Spring! I’m not watching a lot so far, and I’m really not sure I’ll add anything, but there are a couple pretty great shows at least.

Full Series
1. Akuma no Riddle3 eps – [PLANNED IMPORT] My expectations for this were low, but it’s turned out to be the best show of the season. Rock solid production from start to finish every episode, great use of music, fascinating and eclectic cast, great job by Kusukawa and Diomedia and of course Kouga Yun. About the only thing I can remotely criticize so far is Tokaku being a bit naive at times, but the structure of the show requires the other girls to get the drop on her at least for a while. What’s really selling the show, though, is Haru. I can’t really explain why without spoilers but she provides a twist on the “damsel in distress” archetype. She’s just so damn good at defying expectations you might have, and her motivations and desires are nicely developed already. It just works really, really well, everything about her character really meshes beautifully. The survival game-style plot is also raising a lot of questions that make discussion and speculation fun, though with only two manga volumes out (v2 just a month ago) I’m guessing an anime-original ending will be coming – but that’s okay if they just pull it off competently.
Ugh, it’s really depressing that this is on track to be a spectacular bomb on DVD/BD – may be lucky to sell 500 copies at this rate. It’s an excellent, just truly excellent show. Oh and I love all the character-specific EDs, can’t wait to get all three ED CDs. Now if only the idiots at Kadokawa would realize they have an anime adaptation running and get manga v2 back in stock so I could, y’know, buy it.

2. Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?2 eps – [PLANNED IMPORT] An absolutely perfect example of cute iyashikei girls doing cute iyashikei things. I’m also really digging the setting. A lot of people seem strangely confused over where it’s taking place, but my assumption is it’s in Japan, just in a very European-style tourist trap town. I mean, the girls read Japanese, that’s not exactly a common trait of European high schoolers! While this show is very much in the tradition of “subtext yuri” (the only yuri otaku seem to buy ;_;) like Kinmosa or Non Non rather than glorious Sakura Trick canon, it provides some great couples – I was not expecting Cocoa x Chiya to be so good but holy shit sorry Chino, you’ve been replaced as the best pairing for Cocoa. You can be the cute imouto though! Of course the big draw of this show for most people is Ayaya Mk. II, this time with curves (and, um, a gun). Lize is literally perfect in every way just as you’d expect from Ayaya’s spiritual successor. I’m very much looking forward to meeting Sharo, since the OP is clearly pairing them up. At least this one seems to have gotten a pretty solid initial reception. (P.S. finding out Angora rabbits were really a thing basically blew my mind.)

3. Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken: Stardust Crusaders3 eps – I watched Jojo Part 1 on CR two weeks ago and then Part 2 last week, so this weekend it was on to Part 3. My initial reaction is that Jotaro isn’t nearly as good as Joseph (and OLD Joseph is totally the best character in the franchise to date), but he’s alright. And with Stands being introduced, this seems to be where all the most iconic Jojo cliches come from, so that’s cool. I do have to say, the mixture of meat-head machismo and rampant eroticized violence against women would put this franchise on my shittiest of shitlists if it didn’t pull it off with completely ridiculous, over-the-top self-awareness. It’s just like for goodness’ sake I’m not even sure how one goes about getting mad at a show that is so patently and shamelessly silly in every single way. At least I sure don’t think I’m supposed to take anything in this series seriously. I can’t speak for how the original manga approached it but Tsuda and the team at David Pro sure as hell are keenly aware of the inherent absurdity of the material they’re working with. So yeah, I don’t like everything about Jojo but the overall package adds up to something decently fun.

Short Series
1. Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san2 eps – [PLANNED IMPORT] 3 minutes of cute, silly, yuri-riffic gags with pretty horrific animation. If this were 24 minute episodes with the same production values it might strike me blind (can someone be on model once ever please) but at 3 minutes a pop it’s totally okay. And I will support yuri anime even if it kills me, damnit.

2. Puchimas!!16 eps – It’s Puchimas, yo. I’ll watch anything Idolmaster (Xenoglossia wasn’t bad, OKAY). I also enjoy saying I’m 16 episodes into a Spring series already.

3. Mahou Shoujo Taisen2 eps – Surprisingly competent production! Episode one was just sort of /ok whatever/ but episode 2 was full of really great faces from Naruko, who I’ve definitely taken a liking to.

Dropped Series
Nothing so far

3+ Cour Series
1. Fairy Tail – It’s baaaaaaaaack! And it’s pretty fantastic, like usual. I just wish the production values weren’t so bad already – this does not bode well for a long show! I’m like 99% certain the art in the first series was better than this even a hundred episodes in. I love the characters and music and world-building so I can watch through some bad art but I’d rather have all that and a decent-looking show, if possible!

2. Hunter x Hunter – Two decent episodes in a row! Even if getting anything to happen is like pulling teeth. When the hell did Gon last move, two months ago? But at least I’m still moe moe for Killua. He’s just the most adorable little assassin boy in anime ever. (Killua x Gon OTP, okay?)

Tottaly caught up on anime on a Saturday night? This is unthinkable! One of the benefits of not watching much of anything I guess!

3 Responses to “Spring 2014 viewing update #1”

  1. Nico says:

    Those three are my picks as well but I’m likely importing Jojo too. Also keeping a keen eye on Isshuukan Friends.

  2. Nico says:

    And Love Live!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. hpulley says:

    Right now I’ve only pre-ordered LoveLive! but I will add Gochiusa and some other stuff to make up my June order shortly.

    I was thinking about AnR but… some of the characters in the show are shown as just being really, really clueless and it’s bugging me and I won’t be able to re-watch it because of it so unfortunately AnR is a no for me.


    LoveLive! 2nd season

    Will pre-order


    High chance of getting

    Inugami san to Nekoyama san

    Still thinking about… but me thinking about it usually means no…

    Isshuukan Friends
    Mangaka san to Assistant san

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