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Full list. 600 DVD threshold, 726 BD.

2014 03/24 – 03/30 Anime DVD List

Anime Rank All Rank Last Rank Week Sales Total Sales #Wks Title
1 2 9,542 9,542 1 Kuroko no Basuke 2nd Season v3
2 16 3,964 3,964 1 Monogatari Series Second Season v6 (Nadeko Medusa Pt. 2)
3 24 3,029 3,029 1 Noragami v1
6 31 2,394 2,394 1 Infinite Stratos 2 v5
7 38 2,283 2,283 1 Magi The Kingdom of Magic v3
9 51 1,686 1,686 1 Nisekoi v1
10 52 1,675 1,675 1 High School DxD New v6
11 53 5 1,648 11,053 2 Shingeki no Kyojin v9
12 67 1,380 1,380 1 Little Busters! ~Refrain~ v3
13 74 1,112 1,112 1 Choujigen Game Neptune v7
15 82 1,001 1,001 1 Strike the Blood v3
16 91 855 855 1 Kakumeiki Valvrave 2nd Season v4
17 95 824 824 1 Log Horizon v3
19 98 71 758 1,242,417 640 Tonari no Totoro
20 99 25 739 3,425 2 Dokidoki! Precure Mana Kekkon!!? Mirai ni Tsunagu Kibou no Dress LE
21 100 736 736 1 Danbooru Senki Wars v6
22 101 728 728 1 Machine Doll wa Kizutsukanai v4
23 104 717 717 1 Gin no Saji v6
24 111 666 666 1 Non Non Biyori v4
25 27 648 3,252 2 Yowamushi Pedal v4
26 114 640 640 1 Maken-ki! 2 v1
29 121 606 606 1 Hakkenden -Touhou Hakken Ibun- v13

Other releases (concerts etc)
105 716 716 1 Animelo Summer Live 2013 -FLAG NINE- 8.25
393 393 1 Animelo Summer Live 2013 -FLAG NINE- 8.24
362 362 1 Animelo Summer Live 2013 -FLAG NINE- 8.23

2014 03/24 – 03/30 Anime BD List

Anime Rank All Rank Last Rank Week Sales Total Sales #Wks Title
1 1 33,264 33,264 1 Monogatari Series Second Season v6 (Nadeko Medusa Pt. 2)
2 3 12,135 12,135 1 Code Geass Hangyaku no Lelouch R2 BD Box
3 4 9,742 9,742 1 Infinite Stratos 2 v5
4 7 8,937 8,937 1 Kuroko no Basuke 2nd Season v3
5 9 7,406 7,406 1 Little Busters! ~Refrain~ v3
6 10 6,653 6,653 1 Non Non Biyori v4
7 11 6,352 6,352 1 High School DxD New v6
8 13 4,760 4,760 1 Nisekoi v1
9 14 4,571 4,571 1 Choujigen Game Neptune v7
10 15 4,418 4,418 1 Witch Craft Works v1
17 4,052 4,052 1 Strike the Blood v3
18 3,845 3,845 1 Gundam Build Fighters LE v1
20 3,394 3,394 1 Tamayura ~more aggressive~ v6
21 3,061 3,061 1 Log Horizon v3
22 2,972 2,972 1 White Album 2 v4
23 2,959 2,959 1 Wake Up, Girls! v1
24 2,888 2,888 1 Kakumeiki Valvrave 2nd Season v4
25 2,862 2,862 1 Machine Doll wa Kizutsukanai v4
26 2,855 2,855 1 Nagi no Asu Kara v4
29 2,784 2,784 1 Noragami v1
30 2,758 2,758 1 Maken-ki! season 2 v1
31 2,691 2,691 1 D-Frag! v1
32 2 2,628 26,919 2 Shingeki no Kyojin v9
33 2,610 2,610 1 Hidamari Sketch x *** BD Box
36 2,483 2,483 1 Gundam Build Fighters v1 RE
37 2,345 2,345 1 Ususei Yatsura BD Box v4
42 1,977 1,977 1 Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha v1
46 1,747 1,747 1 Love Lab v7
47 1,742 1,742 1 Saikin, Imouto no Yousuga Chotto Okashinda ga. v1
48 1,669 1,669 1 Freezing Vibration v4
49 88 1,612 36,457 5 Monogatari Series Second Season v5 (Nadeko Medusa Pt. 1)
52 1,573 1,573 1 Tokyo Ravens v4
57 1,498 1,498 1 Uchouten Kazoku v7
58 1,483 1,483 1 Miss Monochrome v1
60 1,474 1,474 1 Miss Monochrome v2
61 1,473 1,473 1 Magi The Kingdom of Magic v3
63 1,341 1,341 1 Yuusha ni Narenakatta ore wa Shibushibu Shuushoku wo Ketsui Shimashita. v4
64 1,261 1,261 1 Hakkenden -Touhou Hakken Ibun- v13
69 1,141 1,141 1 Buddy Complex v1
70 1,121 1,121 1 Gin no Saji v6
72 9 1,055 6,587 2 Mikakunin de Shinkoukei v1
74 1,020 1,020 1 Blazblu Alter Memory v4
80 946 946 1 Dokidoki! Precure v3
81 10 945 945 2 Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren v1
84 873 873 1 Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken Highlights v1
85 867 867 1 Ore no Nounai sentakushi ga, Gakuen Love Come wo Zenryoku de Jama Shiteiru v4
86 866 866 1 Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken Highlights v3
87 863 863 1 Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken Highlights v2
88 847 847 1 Sora no Otoshimono f BD Box RE
90 11 837 5,580 2 Saki Zenkoku-hen v1
95 778 778 1 Golden Time v4
100 50 726 28,278 4 Gekijouban Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bomkutachi wa Mada Shiranai. SLE

Other releases (concerts etc)
19 3,828 3,828 1 Onegai Teacher/Twins Live Event
16 4,208 4,208 1 Animelo Summer Live 2013 -FLAG NINE- 8.25
28 2,791 2,791 1 Animelo Summer Live 2013 -FLAG NINE- 8.23
34 2,602 2,602 1 Animelo Summer Live 2013 -FLAG NINE- 8.24

Holy shit that threshold is heinous. And of course means no possible way Sakura Trick could have ranked again, which sucks because this is going to be its best selling volume, for what that’s worth.

And the Winter sub-3k sellers continue to mount.

(Also ahhh today is crazy and this ended up taking me forever and ever)

Winter update:
Nisekoi v1 sells 4760/1686, total 6,446. So well what do you know, the first massively underestimated series this season is one that has had multiple other shows consistently beating it at almost every non-Amazon store, but it’s still 86% underestimated on BD because… !?!? Now you see why I’ve totally given up on following storefront sales, they really make no sense. Still, this volume does have an event ticket, so we’ll have to see how v2 hold up. And even that massive underestimation only has it on par with a couple other v1s, none of which are doing amazing or anything either. Winter, what a season.

Noragami v1 sells 2784/3029, total 5,813. Only 16% underestimated on DVD, though 39% underestimated on BD.

Witch Craft Works v1 sells 4,418 as a BD-only release. Yeah this show just sorta… fizzled. Even slightly overestimated by Stalker. After that seemingly strong run (well, strong relatively – which is the issue) it never recovered, and now it’s probably just going to average like 4k. \Winter 2014/

Maken-ki s2 v1 sells 2758/640, total 3,398

Wake Up Girls! v1 sells 2,959 as a BD only release.

D-Frag! v1 sells 2,691 BDs, DVDs do not rank. I didn’t really notice earlier but this is a 77.6% underestimate, what the hell? I TOLD YOU STOREFRONT EFFECT MAKES NO SENSE ANYMORE!

Inarikonkon v1 sells 1,977 BDs, DVDs do not rank.

Imocho v1 sells 1,742 BDs, DVDs do not rank.

Miss Monochrome v1 sells 1,483 BDs, DVDs do not rank.
v2 sells 1,474.
Series average: 1,479.
All this time I thought they were just two versions of the same one-shot release, but I checked CDJapan and actually Black is v1 (eps 1-7) and White is v2 (eps 8-13). They just came out on the same day and didn’t use volume numbering. I guess Stalker didn’t realize either since they listed both in their v1 tables.

BuddyCom v1 sells 1,141 as a BD-only release.

Mikakunin v1 adds 1055 BDs, total 7,417.

Chuunibyou Ren v1 adds 945 BDs, total 7,200.

Saki v1 adds 837 BDs, total 5,917.

Fall update:
Gundam Build Fighters v1 sells 3845/2483 LE/RE, total 6,328 BD boxes. I need to figure out how to calculate v1 totals… maybe take the average of the first four DVDs? It doesn’t even line up nicely as a 4/4, with 9 DVDs but 2 BD boxes. Complications argh. I guess I’ll go with that though, which will put it at 545 + 3845 + 2483 = 6,873 at the moment.

Kurobas s2 sells 8937/9542, total 18,479. Well that handily beats v1 or v2 wk1s! It’s less than 1k behind v2’s total already.

IS2 v5 sells 9742/2394, total 12,136. This pretty definitively settles that Winter will be Kurobas first, IS2 second.

LitBus Refrain v5 sells 7406/1380, total 8,786.

Non Non v4 sells 6653/666, total 7,319. Ooh, how evil. So close to a double 666.

Strike The Blood v3 sells 4052/1001, total 5,053.

Log Horizon v3 sells 3061/824, total 3,885. Up 1.6% on v2wk1, so that’s nice. wk2 data would put both v2 and v3 over v1’s wk3 total most likely, too bad v2 didn’t rank again.

Magi v3 sells 1473/2283, total 3,756.

Valvrave 2nd v4 sells 2888/855, total 3,743.

Machine Doll v4 sells 2862/728, total 3,590.

White Album 2 v4 sells 2,972 as a BD-only release.

NagiAsu v4 sells 2,855 BDs, DVDs do not rank. 5% higher than v3wk1.

Freezing s2 v4 sells 1,669 BDs, DVDs do not rank.

Tokyo Ravens v4 sells 1,573 BDs, DVDs do not rank.

Yuushibu v4 sells 1,341 BDs, DVDs do not rank.

Blazblu v4 sells 1,020 BDs, DVDs do not rank.

Noucome v4 sells 867 BDs, DVDs do not rank.

Golden Time v4 sells 778 BDs, DVDs do not rank.

Yowapedal v4 adds 648 DVDs, total 5,743.

Summer update:
Monogatari v6 sells 33264/3964, total 37,228.
v5 adds 1612 BDs, total 40,405. Hitting that 40k thanks to the pt2 boost.

DxD New v6, final volume, sells 6352/1675, total 8,027. Series average: 9,001 and it should add a bit more later.

Neptune v7, final volume, sells 4571/1112, total 5,683. More than double previous DVD sales but a more modest BD bump. It was only slightly underestimated rather than the 25%+ of other recent volumes, which means it is still the best selling volume but not quite as high as I’d hoped. Still, the mini-nendo and OVA did decently. Series average: 4,681.

Tamayura v6, final volume, sells 3,394. Series average: 4,245, not a bad drop from s1’s 4,831, only 12% down. Glad to see it hold up.

Love Lab v7, final volume, sells 1,747 BDs, DVDs do not rank. Series average: 3,207. This is a great example of how sometimes not ranking is the best thing you can do for a show’s reported average (though not real world sales of course). The final average consists of 954 DVD + 2,253 BD, but that DVD average comes from one lone volume, the v1 w/event ticket which is way inflated over what the other DVD volumes could have sold. If they all ranked, the combined average would be more like 2.7-2.8k because DVDs would have averaged about 400-500 less. THis is one of the biggest upward skews, percentage-wise, I’ve seen due to incomplete rankings.

Uchouten v7, final volume, 1,498 BDs, DVDs do not rank. Series average: 1,649.

Gin no Saji v6, final volume, sells 1121/717, total 1,838. Series average: 2,078.

Past seasons:
Shingeki v9, final volume, adds 2628/1648, total 37,972. Series average: 50,242. 50k is now official.

Hakkenden v13, final volume, sells 1261/606, total 1,867. Series average: 1,976 so far.

OVAs, Movies, Boxsets etc:
Geass R2 BD Box sells 12,135 which is better than s1wk1. Puts it at #15 in the BD Box ranking.

HidaSketch Hoshimitsu BD Box sells 2,610. Big drop from s1 and s2, which sold over 4k, but those seasons were DVD only so a lot of sales were format upgrades.

Urusei Yatsura BD Box v4, final volume, sells 2,345. The four boxes combined average 2,514 with total sales of 10,055.

AnoHana Movie adds 726 SLE BDs, total 42,276.

Upcoming Releases for 2014 03/31 – 04/06 Anime DVD List
2014/04/02 Aikatsu! 2nd Season v2
2014/04/02 Gekijouban Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica Shinhen: Hangyaku no Monogatari
2014/04/02 Kill La Kill v4
2014/04/02 Kyoukai no Kanata v4
2014/04/02 Makai Ouji Live Event
2014/04/02 Naruto Shippuuden Ninkai Taisen Sasuke to Itachi v2
2014/04/02 One Piece 16th Season Punk hazard-hen v7
2014/04/02 One Piece 16th Season Punk hazard-hen v8
2014/04/02 Onee-chan ga Kita (DVD)
2014/04/02 Toriko v23
2014/04/02 Wizard Barristers v1
2014/04/02 Z/X Ignition v1
2014/04/04 Yamishibai


55 Responses to “2014 03/24 – 03/30 Weekly Sales List”

  1. hikari says:

    Just want to posted this link https://twitter.com/newsmangajapon/status/452091800027557888 here, it’s the total revenues of 2013 manga based franchised, LN, anime, music, games, etc. It’s totally gives a clear context just how popular manga based franchise is compare to other media and looking at those numbers it’s no wonder Kodansha, PC, I.G and other production committe of SnK will keep milking it as long as it gives such a result. Nice number too for Kuroko and Jojo ( I already love Stardust Crusader 1st ep and can’t stop fangirling over it^^). I hope Haikyuu also get a good/decent success this year, though not expecting it to be on Kurobasu level of success, but enough to warrant it a 2nd season in the future. Definitely going to import the BD’s along w/ Yowapeda that now most of my spring, summer and fall 2013 season imports nearly finished anyway.

    • hpulley says:

      Incredible! Look at LoveLive! Look at GuP over Madoka!

      Recette Totale ça comprends :

      -Manga (Série Principale, Spin-off, Guidebook, Artbook, Anthologie)
      -Dvd (Anime, Drama, Film)
      -Cd Audio (Cd Drama, Soundtrack, Cd Characters)

      01) 12 924 700 000 Shingeki no Kyojin
      02) 11 061 300 000 One Piece
      03) 05 742 500 000 Kuroko no Basket
      04) 05 227 600 000 Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure
      05) 03 968 500 000 Evangelion
      06) 03 861 500 000 To Aru Majutsu no Index
      07) 03 801 600 000 Magi – The Labyrinth of Magic
      08) 03 252 000 000 Gintama
      09) 03 222 300 000 La Série Monogatari
      10) 03 097 200 000 Sword Art Online
      11) 02 909 800 000 Naruto
      12) 02 619 500 000 Uta no Prince-sama
      13) 02 516 300 000 Love Live
      14) 02 504 700 000 Gin no Saji – Silver Spoon
      15) 02 444 400 000 Fairy Tail
      16) 02 176 800 000 Uchû Senkan Yamato
      17) 02 141 900 000 Terra Formars
      18) 02 060 800 000 Ansatsu Kyôshitsu
      19) 01 919 600 000 Puella Magi Madoka Magica
      20) 01 919 000 000 Girls & Panzer
      21) 01 890 400 000 Mahô Shôjo Lyrical Nanoha
      22) 01 845 900 000 Idol@master
      23) 01 801 000 000 Uchû Kyôdai
      24) 01 764 900 000 To Love
      25) 01 749 100 000 Mobil Suit Gundam Uc
      26) 01 574 900 000 Détéctive Conan
      27) 01 510 600 000 Kingdom
      28) 01 494 700 000 Kimi ni Toke
      29) 01 476 000 000 Hunter x Hunter
      30) 01 469 800 000 highspeed Free!

      • hpulley says:

        Oops, I mean GuP just under Madoka…

      • something says:

        Slightly tweaked your comment to indicate that roman = novel, according to google translate anyway.

        It should be noted that that Madoka number doesn’t include the movie’s box office, “film” there must refer only to films released on disc. After all, the third film’s box office alone exceeded the entire earnings number listed there by mid-December. Presumably because Oricon doesn’t, to my knowledge, get into the box office ranking business (though it could be handy if they did!) and this is an Oricon list.

        That means about ¥1.2bn of that comes from Movies 1-2 releasing on disc. Unfortunately the list doesn’t actually say what the exact reporting period is (argh why do rankings forget that) so I don’t know if it includes the Dec 25th release of the BD box (which would have earned another ¥272m.

        So that means a good ¥400-600m for non-DVD/BD stuff for Madoka in 2013, two years after the show ended… not bad!

        For Garupan we have about ¥1.3bn from v2+ released in 2013, although if the reporting period started in mid-Dec 2012 (as they sometimes do), it’d be ¥1.5bn for all vols. So somewhere between ¥400-600m outside of DVD/BD for it as well.

        Also, wow, Free! is there, despite being a Summer show and only 4 volumes falling within 2013 (accounting for about ¥820m). Goes to show how big its music is, because you know the novel, even as the only KA Esuma title to rank on Oricon, is only a small fraction of that (maybe barely ¥20m), and there’s no manga adaptation. So that’s got to be about ¥600m in CDs.

        • hpulley says:

          Yeah it’s all on French sorry. And yep, for them every novel is a ROMANce novel (really).

        • hikari says:

          Yup Madoka Movie 3 itself has a huge number of box office gross (the period probably started from mid Dec’12-mid 2013 cuz that usually when Oricon did their half year ranking of whatever), not to mention tomorrow bd sales number will increase it even more and with the movie ending like that, I won’t be surprise if Aniplex & Shaft decided to make a sequel/continuation/spin-off/prequel or whatever of the franchise in the future (not that I mind, I love Madoka, can’t wait to rewatch the 3rd movie again on BD, so as long as the writing quality, etc are still good/great I say bring it on!!^^). Either way, Madoka is undoubtedly one among the many successfull franchise of Aniplex along w/ Monogatari, Sao, Fate/T-M, etc. Also happy to see more original anime franchise beside Madoka like Love Live, GuP and Free! also getting huge success (though I only import the BD’s, but Free! cd music singles definitely is a huge success too for kyo-ani just like Uta-pri & Kurobasu cd singles). Hopefully, this year there’s more original anime titles that at least get a decent or even great success just like those four.

          • something says:

            Mmm, yeah, some original anime hits would be nice. Winter sure didn’t provide any. Can’t say I’m getting a vibe from any brand new original franchises in Spring either. It’s early, but there aren’t a lot of originals to start with and nothing even remotely strikes me at the moment as having a shot. Captain Earth started out with a not-terrible ranking but we haven’t had a 10k mecha series in years so I wouldn’t put high odds on it being the next 25k+ break-out.

            • hikari says:

              Yeah…it’s not like making original anime hits are easy anyway, especially mecha…and looking again…the last big hit mecha tv series in recent years are still Code Geass+Gundam OO (Sunrise) and Macross Frontier are the only ones on top off my head. Last year 2013, all 3 mecha tv series didn’t make it around 10k averages (only Gargantia that close enough), though this year there’s quite a lot of new mecha tv series being released including old time franchise like Fafner, so we’ll see how most of them fare by the end of it. But, just like you said at the moment there’s no sign of it, we’ll just have to wait more in the summer or fall, anyway I liked the 1st ep of Captain Earth though whether the overall series will be good/great is still unknown since Bones mecha series are sometimes hit or miss for me. Btw, I can’t seem to find the numbers for Sokyuu no Fafner the 1st tv series here, do you happen to know the numbers or how much the tv series average is? I kinda saw its number long time ago over at mania but I forget how much of

              • something says:

                Fafner was 2004, and I never got around to adding 2004 and earlier. But it averaged… huh, 7,133 which is a lot more than I remembered. For some reason I had been under the impression it sold half that. Solid re-release sales totaling 5,971 in two separate DVD box re-releases (2009 and 2012) as well.

                • hikari says:


                • musouka says:

                  From what I recall, the recent movie did decently too. I mean, peanuts compared to a lot of heavy hitters, but more than you would expect a “minor” series like Fafner to pull. Yeah, just checked. It sold 20,628. While I doubt the sequel would pull in that much, that definitely shows the franchise isn’t dead. (Which is good, because I enjoy Fafner, as silly as it is, and I’m looking forward to the sequel.)

                  • something says:

                    While I don’t expect I’ll watch the sequel I did enjoy the original back when I saw it. Can’t remember if I watched it weekly or just bought the DVDs… In any case I remember it being a pretty solid series for the time. Surprised it’s had such a sustained fandom though.

                  • hikari says:

                    I also enjoy Fafner a lot (the series+ova+movie too, even tho it’s not as popular as other Hirai series like Seed), it’s been a long time since I watch the 1st tv series, but at the time it was out, it at least one of my fav mecha series along w/ Rahxephon (or is it Rahxephon comes out first along w/ Aquarian Age>.< damn…my memories kind of blur cuz it's been long time), but I still definitely remember the stories plus the movie is also recently comes out. The movie is actually end in a ^happy note^…Soushi^^ so I actually kind of curious what will the sequel do next and will this be the last entry on the franchise and will they finally resolve the conflicts w/ the festum for once and all. Been meaning of rewatching it again, but I just haven't got the time at all plus I still have plenty of anime-manga-novel-film backlog on my plate.

          • Progeusz says:

            It was specifically stated that Rebellion’s ending was altered in a way that would allow future sequel. I hope for two cour show we were “promised” in 2011. Preferably with decent amount of SoL.

            • something says:

              As much as I love slice of life, I’d prefer Madoka only do that in a spin-off dedicated to it. They’ve built up too much delicious tension to dial back the momentum now.

              But a comedy spinoff or something? I’d be allllll over that.

            • hikari says:

              Wooo…..I would’ve love it if it’ll really happen sometimes in the future, two-cour of Madoka with decent amount of Sol sounds good enough to me, though it looks like Shaft still probably busy with more Monogatari in the future and they still haven’t announce the release date for the Kizu Movie yet. Anyway, can’t wait for more NNB S2 (love the 1st season) and probably more Arpeggio in the future if it’s any possible (despite its stray away from the manga’s story I still find the anime to be fun and enjoyable) and more SnK too^^, please….

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