Gross sales in yen are calculated using the MSRP without sales tax as of now. You may see some revenue numbers drop on the 2000-present 10k list because of this, even if only by a few percent. It will also affect the BD Box ¥100m list (actually it might put some titles under ¥100m… I guess I’ll grandfather them in if so).

On April 1, sales/consumption tax in Japan changed from 5% to 8%. In the past, I had always used the price with MSRP, simply because it was easier. Most retailers list with tax included, so it was handy when adding new series to not have to recalculate it. And this was never an issue, because sales tax had been stable at 5% since before the Oricon era (2000 onward) we care about began.

But now with this change we can’t fairly compare the earnings of a ¥7140 disc against a ¥7344 disc. They’re actually the same exact ¥6800 disc as far as the distributor is concerned, just with different tax rates applied. Therefore, it’s only fair to use the ¥6800 number for both. Makes more sense anyway, it’s not like the sales tax portion is going to the production committee.

In my own data, I’m recording all titles from Winter 2014 onwards with the new 8% tax in the MSRP and everything before at 5%; however I’m also calculating the pre-tax MSRP and that’s the one that will be used in all rankings, so a 2014 title and a 2000 title can still be compared fairly (except for the million other ways that’s actually not a fair or useful comparison at all – but at least we’ve controlled for tax rates!)

Note that the rate will complete its scheduled doubling in October 2015 and hit 10%.

[Also a note for any worried importers, international orders are not subject to Japanese sales tax, so retailers won’t charge you it and the change doesn’t affect you. Well at the retailers I’m used to anyway, maybe it varies?]

2 Responses to “Notice: Sales totals in yen now calculated pre-tax”

  1. Primadog says:

    Sounds like a lot of work, so thank you for going the extra mile!

    • something says:

      Thankfully the change fell at a decent time where I didn’t need to change many existing records, the main reason I was avoiding it is because that’s another 14000 formulas in an already bloated spreadsheet. I’m doing my damnedest to not add too many more columns to it…

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