average Sales Ranking
» 2014 Per-volume Sales Ranking
» 2014 Winter Vol. 1 Ranking
» 2014 Spring Vol. 1 Ranking

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Spring 2014 Vol. 1 list has been started. Fall 2013 Vol. 1 list drops off the normal weekly update schedule now that everything is out. Next time it’ll be updated is for the 2014 mid-year rankings and then yearly rankings.

3 Responses to “Ranking summary for the week of 2014 05/26 – 06/01”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The Love Live rereleases didn’t count towards its overall series average?

    • something says:

      Correct, they’re a re-release. Those get counted separately in a case like this, because they’re coming out more than a year after the series ended (and 8 months after the last initial BD release). If you look in the 10k+ list, they’re in the Re-releases column, like the Code Geass BD release. Functionally, it’s just like releasing a boxset to coincide with a sequel. Except in a pricier way. Go Scamco!

      • hpulley says:

        To be fair to Scamco, they’ve had cheaper RE’s available all along. No one wanted those. In most boxed sets you don’t get ANY bonuses while these ones have the full packaging aside from concert and mobile game codes. Oddly, there was still stock of some of the original Season 1s out there.

        With season 2 of LoveLive!, v1 currently had a Stalker prediction of 57K copies of the LE and 800 copies of the RE. I really don’t know why they bother with the REs at all, no one aside from 800 people want the cheesy Bluray cases and lack of CDs for almost no less money. Makes no sense to buy the RE, it is a worse deal.

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