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Full list. 246 DVD threshold, 203 or 193 BD.

2014 05/05 – 05/11 Anime DVD List

Anime Rank All Rank Last Rank Week Sales Total Sales #Wks Title
1 22 1,318 1,318 1 Kill La Kill v5
2 24 1,250 1,250 1 Noragami v3
7 34 62 917 1,246,488 646 Tonari no Totoro
8 41 819 819 1 Naruto Shippuuden Ninkai Taisen Sasuke to Ichiha v3
12 69 81 500 15,335 6 Gekijouban Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica Shinhen: Hangyaku no Monogatari
15 82 442 535,574 592 Majo no Takyuubin
16 83 11 438 10,158 3 Kuroko no Basuke 2nd Season v4
22 332 3,778 10 Crayon Shin-chan Arashi wo Yobu Mouretsu! Otona Teikoku no Grakushuu
24 284 1,426 3 Crayon Shin-chan Kitto Best Gyoushuku! Nohara Hiroshi
25 277 6,876 9 Precure Ending Movie Collection ~Minna de Dance~
27 273 372,886 391 Mononoke-hime
30 246 2,401,992 457 Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi

Other releases (concerts etc)
219 8,012 11 Mekaku City V's"

2014 05/05 – 05/11 Anime BD List

Anime Rank All Rank Last Rank Week Sales Total Sales #Wks Title
1 2 26 7,137 8,157 2 Kill La Kill v5
3 5 75 4,097 4,495 2 Kuroshitsuji BD Box
4 12 1,557 1,557 1 Noragami v3
7 17 17 1,067 147,596 6 Gekijouban Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica Shinhen: Hangyaku no Monogatari LE
9 22 885 885 1 Kyousougiga v5
30 10 667 33,592 3 Monogatari Series Second Season v7 (Shinobu Time Pt. 1)
36 14 593 18,540 3 Sword Art Online Extra Edition
40 497 497 1 Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai! v6
51 18 362 1,790 2 Nourin v2
53 62 347 13,274 6 Gekijouban Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica Shinhen: Hangyaku no Monogatari RE
74 15 279 9,069 3 Kuroko no Basuke 2nd Season v4
79 21 253 11,144 3 Infinite Stratos 2 v6
80 49 247 5,479 3 Mushishi Tokubetsu-hen Hihamukage
89 42 224 4,728 3 Nisekoi v2
96 30 208 7,910 3 Little Busters! ~Refrain~ v4
97 130 207 21,893 23 Mononoke-hime
98 27 206 10,145 3 Kidou Senshi Gundam SEED Destiny BD Box v4

Other releases (concerts etc)
68 174 298 24,440 20 Mekaku City V's
70 81 294 31,473 20 Love Live! μ's 3rd Anniversary LoveLive!

Real wk1 sales this time for KLK v5 and Kuroshitsuji box this time.

Note the source file says 293 BD threshold this week at #100 but that doesn’t make sense if we have #98 selling 206, so it must be 193.

Winter update:
Noragami v3 sells 1557/1250, total 2,807. 42% drop on v2wk1 (which had an event ticket and itself dropped 19% from v1 which also did) so this is a pretty heavy drop.

Nisekoi v2 adds 224 BDs, total 6,247. 16% drop from v1.

Nourin v2 adds 362 BDs, total 2,074. 47.7% drop from v1.

Fall update:
Kill la Kill v5 sells 8157/1318, total 9,475. This is the total of this week + the premature release from one store last week.

Kyousougiga v5, final volume, sells 885 BDs, DVDs do not rank. Series average: 919.

Sekatsuyo v6, final volume, sells 497 BDs, DVDs do not rank. This is an early reporting based entirely on pre-sale day sales. Street date is 5/12 and this reporting period ended 5/11. I don’t know if the rest of the sales will rank next week, depends on the thresholds – so its number could be artificially deflated if not, not that it matters much at this point. Very unusual to see scheduling line up like this. Interesting to see how much pre-sale accounts for for this show though – well over half, given it usually does about 700 BDs.

Kurobas v4 adds 379/438, total 19,227 in wk3. 19k mark cleared again. Average is sitting at 19,850 after 4 of 9 volumes. If it can stay incredibly consistent, mid-year or yearly rankings could just barely put it over 20k average. Especially if another volume gets a boost like v3.

Infinite Stratos 2 v6 adds 253 BDs, total 13,866.

LitBus Refrain v4 adds 208 BDs, total 9,156. Sneaking in a third week keeps it over 9k.

Past seasons:
Monogatari v7 adds 667 BDs, total 37,774 in wk3.

OVAs, Movies, Boxsets etc:
Kuroshitsuji BD Box sells 4,495. This is the total of this week + the premature release from one store last week. And that’s a hell of a lot better than under 400! Starts at ¥160m, #47 on the BD Box list.

Madoka Hagyaku adds 1067/347 BDs, 500 DVDs, total 176,205 so that’s the 175k mark cleared. Maybe 180-183 before it peters out, then a bit more in the yearly?

SAO EE adds 593 BDs, total 22,910

Seed Destiny BD Box v4 adds 206, total 10,145.

Mushishi special adds 247cBDs, total 6,720

Upcoming Releases for 2014 05/12 – 05/18 Anime DVD List
2014/05/12 Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai! v6
2014/05/13 Toki no Kizune ~Sekigahara Kitan~
2014/05/14 Galilei Donna v6
2014/05/14 GJ-bu@
2014/05/14 Hoozuki no Reitetsu v3 (A ver)
2014/05/14 Hoozuki no Reitetsu v3 (B ver)
2014/05/14 Kyoukai no Kanata v5
2014/05/14 Meganebu! v6
2014/05/14 Mikakunin de Shinkoukei v3
2014/05/14 ONE PIECE 16th Season Punk Hazard-hen v10
2014/05/14 ONE PIECE 16th Season Punk Hazard-hen v9
2014/05/14 Persona 3 #1 Spring of Birth
2014/05/14 Seitokai Yakuindomo* v4
2014/05/14 Wizard Barristers v2
2014/05/14 Yowamushi Pedal v6
2014/05/14 Z/X IGNITION v2
2014/05/15 Macross F Movie DVD Box
2014/05/16 Ai Mai Mii BD Box
2014/05/16 Wake Up, Girls! v2

30 Responses to “2014 05/05 – 05/11 Weekly Sales List”

  1. primadog says:

    Wow, thin pickings to see 4 old Ghibli films on the Tuesday DVD rankings.

  2. AnimePhoenix says:

    I was prepared for Norgami 3’s huge drop but I was hoping it would cross 3k. Sigh. Ah well, at least isn’t a complete disaster. A decent week 2 should put it over 3k hopefully. A 3k average is all I want.

  3. Progeusz says:

    Arpeggio v5 adds 1,174 BDs, total 11,109 in wk2. Too bad DVDs weren’t able to rank. By the way Arpeggio only needs 10,022 to reach 12k average with one volume yet to be released. I think 13,022 more for 12.5k average is a good goal to strive for. It will be really close.

  4. mk03 says:

    >Kyousougiga v5, final volume, sells 885 BDs, DVDs do not rank. Series average: 919.

    Poor Kyousougiga. Despite getting excellent reviews from Western reviews (some even proclaiming it to be AOTY), it ended up being one of 2013’s biggest flops. But is it really more popular in the West than in Japan, or is there just a small but extremely dedicated Kyousougiga fanbase in the West?

    • something says:

      Small but dedicated, it’s not some massively popular show outside of Japan either.

    • The worldwide search traffic for Kyousogiga’s romanized title was actually way less than for its Japanese title, and fell toward the lower end of search traffic vs other romanized titles (“Kyousogiga” was less often searched than, among other things, “Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai”). So I’d say the evidence points towards it having a small fanbase in general, as sometimes happens. A show doesn’t have to be popular to be people’s AoTY anyway.


      • mk03 says:

        By the way, are you still going to do that Music-correlation-to-sales article I requested before?

        • I’m working on it, it just takes time to go through mal forums and catalog their weekly music charts (especially as some of the 2010-era data is fairly nonstandardized and some weeks it just appears to be missing). It’ll happen, but I have no idea when. Might do a quickie on the Fall/Summer 2013 results to look at casual interest, since the data is consistent by that point.

    • Progeusz says:

      Kyousou Giga was considered to be AOTY but only until last episodes happened where show fell flat on its face. From what I saw, the only ones who still considered it AOTY material are people who watched ~10 shows in whole year and/or are generally prejudiced toward most of anime so they force themselves to praise something different. I loved the first ONA, loved next five ONAs, love their adaptation in TV series but when they run out of material to improve on and had to think of completely new ending to the series, quality fell significantly resulting in just a (very) good show, not AOTY candidate.
      Show was getting a lot of praise but truth is, the fanbase was really small.
      It never looked like it could do decent in Japan though. Truly a shame.

      • mk03 says:

        >generally prejudiced toward most of anime so they force themselves to praise something different.
        So, basically ANN?

        • Progeusz says:

          Basically Western fans but yeah, ANN works well here.

          • rederoin says:

            ANN always works when it comes to mediocre opinions/reviews.

            • mk03 says:

              No wonder 4chan anons in general don’t like ANN, or MAL for that matter.

              • rederoin says:

                I just read the intro of a review, and its uses ‘artistry’ which is just the long version of ‘art’. What the hell is up with that? Only people who want to pretend they are smart would use the rarely used and longer version of a word.

              • Progeusz says:

                Precisely. Almost all bigger communities are terrible. And the only one left is unfortunately degrading. Thankfully it’s possible for small communities (like part of mania which was transferred to someanithing) to retain their high level.

  5. Tiago says:

    Noragami without event ticket performed badly… Worse than I thought, that original ending didn’t help I suppose.
    Winter shows sure are selling a lot even WCW must be the 5th biggest seller by the end.. Selling about +4k per volume.

  6. mistress_kisara says:

    Awww too bad for Noragami it could have been worse..
    Anyway Persona 3 movie tomorrow! I’m hoping for 35K-40K!

  7. Danius says:

    Well, before Madoka Hagyaku was released I would have hope for it to reach 200k… but now this seems more and more impossible. It still sells a LOT of copies.

  8. rederoin says:

    Kill la Kill did not have a 10k+ first as I thought it would. Stalker was spot on(9.5k -> 9.5k) with this one. Damn machines, always beating me. Stalker was also more accurate with Noragami.

    Atleast(or sadly, should I say), kyousogiga keeps being heavily underestimated. So I at-least got that one right.

    Putting that aside, Love Live! had a huge boost, its now estimated at 76k+ on stalker, if this goes on, it has a very small chance at becoming the best selling volume of the 21st century. But really, what are the chances of it to keep ranking like this?

    Wixoss is also still doing rather strong, I’d say it has a chance at reaching 10k. Those custom decks sure are powerful extras.

    Both versions(amazon and non-amazon) of JoJo are up on amazon now, and as expected, its performing rather good. If this doesn’t reach 10k, i’ll eat my non-existent hat.

    Gochuisa and Haikyuu!! also had some improvements in their rankings, both went up by roughly 15-20%.

    This week looks to be moderately busy, The Persona 3 movie will come out and its estimated around 30k, But aside from that movie and Hoozuki v3, we won’t have anything reach 10k+ next week. Mikakunin de Shinkoukei v3 will probably get a 5k+ first week, the GJ-BU@ OVA will also come out on BD, and it might reach 5k. As for the other series released this week, aside from Yowamushi Pedal v6, they will probably all sell less than 4k.

  9. Clotho says:

    Wonder what would be considered good sales for #P3_M? Regardless will be my first import of an anime (assuming aniplex usa import of it counts towards these sales). Really excited.

    • something says:

      A good question honestly, I don’t know. Since it’s not being adapted from an existing TV series, we really don’t have anything to compare its sales to.

      The box office was only ¥200m so it wasn’t all that big there, although we know quite well there’s almost no correlation between box office and disc sales.

      But if it does around 40k, I think that’s successful by any fair measure.

      As for Aniplex USA imports, they probably do not count towards Oricon sales, no. I imagine they have different SKUs or whatever, and would be categorized as a separate item. I don’t see Aniplex (or Right Stuf, is that who they partner with nowadays?) taking the time to report them or Oricon.

  10. something says:

    Updated for the full list. Ranking summary to follow tonight.

  11. Progeusz says:

    >Note the source file says 293 BD threshold this week at #100 but that doesn’t make sense if we have #98 selling 206, so it must be 193.
    I think 203 would be much more likely considering 208>207>206 for #96>#97>#98
    0 is close to 9 too for anyone not using numpad

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