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Full list. 355 DVD threshold, 245 BD.

2014 05/26 – 06/01 Anime DVD List

Anime Rank All Rank Last Rank Week Sales Total Sales #Wks Title
1 3 8,316 8,316 1 Kuroko no Basuke 2nd Season v5
2 6 3,921 3,921 1 Monogatari Series Second Season v8 (Shinobu Time Pt. 2)
3 9 2,466 2,466 1 Infinite Stratos 2 v7
5 22 1,249 1,249 1 Little Busters! ~Refrain~ v5
6 23 1,243 1,243 1 Nisekoi v3
7 25 1,198 1,198 1 Tonari no Seki-kun v1
8 26 1,193 1,193 1 Hamatora v2
9 28 1,177 1,177 1 Tonari no Seki-kun v2
10 29 1,098 1,098 1 Magi The Kingdom of Magic v5
11 32 999 999 1 Strike The Blood v5
12 37 888 888 1 Kakumeiki Valvrave 2nd Season v6
14 40 804 804 1 Log Horizon v5
15 52 723 723 1 Machine Doll wa Kizutsukanai v6
16 55 660 660 1 Non Non Biyori v6
18 60 601 601 1 Danbooru Senki Wars v8
19 61 573 573 1 Freezing Vibration v6
21 65 564 564 1 Gundam Build Fighters v6
23 69 542 542 1 Maken-ki! 2 v3
24 72 65 483 1,248,043 649 Tonari no Totoro
26 84 420 420 1 Nagi no Asu kara v6
27 87 412 412 1 Tokyo Ravens v6
28 100 44 372 5,818 3 Persona 3 #1 Spring of Birth LE
29 101 368 368 1 D-Frag! v3

Other releases (concerts etc)
5 4,542 4,542 1 Mizuki Nana Live Circus x Circus+ Winter Festa
101 368 368 1 Nakagawa Kanon Starring Touyama Nao 2nd Concert 2014 Ribbon Illusion

2014 05/26 – 06/01 Anime BD List

Anime Rank All Rank Last Rank Week Sales Total Sales #Wks Title
1 1 32,309 32,309 1 Monogatari Series Second Season v8 (Shinobu Time Pt. 2)
2 2 10,333 10,333 1 Kidou Senshi Gundam Movie Trilogy BD Box LE
3 3 10,202 10,202 1 Infinite Stratos 2 v7
4 4 7,754 7,754 1 Kuroko no Basuke 2nd Season v5
5 5 6,845 6,845 1 Little Busters! ~Refrain~ v5
6 6 6,698 6,698 1 Non Non Biyori v6
8 8 5,789 5,789 1 Love Live! v5 (2014 re-release)
9 9 5,060 5,060 1 Love Live! v4 (2014 re-release)
10 10 4,469 4,469 1 Strike The Blood v5
15 4,419 4,419 1 Love Live! v6 (2014 re-release)
16 4,397 4,397 1 Love Live! v3 (2014 re-release)
17 4,391 4,391 1 Love Live! v1 (2014 re-release)
18 4,314 4,314 1 Love Live! v2 (2014 re-release)
19 4,087 4,087 1 Nisekoi v3
20 4,066 4,066 1 Witch Craft Works v3
21 3,862 3,862 1 Love Live! v7 (2014 re-release)
22 3,388 3,388 1 Kidou Senshi Gundam Movie Trilogy BD Box
23 3,069 3,069 1 White Album 2 v6
24 2,989 2,989 1 Log Horizon v5
25 2,959 2,959 1 Nagi no Asu kara v6
26 2,883 2,883 1 Puchimas!! -Petit Idolmaster- v1
27 2,874 2,874 1 Kakumeiki Valvrave 2nd Season v6
28 2,804 2,804 1 Machine Doll wa Kizutsuknai v6
30 2,166 2,166 1 Mmaken-ki! 2 v3
31 2,108 2,108 1 D-Frag! v3
32 2,069 2,069 1 Sekai Seifuku v3
36 1,639 1,639 1 Freezing Vibration v6
39 1,487 1,487 1 Tokyo Ravens v6
41 1,428 1,428 1 Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha. v3
44 60 1,352 35,576 6 Monogatari Series Second Season v7 (Shinobu Time Pt. 1)
45 1,335 1,335 1 Yuusha ni Narenakatta Ore wa Shibushibu Shuushoku wo Ketsui Shimashita. v6
46 7 1,326 27,355 3 Persona 3 #1: Spring of Birth LE
47 1,251 1,251 1 Buddy Complex v3
48 1,232 1,232 1 Ginga Tetsudou no Yoru
49 1,211 1,211 1 Saikin, Imouto no Yousuga Chotto Okashinda ga. v3
50 1,144 1,144 1 Blazblue Alter Memory v6
54 981 981 1 Dokidoki! Precure BD Box v4
57 927 927 1 Wooser no Sono Higurashi Kakusei-hen
58 925 925 1 Space Dandy v2
61 873 875 1 Magi The Kingdom of Magic v5
63 798 798 1 Ginga Tetsudou Monogatari ~Oborerareta Toki no Wakusei~
64 794 794 1 Mahou no Tenshi Creamy Mami BD Box
65 786 786 1 Hamatora v2
68 2 713 6,091 2 Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren v3
70 581 581 1 Nobunaga the Fool v2
71 34 505 149,415 9 Gekijouban Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica Shinhen: Hangyaku no Monogatari LE
72 10 463 2,283 2 Wake Up, Girls! v3
76 407 407 1 Kyou Kara Maou! season 2 BD Box
77 5 402 4,130 2 Saki Zenkoku-hen v3
90 15 287 1,583 2 Walkure Romanze v6
96 252 252 1 Mahou Sensou v2
99 28 247 6,183 3 Hoozuki no Reitetsu v3 A ver

Other releases (concerts etc)
2 17,883 17,883 1 Mizuki Nana Live Circus x Circus+ Winter Festa
34 1,951 1,951 1 Nakagawa Kanon Starring Touyama Nao 2nd Concert 2014 Ribbon Illusion
53 993 993 1 Shintani Ryouko Live Tour Happy Happy Smile 13chu→lip☆Voyage
97 63 251 32,203 23 Love Live! μ's 3rd Anniversary LoveLive!

Forgot Seki-kun came out two at once. Lots of DVDs waiting for their BD siblings later this week.

Spring update:
Puchimas!! v1 sells 2,883 BDs, DVDs do not rank. Massive drop from s1v1 which sold 6,001 first week and 6,645 total. That said, 2.9k is good for a short and the high s1 sales were because it came in two different versions with different extras, and it sounds like people double-dipped. Nothing like that this time, so no extras bump (the CDs and stuff are being sold separately).

Winter update:
Seki-kun v1 sells 1,198 as a DVD-only release.
v2 sells 1,177. Series average: 1,188. A late release but it gets it all done at once.

Nisekoi v3 sells 4087/1243, total 5,330.

Witch Craft Works v3 sells 4,066 as a BD-only release.

Maken-ki s2 v3 sells 2166/245, total 2,708

D-Frag! v3 sells 2108/368, total 2,476. First time ranking on DVD so that’s a little boost to its average. I mean it’s not a big number but even this is already 13% of the average now.

Sekai Seifuku v3 sells 2,069 BDs, DVDs do not rank.

Hamatora v2 sells 786/1193, total 1,979.

Inarikonkon v3 sells 1,428 BDs, DVDs do not rank.

BuddyCom v3 sells 1,251 as a BD-only release. Uh, at east each volume is increasing on the last!

Imocho v3 sells 1,211 BDs, DVDs do not rank.

Space Dandy v2 sells 925 BDs, DVDs do not rank.

Nobufool v2 sells 581 BDs, DVDs do not rank.

Mahou Sensou v2 sells 252 BDs, DVDs do not rank.

Hoozuki v3 adds 247 A ver BDs, total 13,407.

Chuunibyou Ren v3 adds 713 BDs, total 6,929.

Saki Zenkoku-hen v3 adds 402 BDs, total 4,410.

WUG v3 adds 463, total 2,283 as a BD-only release.

Fall update:
Kurobas v5 sells 7754/8316, total 16,070.

IS2 v7, final volume, sells 10202/2466, total 12,668. Series average: 16,263. A bit under half of s1’s average, even with v1 selling 27k with the pseudo OVA.

LitBus s2 v5 sells 6845/1249, total 8,094.

Non Non v6, final volume, sells 6698/660, total 7,358. Series average: 8,291. That’s the best “all-female cast of cute girls doing cute everyday things” show since Yuru Yuri, which sold 8,348 in Summer 2011. Non Non could just squeeze past that with next week’s data. That would make it best-selling in the genre since Hidamari Sketch Hoshimittsu which sold 8,512. Beyond that you jump to K-ON!! at 39,385.

Strike the Blood v5 sells 4469/999, total 5,468. This show is still really, really consistent. Doens’t even have a wk2 yet and this vol is already only 11.7& behind v1. It’ll end up barely 5-6% behind after 5 vols.

While Album 2 v6, final volume, sells 3,069 as a BD-only release. Series average: 3,103.

Log Horizon v5 sells 2989/804, total 3,793. Super consistency continues.

Valvrave s2 v6, final volume, sells 2874/888, total 3,762. Series average: 4,170 s1 averaged 5,689.

Machine Doll v6, final volume, sells 2804/723, total 3,527. Series average: 4,093.

NagiAsu v6 sells 2959/420, total 3,379.

Freezing s2 v6, final volume, sells 1639/573, total 2,212 DVDs, BDs on Thursday. Series average: 2,239, plunging from 5,299 s1.

Magi s2 v5 sells 875/1098, total 1,973. Wow, quite the plunge from previous volumes, which weren’t exactly tearing up the charts to begin with.

Tokyo Ravens v6 sells 1487/412, total 1,899.

Yuushibu v6, final volume, sells 1,335 DVDs do not rank. Series average: 1,485.

Blazblue v6, final volume, sells 1,144 DVDs do not rank. Series average: 1,255.

Gundam BF v6 DVD single sells 564. Again, the BD boxes are there this does its real sales. Next one is June 20.

Walkure v6, final volume, adds 287 BDs, total 1,864. Series average: 1,766.

Past seasons:
Monogatari v7 adds 1352 BDs, total 39,758. The Aniplex+ bump again, slightly smaller than the previous ones but still obvious.
v8 sells 32309/3921, total 36,230.

OVAs, Movies, Boxsets etc:
Gundam Movie Trilogy BD Box sells 10333/3388, total 13,721.

Love Live! re-release sells as follows:
v1 sells 4,391
v2 sells 4,314
v3 sells 4,397
v4 sells 5,060
v5 sells 5,789
v6 sells 4,419
v7 sells 3,862
So basically it’s like a very expensive BD box that sold 4,605 average, or more like 7-7.5k if you adjust price to a ~¥30k MSRP BD box.

Madoka Hangyaku adds 505 LE BDs, total 179,099 in wk9. First week we haven’t seen all three versions ranking together.

Personal 3 #1 adds 1326/372 LEs, total 34,591.

Upcoming Releases for 2014 06/02 – 06/08 Anime DVD List
2014/06/03 Aikatsu! 2nd Season v3
2014/06/03 Kaleido Star 10th Anniversary BD Box
2014/06/03 Toriko v24
2014/06/04 Kill La Kill v6
2014/06/04 Kyoukai no Kanata v6
2014/06/04 Nourinv3
2014/06/04 ONE PIECE 16th Season Punk Hazard-hen v11
2014/06/04 ONE PIECE 16th Season Punk Hazard-hen v12
2014/06/04 Seitokai Yakuindomo* v5
2014/06/04 Z/X Ignition v3
2014/06/06 Kidou Senshi Gundam UC v1 (re-release)
2014/06/06 Kidou Senshi Gundam UC v2 (re-release)
2014/06/06 Kidou Senshi Gundam UC v3 (re-release)
2014/06/06 Kidou Senshi Gundam UC v4 (re-release)
2014/06/06 Kidou Senshi Gundam UC v5 (re-release)
2014/06/06 Kidou Senshi Gundam UC v6 (re-release)
2014/06/06 Kidou Senshi Gundam UC v7
2014/06/07 Tamayura ~more aggressive~ OVA

66 Responses to “2014 05/26 – 06/01 Weekly Sales List”

  1. Tiago says:

    Great week 1 for nisekoi, it probably won’t rank as many times as the early volumes so this is is good. (Thinking about that 6k average)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Well Sidonia’s debut is better than my expection(~5k)

    Let’s see will it have some legs due to the anime is not finish yet

    • hpulley says:

      Sidonia v1 still seems to be ranking well though it was overestimated for wk1. Perhaps a largish second week? I still think that is a good result all things considering that it was quite a dark horse to do much of any sales at all in my opinion.

      As for the rest of the results for the series I’m buying, I’m very happy with Non Non Biyori. Watching v6 last night I was reminded yet again how much I love the show. Beautifully animated, gorgeous backgrounds, wonderful characters, hilarious comedy, great music… it really is the full package. The OVA and rewatching season 1 will tide me over until season 2. So glad we’re getting more of this one!

      Machine Doll I fear is too low for season 2 and the novels, while continuing, didn’t get enough of a boost either. Too bad, really enjoyed this one too, shall just have to keep buying the novels.

      Onimonogatari v2, sales are tapering down… but thankfully still printing money so we shall see the conclusion of this one I trust. Final Season when???

      White Album2 didn’t make the Tuesday threshold, we’ll see how far v6 drops though I’m surprised buyers would stop buying it now. The final volume with the 3-episode conclusion, you are really going to stop buying it before the end? Odd, but perhaps the ending is a bit too painful for some to relive. It’s just the “introductory chapter” but I’m worried that both difficulties in adapting “closing chapter” and iffy sales may mean no second season though with game, music, et al franchises it is always hard to tell how the sales are really going.

      • Anonymous says:

        I guess the “overestimated” is because Amazon limited edition(it get ~1200 point,but i doubt have that much people pre-ordered this version)

  3. Progeusz says:

    So Sidonia was overestimated but only by 7% (6410 BD prediction). Pretty solid number, especially for a seinen adaptation. I wonder how much it will sell in second week, things are looking good right now.
    As expected, DVDs didn’t rank. Well, it’s a crime to get DVDs of show with such amazing backgrounds so I’m not bothered by it. On the off chance one of future DVDs does rank, it will provide nice ~5% boost to average.
    What’s very interesting, all volumes simply refuse to leave top100 for longer periods of time, so their predictions are pretty ridiculous at the moment (v6 is at 12,760 BDs). I hope it means good consistency with some of other volumes having similar wk1s to v1 while v1 having longer tail due to its early release and obvious current popularity of the show.
    Yes, as you probably guessed, I started watching Sidonia no Kishi yesterday and really like it.

    Witch Craft Works v3 up 6% on v2, down 8% on v1. >4k average should be a safe bet.

    Waiting for BD data of VVV and NagiAsu.

  4. Anon says:

    Monogatari’s release is Shinobu Time 2, not 1.
    Anyway, this is a nice improvement in comparison to Onimonogatari 1 wk1, I believe a lot of people wanted to give Snail a last goodbye ;_; (at least, until the third season of novels is adapted).

    • something says:

      Fixed, thanks.

      The second part of each arc goes up a bit relative to the first part, because a modest number of people buy from the Aniplex+ shop, which ships both discs in each arc together when the second half comes out. You’ll see about a 1.5k bump to Shinobu Time pt. 1 on Thursday as those are counted. This has happened to each of the arcs so far.

      • primadog says:

        Does that mean Aniplex+ sells around 1.5k copies each volume?

        • something says:

          Minus however many it happens to have sold at other Oricon-reporting retailers that week (which is likely anywhere between 200 and 600, depending on how many people are picking up both discs together). That would lower the Aniplex+ share, but I suppose there could also be people who bought just the first part of the arc and were shipped back when part 1 came out, and aren’t counted in this bump.

          But yeah, maybe 1-1.5k wk1 for pt. 2 is the rough guess, plus whatever they sell over time.

          • Primadog says:

            I’m glad we finally have some idea on the type of volume first party shops go through. Thank you for that antidote!

            • something says:

              I wish we had far more data points, though! Knowing rouuuuughly how much the Aniplex shop moves on an incredibly popular title for which they’re offering exclusive boxes is not very applicable to how much KyoAni shop might have sold of a much lower selling show like Kyoukai (or a sucessful show like Free!), or how Pony Canyon’s canime.jp shop did for Sakura Trick (which ranked highly there, not that that means much probably).

              I am glad Aniplex reports tho, at least, even if KyoAni shop and canime don’t. I’d love to know how many units of Idolmaster movie they move, or more specifically the breakdown of which character packaging versions were most popular.

              • Primadog says:

                If even a high profile exclusive like Monogatari only moves <5% of the total via the first party store, I'm really doubtful other storefronts can do much better. Even if those stores somehow does better, would, say, moving an extra 10% through KyoAni store or canime.jp really make much of a difference? That's still only ~200 copies for Sakura Trick or ~700 for Chuu2. We're basically talking about marginal errors at this point.

                • something says:

                  10% would be reasonably significant (about on par with DVDs failing to rank, usually), though I don’t imagine it’s that high for most releases. Not enough to change anything on a fundamental level (like going from a flop to a hit), but, still significant.

                  We say fairly dire things about a show averaging under 3k, whereas a title just over 4k is usually described as “decent”. But that dramatic change in attitude comes with only a difference of ~1000 units, in a country of 130 million people. Small amounts just look big when sales are systematically low.

                  I’m definitely talking about perception, no profits. After all, whether a sale gets reported to Oricon or not is irrelevant, committee still gets the sale. But when the industry is built on titles that are expected to sell maybe more than 2-3k median, a couple hundred can easily pass the sort of mental thresholds that shape our opinions about how a show is doing.

                  So while it doesn’t “change” anything, I’d still love to know!

  5. limbo says:

    Why are you not highlighting Sidonia nor giving any commentary? Ridiculous. People expect a certain level of quality from this blog.

    • something says:

      I’ve gone over this before. I don’t classify full-CGI shows as being the same medium as anime, and frankly don’t feel like I should even be including them in the charts at all! It’s as “anime” as a live action movie as far as I’m concerned. I only include it in the rankings for the convenience of people who, for whatever reasons, feel otherwise. But as it’s my site (one I’m making a whopping negative $100 dollars a year on, what with paying hosting while running zero ads) so please don’t expect me to expend effort typing weekly updates for CGI things that I feel have absolutely no relevance to what I believe this site to be about.

      As a general FYI, because people have been confused by it before, everything in the commentary section below the data tables is 100% subject to my whims and preferences, with the only exception being I obviously won’t make up fake numbers. I’ll leave out shows or include shows as I see fit, I’ll make personal comments about elation or disappointment at the sales numbers, I’ll make silly comments or other additional commentary about drops and increases and comparisons to other shows, etc. The commentary portion is decidedly subjective and will always remain so. People are entirely welcome to ignore the commentary section (or this whole site!) entirely if they don’t like what I have to say – or what I don’t say.

      (And to nip it in the bud, please don’t bother trying to tell me why you or other people think full-CGI is anime or whatnot. You won’t say anything I haven’t heard before.)

      • ShuA says:

        No commentary is fine,but I still think you need at least highlight Sidonia no Kishi and provide the sales number, even if you dislike full-CGI shows. Why? Even if it’s your blog, it’s necessary to keep a certain level of objectivity and clearly you intentionally left out Sidonia for its CGI. I am very grateful for what you’ve done for the past few years even from when you were still posting in mania, but yeah just take my opinion as an input. thanks

        • Anonymous says:

          While he won’t talk about Sidonia(and other CG shows),he also allow everyone talk about CG shows in his site,so just don’t care that,let everything stay same

        • something says:

          The number is there though, at BD #7. Look as well at the 2013 Fall Vol. 1, 2013 averages, 2013 per-vol, 10k+, and Quick View charts and you’ll notice a certain show about CGI battleships. I feel very strongly that they don’t belong anywhere on this site whatsoever, meaning from my point of view, I’m already making what I see as ill-advised concessions for no particularly good reason. Given that, CGI fans can live without a bit of bold text formatting or a comment.

          This site has a very specific purpose and focus, and CGI television shows fall decidedly outside of that focus. Just like kids’ shows (including actual anime like One Piece or Cardfight!), most films, most standalone OVAs, western animation released in Japan, live action, etc. If anything, you could make a stronger case that CGI airing in late night time slots is getting preferential treatment over the other categories I just listed – I don’t have One Piece or Summer Wars or Gundam UC in my sales spreadsheets or rankings, for example!

          This is all retreading old ground though, so I don’t think I need to add more on the topic.

    • Progeusz says:

      He gave his reasons multiple times, deal with it. You aren’t his employer. He can do whatever he wants on his private site. something doesn’t want to cover Sidonia and that’s it. Someone else can do it in his stead. It isn’t the only sales related site either.

      @something, please pay no attention to him. We all appreciate your tremendous amount of great work.

      • something says:

        Yeah no worries, it’s pretty impossible for anyone’s opinion of the site to affect me. It’s nothing but a silly outlet for one of my weird hobbies that a few other weird people seem to find interesting, so I might as well share! Even if I didn’t do this I’d be tracking and compiling this stuff for my own amusement anyway.

    • merurun says:

      Why do you care?

  6. hpulley says:

    From another list, Yuyushiki has ranked in manga for the first time ever! Volume 6 got 20K sales, managing to rank even with all volumes of Haikyuu!! ranking week after week while the anime is on. 20K is not the lowest threshold ever, it does dip down to 15K occasionally but it can be at 24K so some weeks it wouldn’t rank just by luck and may have sold more in the past. Still… nice to see!

    • something says:

      It’s something, at least. Cutoff the week Vol. 5 came out was 24,319 and it was on sale for 3 days of that period. The anime had also just barely even started when Vol. 5 came out so it wouldn’t have been easy to get much of an anime bump.

      This time for Vol. 6 it was on sale for 6 days of the ranking period with a much lower 16,722 cutoff, which no doubt makes a big the difference.

      Vol. 4 also got 6 days of ranking but that was back when we only got a Top 30 and the threshold was 29,682. And that was a year before the anime existed.

      Just some quirks of release timing I guess. Easily the most annoying thing about manga tracking. Still, yeah it could have gone up!

      • Tiago says:

        You know about the daily manga ranking right? Even if doesn’t rank, you get a good idea of how much it did.

        • something says:

          Can’t say I know much about manga ranking, no. Wouldn’t it be pretty hard to even ballpark based on a daily ranking tho?

          • Tiago says:

            After a while, observation the weekly rankings, seeing the monthly(for example the position of something that did 20k in only the last week in the month) as well one starts to grasts the sales tendencies for all top 500 ranking.

      • hpulley says:

        We need a top 100 or 200 for manga, it is so crowded. Light novels and books go down to 6K or so, singles and albums get top 200 and 300 which go down to just hundreds of copies while manga is 15K and higher thresholds in a top 50 though top 30 was worse!

        • I would sacrifice a goat for a top 200 in manga, although that might not be enough to start getting totals for unprofitable series the way there are for anime charts. There are sometimes less than 200 volumes between slots as you get down to the bottom of the top 50, it’s very possible that series which are highly successful in-context can get excluded on rounding error-tier differences (things like which stores report to Oricon and exactly how many days it solicited). How many series were slightly less lucky in that regard than Aku no Hana v7, which sold 40,000 copies split 48-52 over the first two weeks and only charted the second one?

          Of course, the majority of discussion would still center around overzealously bashing and/or defending 4-5 series, because that’s just how things seem to work. Ajin is a freaking good! afternoon series selling 1,000,000 copies in a semester and all the discussion over the first-half 2014 report is this ugly back and forth between AoT/OP hardcores. Still would be nice to have the data, though.

          • hpulley says:

            It seems like we need sublists so we don’t have million sellers alongside series which celebrate getting 25K sales in manga or 4K sales in singles etc. It is weird to have AKB48 competing with coffin princess and Yuyushiki competing with One Piece in the same category.

            At least we do get anime only lists for Blurays and DVDs

            A goat per month is cheaper than the next level of Oricon membership, isn’t it?

            • something says:

              I think funding your own personal army to go invade Japan and take the data by force is cheaper than the next Oricon membership level. Shit’s crazy expensive.’

              But yes that’s the nice thing about the BD charts especially, it’s still a small market overall and anime is the dominant force in it, so we get nearly everything which is great.

              Though honestly CD albums and singles are fine too, top 200/300 there (available with base Youtaiju subscription) go super low as you’d noted earlier. Like, almost BD chart thresholds low. Which is good because CD sales come over a much longer period than most video discs.

              • hpulley says:

                Yes, the 200 singles, 300 albums level is almost too much information. There are some releases where I might have been happier being able to speculate how close to 1000 the sales might have been rather than knowing they only sold 247 copies, ouch. Yes, I’m talking about you, Ritz Idol Debut Single “Shippo Shippo Power” from Kenzen Robo Daimidaler… and no, I didn’t expect it to sell but it’s still a bit sad for Suzaki Aya. There can be such a thing as knowing exactly how poorly things sold.

                Knowing how much/little they make per copy of manga is again almost a bit sad though for the low selling stuff. They work so hard… 15000 copies of a manga release every 3 months really only nets them about $2500/month. They must get some magazine fees too and many of them have several projects on the go but since we know that an anime adaptation that only sells 3000 copies average also doesn’t net them a lot of royalties or manuscript fees… it puts things into perspective.

                • hpulley says:

                  Sigh, there can be such a thing as knowing TOO WELL exactly how poorly things sold…

                • something says:

                  And heck, “every three months” is a lot more frequent than a lot of the manga I read! You do have to wonder how they afford to live at all.

                  • hpulley says:

                    Indeed Yuyushiki is yearly or sonething like that. 20k copies at ¥819 pet copy once a year is like $20K a year. Sad.

                  • Progeusz says:

                    I think they get monthly wage from magizines they work at which is enough to live while volume sales are an extra.

            • Bob says:

              how much costs a Oricon membership ?

              • something says:

                I’m paying about ¥999 a month ($10 USD) for the Youtaiju (prelim) data, but the full Oricon Biz subscription is ¥209,560 for a one-year subscription (about about $2100 USD a year or $175 USD a month).

                • hpulley says:

                  And indeed, goats seem to go for $100/head in the local livestock exchange so my gut guess was, by total luck, correct in that a monthly goat sacrifice would be cheaper.

                • Bob says:

                  It’s not like 3 BD per month ? It’s expensive, but not that much.

                  • something says:

                    I actually thought it was more at fist (I swore I’d seen a number in excess of $10,000 a year), but yeah it’s almost within the realm of normal people being able to justify the price. Almost. $2k a year is still too much for an individual tho.

          • Progeusz says:

            >although that might be enough to start getting totals for unprofitable series
            And how is that bad in any way? Also, I’m pretty sure many manga are happy with 15k total. Not everything comes from WSJ.

  7. something says:

    Looks like the full data won’t be out until Friday again this week.

  8. mk03 says:

    Seems that membership is ridiculously expensive, although I think that’s because it’s more targeted towards businesses rather than individuals.

    As for the Suzaki Aya single mentioned above… Well, she’s still a new seiyuu, she still has a lot of time ahead of her. Few seiyuu ever get super popular as fast as Hirano Aya; even HanaKana didn’t get that popular immediately.

    • Primadog says:

      Comparable data in US would cost $250,000 yearly from Nielson VideoScan. At least Oricon provides consumer pricing.

  9. something says:

    Full ranking updated. Such a long list this week.

    Ranking summary tonight.

    • hpulley says:

      Over 3K average for White Album 2… moral victory?

      4K average for Machine Doll… nice but enough? Don’t think so but novel 14 is next month so I am happy that continues at least.

      NouCome 8 didn’t show up in the novels? Hmm…. that’s not good.

  10. rederoin says:

    Puchimass is a spring anime, silly.
    I suppose you can use the lower estimate for the DVDs(going by what Ejc posted on MAL) Which is 180 for the DVD at rank 245. Its not a lot, but its better than nothing.

    >D-Frag! v3 sells 2108/368, total 2,476. First time ranking on DVD so that’s a little boost to its average. I mean it’s not a big number
    Its above the mean average of the season, which is nice.

    ….untill you realize its winter 2014.

    • something says:

      Ah yes of course. That Spring series that’s already aired 50 episodes.

      • rederoin says:

        114+ if count the episodes from winter 2013.

        Its more or less no different than a half-length weekly show.

      • hpulley says:

        5 episodes a week! Still not sure why they do that but a few minutes a day is fun I guess.

        • something says:

          I tend to watch in chunks in the weekend anyways, so if you cut out EDs it’s probably, uh, about 12 minutes of content. When they’re not doing the double episodes anyway.

  11. Sandf5 says:

    BuddyCom is BD-only release, ofcourse DVD didn’t rank, they didn’t release it in DVD format

    • something says:

      Copy/paste strikes again.

      • rederoin says:

        Mankind’s greatest enemy.

        • mk03 says:

          It’s pretty weird how they decided to greenlight season 2 considering that it sold pretty poorly. But most probably season 2 was in production even before season 1 began so there was pretty much no way they could turn back.

          • something says:

            Any time you see cour-break-cour split cour like this, it’s safe to assume it was intended as two cour from the start, yes.

          • Tiago says:

            Is only a 2 episodes ova type of thing tho… Confirmed last week.

            • something says:

              Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait


              Edit: oh jeeze, this comment thread is about Buddy Complex, not Chaika. We have two very similar discussions going at once and I was replying from the admin comment page so I didn’t see the thread I was replying to, oops.

              Crisis averted!

            • Sandf5 says:

              It will air on TV not OVA

          • Sandf5 says:

            They never said season 2 only “To be continued” which means that can be just anything, the first season also end pretty neatly.

            • fourteenwings says:

              I’m really disappointed by the fact that this is Bandai’s third dud with English subtitles. Of course Gargantia did really well but since 2012 they’ve had about 2/5 successes (and E7AO only averaged 4000-ish IIRC).

            • scineram says:

              I’m guessing the cancelled the full season after the low sales in silentio. But who knows what they were planning?

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