Before the the next billing cycle for my hosting hits, I’m going to be shutting this site down. That’s just under a month left. I’ve been recording weekly sales data since 2009 and running this site since 2014, and it’s racked up a somewhat excessive $2.5k in hosting fees over that time. That’s a but much for a site I only update once in a while nowadays.

I actually considered shutting it down a few years ago, but wanted somewhere to post my seasonal/yearly anime and manga reviews, and transferring over to a free WordPress install never looked like it’d work out as I wanted. A lot of formatting and such here relies on plugins that are only for paid WordPress and it was all just too much hassle. But these days the only pages I update are the Vol 1 and Box Office charts on a weekly basis and the other charts monthly (or less), so there’s no pressing need to maintain the website as is.

Even though I don’t watch anime or read manga anymore I’ve spent so long tracking sales that I have a strange interest in the data purely for its own sake as a large and interesting dataset, so I’ll keep tracking it for now. But I can post all the same charts as spreadsheets online for free. You should still be able to get every bit of information you get here, but if anything it might be *easier* to work with since you can just download it. I guess I’ll also reopen some kind of question asking website account like curiouscat (or whatever site people use now that isn’t full of malware) so people can ask basic questions as a replacement for the comments section here.

I’ll make another post linking to the data’s new home when it’s ready. Might be a little while, figure two weeks or so?

Edit: The spreadsheet is ready now, see here.

19 Responses to “Site shutting down in one month (late September 2021), data will be tracked in some form in google docs”

  1. M.M. says:

    I recently found out about this website so its kind of a bummer, but I completely understand. I’ll still follow the spreadsheet.

  2. Man says:

    Thanks for all your work over the years! This has been a great resource.

  3. Nguyen Thuoc Macbook says:

    thanks for everything.

  4. Mami Kawada Lover says:

    Damn, just heard about the news. Thank you for your years of service and hopefully someone else will take up the torch now.

  5. Anonymous says:


  6. Changeman says:

    thanks for everything.

  7. ftaf says:

    thank you so much for these years

  8. Jksd says:

    I just found this website but it will be shutting down soon, why not link ads on websites like Google Adsense.

    I need more information about selling Japanese anime.

    • something says:

      Ads for a niche website like this would generate essentially zero revenue, and I’m sure nearly everyone who visits (myself included) uses some form of adblock anyway. More importantly (and this is why I never took donations either), I can’t really justify monetizing a site that is built entirely around leaks of paywalled data. I didn’t mind posting it, because (at least at the time I started running the site) this data was available in plenty of places besides here. But actually making money from it, even just to cover costs? Nah, that doesn’t feel right.

      But the cost was just the final reason, not the only reason. 1) I don’t watch anime anymore, 2) I only update this site like once a month at best, and 3) physical home video disc sales just aren’t that important anymore. It’s a dying market and has been totally eclipsed by streaming revenue.

      All that said, you aren’t really losing any information because it’s all still in the new spreadsheet. The link to the followup post where I introduce that was at the end of this post.

      • Voltron says:

        Are you aware of any service (pay or otherwise) that tracks the number of views for shows on the popular Japanese streaming sites?

        • something says:

          Nope, I’m not aware. I don’t even think I’ve seen any streaming sites publish that information, with the exception of sites that aren’t exclusively about streaming and always show views by default (bilibili, youtube, niconico). There are a lot of JP streaming services so it’d be pretty hard to collect that information in a comprehensive way anyway.

          • Jksd says:

            actually so hard for me if this site really will be closed. You don’t watch anime anymore, the main reason is because you’re bored of course.

            • something says:

              I had been watching less and less each year for quite a while now, yeah. And I stopped completely after I switched to watching Vtubers.

              • jksd says:

                I’m even tired of watching vtuber because they only talk and the animation movements are not like watching anime from what I see it’s really stiff.

  9. phoenixalia says:

    Thank you for all these years, something. I feel kind of empty that this site will be shutting down for good, but I do understand why it’s happening. Many people have benefited so much from this website. Thank you again. Thank you for the spreadsheet too!

  10. R says:

    Even though it makes me feel sad I understand why you want to shut it down. Thank you for running this site for so long, and thank you for continuing to post the sales data–it’s very useful. But your reviews really deserve to be saved somewhere too! They’re legitimately good!

    I only watched Flip Flappers after stumbling across this site in 2018 and seeing FLIP FLAP FLIP FLAP FLIP FLAP FLIP FLAP across the top banner (I hadn’t visited in a while–when did you change it to Kiara’s greeting? I know that shouldn’t hurt but somehow it does). Your review of that series is probably still one of the best analyses on the English speaking internet. I feel like you should leave it up somewhere. And leave the other ones up too while you’re at it!

    I mean I can see why leaving a link to an anime and manga reviews google doc in your twitter bio would be weird for someone who no longer watches anime or reads manga, but…

    • something says:

      Thanks for the nice words. I do have local copies of everything saved if I ever need to revisit them, but I don’t think I’ll be putting them anywhere online. I’m not a reviewer or a writer, and there’s definitely better stuff out there. And like you noted, since I don’t engage with either of those hobbies anymore they don’t really have a lot of remaining value to me.

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